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Family Notices

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ABILDGAARD (nee Howarth).-May   17. The Royal Hospital. Paddington to Mr and Mrs. Theodor Ablldgaard-a daughter (Foklna).

ALLEN.-May 9. at Englewood, Bur- wood, to Daisy and George-a daughter (Georgiana).

APPELBEE (nee Elliott).-May l8, at Sacred Heart Hospital, Y'oung, to Daphne and Cecil-a daughter (Caroline Ann).

. BACK (nee Hyde).-May 22, at War Memorial Hospital, Waverley, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Back-a daughter (Margaret


BAMFORD (nee Craig).—May 12, at Canberra, Lidcombe, to May and Paul —a son (Paul Stuart).

BEATTIE.-May 21, at Rosedurnate, Parkes, to Joan, wife of George Beattie, of Cobar - twin son and daughter.

BELL (nee Patterson).-May 24, at St. George District Hospital, to Mary and Mervyn-a sort (Laurence Gregory).

BOLTE (nee Gittoes).-May lu. at Strathmore Hospital. YVest Wyoloi -<. to Marcia and Eric-a son (Barry Jrt-r.).

BONHAM (nee Cameron).-May 23, at Royal North Shore, to Pat and Ted a daughter (Patricia Anne).

BOON.-Moy 10. at Denistone House. Ryde, to Hasel and Clive-a daughter (Lvnette).

BQSYVABD (nee Staples).-May 22, at Crown Street YVomen's Hospita!. to Thelma and Russell-a daughter.

HEADLEY.-May 23. at Mater Miseri- cordia« Hospltel. to Bud and Bill-a »orr (Timothy Jchn).

BRAY.-May 24, at Aloha. »Parra- matta, to "Joan and Milton-a son (Geoffrey).

BROCKWELL.-May 23 1950. at St. Monan's. Cremorne, to Bill and Mercla -a son (Christopher). Both well,

CADMAN (nee GolHmqrc).-May 19, «,t King George V Mcrhorial Hospital, to Mary, wife of Rupert Codman, East- wood-a daughter (Roslyn Mary).

CALDWELL (nee Stark).-May 21, at Bowral, to Gwen, wife of William Cald- well-a- daughter (Janet Lindsay).

CLIFT (nee Puiser).-May 16, at Wagga Wogga, to Eunice and Ernest-a «on (Kenneth Richard).

?COTTEE.-May 24. at Crown Street Women's Hospital (Intermediate), to Lorna and Lindsay-a daughter (Annette Marie).

CRUICKSHANK«.- May 26. at St. Margarets, Darlinghurst to Pat, wife oí the late Dick Cruickshank«-a daughter (Erica).

DALE (nee Rose).-May 3. ot Brae- side Hcspltal. to Gwen and Jim-a son (Garrick James).

DAVIS.-Moy 23. at Bristol, England, to Dr. and Mrs. C. S. Davis-a son.

DAY.-May 21. at Royal Hospital (Intermediate), to Rita and Don. of Drummoyne-a daughter (Suzanne Eliza-


' DOHERTY.-May 24. at Mater Mlserl cordlac private, to Mr. and Mrs. Brian Doherty, of Summer Hill-a son.

DOUGLAS.-May 26. at Cabarlsha, to Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Douglas, of Wah- roonga-a daughter.

FBOST (nee McDougall).-Moy 3. at Alston, Cowra, to Carol and Jack-a son (Andrew John).

GALE (nee Coleman).-Moy 21. at Ryde, to Joan and Neill-« daughter.

GARDINER (nee Upward). - May 24, at Mater Maternity Hospital (Private), Crow's Nest, to Joan and Peter-twin sons (Peter Richard; other son stillborn). Mother and baby well.

GARRATT.-May 19, at St. Margar- et's, to Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Garratt a daughter (Beverlce Elizabeth).

GILFEATHER.-May 20. at Helenle, Randwick, to Rosemary and Les a son (lan Nicholas).

GILMOUR (nee Russell).-May 22, Runnymede private hospital. Grafton, to Bruce and Irene-a daughter (Margaret


GRAHAM.-May 23, at St. Margaret s Hospital. Darlinghurst, to Dr. and Mrs. D. J. Grahom, cf Strathfield -a son.

GUTHRIDGE (nee Balderston).-May 22. at Mater Hospital, to Margaret and Gordon-a son (Ian).

HARDING (nee Boyd).-May 21. Denistone House. Ryde, to Mollie and Keith-a daughter (Kaye Rhonda).

HERMAN (nee Mallinson).-Moy 23. »t Nepean District Hospital. Penrith, to Ossie and Rita-a son (George Ossie).

HOLT.-Moy 22, at King George V. to Mary and Kenneth, of Guyra-a son (Stephen Ellis).

HOTCHKlS (nee Abraham).-May 13. at Bulli Hospital, Intermedióte, to Betty and Stephen, of Thirroul-God's gift of a son (Charles Stewart).

HOZACK (nee Cook).-May 23. at Royal Hospital. Paddington (Inter- mediate), to Vol and Bob-a daughter (Suzanne Munro).

HUBBARD.-May 16. at Denistone House; to Phil and George-a son (Den- nis George). _ ", », "_ ,

JAMES (nee Everett).-May 25, at Wahroonga Sanitorium, to Pam and Ian ""KEEP (nee Rigby).-May 20, St. Luke's Hospital-twin sons (Peter and

"KELLY.-May 22, 1950, at Rosslyn,

Arncliffe, to Jean and Lou-a daughter (Judith. Mary), . _ "

KEpPlE.-May l8, 1950, at Grafton private hospital, Auburn, to Meg »nd Hugh-a daughter (Valda Joy).

LANG (nee Hocking).-Mav 24, at Crown Street Intermediate, to Betty and Ncll~a daughter (Michèle Anne).

LANGFORD HMI1II (nee Brims) -

May 21 at Canberra Community Hos pita! to Merle and Trevor-a daughter

LATTA -Mav 22 at Mater Maternity to Betty and Ern-a daughter (Margot


LEES (nee Higgins) -Mav 23 to Jean and Leonard-the gift of a son (Douglas Leonard)

LEGGO -Moy 7 at Mer»v Hospital Melbourne to Mars and Jack-a daugh ter (Elizabeth Anne),

LEWIS (nee Eddy) -May 24 at St Monan s private hospital to Beryl and Geoff-a son (Richard)

MEDLAND -May IT at Strathmore private hospital Bowral to Mr and Mrs Mediana of Mittagong-a daughter (Christine Ann)

MOULYNOX (nee Mollie Mackinnon)

-April 26 at Katoomba to Mr and Mrs W H Moulynox-a daughter


NLTHALL (ne« Eisten) -Mav 19 tt Denistone Hcuse to Betty and Glen-a daughter (Elizabeth Anne)

O riONNFLL (nee Ross) -May 10 at St Margaret s private hospital to Joan and Will-a son (Gordon Martin)

PATERSON -May 25 at The Poplar«

Epping to Daphne and Ron-a son (Paul


PATTEN (nee Shervej) -At Crown Street Women « Hospital to Helen and

Robert-a son

PATTINSON -May 21 at Royal North Shore lo Brenda and Len-a daughter (Stillborn)

PAULL-- (nee Whalley) -May 23rd, at Mater Private, to Peggy and Kenneth-- a son (William Kenneth).

TETERSLN -Mav 21 at Crown Street Intermediate to Madge and Tom-a daughter (Jill)

PRENDERGAST (nee Buckman) -May 23 at St Margaret s private hospital to Kathleen and Jim-a daughter (Angela


RAY -May 26 at Kia Ora pris ate hospital Haberfield lo Mr and Mrs

F YV Rai-a son

RUTHERFORD (n«e Oils er) -Mas 23 at Denistone House to Pat and Don-a daughter (Pamela lean)

SCHÄDEL (nee Rutherford) -May 22 at St Luke a Hospital to Mr and Mrs FRF Schodel-a daughter

SEABLE (nee Findlay) -May 21 at St Monan s private hospital Cremorne to Adrlenne and Jim-a son (Gregory


SHAVE (nee Webster) -May 23 1950 at St Margaret s Hospital lo Down and Douglas-a daughter (Lorraine Mar


SHELLEY.—May 22, at the Poplars   private hospital, Epping, to Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Shelley—a son

SMALL (nee Stirling) -May 24 at Ryde DSM Hoipilal to Phyllis »nd Ken-a daughter (Susan Marlon)

SPILSrtURY -May 19 to Mr »nd Mis Guy Spllsbuiv Woodbine Welling

ton-a son (Donald Guy)

SUTTON -May 24 at King George V to Mr and Mrs Len Sutton-a daughter (Lynette Anne) Both well

TAIT (nee Macdouall) -May 20 »t Rosal Poddlngton Hospital to Jojce and Dcneld-a daughter (Irene loyce)

TICKLE (nee Howse) -May 23 1950 at Cartnya private hospital Chatswood to Ray and Shirley of Lane Cove-a son (Phillp Raymond)

TROW (nee Hanger; -May 21 at Ko rano Katoomba to Dora and Jock -a daughter (Lynette Ruth)

TUNSTALL (nee Gaven) -April 23 at King George V h_ptta) lo Peggy and Arthur-a son (Robert William)

TURNER (nee Andrew) -May 24 at Rosslyn private hospital Arncliffe to Betty and Alap-twins son and daughter

TYLIR -May 25 at Braeside Stan more to Bettv and Ken-a daughter (Sandra Frances)

YYALSII (nee Turner) -May 24 1950 at King George V to Beryl and Bert-a daughter (Sandra Gae)

«ATKINS -May 20 at Roslyn private hospital Lindfield to Enid wife of A W Watkins-a son (Andrew Bruce)

YY1U1F (nee Gras )-May 24 at St

Margaret s private hospital to Ted and M-ureen-a daughter (Pele Alana)

YY1LCOX (nee Spoonei) -Mos 25 at King George V to Pamela-a son (Gre «crv George) Both well

YVOODUABD (nee Hetherington) - Mav 21 al Carinia Concord YVest to Betts and Bruce-a daughter (Elizabeth Ruth) Both well_


ADAMS-McCANN -The Engagement I« announced of Joan youngest daughter of Mrs Ellen Mccann of Northbridge to Reginald only son of Mr «nd Mrs Reginald Adams of Sydney

ALEXANDER-NEILLEI -The En gagenvnt Is announced of Elizabeth Joyce younger daughter of Mr Gordon Nellies and the late Mrs Nellies of Cre mcrnc to Harry onlv son of Mrs F A 'Sander of Woollahra and the late Mr C Alexander

ASTILL-IRELAND -The Engagement Is announced of June youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Ireland of Ash- field to Noel twin son of Mrs D. Astill of Croydon


ment Is announced of June daughter of Mr and Mis C E Brady (formerly ol Moree) to Norman Walter only son of Mr and Mrs N Bagnall of Kogarah

BAMBRIDGE—DALMAZZO.—The En   ?agement Is announced of Betty Jose- phine younger daughter of Mr and Mrs J C Dalmazzo of Randwick to Phillip John soundest son of Mr and Mr« P G Bambridge of Waserley

BLACKWOOD-FLINT -The Engage ment 1« announced of Diana Franklin only daughter of the late Lt Col A L A Flint Indian Army and Mrs Flint, of Maidenhead Berkshire England and Lieutenant George Blackwood D S C R N 6econd son of the late Captain Maurice Blackwood DSO RN and Mrs Blackwood of 123 Macquarie street


BOSANQUET-WHALLEY -The Engagement is announced of Myfanwy Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Whalley, of Deewhy to         Robert Eric, second son of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. V. Bosanquet, of Panania.


