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Family Notices

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ABBEY (nee Ruth O'Brien). --Janu-   ary 19, at King George V, to Ruth and Ray---a son (Paul Raymond).

ABERNATHY - Januan 12 1949 at wagga Base Hospital to Beni and Bob .-a daughter

ADLAM (nee Johns Manly) -Decem fcer 20 1948 at the Crescent hospital

Manl}, to Frank and Yvonne-a aon (David Bruce)

ALEY -January 16 at King- George V, to Betty and Bruce-a daughter «.Elizabeth. Jane)

ARMSTRONG (nee Stepanoff) -Janu ary 17 at Bethesda Hospital Marrick ville to Ludmilla and Peter a gift of daughter (Marina)  

ARNOLD -Januan 3 at The Pop- lars Epping to Man and Bill-a daueh ter (Gillian Alice)

BARON (nee Ooldsplnk) -January 15

Wahroonga Sanitarium to Betty and Prank-a son (Clive Allan)

DERRICK -Januan 12 at ",_,«:, Hospital Newcastle, to Harold and Jean -a son (John Nathan)

CAMPBELL-January 11 at Carinya Concord West to Iris wife of Colin-a daughter (Leonie Iris)

. CARTER (nee Wray) -December 29 to Mr and Mrs H W Carter of Jeeralong Junction via Morwell Vic torio-a daughter (Janet Christine)

CARTWRIGHT (nee Cozens) -Janu »n 19 Macleay hospital Belmore to Laurel and Roy-a daughter (Lynne


CHESSELL (nee Slcnnelt) -Januan 20 at King George V Hospita! to Margie and Ron-a daughter (Lynne)

CHRISTOPHE- -January 10 at Can

berra. Community Hospital to Mr and Mrs Denis christopher Queanbeyan


CLARK (nee Dobson) -December 27 at Royal Paddington to Arthur and Jean-a son (Anthony John)

CLARK -January 20 1949 at Orange Base Hospital to Hala wllo of R » Clark Sefton Hall Mount Wilson .on (Richard Jeremy)

CONNAGHAN (nee Ogilvy) -January 14 at Kallara private hospital Orange to Patricia, and Michael-a daughter (stillborn)

CONSIDINF (nee O Shannessy) - January 13 at St Luke s private ho»

pita! Elizabeth Bay to Bernie and Phyll -a son (Phillip Warren)

CRESSWELL (nee Grimley) -Janu .JT) 21 at Mater private to Bett) and Dave-a son (David Lawrence)

DAND (nee Spiller). - At Sunbury, Ashfield, to Muriel and Les - a daughter (Suzanne Muriel).

DEVENISH-January 20 at Lanchester ërivate hospital Neutral Ba) to Peg and

ill-a sor

DEV EN1SH MEARES -Januan 14 at Carinya private hospital Concord West to Mr and Mra C Devenish Mearea daughter (Barbara Ann) Both well

DONKIN -Januan 14 at Carlyle prl v&te hospital Wingham to Mr and Mrs E N Donkin of Karaak Flat-a son (Geoffrey Douglas)

DUNWOODI- (nee Christie) -Janu an 9 at Yarrum Bowral to Barbara and Alan-a son (stillborn)

EDMONDSON (nee Hall) -Januars 21 at Rosslyn Arncliffe to Alice and Keith-a son (Allon Arthur)

ENDEAN -January 17 at Women s

Hospital Crown Street, to Mr and Mrs D C Endeon-a daughter (Allson Mary)

FYANS (nee Roger»)-At Englewood Burwood to Gracie and Owen-a dough

ter (Jennifer Anne)

iENTON (nee Thompson) -January 13 at Denistone House Eastwood to Menyn and Hilda-a eon (Graham John)

FORMAN (Jones) -January 21

Denistone House Ryde to Mavis and Leo-a son (Ian Bruce)

FRFEDE -January 19 at St Mar «aret s to Glady » and Hugh-a son (Dennis Julian)

TREESTONF -January 6 at King George to Roma and Leo-a daughter (Jennifer Elizabeth!"

" FROST (nee Trist) -January l8 3949 at Craignish privóte hospital Windsor to Mr and Mrs C R Frost Pitt Tovn Rood Windsor-a son (Goof irey Charles Raleigh)

FUNM.LL -Januan 17 at Wollon ireng District Hospital to Rev and Mrs

A H runncU of Port Kembla-the tlft of a son (Stephen Allan)

GIBBES (nee Peek) -January 14 1949 to Dorothy and Rev Robin Gibbes of Guildford-a son (Clive Warwick)

GOLDWATER-Januan 20 at Klrra pTlvate hospital Beecroft to Monica and Leo-a son (Peter charles)

GOSTELOW (nee Thomson) -Janu ary 16 1949 at RHW Paddington to Mabel and Bruce- a son (Ian Bruce)

GRIFFITH (neo J Nicholson) -De comber 27 Dubbo to Mr and Mrs G H Griffith-a daughter (Julianno Eliza


CUSTARD (nee Walsh) -January 15 -949 at Lismore Base Hospital to Oeorgo and Jean-a daughter (Lynette Joan) Both well

IILNSTRIDGb (nee Comfort) -Janu au-y 19 at Fairlight private hospital Wnnl» to Marjong and Paul-a son (Graham Paul)

HILDER (nee Peterson) -January 5 at Canberra private hospital Lidcombe to Ken and Linda-the gift of a son (John Alexander) Both well

HU DER-Januan 14 1949 at Clore Biont Chatswood to Ph}ll and WilUs a daughter (Jennifer Robyn)

HUMPHBIEb (nee Grimm)-Januan 14 1949 at Normanhurst private hos pital Ashfield to Lesley and Russell a daughter (Elizabeth Wynne)

JONES (nee Longbottom Lakemba) - i)ecember 30 at Gosport Hants Eng and to Jessie wife otc P O W Philip Jones R N -a daughter (Pamela Chris tine Phillp)

JONfcS (nee Moore) -Januars- 17 at St Margaret s Hospital to Pauline and Lionel of Bexley-a son Both vieil _

LAMBETH (nee Harrigan) -Januan 15 1949 at Ora (ton Auburn to Hazel and Eric-a daughter (Evelyn May)

LEHMANN -January 11 at prliate hospita! Mullumbimby to Mr and Mrs R Ldunann-a daughter (Megan Rose «nan)

LFVT (nee Gillan) -January 7 to Lieut and Mrs P M Levy Mt Martha Vic (late of Concord)-a ion (Bruce Phillip) .

LIGERTWOOD (nee Challoncr) - January 16 1949 to Gwen and John at Sutton Veny Hospital Chatswood-a ?on (John Edward)

LITCHFIFU) -Januan 17 1949 at Denistone House Ryde to Nell and Dick -a son (Peter Richard)

LOVERIDGE, (nee Hyman).—January   8, at Tenterfield, to Robyn and John —a son (John Andrew).

MCCARTHY (nee Homewood) -Jan uary 4, at St Margaret's private hospital,  

Darlinghurst to Pat and Terrry-a son (Michael David).      

MoNALLY (nee Fuller) -January 8 at Seacombe private hospital, to Mr and Mrs K McNaUy of Leichhardt-a son (Terrence John) .

MALONEY (nee Stewart Bodalla) - Januan 17 at Moruya District Hospital to Gwen and Vin-a daughter

MASON -Januan 11 Kirra private hospital Beecroft to Jean and Bill-a daughter (Jeanette Anne)

MINGUS (nee Forsyth) -January 10 at Inchneuk to Selma and Bill of Alice St Harri« Park-a eon (Alexander Sugar)

MUDDLE (nee Wemyss).--January 17,   at Lanchester private hospital, Neutral Bay, to Mary and John--a son (Denis


MURPHY (nee Smith) -January 19 at Crown Street Hospital to Jack and Briella-a daughter (Nellie Phllomcna)

NEWTON (neo Monkley)-Januan 37 1949 at Ardce private hospital Bel

more to Audrey and Ken-a son (Jon Kerneth) Premature Both well

O BRIEN -January 20 at the Women s Hospital Crown Street to Mary and Frank-a daughter

OLLERENSIIAW -Januan 20 Hoya* North Shore Hospital to Nora and Spen cer-a son (Peter James)

PARCEL- -Januan 16 at St Luke » Sydney to Mr and MIT W R A Parcell of Melbourne-a daughter

PARRAMORF -Januon 13 at Robin .on House Wagga to Olive and Neville

--a daughter

PAYNE (neo Watson) -Januan 19 1949 at St Man-rot s Hospital to Marie and Bede God . gift-a con (Gerard) _ ,

PERCIVAL -lanuan 1" at Engle wood private hospital to Man aad Jack -a daughter (Sandra Mas)

PINES-January 19 at War Memor lal Hospital Waverley to Audrey and Moreton a son.

