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Food For Britain

Fund Closing

"About Christmas'*

The Food for Britain Fund will close as soon as the 600,000 parcels in stock have been


The honorary secretary of the fund, Mr. Roy Hendy, said this after a meeting of the fund's executive com- mittee yesterday.

Mr. Hendy said the com- mittee expected that the 600,000 parcels would be sold by December 1 and delivered before Christmas. There would be no further buying of food in bulk.

The fund's decision was unanimous.

The meeting was held in

camera and the statement

issued afterwards gave no reason for the decision.


The Lord Mayor, Alderman E. C. O'Dea, who is president of the fund, said last night the fund had been a great success.

"The people of Australia always felt they wanted to lighten the sufferings of the British, and they started the Food for Britain Fund as a gesture of appreciation," he


[The Food for Britain Fund was launched four years ago. Since then gifts totalling nearly £800,000 have enabled it to distribute more than three mil- lion parcels.

The fund's express "pcrson-to person" parcel scheme began two and a half years ago. Under this scheme, nearly three million parcels have been sent to Britain.

The fund's express scheme, under which bulk food was shipped to Britain, packed in parcels and sent lo nominated addresses, was the only one of its kind in the world.

The scheme i educed the time between the placing of the order and the delivery of the parcel to less than two weeks.]

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