»nent 1« announced of Havelvn onlj daughter of Mr and Mrs J S Irwin of Fivedock to Brian eldest son of Mr and Mrs G O Brctnhead of Croydon


sasent Is announced of June youngest daughter of Mr «nd Mr« A Bartels of Summer Hill to Richard eldeat son of Mr and Mrs li Carlin, of Kingsford



gMeaejt * »TO0««» « _Ä Jo"

eldest daughter or Mr «nd Mrl """

Fletcher of Waverley j, Noe] W1|nam second son of Mr ana 1,5.. chesher 0[ Surry Hills .%____ttIO

CLANCY-AN»»5ws^The »¡."¡"ge ment Is V1* L Api, Beth Barbara daughter of E £ *"$««,» 0, Dulwich Hill to Ned Arthur ^

L M Clancy (and the lale Mt c H Clancy) of Ba_n_d*i(*


ment Is en"°a"táüSL^mne Elizabeth (Tcbe) vcungest d°ui¡ht» oi Mr and Mrs B F/'nwen of M«»»1" Mungindi to Kenneth owen 01 Mo ,i M(^, Co,

laren»brl e.\lerwiuSni_, «T L Cope

man of Walla Woiiongarj Bund,rra ,nd

the late Mr, £ "»"."."«man


gagemcnt is BJ"0"Pc«f« Patricia Man the only ?""*)£ "ellet,,.. Mr and Mrs

H «old Vate« o' Bellevue ,"" ^-LnWc Edward Chares "_.°niy son of Mr

and Mrs Edsvnrd CroshUrsl oi Poyndsr

Court London

CURTIN--MEL"£Rv-~The Engage ment 1« »"n _? gni Mrî,erle ,<,an cnl> dauqhter of Mr »J^ MrJ c V Hellier of Eastwood .£.KÄrgel',Llhd«ay younger son of Mr and Mrs m ¡ Curtln ", Eppinv ,,_T»

DARKE-WE"drc ' nl".Engagement Is

announced of Auorejon), dl,ugntet ", Mrs West of concora ,0 Raymond joungest son ol Mr anq Mr5 DilU

at Buiwood

EARLE-T1A*î4o1u1.i7le Engagement ¡s announced of ^""«n oniy daughter of Mr end "»S,. ¿"Uter Allsnbar. Fairlight to Preo,er,¿J onlv ch|Ia of the late M* F TJ « »nd 0f Mrs B Earle The t°*lu' T«?wi«b

FLYNN-HALTON Th, Eníagement is announced m "fewMfe»land ol Jeon eldest daughter 01 « d M" p Hatton Hurstvl»« io lyn« ge"nd gon of Mr and Mrs 1. Fly,,,, 0, n)ng wood Victoria

GOULD-BROGAN-Th» Engagement Is announced of JMB,eMrQwen joungest daughter of thf '«5, ,' and Mrs s Brogan of Sans S0«"« Ailfln Michael

joungest «on of J"« . 'S.Gould and the late Mr J Gould of Ran, gate

GRAY- I'FVbiT only "f"^"1"" Is announced o' ^ iveu ". "hi d oí Mr and Mrs F W "^ of Bom|, |0 Barry eldest son 01 Mrs », Dlxon o( Belmont Newcastle ona tl]f ]ite Mf

HAYES-STUART-The _.M,ement

Is announced 01 ""« MocDonald younger daughter 01 mb g. fl ,h late Mr C Wcp Stuart 0, wuherforce formerly of »»" B C ft"1»" wllllaD1

elder son of Mrs E C ft and the

late Mr W H_JvWA_«i *or

HICKMAN-»^of nf-^The Engage ment Is announ«« o' Doris shlrle> cn, daughter of, Vfnn ii sanci. J R H"* word of Brighton le ».ands lo R"inoId Allan only ».»DJLntori ,»hd Mrs V S Hickman 0'_£"g T '« Sand»

IVES-BOpGEB» ine Engagen,em Is announced of Janet R0chell(¡ on,

daughter of Mr "",?," ","?rt B Rodgers of Manilla ",B°w f V« only child of the late Mr iv I,Cs and Mrs líes of Chatswood

JACOMBS-WHIii. in» fngng.-jn. Is announced of E10ineB»erl o

daughter of Mr ana «T fe A White of Merrylands to' « »'r^j Ceoflrey fourth son pi: the Ja»m'gsr W M Joe

ombs and Mrs Jaccmos of CoMOT1,

JEFFERY—GAFFEL.,—The Engagement  

is announced of Edna Jean, only daugh-   ter of Mrs. L. Gaffel and the late Mr G. Gaffel, of Lakemba, to Kenneth     Maclean, only son of Mr. and Mrs. P.

Jeffery, of Kempsey.

JEIT-IEÏ-HEPTI^ALL ThB En gagement is announcea 0, Ellzabeth


«» \S-£}4r*ot Mr

Jr^KIN-KEE"ffc patH_,. Engagement Is announced ot Pat"ela __y eJder

daughter of Mr ¿JdIeM&?_r5, B Keene of Roseville to RW» jcnv-i? «wl» *?» of Mr and Mrs L » JCI>klr, 0, North

%^T-MOBBIS-Th\En m tis

announced of »etty ».orri« «ughter of Mr and Mrs ? C "r ri 1 of Welby to Allan eldest son of Mr snd M"

J ¿D^HUMP^hlriev« E»T'

ment is announced of Shirley jtcweUnt only daughter of M n »no Mr5 j - Humphreys of I?"«« V,rtto Robert

^"Lr0"^ KlV of Drumr"Xend ,h' ,atMA^_AEJ»BMOUB-The°yn.

ment is announced of ^wen Margaret youngest daughter of »r »«d Mrs T

$UXmour of Bïfre '""^rick John younger son of % Mr« r a

M rj'êoN^r^S8^- The En

gaiement is announced of U¡tf¡í M|ir

ment Is announced oí .Mav patricia Ph lip Charles onl) son or M ?n_

announced of P^m^) youngest tV^'Wink Edward onijV wn"or Fh0endlate,0MrFrÊnd«ard Pegg .nqVs" *

L Pegg of Bondi

HrSp^^BOfUBorw>ffma Engage

ment is announced of Wilma v ,

elder daughter of »r Quirindi ,2^

S«»& £* Mr and ""«oT PToH^»V,'' "Í

Ii announced of J"° Mr, _, >0UhBer

SETS Peterh£ «g fX ¿¡¡SS

youngest son of Mrs £arrlc_-v, »aid the


1. Innotinced of Elaine Margaret vour_g"

rgorM«47»'.nS % V-l

younger soni of *" w p

Mr-anA^/S^'Ar g^

loughby toJohnwai« llb Mr and

Ätale Railton Thomas a«"

^'^SfeSi «555"n,

ment Is i»»»»;iVh Phipps ".,*_,_"

5î»5ï5 s»7-«'«»*rord °'Ä

S^Ä -ÄrDmon<r ,o^|H

t, Richardson or Arter >nd jFrancl«

William onl» son oi x^rittitT

H YVoodnlltt Q'._i-!-Î--i.-,


«d K%K T.f ur of

M?° and Mr^l °H *A«à» of g»,*

Ocean Street o«<" M ,,,d Mr j

cAglTof ounneda^an S««,»

v, L*SDrSnuTcShH NorihTridV. fc oiad Son ?nee° Groom) K*-«^ a ^ sar» Ägv ^r; -MoOB-TtSCAS^«lV¿


Mr and Mrs £&ries second scm 0{

M°rnland° M» * - M"" °' ^*h

meM«NBO-S»nTH-Mfe 6 ¿t Nowra Church of .England Joyce arm1T"

r^"tNdasmli " oí Marrickville lo V"?,

D N sornn u* _i>i-st son ot the inte


Me«^hu|rD0.rh_t.> . ,he "

DEATHS. ALFORD, Thomas William.-May 25,

at Prince of Wales Hospital, late 6th L.H., loving husband of Jean, loved

father of Jean (Mrs. Axsentieff), Margaret (Mrs. Vint, and Ross. At rest.

ALFORD, Thomas William.-May 25, 1950, at the Prince of Wales Hospital, (late 6th Light Horse, 1st A.I.F.), son of the late W. R. Alford, of Woodstock, and the late Mrs. E. S. Alford, of Cabarita, beloved brother of Stephen Henry (Orange), Judith (Mrs. C. S. Townsend), Madge, Edith (Mrs. Squire), Frederick (deceased), and Robert (deceased). ARCHER, Thomas.-May 21, 1950, elder son of the late Thomas and Elizabeth Archer, of Paddington, aged 83 years. Privately interred.

ASTON, Mary Montague.-May 26, 1950, at 34 Wareemba Street, Fivedock, beloved wife of Albert and dear mother of Alfred, Eric, and Norman (NX28634, deceased), Ruby (Mrs. Peters), and Olive. BAIRD, Thomas Richard.-May 25, 1950, late of Dubbo, N.S.W., aged 74 years. Privately cremated May 26, 1950.