FOLINELU (nee Clayton) -December 15 at Sjdney to Elaine and Allan-a daughter (Gall Winsome Stella)

l'RINGI F (nee Hezlett) -January 10 at War Memorial Hospital Waverley to Mr and Mrs J Pringle-a. son (Ken

neth Allan)

PRIDE-Januan 12 at Sanitarium Wahroonga to Mr and Mrs Laurance A Pnde of Killora-a son

R4NDAI L -January 8 at Royal Hos pital 1er Women to Ph)llls and Ken a non (Phillip Anthony)

SCANLON (Chegwtddon) -Jonuan 17 Calvary Hospital Adelaide to S)l\ia and Victor-a daughter

SECKOLD) (nee Nonie Stead) -Janu   ary 21 at Poplars Epping to Albert and Nonie-a daughter  

SHARP (nee Mitchell) -.lanuan 20 at St Luke s to Florence and Roberta a daughter (Fiona)

MIA« (nee WolkcT) -Januan 20. at Paclflo hospital Brighton to Bill and Margaret;-a daughter (Yvonne)

snriDON-Januan 12 at Crown

(Street Hospital private to Mr and Mrs A J Sheldon of Belmore-a daughter (Jill Wynette) . _ ,

SHIELS -Jo mian 13 at Rosslyn Anidlffe to Fran wife of Llovd L Shiels Rural Bank Casino-a daughter

8HIMKLD (nee McKenzie) -Januan 17 at King George V to Norma and John-a son (Hugh John Dones)

SMITH (nee Stirling) -January 16, at   Seacombe, Drummoyne, to Denise and Charles-a daughter (Margaret Anne)

STEWART-January 14 at St Mar mrct s private hospltol Darlinghurst to Jim and Lorn»-a son (Robert

TAYLOR-At Aloha private hospital to Jov and Herb-a son (Gregory Crag)

TYRRFAI (nee Motton) -Januar) 19 at Cro»n St Hospital to Bette and Keg -a daughter (Leslcs Margaret)

WAIM1KKG -Jan lary 3 at King George V Memorial Hospital to Mr and Mr» Michael Walnberg of Roseville a son (Ronald Paul)

WILLIAMS -Jonuan If* at King George V Hospita! to Mr and Mrs Neville J Williams-a daughter (Diane


WINDSOR (nee Spelrs) -Januan 19 at Bathurst District Hospital to Heather and Allon-a son (Graeme Keith)

WITiriCOMBF (nee Inlng) -Januan 20 at St Monan s Hospital Cremorne to Jack and Juno-a daughter

WOLRIGE^Oiee Scott) -Januan 20 at Bunbun Ashfield, to Betty and Hugh -a daughter (Carolin Joan) Both well

YEATMAN -Jail-ix) 17 Inglemerc private hospital Strathfield to Beni anti George.-a daughter (Marilyn


OUNO"(nce SU.nger)-January 20

- Alston nospltal Cowra to Enid and

-a daughter (Wendy Marilyn)


-SUFFOLK -The Engagement

»d of Norma Margaret second

» and Mrs A E Suffolk

JENSON and ft son of Mr and Mrs

PTY 'an

ORIORDANT? Engagement is

ALFXANTiRL £<!est daugh

MX3347. Fuller Mary


BLACKETT-WIL.ON -The Engage- ment is announced of Patricia Lureene only daughter of Mr« E Wilson and áíS,.1,"" Mr w Wilson of Goulburn to Phillip only son of Mr and Mr» R Blackett of Enfield

BOGGIE-WATT- -Th» Engagement 1« announced of Esma Jean second daughter of Mr and Mrs D A Watt ol Oatley to Alexander second son of Mrs J Boggle and the lau J Boggle of


BOSWELL-PFNDLEBURY -Th« En gagement Is announced of Nola only aaughter of Mrs and Mr E Pendlcbury of Baulkham Hills late of Hurlstone Park to Edward only son of Inspector and Mrs H Boswell of Earlwood

BRIDGES-ÜO-LOE - rho Engage ment 1« announced of Pamela Mabel younger daughter of Mr and Mrs R rtoecoe of Vaucluse to Ronald Fraser eldest son of Mi. I Bridges of Rose


»RIGGS-McGUFFICKE -The En gagement is announced of Judith twin daughter of Mr and Mrs L F McGuf ncke Eastbourne Invciell to Brian Stuart younger son of Mr and Mrs W T Briggs of Haberfield

BliOOK--OAKL1CK -Die Engage ment is announced of Patricia Joan third daughter of Mr and Mrs E N Garlick ol Yerong Crock Wagga to Llosd Charles twin son of Mr and Mrs C F Brooks of Maroubra Bas

BROOKS-SMITH -Ths Engngemcnt Is announced of ENID LACY only daughter of Mr and Mrs SID SMITH of CARLINGFORD

to Ronald Edward elder son of   Mr and Mrs R G Brooks of Balgowlah -------  

BROWN - GAMBLE -The Engagement is announced of Shirley Myrtle youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs S B Gamble of Strathfield to Peter James younger son of Mr and Mrs G 1 Blown Mul lumblmbs

CARTER-HILTABD -The Engage ment is announced of Ailsa only daugh

ter of Mr and Mrs A f H Us ard of Mnnly to John elder sou of Mrs L Carter of Balgowlah

COLL----11PLING-The Engage ment Is announced of Yvonne younger daughter of Mrs G Tipllng of Manly to Kenneth Hargrase elder «on of Mr and Mr« K K Colless of Calga Coon


COOK-FLATLEY. -The Engagement is announced of Nancy May, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Flat-

ley of Maroubra Bay, to Joseph, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Cook of St. Marys.

CRUTCn-BAKE- -The Engagement Is announced of Elva Banbara eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs W T Baker of f Ivedock to Maxwell Harold soungest son of Mr and Mrs H R Crutch of



ment is announced of Rosemary only daughter of Mr and Mrs Kernot Cam meray to David only son ot Mr John Culver Fernmount Kurrajong Heights

and Mrs Culver

DENHAM-EDWARDS -The Engage ment Is announced of Gloria Dorothy only daughter of Mr and Mrs F R Edwards of Lane Cove to Clifford Harry Felgate youngest son of Mrs C Den ham and the late Mr H V Denham of

Neutral Bay

EDGEWORTH—PEISKER.—The En-   gagement is announced of Rita, second daughter of Mrs. F. Peisker and the late Mr. H. Peisker of Haberfield, Sydney to Alan, twin son of Mr and Mrs. J. F. Edgeworth, Camp Hill, Brisbane.

EDWARDS—UPCROFT.—The Engage-         ment is announced of Audrey Edith, elder daughter of Mr. Robert and the late Minnie Upcroft and foster daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. McLean, of Auburn, to Richard Lionel, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Edwards, of Adelaide.

FOSTER-CAMPBELL.—The Engage ment i» announced of Veronica young est daughter of Mr and Mrs J Camp bell of Blacktown to Ramon onlv son of Mr and Mrs T Foster of Blacktown

GALLARD-RHODES -The Engage- ment is announced of Joy eldest daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Rhodes ol Earl-

wood to Norm eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D Gallard of Gosford

GARDINER-MACVblGII -The En gagement Is announced of Daphne Edith daughter of the late Mr E C Macvelgh and Mrs Macveigh former residents of Tientsin North China to Michael Brian Gardiner of Galashiels Scotland


ment Is announced of Mavis youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs T A Mc Donald of Enfield to Reginald Edward second son of Mr and Mrs R P Grady of Cullen Bullen NSW

GRANT-RUE -The Engagement lo announced of Marcella Florance (Meg) daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Ruc of Canowindra to John Allen son of Mr and Mrs G Grant of Canowindra

HARDING-WHITE-The Engagement 1« announced of Eileen soungest daugh ter of Mrs A White of Carlton Ssd

ney and the late Mr P White ol Corowa to Peter Ian eldest son of Mr and Mrs E Harding of Mullum bimby

IIISSinON-GIBSON -Th« Engage ment I« announced of «Rose Margaret elder daughter of Mr and Mrs J C Olbson of Caringbah to Cecil Vincent only »on of Mr and Mrs D W His

shlon of Woollahra

HOULSTON-KIRKNESS -The En   gagement Is announced of Jean Muriel, only daughter of Mr and Mrs C F Kirkness, of Kandos, to Ronald Frank, only son of the late Mr and Mrs C J Houlston, of Orange, NSW.

