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Had Silver Wedding

In Outback

CLONCURRY, Wednesday.

-Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chauvel will celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of

their wedding in the Northern Territory to-day. It was always planned that they would have a gay city cele- bration on their silver wedding day, but the demands of film- making have prevented this.

The filming of their new all colour picture, "Jedda," is well under way. The first shooting took place about 20 miles from Cloncurry last week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Chauvel were married at St. James' Church, King Street; they met shortly after her arrival from South Africa, where she had been a stage actress. She became leading lady in "Greenhide," the second silent film made by Mr. Chauvel, and their romance flourished on loca- tions.

Mrs. Chauvel, whose maiden name was Elsie Wil- cox, took the stage name of Elsa Sylvaney. Sylvaney was the name by which her father was known when he was act

ting with Bland Holt, William Anderson, and others.

Now she is associate pro- ducer to her husband on his tenth film, which they hope will be their best.

Members of the technical unit-no players are yet here with the company-will give Mr. and Mrs. Chauvel a sur- prise party to-night.

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