BALDWIN, Flora.-May 24, at Narrandera, beloved wife of Harold Baldwin, Square Nob, Colinroobie, Narrandera, and devoted mother of Betty, Patricia and Nancy, aged 45 years.

BEECHAM, Olive Mary.-May 26, 1950, beloved wife of Wyndham L. Beecham, of 85 Main Road, Corrimal, and dear mother of Charles and Wyndham, aged 42 years.

BRADY, Mary.-May 26, 1950, at her residence, Young Street, Redfern,

beloved wife of the late James Brady, and sister of Bridget (Mrs. A. Gooch), and aunt of Chrissie (Mrs. Matthews), Mary (Mrs. W. Bourke), Margaret (Mrs.

J. Young), James, John, Anne (Mrs.

D. Munro), Bert Gooch, Ethel (Mrs. Bax- ter), Alex Gooch, Ivy Gooch and Lena

Mrs. Phelan), aged 72 years. For funeral notice see Monday's "Herald." BRUCE, Elizabeth Phoebe.-May 26,

1950, at her daughter's residence, 26

Ross Street, Gladesville, beloved mother of Clara (Mrs. Ferguson), William, Flor- ence (Mrs. Watts), Ethel (Mrs. Kavanah), Jack (deceased), Walter, Allan, and Phyllis

(Mrs. Taylor), aged 80 years. See Monday's "Herald" for Funeral notice.

BURING, A. W. Rudolph.-May 26,

at his home, Glenunga, South Australia,

after long illness, aged 78 years. Chair- man of directors H. Buring and Sobela,



BURNETT, Ellen.-May 25, 1950, at   her residence, 43 Shellcote Road, East Bankstown, beloved wife of the late John E. Burnett, aged 72 years.

CLARENCE, Jean.-May 25, 1950, at   Lewisham private hospital, beloved wife of Henry Clarence, of Narrabri, N.S.W., and dearly loved mother of Harry, Ida   (Mrs. S. Moore), Ray, and Bob (Can- ada), aged 71 years. R.I.P. Privately interred Northern Suburbs Cemetery.

COOPER, Charles Frederick.-May 25,   1950, late of Melrose Parade, Clovelly,  

and of 145 Elizabeth Street, city, beloved husband of Jessica and dear dad of Dick, John, and David, aged 58 years.  

CULGIN, Allen Thomas.-May 26,   1950, at a private hospital, Ashfield, husband of the late Helen Culgin and dear father of Allen and Holly Culgin, of 507 Canterbury Road, Campsie. For funeral announcement see Monday's  


DEBUS, Mary Jane Newt.-May 24, 1950, at her residence, 18 Kensington Road, Summer Hill, widow of the late Walter Debus and dearly loved mother of   Reginald, Irene, Roland, Rupert, Freda, and Marjorie. Privately interred.

DEBUS, Mary Jane Newt.-May 24,   1950, at her residence, 18 Kensington Road, Summer Hill, beloved mother of   Irene (Mrs. Folkard) and dear grand- mother of Arthur. Privately interred.

EDWARDS, William.-May 19, 1950,   relict of late Emily Edwards, of Molong, loved lather of Ethel (Mrs. McClelland, Nyngan), Avis (deceased), Vera (Mrs. Harty Horden), Arthur (Belmore), Perce (Newcastle), Albert (deceased), Richard (Sydney), Mabel (Mrs. McKid, Nyngan), interred Molong, May 21, 1950, aged 81


FAWCETT, Mary Ellen.-May 19,   1950, at a convalescent hospital, Killara, only surviving daughter of the late Rev. Francis and Mrs. M. A. Fawcett, for- merly of Deniliquin, and dearly loved sister of E. W. Fawcett, Balgowlah, aged 82 years. Privately cremated, May   20, 1950.

FLECK, Peter John.-May 26, 1950,   at a hospital, aged 77 years. See Mon-   day's "Herald" for funeral arrange-  


FRAZER, Mary Ellen (Nin).-May   25, 1950, at her home, 21 Brucedale

Avenue, Epping, beloved wife of Alfred Henry, and mother of Ron and Wal, and dear grandma of John (deceased), Jean, Nan and Bob, aged 79 years.

FRAZER, Mary Ellen (Nin).-May 25,   1950, beloved daughter of the late Robert and Isabella Leader and sister of Reuben (deceased), Eliza, Rose (de- ceased), Alice and Eva.

FRENCH, Major Cyril George.-May   13, at Melbourne, beloved son of Kath- leen and the late William French, brother of Alma (Mrs. J. M. Mason, England), W. H. French (deceased, Sydney), Kath- leen (Mrs. W. R. Carlisle, New York), and Dulcie (Mrs. D. Cary-Barnard, New   York). Interred Melbourne, Victoria.

GAY (DULVEY), Clara Gertrude.-   May 24, 1950, at her home, Mosman, beloved mother of Gus, Percy (deceased),

and Dorothy. Privately cremated May 25, 1950.

GERRETT, Harry.-May 25, 1950, at   hospital, beloved husband of Zilla Gerrett, of McMahon's Point, and loved father   of Barry and loved brother of Hilda and


GLENN, Arthur.-May 23, 1950, at   his residence, 21 Regent Street, Bexley, aged 72 years. Privately cremated May 25, 1950, at Woronora.

GRUNWALD, Clara Lavinia.-May 25,   1950, at her residence, 24 Sudbury Street, Belmore (suddenly), beloved wife of Frank. By request, no flowers.

HASSARD, Minnie Margaret.-May 23,   1950, at her residence, 7 Tulloch Avenue, Concord West. Privately cremated.

HILL, Ida Louisa.-May 25, 1950, at   Lithgow District Hospital, late of Bal- main, Deewhy, and Lithgow, dearly be- loved mother of Herbert and Ernest,   mother-in-law of Edith and Dorothy,     grandmother of Kevin, Shirley, Betty, and   Barry, aged 72 years.

JAMES, Thomas Edwin.-May 25, of   Duntroon Avenue, La Perouse, aged 34.

JONES, Isaac.-May 26, at his daugh-   ter's residence, 8 Croydon Street,   Lakemba, late of Bulli Road, Toongabbie, loved father of Dorothy (Mrs. S. B. Bond), William (deceased), and Herbert (Adelaide).

JUPP, John Charles.-May 23, 1950,   at Base Hospital, Orange, late of Spring Hill and Ryde, aged 83 years.

KEMP, John Arthur.-May 25, 1950,   at Repatriation Hospital, Concord, be- loved husband of Doreen and dear father   of Gail, of Mt. Ausley Road, Fairymea- dow, and loving son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lucas, of Noel Street, North Wollongong and brother of Noel, and Dereada (Mrs. Ellicott), aged 34 years.

KING Marlon G -Moy 23 1950 at a private hospital Randwick aged 90 years Privately cremated

LANGDON, Clyde Thomas.-May 25,   1950, at his residence, Bellevue Hill,

dearly beloved husband of the late May Betha and loved father of Dorothy May and Alan Lewis and the late Marjory Hilda. Privately interred South Head Cemetery, May 26, 1950.

LARNACH, W. J. M.-May 22, 1950, son of late Albert Larnach and grandson   of the late John Larnach, of Rosemount,   Singleton, beloved brother of Mabel, Tottie, and Violet.

IAWSON, Anne Tine.-May 26, 1950,   at her residence, Cremorne, beloved wife of Stuart R. Lawson and loved mother   of Peter. By request, no flowers.

LEASK, William Henry.-May 26,     1950, at his residence, 12 Isabel Street,

Ryde, beloved husband of Nancy Leask and dear father of John and Margaret, and father-in- law of Von and grand-   father of Sandra and Michael.

LENNON, John Thomas.-May 26, 1950, at his residence, 141 Simmons Street, Enmore, dearly beloved husband of Stella Lennon and loved father of James, Thomas, John and Robert, aged 62 years. R.I.P.

LITTLE, Bertha Emmaline Sarah.-   May 24, 1950, at hospital, of 104 Nor-

thumberland Road, Auburn, relict of the late John Little and loving mother of William, aged 87 years. At rest.

McGETTIGAN, James Timothy-May 24, 1950, late 2/3 Bn., A.I.F., and of     Butler St, Byron Bay.

McGUIRK, John Michael.-May 26,   1950, at the residence, 10 Denning Street, Drummoyne, dearly beloved hus-

band of Lily May, and loving father of John and Rita. R.I.P. For particulars   of funeral see Monday's "Herald."  

McLEAN, Ysabel Lorna.-May 26, at     her residence, 113 Fitzroy Street, Tam- worth, beloved wife of Norman McLean and dear mother of Cora, Jack, and Ian, and beloved sister Rose Cora Fergu- son, George Leonard Ferguson, and Edna May McGregor. At rest.

McWILLIAM, Ian.-May 23, 1950   (suddenly), dearly loved son of Alice Maud and the late Frederick William McWilliam, dear brother of Charlie, Ruth, Eric, Jean, Mollie, and Nell, aged 46 years. Deeply regretted.

McWILLIAM, Ian.-May 23, 1950, at   Sydney, beloved son of Alice Maud and the late Fred McWilliam and dear brother of Charles, Eric, Ruth, Jean, Mollie, and Nell.

MARSHMAN, Elisabeth Ann Eames.-   May 26, 1950, at the Home of Peace, Marrickville, beloved wife of Charles   James Marshman, of 29 Noble Street,

Concord. See Monday's "Herald" for   funeral notice.

MENZIES, Emily May.-May 26, 1950,   at 86 Seaview Street, Balgowlah, relict   of John Menzies, Valleyfields, Coolamon,   dearly loved mother of Bessie (Mrs. H. Montefiore), Maisie (Mrs. W. Walton), Jean (Mrs. R. Crane), and Douglas, sis-

ter of Harvey, Arthur, Lucas, Elizabeth (Mrs. Ashwood), Rose (Mrs. Ibbott), Ann (Mrs. Nicholson), and Milly (Mrs. An- derson).

MIKKELSON, Ursula Maria.-May 25, 1950, at the residence of her son-in-law,      

Allen R. Rutledge, 73 Edward Street, Bexley North (of 45 Deakin Street,   Auburn), beloved mother of Tasman, Marjorie, and mother-in-law of Allen,     aged 65 years. Privately cremated.