HUTTON-Vi ALKLR -The Engage mont Is announced of Edna Gwendolyn Walker onlv daughter of Mrs O Walker of Penrith to Ronald Joseph eldest son of Mr and Mrs J Hutton of Wollongong

KEMLO-PICKETT -The Engagement Is announced of Linda Mary second daughter of Mr and Mrs James Pickett

of Ryde to Vivian lames eldest son of Mr and Mrs J Kcmlo of Banksia

LAMROCK-McGRUFR -The Engage ment is announced of Man Elizabeth only daughter of Mr and Mrs F McGruer of Crookwell to lohn second son of Mr and Mrs W L Lamrock of Drummoyne

LOWNDES-GLENN. - The engage ment is announced of Violet Merle, only daughter of Mr and Mrs M. A. Glenn of Nambucca Heads to Edward Nicholas, eldest son of Mr and Mrs E Lowndes of Burwood


mont is announced of Allson elder daughter of Mr and Mr« L H New

man of Lindfield to Roderick elder son of Mr and Mrs E K McGregor

of Roseville

MOORE—CORAM.—The Engagement   is announced of Delma May, youngest daughter of Mrs. M. Coram of Parkes, to Walter Charles, second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Moore of Hurstville.

MORRIS-WEBBER - The Engage ment la announced of Nancy Belle twin daughter of Mr and Mrs A W Web ber of Lindfield to Clifford Luker Mor ris elder son of Mr and Mrs C J Morris, of Earlwood

NEIL-CUST -The Engagement is announced of Audrey Valma only daugh ter of Mr and Mrs L G Cust 51 Fitzroy Street Sale to Roy George elder son of the late Mr G M Neil and Mrs A Neil Sydney


ment is announced of Betty younger daughter of Mrs C Johnson of Bow

ral to Tem eldest son of Mr and Mrs II O Brien of Bowral

PAIN-BRA VU f Y 1 OUNC. -The En gaiement Is announced of Betty young est daughter of Mr and Mrs J S Bramley Young Haberfield to John elder son of Mr and Mrs E Pain of West Ryde _

FIETRICIIE-FAWCETT -Tha En gagement is announced of ratrciia youn ger daughter of Mr and Mrs G Faw

cctt of Oatley to Peter Wotton elder son of Mrs Pletrlche of Tocrnk Vic- toria and the late Mr M Pletrlche

POWNCEBY-DEARDS -The Engage ment Is announced of Ida Doreen sec ond daughter of Mr and Mrs H F Deards of Dungog to Thomas Alexan der second son of the Inte Mr and Mrs E A Pownceby of Burwood

RFLS-JONES -The engagement Is announcad of Anne only daughter of Mr and Mr« E Llosd Jones of Coota

mundra to John Ward younger son of Mrs B C Rees of Gundibindyal Stockinbingal

RING-GREENHALGH -The Engage- ment la announced of Audrey Ethel voungest daughter of Mr and Mrs A Greenhalgh of Strathfield to pavld John youngest son of Mrs I M Ring and the late Mr F M Ring of Enfield

RING-LIDDELL -The Engagement Is announced of Daune Margaret Jane soungest daughter of Mr C Liddell and the late Mrs _ Liddell of Coogee to Maurice Leslie only son of Mr and Mrs M Ring, of Kensington

ROBFRTS-MOSS -The Engagement Is announced of Marjorie youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs T Moss of Mascot to Peres onls son of Mr and Mrs E W Roberts of Murwll lumhah North Const

SARGEANT-O RFÎILT -The En gagement Is announced of Josce Irene sounger daughter of Mr and Mrs J O Relllv of Ssdney to James fourth son of Mr and Mr« H Sargeant of Londoru England

SHERIDAN-GAERTNER -The Engage   ment is announced of Marcelle, eldest daughter of Mr. C. J. Gaertner and the late Mrs. C. J. Gaertner, of Willoughby, to Frank, onlv son of Mr and Mrs. D. Sheridan of Willoughby.

bSUTII-CROW LEY -The Engage ment is announced of Kathleen Patricia youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs P Crowirs of Bankstown to John Ca» dell third son of Mr and Mrs J Smith of Bnnk«(own

SMITH-GKFEN -Tile Engagement 1« announced of Olive Hazel s einiger daughter of Mr and Mrs A F Green of Wllloughbs to Bruce Henry elder son of Mr and Mrs B O Smith of Lindfield

SMITH-THOMPSON -The Engage mrnt Is announced of Valerie Eileen rnly daughter of Mr and Mrs C Thompson of Lakemba to Ross Reg only «on of Mr and Mrs R Smith of Kogarah

SYD» S-ANDFRSON -Tile Engagement Is announced of Shirley Teresa younger daughter of Mr and Mp F Anderson of Campsie to Stow art Reginald tMrd son of Mr and Mrs S Sydcs of Hurl

stone Park

THOMPSON-LOBB -The Engagement Is announced of Elizabeth Anne sounger daughter1 of Mr and Mrs A E Lobb of Grenfell to Frank onls son of Mr and Mrs VV Thompson cf Haberfield

TYLER-WARD-The Engagement is announced of Vivlenne Winsome only daughter of Mr and Mrs S H Ward of Westmead lo William Victor only «on of Mrs Tyler and the late Mr W Tslcr of London

V 4UGIIVN-H ALKFR -The Engage ment is announced of Natalie Rosee voungest daughter of Mr and Mrs R Walker Clunes Lismore to James Doug ins onls son of Mr und Mrs G Vuughan 25 Kimberles Ave Lane Cove

VINCI NT-PATTIN SON -The En gagement is announced of Patricia Ruth eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs A R Pattlnson Auburn to Kenneth John eldest «on of Mr and Mrs O Vincent Auburn

WniTE-GIBBS -The Engagement Is announced of Pamela Margaret youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs C H Gibbs of 28 Y Street Ashburton Vic to Tames Stephen soungest son of Mr and Mrs B H White of Whyalla 85 Quirk Street Decwhs NSW

VMLIIAMS-COOK-Th» Engagement Is announced of Cheri Lorraine youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs S Cook of Waitara to Victor Jame« only son of Mrs E Kelly of Asquith

WILLIAMS-IND -The Engagement is announced of Bettina Amy only daughter of Mr and Mrs H J Ind of Cronulla to Frederick Edwin only «on of the late Mr and Mr« P E Wil- liams of Cronulla


WILLIAMS-TORVER -The Engage ment 1» announced of Beni Elaine }oungest daughte- of Mr and Mrs F W Turner of Strathfield to Manie) George only son of Mr and Mrs S G William» of Fnfleld_


COGHLAN-BUCHANAN -January 15, at St. Peters', Burwood, by the Rev.   Birk, Joan Naomi, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Buchanan, of Bur-  

wood, to Ronald James, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Coghlan, of Merrylands.

FREEBURN-HOODS -December 22 1948 at st John s Porramotta by Bishop Hilliard Betty elder daughter of Mr and Mr» R M Woods Wilga Down» Moree to William only «on of Mrs E Freeburn of Eastwood

JARDINE-BROWN -January 8 1949 at Methodist church Rydalmere by Rev G Gray Nancy Beatrix third daughter of Mr and the late Mrs E R Brown of Rydalmere to Kenneth Munro younger son of Mr and Mrs Vt Jardine of Geelong Vic

KRIPPNER- HOOKWAY -January 8 1949 at St John s Church Ashfield by the Rev L Sutton Ermyn Winifred daughter of Mr and Mrs E J Hook way of Croydon to Rudolph William Krippner of Armidale son of the late Rudolph Martin Krlppner and of Mrs Krippner of Wollongong  

LANE MULLINS-TAYLOR-January   15 1949 at St Canice's Church Elizabeth   Bay by the Rev Father John   Ferrari Catherine Taylor of Bellevue   Hill eldest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs George Taylor Liverpool Eng land to James Lane Mullins or Sussex Inlet eldest son cf the late Dr and Mrs George Lane Mullins

McRAE - SMITH - January 15, 1949, at St. John's, Uralla, by Rev. Canon   Riley, Iris Olive, only daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Trim, to Kenneth Donald, second son of Mr. and Mrs.   F.L.D. McRae, of Port Macquarie.     


