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l8-Year-Old Murderess

Sentenced To Death

A girl of l8 was sentenced to death and a youth and a girl (each 17) were sentenced to life im

prisonment yesterday for I

a murder which the Chief

Justice, the Hon. K. W. I Street, described as "loathsome" and "horrify- ing."

.Edith May Martin, of Botany Street,- Redfern, who was sentenced to death, almost collapsed in the Central Crimi- nal Court dock when sentence was passed.

She screamed: "Oh, no,

Daddy," while she was assisted

from the courtroom, and her cries were heard as she was taken along the corridors out-


William Henry Baker, or Herne Bay, and Beryl Edna Miller, of Boundary Street, l Roseville, were sentenced to

life imprisonment with hard


Baker, who was the first to be sentenced, showed few signs of emotion when he was asked if he had anything to say.

Edna Miller wept bitterly when she was sentenced and screamed, "Curse you all," as she was taken from the court-



The youth and the two girls had been charged with the murder of Ernest William Gil leland, 73, a pensioner. Each pleaded not guilty.

Edith Martin's husband, John Edward Martin, 20, of Boundary Street, Roseville, was also committed for trial on a similar charge.

On February 27 he was

found hanged in his cell at   Long Bay Gaol.  

The Acting City Coroner,

Mr. R. A. Kersley, found yes

terday that Martin had com mitted suicide by hanging him self with a towel and a leather belt tied to the bars of the cell window.

The Crown alleged that the accused planned to attack Gil leland at his home in Botany Street, Redfern, overpower him, rob him ot £500 which thev believed he had hidden, and then escape.

When Gdlcland resisted he was hit over the head with a smoker's stand. He died three days later.

The Crown said that all Gilleland's attackers found was 12 pennies

[In all cises since the NSW Labour Government has been in power the death sentence has been commuted to imprisonment u>tiall\ for life

No woman ha\ been executed m NSW since 1889]

. Teenagers sob in dock,

page 4.

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