MILLARD, George.-May 26, 1950, at   his residence, 13 Chapman Street,

Strathfield, dearly beloved husband of Louisa Amy Millard and loved father of Anne, Phillipa, Grace, Freda, George, Jill, Patricia, Valerie, Roy and Zita, aged 83 years. R.I.P. For funeral notice see Monday's "Herald."  

MITCHELL, Edith Esther.-May 26,   1950 (suddenly), at her sister's resi-   dence, 21 George Street, South Hurst-

ville, dearly loved sister of Lavinia (Mrs. Humby), Ada (Mrs. Tanner), Ethel (Mrs. C. Y. Callaghan, Bathurst), Albert (Canberra), and Arthur (Carl- ton). At rest.

MITCHELL, Rosa Matilda.-May 26,   1950, at her residence, 65 Albert Street,

Petersham, beloved wife of P. A. Mitchell and loved mother of Alfreda (Mrs. Brown), George, Harry, Phyllis (Mrs. Macmillan), Ernest, Esma (Mrs. Hardey), aged 78 years. At rest.

MOIR, Jane.-May 25, 1950, at a private hospital, Pymble, beloved wife of the late William Moir (late of Aberdeen, Scotland), beloved mother of Molly (de- ceased), and Russell (deceased). Pri- vately interred.

MULLEY, R. W. Bruce.-March 20,   1950 (suddenly), at his residence, Glad- stone Street, Mudgee, R. W. Bruce (Mick) Mulley, beloved brother of Les.,

Colin, Stan, Roy, Bessie, Lily, and Jean, aged 47 years.

MULLIGAN, Claude Edward.-May     26, 1950, at Sacred Heart Hospice, Dar- linghurst, fifth son of the late John and Mary Mulligan, and dear brother of Margaret (decd.), Edith (Mrs. Wilkin-   son), Emily (Mrs. Le Breton), Henry, William (decd.), Mary, John (decd.),     Cicely (decd.), James and Cecil. R.I.P.      

OWEN, Hugh Percy.-May 22, 1950,   at Murwillumbah, son of the late Hugh and Laura Owen, loving brother of Lew Owen, Balgowlah, Blanch (Mrs. Williams), Ruby (Mrs. Goodman), Tot (Mrs.   Carmichael, deceased).

PERRIN, William. - May 14, 1950 (suddenly), at his residence Kaleno Sta-

tion, Cobar, dearly beloved husband of Rhoda. At rest.

PHOENIX, May.-May 26, 1950, at   Sydney, relict of the late John Phoenix and loved mother of Logan and grand-

mother of John Mayo Phoenix, aged 75 years. For funeral notice see Monday's  


POWER, George E.-May 17 (sud-

denly), at Silver Ridge, Parkes, father of Clyde (major), Roy (deceased), Keith (Marrickville), brother of Avril (Gun- ning), aged 86 years.

REES, Sydney William.-May 22,   1950, at Royal North Shore Hospital, beloved brother of Ella (Mrs. Moore), of Wollongong, and brother of Glen B. S. Rees, of Double Bay.

ROSER, James Walker.-May 26,    

1950, of 32 Curtis Road, Balmain (late   of Burwood), relict of Ella Roser and loved father of Lily, Bill, George, Hazel and Thelma, aged 67 years. At rest.

ROSS, Margaret May.-May 22, at Claremont, Western Australia, widow of the late Percy Vernon Ross.

SAUNDERSON, Edwin Robert.-May   19, 1950, at his residence, Ardlethan, dearly loved husband of Katie and dear father of George, Arthur, Mavis (Mrs. G. Thompson, deceased), and Olive (Mrs. R. Fisher), and grandfather of Janet,

Edwin, Ann, Ralph, Roslyn, aged 54 years. Interrment took place on May 20, 1950, at Ardlethan.

SENIOR, Lizzie Louisa.-May 20, 1950,

late of O'Sullivan Road, Rose Bay.   Privately Cremated.

SHERLOCK, Marion.-May 21, 1950,   at the residence of her friend Mrs. Stevens, Bondi.

SLOMAN, Ethel Maud.-May 26,   1950, at a private hospital, Belmore, dearly beloved wife of John Hartnoll Sloman, of 36 Anderson Street, Bel- more, and loved mother of Harold,  

Kitty (Mrs. R. Yates), Geoffrey and   Dorothy (Mrs. J. Moore), and mother- in-law of Lynton and Beatrice, and   grandmother of Alison, Richard, Doro- thy and Virginia, aged 64 years.


SMITH, Gertrude Veronica.-May 24,      

1950, at her residence, 51 Bardwell Road, Mosman, dearly beloved wife of Roger Bede, loving mother of Rose (Mrs.

Masters), Bede, and Ray, grandmother of Graham, June, Brian, Garry, and Wendy, and dear sister of Jane (Mrs. Payne), and Ralph Mooney, aged 69     years. Requiescat in pace. Privately Interred, Catholic Cemetery, Northern Suburbs, May 26, 1950.

SOPP, Arthur Ernest.-May 24, 1950,   late of Dowling Street, East Sydney.

Privately cremated. Aged 82 years. By request, no cards.

STEPHENSON, Emma.-May 26, 1950,   at a private hospital, Rose Bay, dearly beloved wife of Abbot Stephenson, of 20 Fletcher Street, Bondi (formerly of Dalley Street, Waverley), and loving mother of Agnes (Mrs. Buckley, de- ceased). English papers please copy.

THOMAS, Francis William Edward.-     May 20, 1950, at Prince of Wales Hos-

pital, Randwick (late of Newtown) (ex 2nd Battery Siege Brigade, 1st A.I.F.),      

beloved son of the late Francis and Sarah Thomas, and loved brother of Nellie (Mrs. Hasemer, Leichhardt), Alex (decd.), Jim (decd.), and Jack (Five-     dock). Privately cremated at Rookwood, May 23.

WALKER, George.-May 26, 1950, at R.G.H., Concord, beloved husband of     Florence Walker and brother of John D. Walker, aged 50 years. By request no  


WHITE, Robert.-May 21, at Sacred   Heart Hospice, Darlinghurst (late Graf- ton), husband of late Ellen White, father of Mary (deceased), Gladys (Mrs. Grainger, Grafton), Joseph (deceased), Vera (Mrs. J. McGrath, Marrickville), Alma (deceased), Patrick (Barraba). In- terred privately, Rookwood, May 23, 1950. R.I.P.

WHITE, Robert.-May 21, at Sacred   Heart Hospice, Darlinghurst (late Graf- ton), husband late Ellen White, grand-

father of Des, Joan, Josie, Geoff (Lid- combe), Patty, and Richard, Vera, Nola, Max, great-grandfather Christine and Kathryn. Privately interred Rookwood,

May 23, 1950. R.I.P.


ABRAHAMS.-In loving memory of my   i losing mother Edith called home Mat

27 1942 Alwass. remembered bj her lotlng son Harold Jean and family aLo Ena and Brjren

AINSWORTH -In loving memory of Bery) who passed awaj Maj 27 1947 Alwovs remembered bj Mar)

BABBAGF -In loving memory of my dear mother and our grandma who died Moy 28 1949 Inserted by Charlie and children ,

BABBAGE -In loving memory of my dear mother and our grandmother Georgina who passed away May 28 1949 Remèmb-red by son John Georgina llene and John

BABBAGE -In loving memory of our dear mother Georgina who passed aw at May 28 1949 Always remembered bj her loving daughter Clara son In law Claude and grandchildren Nell and


RAKER -In memory of mv dear mother Honnah who died May 2" 1883 Inserted by her loilng son


BARNETT .-In lond memorj of our dear lather and grandfather George W11 Ham ti ho passed awav May 28 1948 Always remembered by Edith George and grandchildren

BARRFTT-In lotlng memorv of nit dear husband George who departed this life May 28 1948 aged "4

I th nk of sou In silence

With a he8ri that Is sincere And cherl'h all the memories

Of do s when vou it ere here

Never forgotten bj his lotlng wife


BARRETT -In loving memors oí our dear dad George Ys Our memory often wanders to a grase not far awaj where we laid out dear dad Just two years ago Inserted by his loving daughter Mary and sop In law YValter

BLOWS-in lovlnar memors of our dear father samual Herbert who passed awas Mav 27 1949 Ylway« r-memberedl bl hi> Icting son and daughter Elma

and Tom also Norah

BLOWS -In lotlng memorv qf our dear brother Sam who passed away May 27 1949 Rest In Peace Ins«rted by his lotlng brother Bill and sister In Kw Dulcie

BRANT) -in loilng memory of my dear husband our lather grandlathcr who passed awoy on Moy 27 1949

A i enderful father good «nd kind His eoual on earth we 11 never find For all of us he did his best

Please God grant him eternal rest

Inserted by his loving wife Ella and


BRICE-In loilng memors of my dear husband David Edwin Leslie and ms father passed awav Mav 28 1949 In serted by loilng wife Ethel son Leslie dau-rhter In law Joslc granddaughter


BROWN -In losing memors ol our dear son and brother John Alphons

(Jackie) who deported this llfp Moy 27 1946 Fondis losed sadly missed bt his lotlng porents slsteis and brother!,

CARTFR-In lotlng memoiy of our dear father William David died May 28 1948 Bier remembered bl his daughters ond sons In law

CARY -In lotlng memory of my dear mother who passed away May 28 1947 Inserted bv her loving daughter Florence

CARY -In lotlng memorj of our dear sister and aunt Mat who passed aw at Mas 28 194" Inserted bs her loilng sisters stan Dot and Freddie

CASTLING -Cherished memories of my dear husband and our loving father and grandlather Archer who passed away Mai 27 1948

He bade no one « last farewell

He said good bye to none

The heavenly gates Just opened up

And a gentle voice said Come

Sadls missed by his lotlng wife and famllv

CAYANAGH -Pearlle We »hall alwass remember sou smiling Inserted bv los Ing husband Jack and children Teddv

Noellne Mars Pearl

CAYANAGH -In lotlng memr-ry of our dear molh'r pasfed «was May 28 1948

YVe who miss her lotlng wats

YA 111 nesrr let her memori fade

Inserted bv son John daughter In las Berjle friend Ena

CAYANAGH-In lotlng memory of mi dear mother Pearl who passed asoj Moy 28 1948 Always remembered bj


CHONG -In fondest memorv of ms dear husband and our father Peter who passed away Mas 27 1915. Inserted bj his losing wife and family