ASTRIDGE-MACKENZIE - January 23 1924 at St Stephen s Phillip Street bv Rev Ernest Ferguson Eric Sydney to Linda Bolton Present address 43 Gladstone street Bexley

BLACKMAN-AUDET -January 22 1924 at Great Synagogue Sydney by Rabbi Cohen, Doria (Donnie) Audet to Morrle Blackman Present address 55

Olola Avenue Vaucluse


JACKLIN—STRACHAN.—January 20,   1909, at Palmer Street Presbyterian Church, city, by Rev. J. T. Thorburn, James Farrow to Alice Addison. Present address: Arbegeldie, Lucas Road, Burwood  


BAX Mary Louisa -Januan 19 1949 at her residence 40 Park Avenue Ash feld dearly loved mother of Frank Jack (deceased) lilma Archie ond Fred aged 82 years Privately cremated

BINNIE David -January 2t 1949 at Royal North Shore Hospital of 14 Henderson Road Bexles deorl) lov'ed husband of Beatrice and dear father of Douglas culford and Lenore (Mrs H Mather) At rest

BLACK Arm Jane -Januan 8 at Kyogle Memorial Hospital dearly beloved mother of Bill Toby Alwynne B¡ron Doretta (Mrs Roache) Jean (Mrs Croll}) Millie (Mrs Wallace) Nellie (Mrs Henn) Nina (Mrs Brown)


BOOTH, Mary Hall.—January 21,   1949, at her residence, 20 Culdees Road, Enfield, beloved wife of William Booth and dear mother of Bill, Alice, (Mrs. O'Zann), Joyce (Mrs. Kalucy), Eileen   (Mrs. Braithwaite), Lorraine (Mrs. Grant), aged 85 years.

BROWN (Jean), Jane Wilkie.—Janu- ary 18, suddenly, at her residence, Bat- low, dearly beloved wife of George C. Brown, and loved mother of Jack, Jean (Mrs. G. T. Bruce, Kingsgrove), Isabel (Mrs S. L. Forster, Batlow), George, Grace, and Norman, aged 59 years.

BROWN (Jean), Jane Wilkie.—Janu-

ary 18, loved sister of Jim, Fred Fairlie (dec.), Mrs. W. Watt, Dave, Matt (dec.),    

and Mrs. W. McMillan.

BURTENSHAW, Stanley.—January 11, of Young, result of accident, beloved husband of Mary Ethel (Mollie), and

father of Michael.

CAVANAGH William (Bill) Keith

—January 21, 1949, at St. Vincent's   Hospital, late of Inverell, dearly beloved husband of Maude, and loving father of   Betty and Les, and dear brother of Jack, Ernest, Dick and Marie, aged 42 years. — See Monday's "Herald" for Funeral arrangements.  

CORMIE - Ella - January 21 1949 of 52 Keira Street Port Kembla beloved wife of Patrick and dear mother of Kathleen and Corrie (Mrs J. Simpson) of Shellharbour aged 55 years.

CRANNFY I lone! Clarence Reran - January 21 184« at his residence 19 Beach Street Clovell) Aged 53 years

Requlescot In pace For funeral notice see Monday s Herald

CULLFN Y ictoria Louisa -Januan 21 1949 at her residence 109 Harrow Road Bexley dearly loi ed wife of David Cullen dear mother of John and Merle (Mrs J Frame) loved mother in law of Lillian and James fond grandmother of Barn and Kerrv dear sister of Maud (Mrs Steele) sister in Ja v cf Jessie (Mrs H Kcttley) and James Cullen aged 6B ¡ears

DELANEY Fdxrard Charles -Januan 20 1949 at hospital and formerly of lllh Row Duration Cottages st »lons dear lather of stanley Mavis (Mrs Johnson) and Mervyn aged C2 years

DEW Arthur « lUisun -Jonuar) 21

1949 at hi» residence Cradock 212 Barker St Randwick deorl) beloved hi bond of Elizabeth Mary and beloved father of Helen (Mrs Wcodhoms) Anne (Mrs Rowan) Thomas William (Port Moresby), ond Edith Requlescot ¡n pace

DIXON Bertha-January 21 1949 al her residence 33 Longueville Road Lone Cove widow of Jonathan Dixon aged 46 years

DOIG Jessie Jnoepha -Januan 21 1949 at lils residence 7 Collins Street

North Nanabcen dearly beloved mother of )osle (Mrs I Smith) Herb Lilly (Mrs L Ta)lor) Ccorge Jessie (Mrs. S Howard) Iris (Mrs G Sneering) Nellie (Mrs L Miller) Dorle (Mrs L Power) G!ed)s (Mrs VV James) and Thelma (Mrs F Hall)

FISK, Clarence Robert Collingwood.—   January 20, 1949, eldest son of James and Emma Fisk (deceased), aged 65 years. Privately interred, Woronora Cemetery, 21st January, 1949.

FLETCHER, John Robert.—January   21, 1949, at Prince Henry Hospital, dearly beloved husband of Adelaide Emily Fletcher and loved father of Bertram, Stanley, William, Edith, and Dulcie, and fond father-in-law of Doris, Arthur, and     Jack, aged 72 years. At rest.

F OSTLIt Charles W lllLam -Januan 21 1949 at Wollongong District Hos pital beloved husband of Jessie of 2o4 Main Road Corrimal and loved father of Thelma (Mrs Soden) Ronald of Epping aged 00 years

FOURDRINIER, Henry John.-January 21, 1949, at Mount Victoria, formerly of Moira Crescent, Rnndwick, and Grenfell, dearly loved husband of Edith Constance Fourdrinier, beloved father of Nancy (Mrs. W. Thompson) and Geoffrey, aged 83 years.

GRILL ( athorlne J scphine rilllhrth -Januan 21 1949 at her son s resl dence 32 Rlckard street riiedock dearly loied mother of Fred and Nellli (dec ) mother In law of DaLs} and grandmother of Man In her 90th }car Rpqulescat In pace Interment Sandgate Cemeten Mondoy

HAMMOND, John William.-January 20, 1949 (suddenly) at Royal South Sydney Hospital, dearly beloved husband of Maud Hammond and loved father of Marjorie and dear father-in-law of Sid,     and fond pappa of Roslyn and brother of Mary aged 62 years. At rest.

HARRISON Reginald-Januan IB 1949 at lils residence 178 Pacific Par ade Deevihs Reginald Harrison late A I F dcarlv beloved husband of Mab Harrison ond loving father of Jim father in law of Gwen and grondfathcr of Rcbyn and son In law of Pattle Fotherlnghame Privately cremated Northern Suburbs 20 1/49

HARRISON Reginald M -Januan l8 at his residence Deewhy loved bro tiler of Cecil and uncle of Anita

HART Charles John Robert -Janu

an 16 1949 at The Gunyah 50 Perkin Street Newcastle (born In Essex Eng land) beloved husband of the la e Elizabeth (Bessie) loving father of Freda Nellie (Mrs H N Griffin) Ida (Mrs A P Westhoven) and Ethel (Mrs J A Hughes) Privately Interred In Methodist Cemetery Sandgate Jonuar} 17 1949

HIGGINS Mario Amelia -Januan 21 1949 at a private hospital Dulwich Hill beloved wife ci Patrick Higgins of 53 Julie« Street MsrrickvUle and fend sister of Lo Usa Walker and fond aunt of Clem and Laurette aged 71 year» At rest

HORNER Frederick S Y -Januan 21 1949 (suddcnlv) at his sister s resl

dence 4 Lavoni Street Mosman (Late 1st A I F ) «_.

IHINTFR, Jome».-Jonuan 21 194!) at his residence 2) Bibb) Street Carl ion, oged 63 }cars

JACKSON VVUltam -Januan 21 1949 at Coolah Hospital dcarl) be loved husband of Winifred ond loved father of Keith Daun Ambrose Ray and Dorah aged 63

JOHNSON Robert Gordon-Jonuan 18 1949 (siddenly) at his residence Denham Court Road Ingleburn dearly loved brother of Francis R brother In law of Doris and uncle of Frank and Max Johnson oged bO years

LAWItbNCE Frncat A-Januan 19 1949 at Bathurst District Hospital

Frnest Albeit beloved husband of Alma and loved lather of Val Isabel Pauline Flalne and Ernest aged 56 }eurs In terred at Orange January 20 1940

LEVETT Charle« (Pop) -Jonuor) 10 1949 at Rosewood Queensland (late Thirroul) aged 80 »ears Interred Ipswich Cemeten

MiANDREW Henrietta-January 21

1949 at her daughter s residence 401 Aii7oc Parade Kingsford and late or Shell Harbour widow of the late George McAndrew loving mother of Mon (Mrs Newlyn) Charles and mother In law of Walter Ne v lyn ond daughter of the late Mr and Mrs C Hozelton Shell Har hour aged 73 years At rest


1949 at her daughter s residence 41 Sharpe Street Belmore relict of George and beloved mother of Haidee (Mrs A Buchan) Marjorie (Mrs C McKinnon) aged 86 sears

MACVIAIION John Terence -Januan 21 1949 at Lewisham private hospl

tal dear brother of James ond Kote (deceased) aged 85 sear» Requlescot In poce

MILNE, Annie Maude Amy. -January 19, 1949, at her residence, 9 Kangaroo

Street, Manly, wife of the late Hugh Luxton Milne and loving mother of Betty, aged 70 years, Privately interred

Manly Cemetery, 20/1/'49.  

