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AS a former M.P., the Chict

Justice, Sir John Latham,

»vas very much at home v»hen¡

he administered the oath to Members of the House of Re- presentatives yesterday.

So much so that when some chattering occurred he called

the House to order with Ihej

remark: "Honourable Members!

must not speak while the swearing-in is in progress."

It caused a bit of discussion outside the House. Members who arc jealous of the rights

and pm ¡leges of Parliament r contended that es en the Chief 1 Justice didn't ha\c that right,! and had usurped the function;

of the Clerk of the House.

WHEN tile Ladies' Golf I ' ;

Union held a tourna-] j

ment at Moss Vale, six of the] <

players were at one table at\ | a local guest house. ' j

A waitress left them with^ { the menu-which included]

boiled fowl-to study w/iz2e ; she attended to others. I [

When she returned lo the' table she asked: "Are yousel

all foxDl?" j, |


* + * rj

I \]

EWER since he was elected! !

^ in 1934, Mr. Archie Cameron, the new Speaker, has refused to take an oath of alle- giance to the King, but has always made an affirmation of his allegiance instead.

Usually people who prefer to make an affirmation rather than swear on the Bible, belong to non-Christian religions or

are unbelievers.

Mr. Camcion is ncithci He is a deeply religious man.

So I inquired why he didn't

take the oath.

"Well," he said, "if a man's word is worthless no amount

of oath-taking will make him worthy."

He said, he held that view when elected in 1934 and still holds it.


AT the instigation of the "? clerical section, the Pub- lic Service Association lodged loith the Industrial Commis- sion in August. 1947, an ap- plication for marginal in- creases for these members.

In August, 1948, an interim

Award was made.

The final Award has not yet been given.

A wait of 2\ years-even although cushioned by some- thing to go on with-doesn't suggest streamlined arbitra- tion.

A BOUT 400 radio dealers .**. from the country got their first glimpse of television at

special display at A.W.A. laboratory, Ashfield, yesterday.

They weie suirounded by the most modern television, adio, and telephone equipment

n Australia when the" works manager, Mr. E. J: Parkinson, gave a talk.

But he was speaking for several minutes before they

could hear a word. «

The personal address system | -most humble of the gadgets §

.wasn't working. §

A READER sends an en

velope posted without a stamp.

On the back of it are nme cancellation imprints.

"They seem lo have plenty of time at the G.P.O. for cancelling no stamps" says the reader.


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