COLLIF -In loving memory of our dear mother who passed away May 27

1949 Alwajs remembered by Marjorie

and Bert

COLLIE -In sintere memory of mv sincere friend and pal Glad j s Irene ( Rus )

Alwass a smile never a frown

Alwass a hsnd when sou were down So sweet gentle and so kind

Think Gladjs the sweet memories

jon left behind

Inserted bs her sincere friend YVIII

COI LItR -Treisurcd memories of mt dear mother Fanny called to rest Mai 28 1B43 Always remerabeied by her loslne dal ghtcr Elsie

COOMBI R -Treasi red and es er astlng ore the beautiful memories of our darling mother Ada Too dearh lot ed cser lo be forgotten by her devoted daughter Dot son in law Rex and grandchildren Myee and Kevin

CUSSY.-A thought for todav bil memories* foret er of my de-tr daughter and sister Margaret Ann who passed astas Mas 27 1942 Never to be for fotten by her losing mother and brother


DAMS -In es er losing memory of ms darling husband Alfred (Alf) step

father and grandfather who passed awaj Mat 29 1948 late 10th Batt YVe lost the best and dearest pal Alf when we lost sou Inserted by his eter loving wife Selma Frank and Jock Groses and families

DAY -In loving memorj of our dear mother and grandmother Annie who passed awas May 27 1942

Her willing hands are Idle

Her losing solee Is still The one we losed so desrlj

Is walting Just oser the hill

Inserted by her losing daughter Ann son In law Vic and grandsons Yric and Norman

DAT -In loving memorv of our dear mother Annie who passed away May 27


A happy laugh a smiling face

No one could take her place nor


Inserted bv her son and daughter in law Bill and Masts

DOWNEY -In memorv of Elsie Mary died Mas 27 1927 Remembered by Mum Dod and famllv

DOYIE- In loving memory of mv dear mother YVinitred who passed awoy May 27 1949 Inserted by her lotlng son Henry Joseph

DUGUID -In losing memorv of our dear uncle Forbes of YVelllngton N Z

who passed away May 27 1949 So dearlt lot ed net er to be forgotten In sorted bt his lotlng nieces and nephews Irene Hilo Bill and famllj

EGAN-In lotlng memorv of my belosed wile and our dear mother Jessie Christi: a Egan t ho died Mas 28 1948 Alwass remembered bt her lotlng husband and famllf

I 4BRI -In lu Ing memori of mt dear tile Carmela who passed away May

27 1949

Deep In mt heart a memors Is kept Of the one I losed best

Ins-rted bl her lotlng husband

FYBR1-In losing memorv of our1 dear mother who passed onay Maj 27 1Q49 Alwats remembered never for gotten Inserted bt her lotlng children Jessie Mary Caroline Lorraine and


F ARRAN - In lotlng memors of ms dear husband Angelo who died Mas 27


I hase lost mv life s companion

A Hie linked with ms own

God alone knows host I miss him

As I walk through life alone

Inserted by his losing wife E M


FEND1CK -Mav died Mas 27 1945 Alwass remembered bs her son and daughter n law Edna

FILTCIH-R-Tribute ot lose to the memory of Henri who passed awaj Maj 28 1949 Alwajs remembered bj his sisters Ollie Lou and YI

FORD -In lend memorv of our dear dad who went to sleep May 29 1949 Remembered alwajs bt his losing datigh tera Rose and Monnle sons In law Ron Tom grandchildren Berlce Kevin and


GANF -In loving memory of my dear husband William and our father who passed awav Mas 27 1948 Inserted bj his wife and famllj

GANE -William died May 27 1948 Alwavs remembered battle

GILHOOLCY -In fond remembrance ol George husband of the late Gertrude and father of Forrest Josne Rosemary Patricia and Esmond (AIP deceased) who died May 27 1947 RIP

GRANT -In sad but loving memorj of our dear Eileen (Toots) passed away (suddenls ) at Manls Mav 27 1930 Al

was s remembered by her loving mother and famllj

GREENEP -In loving memory of 8 C Oreenep oí Lindfield passed away May 28 1948 Fondis remembered bs his loving wile and famllv

HAILSTONE -YVllllam Alfred May 27 1944 loteo, father of Molli Tom and Frank father In law of Tom and pop of Anne and John Alwas* remembered

HATTON -In lotlng memory of ms dear wife and mother Alice who de

parted this life May 27 1938. Never will be forgotten Inserted by her husband «nd children daughters In law and grandchildren


HATTER-Everlasting memories of mv belcved wife and mother Agnes Emily called home Ma) 28 1849

In all this wcrld you were but one But to us you were the world

Sadly missed bv husband Arthur and da ujhter Olive

HA7/TER -Treasured memories of mv little mum Agnes Emllv who lett us May 28 1949 Mv pal Longed for alwais by her daughter Dorothy Reg

and Ronald

HEATHERS -In loving memory of my dear wife and mother Alice Emllv poised aw a) May Z8 1949 For ever In our thoughts Inserted by her ever loving husband and daughter Doris

HEATHERS -Treasured memories of my darling mother who fell asleep May

28 1949

Always In my thoughts Forever In mv. heart

Sadly missed and longed for always by Queenie and Dal

HIsKENS -Sweetest memories of our darling molher Sarah who passed away

May 28 1937

A wonderful mother only lent

A priceless gift God ever sent

Inserted b) Eddie Grace Mrs Black burn and family

HOLLINGSWORTH -Treasured memo rles of our dear beloved daughier and slsler Grace Lillian who passed owo) Mav 27 1943 aged 40 years Through the Jo)ous )ears we hod )ou your ten

derness and loving ways will live with us forever In erted b) dod ma and family

HOLLINGSWORTH -Cherished memo riea of Gracie who passed awov May 2" 1949 Sadly missed by her friend

Mrs Miles

JANETT -Laura May 2" 1948 mother Fver loved Thora

JARVIS -In loving memory of my dear wife ano our mother and sister Ada Christina whom God called home Moy 27 1947 Sadly missed Inserted by her loving husband slafr Min and daughters Vera May Emma and Doreen

JOHNSTONE -In loving memory of our dear mother Hub) Elizabeth who pas ed away May 28 1948 Inserted hy her loving sons daughters and grand


JON*-s -In losing memory or my dear bustard Nicholas who passed away Ma) 27 1949 Sadly ml«sed by losing wife

ond »on

JONLS -Everlasting memor es or our dear mother and arondmother passed away May 28 1947

Three )eor« ago we had to part YVlth one we loved so dear

The wound was deep It will not heal But God alone knows how we feel

Always remembred by her daughters Loul Florrie and her grandchildren

KEEN -In. loving memory of my dear mother Ethel Bertha who died May

28 1919

Every day In some ssveet way Your lovlnrr memory comes m) way A silent thought a secret tear Alway« wishing vou were here

Inserted by her loving daughter Muriel

KTEN -In loving memory of our dear daughter Bertha 'who passed away May 28 1949 Inserted by her loving par ents Mrs and Mr T Turner Peace fi l!v sleeping

KINNINGS -In offecttorate memor) of Eric passed away May 27 1945 F J Kinnlngs and family

KINNINGS -Eric Francis passed a say May 27 1945 Hobart In loving

remembrance Gwen

IFAHÏ -A tribute of love to the memory of our dear son and brother Allen passed awas Mas 28 1943 In serled bl his losing parents brothers

and «ister

IOYYE-In memor) or Eileen who pa«seo away Mai 2"* 1947

Not to das but every dav in silence 111 remember mv dear wire

Inserted- b) her levins husband Ted LUNNON -In loving memory ol m dear brother ond OJr uncle Tom pos-ed wav Mav 25 1947 Always remem fc-red bs his slsler Til! brother in law Bill and lamil)

LUSTY -In loving mernerv or my dear wire and our mother Amv Frances who passed own« Ma) 27 114«,

Those who have a mother

Treat her wilh every core

For vcu never know the heartache

Till vo I se» the vacant chair

Inserted by her loving husband and famil)

McCARN -In loving memory of m) dear hisband Archie who passed away May 27 1942 Missed by his loving wife and family

McFAFLAND -In loving memory of my dear wife and our mother Gertrude who fell nsleep May 27 1948 Sadlv missed by her loving husband children and Grandchildren

McF YRLAND -In lov Ing memory o! our darling mother mother In law and grandmother Gertrude Sarah who passed away Ma) 27 1948

Too dearly loved lo be forgotten


Inserted bv her loving daughter Mona (Pat) Padd} Judith and John

McFARLAND -In fond and loving me morles of our dearest mother mother In law and grandmother Gregory Norma

and G"cf

Mell HIN NEY -In loving memory of my d»ir wife Flo who departed this We

Mav 27 1947

Many a lonely heortsche orien a silent tear

Bul alvavs a beautiful memory Inserted b) her ever loving h isbnnd

Mew IIINNFT -Cheri«hcd memories or our dear Flo who passed away Mas 27 1947 Inserted bl her loving mum and pa McWhlnney

McYVHINNEV -In loving memory of our dear daughter and sister Flo who pnssed nwai Moy 27 1947

YVe ölten look at your picture

You are smiling and seem to say Don t grieve I am only sleeping

YYe will all meet again some day

Inserted by her lo« ing mother lather

slaters and brother

McWHINNET-In loving memory of nur dear niece and cousin Flo who

passed awav May 27 1947

Alwavs In our thoughts

Inserted bj Uncle Arthur Aunt Mollv

and cousins

MALINS -In loving memory of ms dear husband Victor who passed «was Mav 27 1948 Always will hase sweet memorv of you dear Inserted by his lotlng wife Pauline

MALINS -In loving memory of our father Jomes Vl'tor who passed awas Mav 27 1948 Not for todas but esers das In silence we remember Inserted by Jim and Margaret and grandchild- ren Margaret and Jim

MALINS -In loving memory of our dear brother and brother-in-law James Victor, passed awas Mav 27 1948 Al- wass remembered by Eta and Jim

MARSHALL -In loving memory of our dear mother who passed awaj Maj 27 1949 Always remembered by Sid Horrie Flo, Jean and grandchildren

MEREDITH -In loving memory of my dear husbond Jack who passed away May 27 1947 Sadly missed by his

wife Rita

MEREDITH -In losing memory of my dear son brother brother-tn law and uncle Jack who passed away May 27 i947 6adly missed bj mottle- and


MILLER-In loving memory of my dear father Jacob Miller died May 28 Narrabri

He loved the tang of the bushland

The land of the open air

He loved the smell of the timber

And he is buried there

Inserted by Mrs Harrington

MOSHIR-In loilng memori ol ms dear husband and our desr father John who passed awaj Mav 28 1949 bad!j missed bs his losing wife and children

MUNRO-In lotlng memorj o! mt dear daughter Ada passed awat Mat 28 1944 At rest Inserted bt her lotlng mother (lather deceased) brothers also children Kaj and Brian

MURPn\ -In loving memory of our lotlng brother and uncle Reg who passed ottos Mat 28 1949 Forever svlih tis Inserted bl his losing sister 1st brother-in law Cecil niece« and ncph»ws

PARKHILL-In lotlng memory of ms dear father Charles who passed awat Mas 27 1945 Sodlv missed by his loving daughter Florence Bowness Sans


PATTERSON -A tribute of lose to the memorv of mi dear wile and our mcther Ethel Mas who departed this life Mot 28 1945 God s greatest gift


PENNOCK -Ada passed away May 27


A silent thought a silent tear Always wishing you were here

Fondly remembered by Hilda, Maggie, Betty and Denis.