MOLONEY Biran -Jonuan 21 1°49 at Sacred Heart Hospice beloved hus

band of Br'dget and dear brother of Cathe lue Porker aged 76 years Re quloscat In pace For details of Funeral see Mondav s Herald

MORl'IIV Man Maud -January 17 1949 at her residence 9 Bourke Street Waterloo deorl) beloied wife or Frank and loved mother of Doris Eileen Flor ence Tiorma and Harry aged 65 )ears Privately cremated lanuan 19

MfTSELY Michael S -January 9 In London beloved brother of Mrs A L Lton and of Maurice E Mosel) formerly of this cltv

MOUNTIER, Arthur William.—Janu-   ary 21, 1949, late of 44 Lincoln Street,

Campsie, beloved husband of Ethel Mountier, and dear father or Irene, Olga, Arthur and Jack, and 64 years. At rest.


ODONOHOE, James Joseph.—January     19 1949 at a hospital late of 128 Johnston Street Annandale and ingle- burn dearly beloved husband of Mary Rose O Donohoe father of Cam Ruby William Hillary (deceased) Austin Peter and Jean brother of Patrick and Michael aged 75 year« Requlescat In pace Privately Interred

OLDKNOW, Clive Francis.—Januars 3 at Repatriation Hospital Adelaide, ex R A A F beloved eldest son of Catharine Oldknow and dear brother of Inez and Ernest Requlescat In Pace

OWERS, Lawrence Vivian.—January 15, 1949, at his parents residence, Vic-

toria Street, Cooma, beloved son of Vivian and Vera Ower,s and dearly loved brother of Esme, Fred, Cliff, Kath, Daphne, Janet, and John, aged 21 years.

READ.—Herbert (Bert) -January 11,   1949, at Bathurst, dear brother of Cis, Florrie (deceased), Billy, Ethel (deceased), George (deceased) and Arthur.  

RIDGWAY Margaret -Januars 14 1949 at her home 31 Hunter Street

Lewisham darling »ister of Christina (Mrs Thompson Canley Vale) Mary (Mrs Corbett deceased) Jessie (Mrs Thompson deceesed) Ada (Mrs Mas ters deceased) and Archibald McPher son (deceased) At rest

ROBINSON Peter-January 21 1949 at hospita) of Chatswood (late of Balmain) aged 00 years

ROYCE Sarah bltzubctb -January 21 1949 at her heme 18 Ostend Street Lidcombe, beloved wife of Henry and dear mother of William Albert Harold Mary (Mrs G H Grunds) Richard and John aged 79 sears

SFUVOOD Geortc Alfred -Jnnunrv 21 1949 at his residence 31 Alice Streel Auburn dearly beloved hu band of Margaret dear father of George father In law of Ada and grandfather of Phillp aged 67 sears Ricqulcscat In


SHFniFRD Kalo Martha -January l8 1949 at a private hospital Enfield loved mother cf Edith (Mrs A F Jackson of Canberra) und Dora (Mrs A E Wicks of Concord) In her 80th sear Privately cremated at Rookwood on 10th Instant

SIMMONS Rrrlnald Joseph -January   17 1949 (suddenls) at Goonoo Bre

warrlna dearly loved husband of Agnes Mary Simmons dear father of Olive, John, Anne, Molly, Michael, Paul,

Ursula, Carmel, Monica, Robert, aged 50 years Interred Brewarrina RC Cemetery


1949 at his residence 46 Kingston Street Haberfield loved father of Florence,   James, Edna, Edith and Rene   aged 83 years.

WILLIAMS, William E S-January 21 1949 at his residence 39 st George Crescent Drummoyne, dearly beloved husband of Elsie and loved father of Stan Gwen (Mrs Cramer) and Joyce (Mrs Struthers) aged 65 year« By

request no flowers.

WOOD William Ella-January 15 1049 at his daughter s residence 118 Wellbank street North Strathfield late of 26 Lisle Street Narrabeen dearly loved husband of the lute Jessie Wood and loved father of Hazel (Mrs Len Quarmby Batlow) Violet (Mrs Wes Larimer North Strathfield) father In luw cf Len and Wes Grandfather of Brian Peter nnd David Larimer J"3 (Mrs W O Guthray Bega) Geoffrey Quormby Norma (Mrs W Bradford Batlow; and great grandfather of Larrie aged 79 sears Privately In tcrred at Rockwood January 17th 1949

WOOD Jane-January 15 1949 at her residence 16 Caver Street Marrtck

ville dearly loved and devoted mother of Walter Annie (Mrs A Row cliff) John Pearl (Mrs H Enstall) and Irene aged 92'A years Safe In the arms of Jesuc Cremated at Woronora Crema torium on Jnnuars 1" 1949

WOODBURY John.—January 21  

1949 at the Mater Hospital beloved husband of the late Elizabeth and dear father of Reginald Claude (dec.) Bert   Cyril and Olive (Mrs Hill) and father in law of Phyllis, Ruth, Beatrice, Gwen and Alfred Aged 77 years Requiescat   In pace See Monday's Herald for   funeral notice.


ANDREWS -Fond memories!, of our dear mother (Mars) passed away Jan nary 23 1944 Ever remembered bv her loving daughters Alice Isabel Daphne

and RTnndchlldren

BANFIELD -A tribute of love to our babs called home January 21 1948

The midnight »tars are shining

On a grave not far away

Where we placed our little darling

Ju.>t a sear ago lo day

Inserted by her loving parents Joan and Reg Bunfleld Crookwell

BARBER -In loving memory of my dear wife mother and mother In law Annie Sadly missed by pop Stan and Beryl

BEI L -Sacred to the memory of my dear husband Eddie who departed this life January 23 1944

What we would give to see him smile To talk with him and laugh awhile To be together in the same old way Would be our dearest wish to day

Sndly missed bv his loving *lfc Bertha also his children Harry and Gladys

BLNNINGTON -Treasured and beautl

ful are the memories we have of our «weet and lovely mother Ethel Grace Bennington whom God called home to a higher life Junuary 22 1041 Alwnys loved and remembered by her loving daughters Mavis and Merle

BERG -Everlasting memories of my dear friend David Una Newton

BFBBtTT-In loving memory of Honor our dear wife and mother who pnsscd awav January 22 1947 Sadly missed by her husband and son also all her brothers and sisters

BROOKS -In sad and loving memory of our mother Gwendoline clare who died January 21 1948 Always remem bered bv Gweneti Janet and John

BURKE -In remembrance of my hus band Charles Thomas who passed awav September 22 1943 Not forgotten bs


HURKF -In loi Ing memors of my dear brother Bill departed his life January 22 194G age 19 Sadly missed but never forgotten Loving sister Dot

BIRK!" -In loving memory of my dear brother Bill departed this life January 22 1946 age 19 Sudls missed but never forgotten Loving sister Gertie \

BURKr - In loving memory of our deur brother and brother in law Bill Ever remembered Loving sister. Peg and brother In law Alf

BURTON -in loving memory of my dear husband Charles William who passed avay Januars 22 1947 Dear Charlie there is no road too rough for me to travel If I thought I would find sou there Inserted by his loving wife and famlls

CARMlclIAFL -in memory of our beloved mother who passed away Janu ary 21' 1944 Inserted by her loving daughters Dot and Kit

CARN! LI OR -In memory of my dear wife Emilv Mvrtle who passed awas Januars 21 1937 Inserted by her loving husband

CARNLLLOR -In memory of our dearly loved mother and grandmother who passed nwuy Junuary 2J 1917 Alwnvs remembered by her son Bob duughter In luw Irene grandson John

CVRVEILOR-Loving memories of mv mother Emlls Myrtle Alwass re membcred by duughter Averill

CHAI I ENGI-K -Loving memory of my denr husband and fnther Ceorge passed n ay Januars 22 194a Life moves on bit memories stay as near and dear as yesterdnv

COLfVlAN -In loving memory of our dear dad Curtis James who passed awny Jan lary 22 19J8 Inserted by «on daughter In law and Val and Ted Edgar Phyl

COLEMAN -In loving memory of my dear brother in law Curtis Jume« who pnssed away January 22 1938 Alway«

remembered by Nellie

COLVIN-In loving memory of our dear father Alexander Colvin who passed away January 21 1938 Inserted bs his devoted family

COOK -Michael Edw ard passed aw ay suddenly January 22 1945 Always re membercd by his loving son and daugh ter Vernon and Velma

CRISP -In memory of our little niece and cousin Jaqucllne who fell asleep Jan 22 1948 Alwuys remem bered bv Auntie Vi Uncle Ken and cousins Kaye and Kenneth

CBISPb-In loving memory of our dear niece who passed away January 22 1948 Sadlv missed by aunt Dora and uncle, Charlie

CURTIS-In loving memory of our dear mother and grandma who fell asleep at Murwillumbah January 22 1947 Always remembered by her loving daughter and son In law Nln and Bert and grandchildren Gwen and Allan

DOHfBTY -In loving memory of our dear grandmother who passed away Janiary 22 1948

Deep In oir hearts a memory I« left Of one that we loved and shall never

'?»net -.