PHILIPS-In loilng memorv of Joel and Rachel who depsrted this lile Maj 31 1922 ond Mai 20 1940

God rest their dear souls

Inserted by Emanuel and Joel Ludskl

POPE -In loving memory of my dearest mum who died Moy 28 1947 . Never to be forgotten by your lotlng

daughte- Alma son-in-law Frank

TROCTOR -In losing mrmory of our dear mother and father who passed away Moy 9 and 27th 1949 Alwavs remembered by their son Percy daugh- ter-in-law Irene and grandson Freddie

PROCTOR -Loving memories of our dnr father, who passed awaj May 27

> 1949

There s only a grave left In our care For the did we loied Is resting there

Sadly missed by his losing daughter Mai also grandchildren and his fnlthful

son Fred

PROCTOR -In loving memorv of our dear father James died Moy 27 1949

Gone but never forgotten

Inserted by his loving son Jim daughter-in-law Dldy and family

TRUSS -A tribute of love to the memorj of a wonderful wife and mother Maud who passed awaj Mas 27 194J

Her memory to us Is a treasure Her loss a P'etlme regret

Sadlv missed by her husband and son Edward

BANDAI L-In losing memorj of our dear mother Margaret passed away Maj 27 1946 Alwass remembered bj her lei ing tamils

RANSOME - In loving memory of our dear husband Fred, who passed away May 28 . 1948.

God gave me strength to bear It.

Courage to fight the blow.

But what It meant to lose you

No one will ever know  

Inserted by his loving wife Janet

RANSOME - Fond memories of dad who passed away May 28. 1947

Always remembered.

Inserted by his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.

RANSOME - In loving memory of our dear brother and uncle. Always remem- bered by Jessie, Alf, lvy and Edna.

ROSEN -In loving memorj of our dear mother who passed away Mav 27 1943 A little token true and tender of one we loved end still -emem ber Sadlt missed bv her devoted sons Lewis and Reuben, also granddaughter


RUSSELL -Fond memories of Gwen who passed away May 30 1948 Sadly missed Boardle Sal Jo Sjb

RUSSEL!_Losing memories of Gwen who passed away May 30 1948 Always remembered Management and staff


SÄNKET -In losing memory of our dear mother Mary Ellen passed away May 27 1943 Inserted by Muriel Arthur Daphne Vince grandchildren

SAUNDERS -In loving memory of our darling son Robert Ever remembered by his mummy and daddj

SCIFLEET -Fond memories of our sister Lillian who passed awav May 27 1940. Inserted by her sisters Mabel

Annie and Effie

SCYYIOUR-In losing memory of mt d"sr husband George Em-intiel who passed away suddenly May 28 1948

Your memors is a keepsake

From which well never part, God has sou In His keeping

We have you In our hearts

Alwavs remembered by hi« loving wile Lucy daughter Terry, son-ln law Frank, grandchildren, Elaine and Brian


SIMPSON -David William passed awav Mav 2" 1949 At rest Remem-

bered by sister Mar} and familv

SMITH -in lev ing memory of m) dear husband and our dear father Charles Henr) who passed aw a) May 28 1947 Alwo)s remembered by his loving famil)

1MITH -In loving memorv of our dear molher grandma and mother In law Emily who passed aw a) May 27 1940 Forever In our thoughts In ~rted by her loving ramil)

SOLOMONS -In losing memory of my dear son Jack who rassed away Mai 27 1949 Inserted by his lovlins mother

SOLOMONS -In loving memory of our dear bl other brother in law and uncle Jack who passed away May 27 1949 Sadly missed Merrie Millie and tamil)

SOLOMONS-In loving mernoo of my dear brother Jack who passed away Ma) 27 J949 Alwavs remembered Lou

SOLOMONS -In loving memor) of our dear brother Jack who passed awa) May 27 3949 Inserted by his loving sister and brother In law Dora and Jack Myers

SOLOMONS -In loving memory of our dear friend Jack who passed asas May 27 1949 Inserted by his fellow em ployees of Evcrs and Cohen

SPOW ART -Sweetest memories of mother died May 2" 1944 Inserted b) Carrie and lamil)

SPRINGALL -Cherished memories of a devoted husband and father Frank passed on Ma) 27 1941 One of the best God sent

STAMMER -In loving memorv of m« dear husband and our dad Frederick Ezra passed awa« May 2" 1046 Tender thoughts to dav loving memories always Inserted by his loving wife son and daughter

»TANBURY -In loving memory of my dear sister Daisy who pa«sed awa) May 29 1949

She bade no one a last farewell

She said good bye to none

The heavenly gales Just opened wide

And a gentle vdee said come

Sadly missed by her loving sister Nellie and brother in law Arthur

STFVYART-In loving memory of mv dear husband end father George who Kassed away Mo) 29 1923 Inserted b)

is loving wife and familv

THOMYS -In loving memory ol our dear son and brother Desmond Ross who departed this lite Mav 27 1948

Only a grave but It needs our care For the one we love is sleeping there Inserted by his loving father mother brothers and sisters

THOMAS -In loving memory ot our dear brother brother In law and uncle Desmond Ross who posted away Mai 27 1948

To day recalls a sad memory that fills

our hearts with pain

To think the one we lose so dear will

not return again

In silence we remember

Inserted by hie fond sister brother In law and familv Ylolct Eric and family

TULLOCH -In lov ng memor) of our dear mother who passed away May 27 1946 also our dear foth-r May 16 1936 Both always remembered by their loving daughters and sons Mna Sadie Paltv Llndsav nnd Ted

Y^AUGHAN -In loving memory of mi dear hu«band and father of Joseph Kath leen Laurence and Bridle who passed away May 28 194" Always in our thoughts Inserted by his loving wife Eileen and children

WADDELL -In loving memory of my beloved wife, our mother, and mother-in-   law, Alice, who passed away May 28 1945. Inserted by her loving husband, sons and daughters-in-law, Murray,     Keith, May and Lorna.

WARD.-In loving memor« of o ir son     Lawrence Johr who passed awa} this day 194" Remembered bl his mum and dad

WESTERBERG.-In loving memory of   my dear wife, Ruby Euphemia, who passed away May 28, 1949.

Time may change in many ways,

But one thing changes never,

The memory of those happy days

When we were happy together.

Inserted by her loving husband, Andy. WESTERBERG.-Loving memories of my dear sister and sister-in-law, Ruby,     who passed away May 27, 1949.

Too dearly loved to be forgotten,

Sadly missed by her loving brother, John, and sister-in-law, Flo, and family.    

WILLIS.-Treasured memories of my   dear husband our our father William

John passed away Ma) 27 1946 In serted by his loving wlfo and famil)

WRIGHT-In loving memor) of my dear husband and our father Charles

who passed away Mav 28 1936 Alwais remembered Inserted by his loving wife

and familv


BARNES -In loving memors of mi darling husband Sid NX80337 «eel dentally killed «t Randwick May 28


A silent thought a secret tear Always wishing you were here

Inserted by his loving wife Nora

BROOMHAM -Treasured memories of our dearly losed son and brother Clem died p o w Sandakan Mas 27 1945 You are alwavs In o ir Iho chis darling Mother father Frank and ount RIP

CLARK -In fond remembrance of y O Clark N R II RAAF killed Mcerlo Holland Mas 28 1944 Al wajs remembered Dig \lv Gall Keri

HIGGINS -NX56747 Cpl 1 H died at Shlmo Sohtunal Camp Thailand

Not to day but everv dav In silence we remember

Bt loving mother and sisters

LHA1N -NM43926 Cpl Eric John Lewis 2 24 Batt 9th Dit died of wounds at Tarakan Borneo Mas 23 1945 aged 31 years

Sadly missed by his father and mother Mr and Mrs Bert Lewis of Stanmore and Broadway brother and sister In law Len and Jean auntj Elsie and Frank and daughters June and Rae of

Marricki Hie

NEYVSON -In lotlng memors or our loving son and brother Pte Raj mond H YV (Gus) NX11063 2 1 Battalion killed in artlon Crete Maj 27 1941 Sadlv missed bv his father sisters and brothers Also his lrlend Pte Ronald Robinson killed In action Crete Mat

21 1941

STAN! EY -Treasured minson of our darling son and brother NX-i6325 John Ronald 8th Division A I F died P O W Sandakan Borneo Moy 25 1945 aged 33 j ears

Beautiful memories

Never forgotten mother brother George sisters Gladjs Mavis Peggy


S1ANLEY-In loving memory of mj dear brother NX50325 John Ronald 8th Division A I F died P O W Sanda

kan Borneo May 25 1945 aged 33


Time passes but memories stay

Brother Tom ond sister In low Betty and children RIP

YVEST-sweet memories of our dear young son and brother Don (NX202503 L /Cpl Donald West) killed In action Bougainville May 27 1945 From father mother Muriel ond John

YA EST I /Cp! Donsld-Killed In action at Bougainville Mai 27 1945 Remembered alwais bt all at Cocos