Inserted by Len Lil Dawn and Lynette

nOHNFT -Loving memory of my dear brother Don who passed away Januurs 22 1943 Inserted by lils loving sister


mi VFB-Cherished memorle« of our darling Marie who fell asleep January

22 1946

In a beautiful garden of memorle« We walk with you each day

Never forgotten bs mum Madge Eosto

Alf and Alma

IIVVYFR-Silent thoughts and mern orles of my dear sister and aunt Marie who left us three years ago to day Too far awas for words to speak

But not too fur for thoughts to reach

Always rememiercd bs her loving s ster Lottie brother In law Harry Betty and Alf

DWYER-Fond and loving memories of our dear sister and auntie Mnrle Inserted by fcue Clarrie Kay and


DWYER-Treasured memories of my dear sister and aun le Marie who fell asleep Jaruarv 22 1946 Ever remem bered by Dorrie Tom Bruce Dorothy

and Thomas

LAST-In loving memory of Polly who passed away January 22 1940 Sadly missed by her loving mother and brothers Bill Eddie and Albert also my losing husband and their father William Robb who passed awas Decem

ber 27 1941

IAST -Treasured memories of our dear mother Polly who pnssed away January 22 1940 Missed more than ever by Dolly and Billy

IDGAK -In loylng memory of our dear mother Ada who passed awas January 22 1948

Alvvuss fond and loving memorle»

Inserted bv her loving son Jim and daughter in law Ivj and grandsons Tons and Ronald

EDGAR -In loving memory of ms darling mothei Eva Balley grandma of

Beni and Bill

EDGAR -In loving memory of our dear sister and aunt At rest Eva Vbbott Maisie and family

EDW 4I1DS -In memory of loving mother Gwendoline Mary Constance who passed away January 22 Inserted bs

loving son Barry

EILBECK -Treasured and loving thoughts of our dear husband and father William Henrs who passed away Januars 22 1947 Always lemembcrcd by his

wife and son

ELLIN -Treasured memorle« of my dear husband and our father who passed away January 22 1948

A love too deep for expression

A grief too hard to explain

We have lost but heaven has gamed

One of the best husbands the world


Inserted bv lils loving wlf« and daugh ter Ina and also son and daughter In law Bill and Thelma

FLACK -In loving memory of my aliter, AUee Remembered by Ruby

and family.


FORSTER -In loving memory of my darling friend Margaret who passed away January 23 1948

Your face is ever before me

Your volco I will never forget

Your smile »111 Unger for ever In memon I tee you jet Loving friend Owcnda

FKtvDFRICK -Treasured memories of my dearest husband Jim who passed awov Jonunn 22 1948 Sodly missed by hi« loving wife Ruth

FRFDFRICK -In fond memon or my deer brother James who died Januan 22 19-18 Inserted by his sister Mary nieces and nephew s

FROST GEARY -In loving memory or Con and Ted accidentally killed lan 22 1941 Never forgotten by Pad Stella Myrt Lou and Joan

GALLFY -Lovlnr and everlasting memories ot my dear husband Geoige who passed away Januan 22 1947 Sadly missed by his loving wife noss

GALLEY -In loilng memory of our dear f-ither and rather In law George who passed away Januan 22 1947 Badi) missed b} his son and daughter In law William and Jessie

GALI EY -In loving memory or dod Inserted by Len Stella and famlls

GALLEY -Loving memories of our brother In low and uncle George who passed away Jonuan 22 1947 Inserted by Joe Nance and nephew Joe

GARDINER -In loving memon ol my dear husband and pur father A E Gardiner who departed this Ufe Janu ary 22 1945

Tile dearest did tho world could hold Too dearly loied to eier bo forgotten Inserted by his loving wife and family

UAILS -In loving memon of my darllr g mother who passed away two vcars to day For ever in my thoughts


II VRDIF -A thought for to-day but cherished memories forever of my loving wife our mother and nona passed away lanuars 23 1943 Inserted by her loilng husband Tom faintly and grand


HIRST-In loving memon of Eric our beloved son and brother who was accidentally drowned at Tamarama "on Jan lory 22 1946 aged 30 years

nais remembered b} his loving mother and father brothers and sisters In law Llo)d ond Dorrie Gordon and Olga and sister and brother In law Mavis and Don How arde

JACQUES -In loving memon of my dear mother Maria who passed awa) Januan 21 1926

A wonderful mum BO good and true You suffered much and told so few But One who knew you needed rest Twos God alone and He knew best Inserted by her loving daughter Ruby and son In law Frank T averna

KAVANAGH-in lovlnir memory of our dear sister and aunt Maud lane passed away Januon 22 1948 Sad!) missed by her loving sister Violet bro- ther In low Fred and lamil»

LAING -Died Jonuan 22 1948 aged 48 Sad but treasured memories ol brother and friend Sadly missed Eileen Marg

LANDRIGAN -In loving memon of my dear husband Terence James Land rlgon 362 Crown Steel Darlinghurst pissed awov Junuory 23 iq48 nephew of Sister M Raphael Good Shepherd Convent Oakleigh (Vic ) loilng brother of Patrick Thomas Maurice (deceased) Catherine (YIrs Connelly) Mary (Mrs Dixon deceased) Alice (Mrs Sclvers) Noroh (Mrs Klrkhom) Herrletta (Mrs O Kcefe) Cecelia (Mrs O Malley) after long Illness borne with resignation and fortitude aged 09 )cars RIP

LFE -Loving memories cf our darling sister and aunt Valerie died Januar} 22 1936 Inserted by Edna Vic Vale rio and Judy

I FF -To the memory of Voler!» passed away Januan 22 1936 Loved and remembered always by her family

IOUDOUN -In loving memon of oin dr-ar mother who passed awa} lamían 23 1948 and father Jill} 2 1930

VVe will olwa}s remember

Inserted bv her loilng son Daie and daughter In law Elsie and family

IOUDOUN -In loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother Eliza Lou doun who passed away January 23


Never a day do we forget you

In our hearts you ore ever near

Inserted by her loving daughter Ivy (Mrs W Knowles) and family

MCDONALD ?-jean passed awa) Janu ary 16 1948 Remembered alwass by


McKIVNON -In loving memon of my dear son John who died on January 22 1946 accidentally Inserted by his father mother ond famlls

YteKINNON -In laving memon of m} brother John who passed away Januan 22 1946 Alwo)s remembered by his sister Phyllis and Reg

MCKINNON .-In loving memory of m} dear brother John Alwa)» remembered b} Mails and brother In law Dave

MCRITCHIE -in loving memon of mv dear son and our dear brother Fdward rroncls (Ted) who died Januan 22 1942 aged Jl years Sadly missed by his loving mother sister and brother

MaoKAY -In respectful memon of W J MacKov Chid Commissioner or

Police who pa-¡ed away'on January 22 1948 Inserted b} Pot Broy

MANNING --Treasured memories ot our devoted daughter Meryl who rossed awo) January 22 1944 Sadly missed by mum and dod

MANNING -In loving memory of our dear «ister Meryl who passed away Jan

nan 22 1944 Sadly missed by Laurel

and Jack

MANNING -A token of love and re membrance of our dear sister Meryl

who passed away January 22 1944 Bill and Celle .,

MANNING -Fond memories of dear Merle passed al ay January 22 1944 Inserted by Kath