Mr T PHARO and FAMILY of 24 Rawson Roao Woy Y\os wish to THANK relatives mends and neighbours 1er their kind expiessions of simpatht tele

grams eards and floral trihues In their recent sod loss of his dear wlte and their mother YVIII all iccept this as a personal expression oí gratitude

Mr and Mrs ROY HARVEY C8 Clears Street Hamilton and family sinceréis rHANK Irlcnds and relatlses lor kind ex

pressions of sjmpathv In the passing ot their deorlj lot ed son and brother Edwin George ( Eddie ) Harvej aged

17 years

Mr and Mrs HAINES of 7 Chiltern Flats Nelson Street Yvoollahra wish to THANK relolltes and friends for flora! tributes letters telegrams cards and personal expressions of ssmpathy In their recent ead bereavement

Mrs DAISY BOYD of Davistown Mr and Mrs KEVIN MCINTYRE JACK and CHARLEY BOYD desire to THANK all relatltes and friends (or their kind expressions of sjmpsthy In their recent sad be cavemen! YVIII all please occept this as personal expression ot gratitude

Mrs E M DAMO of 213 Addison Read Marricki Hie w ishes to THANK all relatltes friends and neighbours for their kindness and flowers telegrams and cards In her recent "ad boreas cment Please accept this ss her personal thanks

MRS FLORENCE BOND and FAMILY a NVonga Street Campsie wish to THANK Police of Bnnkstown for their kindness Major Packer Campsie Salva tlon Arms workmates Homebush Signal Dent relatives and friends for floral tributes and wreaths In our recent sad bereat cment Please accept this as our personal thnnks

MR WESLEY MIDSON Somerset Street Epping wishes to THANK nil kind friends relatltes and neighbours for their kind expressions of simpathi in his recent bereavement Please accept this as my personal thanks

The FAMILY of the late LUCINDA MARY MclrOD of 15 Northmead Asen le Northmead wish to exprès their deepest THANKS and APPRECIA riON to all ior kind acts and fv! res slons of sjmpathy In their recent sad bereatement We slnecrelt hope all will take this notice as sei j personal ior names are too numerous to mention

Mr GEORGE MIDDLEMISS and FAMILY ot 44 Burlington Street Croi s Nest slnecrelt wish io THANK all relatltes and Iriends Ior their kind trib ites of ssmpaths and commiserations In the recent rsd loss of his fond wile and their deal mother MARY GERTRUDE

Miss MARJORIE HAVEN oí Marmor Kurraba Rood Neutral Bas wishes to THANK all especially those whose ad dresses Bre not known to her who ex

tended their simpathy In the recent

death of her father

Mr A MURDOCH and JOHN and JENMrER desire to THANK all rela Uses and friends for their sjmpathj ex pressed bj floral tributes telegrams letters cards and personal messages In their recent sad bcroosemont YVill all accept this a« a personal expression oí grant ide

Mr GILBERT and FAMI1Y of Bondi

tish to convet their THANKS to all friends also Price Commission Depart

ment tor their kind simpathy hi their sod bereotement

The SONS and DAUGHTERS of the late JAMES ALDER, of 134 Bowman St Pyrmont, wish to THANK all kind rela- tives and friends for wreaths, telegrams   and sympaths cards in their recent sad bereavement. Please accept this as per-  

sonal thanks.

Mrs R M SHEILES and FAMILY desire to THANK all relatltes and friends for their sympathy expressed by floral tributes telegrams letters cards and personal messages in their recent bereavement will all accept this as a personal expression of gratitude

Mr W J PRICE and FAMILY 1 Passj Avenue Hunter s Hill desire to THANK all relatltes and friends for their sjmpathj expressed bl floral tributes telegrams letters cards and personal messages In their recent sad

bereai ement

Mrs G A KONNECKE and FAMILY of 41 Market Street Randwick wish to THANK relatltes and friends for the r sympathy and floral tributes in their recent sad bereat ement Please accept this as a personal acknowledgement

Mr BERT and CHARLES FIRKIN wish to THANK all relatltes and friends for their kind sympatht In their recent sad bereavement also the doctor« »nd steff of Rachel Forster Hospital


Mrs G BATT and FAMILY of 71 VYhits. Street Leichhardt wish to THANK all kind relatives friends netalvbours for (heir expressions of sympathy floral tributes and cards In our sad bereave

ment Please accept this as our personal


Mr and Mrs 1 E CAMPBELL nnd FAMILY of Reidsdale Ha'dbrcok sin

ccrel) wish to THANK all relations and friends for the kind expressions of sym pathy and floral irlbutes In the sad loss of their aunt and sister Miss Man Myles Please accept this as a personal acknowledgment

Mrs KEIFER Meroo Street Auburn slncerel) and gratefullv THANKS re

louves ond friends for cards and floral tributes also thanks workmates at Summons and Graham s for their lind

ness Mr and Mrs Tom Smlih and Mrs Yverry to my late beloved h isband Please accept this as personal thanks

Mrs FRANCES ELIZABETH CHRIS TOPHER and FAMILY of 110 Hurstville Road Oatley wish to THANK all relatives friends and neighbours for their kind expressions of s)mpa!hy floral trlbules and cards In their recent «ad bereavement Please accept this «s our personal thanks

Mrs A F MCLEOD nnd FAMILY of I Carrington Avenue Mortdale wish to THANK relatives triends and members of the broom trade lor their kind svn

pathy and floral tributes In their recent sad bereavement Please accept this a« persona! thanks

Mr and Mrs R CAPPER of 82 YYestbourne Street Petersham wish to sincerely THANK all relatives friends and neighbours for their kindness and sympathy In our sod loss of our beloved son Donald

Mrs BEATSON and DAUGHTER ROBERTA of Sir John Young Hotel S57 George Street clt) wish to THANK all relatives and very kind friends lor expressions of sympathy floral tributes telegrams and cards In their recent very sad loss of dear husband and daddy Please accept this as our personal thanks


ALFORD -The Relatives and Friend«

of Mrs Jean Agnes Alford and Fnml!) of 42 R-umond Road Neutral Bay are invited to attend the Funeral or her dearly loved Husband nnd their dear Father THOMAS WILLIAM AL FORD to leave the Presb) terian Church Yeo Street Neutral Bay Th s Satur

dav alter service commencing at 10 a m for the Northern Suburbs Crem


XA1034 North Svdnei XB1542 ASTON -The Relatives and Friends

of Mr Albert Aston and Famllv are Invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved YVife and their Mother

MARY MONTAGUE ASTON to leave our Funeral Home 99 Victoria Road Rozelle on Monday Morning after Ser vice commencing at 11 o deck for North ern Suburbs Crematorium


BURNETT-The Relatives and Friends

of the late ELLEN BURNETT arc Invited to attend her Funeral to leave the Metropolitan Funeral Home Hal]

wai Parade Burwood This Day after e nice commencing st 0 15 am for the Church of England Cemetery Fie d of Mars



Railway "aradr Burwood V12178 9 BEECHAM -The Relatives and Friends

ul Mr W L Beecham ond Family of 85 Main Rood Corrimal are invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved Wile and their dear Mother to leave Parsons Funeral Parlo r To morrow Sunda) at 2 30 p m tor the Catholic Cemetery Wollongong H Parsons Funeral Dlreclot

COOPER -The Funeral of the late

CHARLES FREDERICK COOPER ol Clovells will leave Ernest Yndrews Chapels comer Pacific Highway and Thomas Street Chatswood This Day after crvlce commencing at 10 30 a

for the Northern Suburbs Crematorium


Chatswooa JA2834

COOPER-Randwick Royal Arch Chap

ter No 532 S C -The Officers end Companions or the nbovenomed Chapter are Invite.! to attend the Funeral ot our late esteemed Member Comp CHARLES FREDERICK COOPER For full partial lars 6ce family notice J B EDDS Z H J BRAILEY S E

FRAZER -The Funeral of the late

Mrs MARY ELLEN FRAZER will leave the Presbyterian Church, Epping after Service commencing at 10.45     o'clock This Morning for the Northern   Suburbs Crematorium.


8 Railway Parade Eastwood

Phone YVL1955

G APPS -The Relatives and Friends of

Mr and Mrs B Mitchell and Family Mr and Mrs B Hubbard and Famllv Mr ond Mrs H Hopper Mr and Mrs H Capps and Family and Mr tnd Mrs F Capps ond Family are In

vited to attcrd the Funeral of their learl« beloved Father Father in law and Drnndrathe SAMUEL BERNARD 3APPS to leave St Joseph s Church ' Rozelle This Morning at 9 JO o clock fcr the C-stho le Cemeter) Rookwood Requiem Mass tor the repose of his sou! sill be celebrated at 7 a m


93 Victoria Road Rozelle

Tele WB1141

GAI (DULVEY) -A Private Service

tor Mrs CLARA GERTRUDE GAY (DULVEY) of Mosman was held In the Chapel at Northern Suburbs Crema torium on Thursday Mas 25


XA1034 North Sydney XB1542

GERRETT -The Funeral of the late

HARRY OERRETT of McMahon B Point will leave Ernest Andrews Chapels corner Pacific Highway and Thomas Street Chatswood This Da) after service commencing at 9 30 a m lor the Northern Suburbs Crematorium


Chatswood JA2834

GERRETT -The members of t!