MEYNFLL --In loving memon of our dear son and brother John Ceorge (Jack) who passed awav January 22 194Ä Always remembered bv mum dad slsU-rs and brothers

MFY \E11 -»Treasured memories of our dear friend who passed away this day 1948 Charlie and Thelma

MILLERSTRYM - Treasured mern orles of my deai h isbond Gus passed away Januan 22 1947

God s greatest gift remembrance Inserted b) his loving wife Ada

MILLFRSTHYM -m loving memo-y or dear Uncle Gus who passed awos Ja ary 22 1947 El er remembered sadly missed by Myrt and Frank

MILLF Rb TRI VI -Treasured memories of Charles (Gus) who passed al

Januan 22 1947 At rest Inserted

Ethel Cassie Barn Bill and

who passed awa) on Januan 22 1948 Always remembered by loving husband James and daughter Phyllis

MILLS -Sarah passed January 22 1943 beloved sister ol James Duignan Always remembered

Y1ILLS -In loving memory of my d-a slstcr and sister in aw Sarah passed owo) January 22 1948 Not to di)

but even do) in silence we remember ¡on Inserted bs Mars ond Joe Bra)

VIII Lb-In loilng memory of our 'dear aunt Sarah who passed away on Januar) 22 1948 Forcier in our hearts George and Norma

Mil LS-Loving memories of oir dear friend Sally passed away January li 1948 Who plucked this flower I said the Lord and the goldener was silent Never forgotten bj Alice and War

MOOR F-In loving memon of our dear father YMlliom John who passed owav Januan 10 1947 and our dear mother Emily Louise who passed away January 22 1948

Inserted b) their lovlnr family Alan Bill Isabel and Edith and son In law and daughter In law Aub and Nina and grand daughters Margaret and Patricia

MORLFY JOHNSON -In memory of my dear pal William Morley Johnson who departed this life Januan 22 1944

His frlendli and loving nature alwa)s In the thoughts of Ernest W Bell

OSBORNE -In loving memon of my dear husband ond father Fredrick Lawrence who Iel! asleep Januan 22 1943 Inserted bj his loving nile Annie sons and daughters

PATON-Loving memory of my dear   father Robert who passed away January 22, 1948. Sadly missed Lonely daugh-

ter, Dorothea  

PFEL -In loving memon of our dear mother Emily Maude who passed away Januan 22 1946 Sodly missed by her daughter Emily nnd son George

PEEL.-In loving memory ol my dear mother Emily Maud died Januan 22 1946 Always remembered by her daugh ter Mov and son In law Clarry

PORTFR -In loving memon of our dear rather lather In law and grand lather Fred who passed away Januan 21 1946 Alwa)» remembered bs Ida Bill and Brian

POW ER -In lov lng memory of our darling mother and aunt ninnie Atta Power who passed awav Jonuan 23 1946 Inserted b} Mosse Jo and Keith

RYAN -In loilng memory ol our dear mother and trandmother Hey Margaret who pos ed away Januan 2J 1944 Sadly missed b} her loving daughters Margaret Kathleen and Flleen son in ' w Rov and grandchildren

SALMOND -In memory or ellie

A wonderful son only lent

One of the best God ever »ent Inserted by Regnn family

SAY ILLF -Treasured memories of a life long pal Mary passed awoy Janu an 23 1948

To be together In the same old way Would be our dearest wish to day

Sadlv missed by M and W Riddle

and family

SAY ER- In loving memon of our dear mother Man Sayer passed away Januan 21 1044 At re<-t Sad!) missed bs her loving family

bCHOFIELD-In sweetest memon of dear Elly loving wire or Arthur who possed awav Januon 22 1947 and dear daughter of Annie and Charlie Brady

At rpst

SCIIOFIFLD -In loving memon of dmr Eileen who died January 22 1947 Alwa»s remembered bv her sisters and brothers In law Lila Ma) Wick George Gordon . . , ,

SCIIWAR- - Everlasting and cherished memories of my beloved husband and our dear father who died Janian 22 1943 Nrvcr forgotten bv his loving wife Julc. and children Swan S)lvla Merle and Lila

SCHWARZ-In loilng memon of our dear brother and uncle Liol Inserted b) Ern and Terese McAnllffo and family

SOPrR-In loilng memory of itir dear mother Emll) who passed away Januan 22 1947

Life moves on but memon stay»

Badi} missed by her daughters Emll) and Muriel and son John

SOPER -In loving memon of ms sweet mother Emll} Soper passed awaj January 22 1947 Ever remembered b) her loving daughter Minnie

srFED -In loving memon or my dear husband and our rather Alex who passed away January 22 Alwa}» remembered by hi» family _,.,,.

SI EFD -Treasured memories of Jock who passed away January 22 1944 brother In law of George and Edith and

uncle of Sonny

STARKIF -In loilng memon or my dear wire and our mother Ethel Man who passed away January 23 1946 Alwa}S remembered bs her loving hus band Cyril and children Charles Roger

and Joyce

TABRF1T-In loving memory of our dear mother and rrandmothcr Sarah passed away Jonuaiy 22 1947 Sadly misled bs Dollv Bev and Birrv Scott

TABFrTT - In Irving memory of mv dear mother v ho pissed away January 22 1947 Always remembered by her daughter Ss lvla


TABRETT-In fond and Jovlnp; memory cf my darling mother Sarah who passed away January 22 1947 Sadly missed by daughter Norma

TABRETT -Treasured memories of my dear mother and our grandmother who iell asleep January 22 1947 Never forgotten by Marg Ben grandchildren Graham and Geoffrey *

TAYLOR-In loving memory of my dear husband James Frederick F Tus lor-Inserted by Ills loving wife Eli?


TAY I OR-In loving memory of my dear lather and popsy James Frederick F Taylor who departed this Hie Janu

ary 22 1947-Inserted by his daughter Beryl and son in law Mrs Downe« and


TAYLOR -Time passes on but lov

lng treasured memories live foicver of our dear dad and Popss James Frederick Frank who passed away Januars 22 1947 Inserted by his loving daughter Edna son In law Charles grandchildren Frederick Graeme Rodnes

TAYLOR-Treasured memory of my dear father and grandfather Frederick Taylor passed away Januury 22 1947 Inserted by lils daughter Lues son In

law Ted and David

THOMAS -Alice May passed awas Januury 23 1948

Rest in peace

Inserted by loving mother brother Albert sister In law Eileen and child ron Joan Daphne Enid und Bcvcly

TUCKFR-In loving memory of my dear husband Phillp John who passed away January 21 1948

1 lost my life companion

A Hie linked with my own

God alone knows how I miss him

As I walk through Hie alone

Ever remembered by his loving wife Christina

YALLENDER-Treasured memorle« of dear mum and Nana Charlotte who passed away Januars 22 1945 What would wo give to see mum smile To talk with her and laugh awhile Sadls missed by Bertha and famils

VALLfcNDFK -Fond memories of ms dearest mum Caxrlotte who passed away January 22 1945 Loved and longed lor alwass by her loving daughter Annie son In luw Phil

V ALLANDLR-In loving memory of my dear friend Charlotte who pnssed away January 22 1945 Alwass remem bered by her sincere friends p Hum phreys und family

VAN MIDDELDYK-Alvvavs thinking of our baby son John departed this life January 20 1946 Inserted bs his loving mum and dad

WAHR ICK -In lov lng memory of ms dear daddy and brother Len who passed on this das 194b Inserted by his lov lng daughter Lenora and sister Mrs Morris

WARWICK -In loving memory of our dear brother who passed away Janu ary 22 1946

Deep in our heart» a memory Is kept Always loved and will never forget Inserted by Trix and Richard

WELBY -In loving memoiy of mv mother In law and our grandmother Har let passed away January 2J Al was« remembered bs Edith and family

WHITBREAD-Loving memories of my dear husband and our dad, Henry Herbert, passed away January 23, 1944. Always remembered by his loving wife and family.