City Bowling Club are Invited to attend the Funeral of their late es

teemed member HARR'Y GERRETT Por particulars see preceding notice H McLeod President



GERRETT -Lindfield Mark Lodge

104 G M L NSW -The Officers and Brethren of the abose Lodge are In

Ited to attend the Funeral of Bro H H GERREir For particulars see preceding notice



GEKRETTT -The Officers and Com

pantons of Lindfield R A Chapter No 104 SGC of N S W are Invited to attend the Funeial of the late Comp HAROLD HARRY BARHAM GERRETT For particulars see family notice H K Macpherson Z J L Davies Scribe E GRAY -The Relatives and Friends of

the late ALEXANDER GRAY 248 Doncaster Avenue Kensington are Undi) advised that his Remains were privately Crcmr-ted on the 26th Mt) 1950 nt Northern Suburbs Crematorium CHARLES KINSELA PTY LTD A F D A Est 1830 Tt)lor Squire Darlinghurst

Phones FA4I36 7 8

GRUNYYALD - Relatives and Friends

of Frank Grunwald ol 4 Sudb ir> Street Belmore are Invited lo attend the Funeral ol his dearly loved YYlIe CLARA to take place in the Chape! ol Ihe Rookwood Crematorium This Da) (Saturdav)

HILL -The Relatives and Friends o!

the late IDA LOUISA HILL are Invited to attend her Funeral to leave the Private Chapel of Motor Funerals Limited 30 Clt) Road city This Satur day at 9 15 a m for the Presbyterian Cemeter) Field ol Mars


JONES - Rdallses and Friends of the

late ISAAC JONES late of Bull! Ro-id Toongabbie are invited to attend his Funeral Service at the Crematorium Rookwood This Das Esaturdav at IO 30 o m By request no mourning flowers

KEMP-The Relative« and Friends of

Mrs J A Kemp and Gol] of Mt Ousley Road Fairymeadow also of Mr and Mrs Frederick Lucas and Famil) of 2 Noel Street YYoIlongong are In vltcd to attend the Funeral or her be loved Husband and their dear Father Son and Brother JOHN ARTHUR KEMP lo leave St Augustine s Church or England Bull! This Soturday after service commencing at 3 p m for the General Cemeter) Bulli A bus for friends will leave Parsons Parlours Wol

loncong at 2 30 p m travelling via Bourke and Dsaght Streets H Parsons Funeral Director

IAWSON -A Private Service for Mrs

a ANNE TINE LAYVSON of Cremorne will be held in the Chapel at Northern Suburbs Crematorium on Monday May 29 at 11 a m


XA1034 North Sydney XB1542

LEASK -The Relatives and Friends of

Mrs Nanc) Leask and Family are kindly Invlled to atiend the Funeral of her beloved Husband and their Father and Grandfather WILLIAM HENRY to leave our chapel 810 George Street Svdnes on Moi day Morning alter Ser sice lommencliiB at 10 a m for Cre matorlum Northern s iburbs


LLASK -The Relatlses and Friends ol

Mrs Adeline Leask Mr and Mrs A C Palmer and Famil) Mr and Mrs Lawrence Leask and lamil) Arthur Robert Leask Mr and Mrs G A Leask and Famllv are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved Son their Brother and Brother In law ond Uncle YV1LLIAM HENRY LEASK For pal ticulars see above notice


LEASK -Drummo)ne Rugby Union

Football Club -Members ot the above Club are invited to attend fe Funeral of their late Selector WILLIAM HENRY LEASK For particulars see lamil) notice

S LANGDON Secretary

LENNON-The Relatives and Friends

of Mrs Stella Lennon and Famllv are klndl) Invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved Husband and their dear Father JOHN THOMAS LENNON to leave our Funeral Home 24 Enmore Road Newtown on Monda) Morning at 9 15 o clock for the Catholic Ceme terv Field of Mars


24 Enmore Road Newtown

Phone LA2777 (4 lines)

Leslie-The Relatives and Friends

of the late WILLIAM ARTHUR IEBLIE arc lnvi ed lo attend his mineral to leave T J Andrews Funeral Chapel

42 44 Waiker Street North Sydnev This Day at 9 45 a m lor Northern Suburbs



Phones LA287J etc

LESLIE -Masonic Lodge Cammerai

No 444 U G L of N S YV -Officers and Members of the above Lodge ore ins (ted to attend the Funeral of their late esteemed YVor Bro WILLIAM ARTHUR LESLIE P M For further particulars see family notice Regalia A J Soley «AM SE Dnlzlel P M Secrelnn

T J ANDREYYS PTY LTD A F D A Í ESLÍE -Tlve Relatives and Friends of

J Mr F C Leslie and Family are klndl) invited to attend the Funeral of their well loved Brother and Uncle WILLIAM ARTHUR LESl IF lnle or 48 Spruson Street Neutral Bas leaving Andrews Funeral Psrlours North Syd ney Thi» Morning at 9 45 for Northern Suburbs Crematorium

M. Rc

Mi. -.- -...,".

Son George are lnsiled to attend the Funeral of her dearly losed Husband and his Father GFORGE MASON to lease our Chapel BIO George Street Sidney This Soturdaj otter Sort lee commencing at 9 30 am for Northern Suburbs Crematorium _


MASON -The Officers and Brethren

of Lodge Greycliffe No 539 X3 G L ot N S YV ore requested to attend the Funeral of their late esteemed Wor Bro GEORGE MASON This Daj Sat

urdav MJy 27 See family notice for

details Regalia


MENZIES -The Funeral of the late

EMILY MAY MENZIES of 69 Fair light Street Manly will leave St Ma"

thews Church Ihe Corso Manlj after Service commencing at 9 45 o clock This (Saturday) Morning for the Northern

Subuibs Crematorium

T WAUGH and CO Funeral Directora 92 The Corso Manii Tele _U1118 MIKKELSON-A Prltato Service ior

Mrs URSULA MARIA MIKKEL- SON ol Auburn was held In the Chapel at Northern Suburbs Crematorium on Friday May 26


XAI034 North Sjdnej XB1542

MITCHELL -The Relatives and

Friends of the Family of the late EDITH ESTHER MITCHELL of 21 George Street South Hurstville are in-

vitcd to attend her Funeral which will leave our Private Chapel 388 Forest Road Hurstville ,This (Saturday) Morn- ing at 10. 15 o'clock for the Crema-  

torium Woronora.


Rockdale and Hursts lile

MITCHELL-The Relatives and

Friends of the late ROSA MATILDA MITCHELL of 65 Albert Street Peter shorn are Invited to attend her Funeral

to leave our Private Chapel 415 Ne» Canterbury Road Dulwich Hill Tills Morning after a senlce commencing st 11 o clock for the Rookwood Crema torlum _


Dulwich Hill lermlnus

Phone LM1676 L\il4i8 9

ULLIGAN -The Relatises and Friends of the late CLAUDE EDYVARD Y1ULLIGAN of 58 Ormond Street Paddington are Informed thot his Funeral Is appointed to lease St Francis Church Oxlord Stieet Pad dlngton This Saturday after Reqjlem Mass commencing at 9 am for the Catholic Cemetery Botany


Established 1830 MA6013 4

RICH-The Relatltes and Friends of

the late HERBERT RICH are invited to attend his Funeral Service to take place This Day at 10 45 am at Northern Suburbs Crematorium


Phones LA2873 etc

ROBINSON -The Relatives and

Friends of Mr Benjamine YV Robin

son of Davistown and Family are

kindly invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved Wife and their loving Mother MAUDE MARY to leave mj Private Mortuorj chapel 2a Auburn Road Auburn This Day at 11 a m for the Crematorium Rookwood

REGINALD W HILTON runeral Director

2& Auburn Rond Auburn


OSER -The Relatives and Friends of

the late JAMES WALKER ROSER are kindly Invited to attend his Funeral

to lease our Funeral Home 121 Riwson Street Auburn This Mornlnr at 10 40 o clock for the Independent Cemetery



121 Rawson Street Auburn

Phone LA2777 (4 lines)

S LOMAN -Tho Relatives and Friends

of Mr John Hartnoll Slcman and Famllj of 36 Anderson Street Belmore are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly belove wifc and their dear Mother and Grandmother ETHEL MAUD SLOMAN to leave the Church of Christ Burwood Road Belmore This Saturday after Service commencing at   10 45 am for Rookwood Crematorium


SMITH -The Relatives, and Friends ol

Mrs Florence Mabel Smith and Family of 8 Belmore Street Rjde also of Mr James Smith ot 10 Thistle Street Rjde are Invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved Husband their losing Fathpr and his deir Bro ther HENRY EDYVARD SMITH (late 45th Batt 1st A I F ) to lease our Funeral Chapel 84 Blaxland Hoad Rjde This Saturday after Service commencing at 10 13 a m for the Church of Eng land Cemetery Field of Mars


Est 1836 Rjde 1387 MA6013

STEPHENSON -The Relatives and

mends of Mr Abbot Stephenson of 20 Fletcher Street Bondi (formerly of Dalley Street Weverlej) ore kindlj Invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly losed Wife. EMMA to leave St Mary s Church Birren Street Waverley This (Saturday) Morning after service commencing at IO o clock Ior Eastern Sub irbs Crematorium

WALTER CARTER YVaierlev FW10QQ WALKER -Tile Relatives and Friends

of the late Mr GEORGE WALK ER (Commissioned YVord Master Royal Australian Navj both YVorld Wors) are Invited to attend his Funeral to lente Bruce Maurer s Chapel 281 3 Pacific Hlghwaj (near West street) North Syd ney Tills Saturday at 11 10 am for the Northern Suburbs Crematorium

XA1034 North Sjdnev XB1542 WALKER (MAJOR) - Waterside

Workers Federation -Members arc Invited to attend the Funeral of their late Member FREDERICK WALKER to léate YVood Cornil s Chapel 810 George Street Sidney This Saturdaj at 9 15 a m for Church of England Ceme ten Rockwood

F ÏERRY* Assist Secretary

WILLIAMS -The Relatives and

Friends of the late Mrs MAY WILLIAMS ore kindly Invited to attend her Funeral to lease our Chapel Both Hist Road and Coscado Street Kal

comba This (Saturdat) Morning after Sen Ice commencing at 10 o clock for Method st Cemeters Katoomba


Sydney and Katoomba


King Street citj Wreaths etc Phone BYVS088 oller houis JA2057


CREMATORIUM For all Informa lion consult on Undertaker FJ1525 alter hours FJ2500


TORIUM SUTHERLAND City Office 62 MARGARET ST SYDNEY BX1326 after hours LB2201 See Fune ral Dir for Information and booklet


NORTHERN SUBURBS For infor- mation consult a Funeral Director In- formation and literature moy be for- warded to any address on application CREMATION OFFICES 19 Bligh Street srdnct BW1615 Aft hours XU3717 METROPOLITAN FUNERAL CONTRI-

BUTION FUND Railway Pde Bur- wood P O Box 59 Membership form will be lorn arded on application Tele phone UJ2178 ask tor lund Section Conducted by METROPOLITAN BURIAL AND CREMATION «OCIETY PIY LTD ROCK OF AGES MFMORIALS

F ARNOLD and SONS PTY LID Brochure on request for all Cemeteries i3 Regent Street Ssdnej MA5JJ2


1 ; YVreiths Cio ses ensket Coters and allTilbule« BWH975 alt hrs WM 1432

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