WIUTMFLD-In memory of dad

pas.ed awas January 21 1940 Sadly missed Jeff Jean and family

HILSON -in precious memory of our dear mother Margaret Emily Wilson who passed away January 23 1946 also our dear father William Wilson who parsed away July 31 1946 In God s sweet pence Inserted by their

loving children

WILSON --In loving memory of ms dear mother who passed away Januars 2J 1946 Sadly missed by her loving daughter Rubs

WILSON -In loving memory of dear mo her Margaret passed away January 2J 1946 Alice frank Phyl Colin

WILTON -In memory of my dear hus

band Horace who passed away January 22 1945 badly missed Insoited by his loving wife and children

WOKTII -In loving memoiy of Albert

dearly beloved husband of Ethel father of Claude Albert Laurence aid John who passed away January 22 1948 SHdly missed

V OUNG -Token of love and remem branco of one we shall never forget our dear brother David (John) who passed away January 22 1939 Inserted by his loving sisters and brothers


BEATTIf -In loving memory of our son and brother NX39381, Trooper P J Beattie killed January 23 1944

But day shall clasp him with strong


And night shall fold him In soft wings Insetted bs his loving mother father Heather and Gordon Aunty Grace and

Une e W al

BROWN -In loving memory of my dour «on Stnnley Brown 55589 2/19 killed In action Mnlasa January 20 to

2J 1942

IIBUCF -In loving memory of my dearly loved son and our dear brother, Gnr Leonard L Bruce of the 30th and 05th Bty 2/15 Field Regt, killed In action Malus a January 2J 1942 Too dearly loved to ever be foi sotten bs his mother sister Dot Stan and niece


BRUCE -In proud and loving mern ors of our dear mother Gnr Len Bruce NX2J690 killed In action Malaya Janu ars 2.1 1942 Sadly missed bs Grace Dot Gordon Les nieces and nephews

BRUCE -Treasured memories of Gnr Leonard Leslie NX29690 30th Batt

killed Malay a Januars 23 1942 Always remembered by his pal Frank Wootten

LUTCIIbR-Memories of mv darling brother Jack Gone but not forgotten


BYRNES -Treasured memories of Pte Robert James 2 19 Batt died Malaya January 22 1942 Always in the thoughts Df his dad mum sister and brother of


COOKE-In loving memory of our dear son F O Leslie Charles 41171

killed In action January 2J 1945 Sadly missed bv his mother lather brother Milton sister in law June and cousin


COOKF -Everlasting memories of our dear nephew and cousin Flying Officer Leslie C Cooke killed In action in New Guinea January 23 1945 Inserted by his loving aunts and uncles W and G Lawrence and C L Rudd and


COBNES-In loving memory of F /Sgt William James reported missing over Timor January 23 1945 Always lemembercd bs his father and sisters Thelma and Ivy

CULLEN -Treasured memories of my darling son and brother Jim died Janu

ary 22 1948 HJth Bn Longed for by his lcnelv mother and sisters

CULLbN -(Pte ) NX12155B Jim passed uwav January 22 194b Loving

memories Maxie

CULLbN -In memory of the late Pte Cullen (A I F ) who passed away on Januars 22 1946 Concord A G H Alwnss remembered Inserted by hit

loved son and brother L Bdr E

(Keith) fowler NX59500 65th Batters

2/15 field Regt reported killed In action Muar River Malaya January 2J


HIGGINS -In loving memory of NX59774 Albert James Higgins at Mnlasa Januars 22 1942 Alwas« re membercd bv mum dad jQhn


ever proudly remembered Sadly missed by his mother father sisters brothers

and gran

LAVINGTON -Gnr R F NX66132 accidentally killed Atherton Q Janu. «ry 22 1945

A beautiful smile a heart of gold

That s all we have to cherish and hold

Sadly missed by mum Glad Milt

Bet and Les

PAINb-In memory of a dearly-lol ed in anti brother Robert E Paine NX10875 2/15 Field Art Regt AIP

killed in action Malus a 2J/1/42 In. sorted by his parents and sisters

SLOSS -NX105541 «Sad but frag rant memories of roy dear son Stan killed in action January 20 1043 Ever

remembered Mum

STEIN -In memory of our beloved son Thomas killed in action Januars 22 1944 Never forgotten by his

mum and dad

STEIN -Evergreen Is the memory of our dear brother Tom. killed in action New Guinea 1944 Always remembered bs June and Rich

STF1N -In loving memory of our dear brother Tom killed in action New Guinea Ever remembered by Frank

Nina Bcv and Helen

STUN -In memory of our beloved nephew and cousin Tom killed in action

January 22 1944

Alwass remembered by Jessie Scotia

and family

STFIN -Evcrlnstlng memories of our dear nephew Tom killed In action New Guinea January 22 1944 Rcmem bered bv Dot and Cecil

STFIN -In loving memory of Tom killed in action at Slo Deeply regretted by Uncle Joe

STfcIN -A tribute to the memory of Pto T Stein killed in action New Guinea Jnnunry 22 1944 Alvuys re membcred by hi» friend Emily Causon

STFIN -In loving memory of Tom A I F killed In action New Guinea 1944 Forever remembered by Norma and Strode family

SYMON -In loving memory of my beloved husband Pie James Robert Alexander NX6953 2/19 Batt 8th Dlv killed In action January 22 1942 Malaya Always remembered by his lov ing wife Lily

SYMON - Jame« Robert (Bob)

NX6J5J 2 19 Batt presumed seriously wounded and missing Battle o' Muar Riser dearlv loved second son of the late Harry and Ethel Symon und loved brother of Aubrey Dick Jean Tom

and Peter

THOMPSON* -In memory of our dearlv loved son and brother F/Sgt John Kevin killed Magdeburg Germany January 22 1944 Ever remembered by

dad mum and Ken

A tribute to those who died at Rabaul and In Montevideo Maru 1942 From A /Tk Bty officers and R Allen 8th Dlv A S C_


Mrs MAY BRÉESE of Denison Road Dulwich Hill wishes to THANK rela

tlves and friend« for kind expressions of ssmpalhy and floral tributes In her re

cent sad bereavement

Mr G HACKETT M L C Mr» HACKETT and FAMILY of 70 Mac arthur Street Broadway sincerely THANK their many kind friends rela- tives and neighbours for kind expres- sions of sympathy letters telegrams cards and floral tributes extended to them in their very sad bereavement in the lo«s of their dearly loved daughter and sister Esme Jean died December 12, 1948 Will all kind friends accept

this ns our personal thanks

Mrs JANET PETTERSON of Alyth Pymble Road Belrose w Ishes to THANK all relatives and friends neighbours ministers for kind expressions of sym- pathy in her recent sad bereavement

Mr and Mr» BARTON DOOLEY »In cerely appreciate and THANK all rela

tlves friends and the staff of the Royal North Shore Hospital for their help ex pressions of sympathy and floral trlb utes in the recent loss of their «on Ken


Mr H C MARSHALL and FAMILY 13 Owen Street Bondi wish to sincerely THANK relatives friends and neigh- bours for their kind expressions of sym- pathy in their recent sad bereavement

Ml W A CHESHIRE of 43 Boun dary Street Randwick and DAUGHTER. M1VIS (Mrs McKenzie) wish to THANK all relative« and friend« for their kind expression« of sympathy 1- their recent

»ad bereavement.


Mr» B SEAL and FAMILY of Braeside Broonarra Street The En trance wish to sincerely THANK rela tlves and friend» who sent telegrams cards letters floral tributes of sympathy In their recent sod bereavement and Mr and Mrs A Cootes for their kind and able assistance Pleuro accept this notice as their perso_al thanks

The*FAMILY of the late Mrs- MAR GARET GARDNER desire to THANK all relatives and friends also Podre Good wtn for their kind expressions of ism pathy cards letters telegrams and floral tributes Please accept this as our personal thanks

The FAMILY of the late Mis G STONE sincerely wish to THANK dor tors and nursing starr or Balmain Hos

pital for kindness and attention during

her Illness

Mr 1AMES AYRE and TAMILY wish to THANK friends and relatives olso doctors and nursing staff of Prince Henr) Hospital ror their kindness and s)m pathy In thdr sad loss

Mrs. ELLA BANFIELD and FAMILY of 16 Terminus Street, Petersham wish to THANK relatives and friends for their kind expressions of Sympathy in our re

cent sad bereavement.

Mr and Mrs LAURIE O TOOLE and JANICE of Olsmplc Hotel 165 Ilicrpool Street Sydney sincerely THANK »11 relatives and friends for kind expressions ol sympathy and floral tri

butcs In their recent sad bereavement (the late Mary Ryan)

The FAMILY ot the late SARAH KING sincerely THANK all relatiies and friend« for their kind ixpresslons of svmpathv

floral trlb ites telegrams and cards In the loss of their loied mother and our rinccie grotitude to Mrs Frazer for her kind attention Please accept this as

personal thanks

Mrs L GREEN and FAMILY of Homebush wish to THANK all relatives and Irlends tor their kind expressions cf sympolh} telegrams cordj and floral trlb ites in their recent sod bereavement

The FAMILY of the late MONTAGUE STRATFORD MACKIN and the late AMY EVELYN MACKIN wish to THANK all friends and relatives for the great kind- ness shown in their sad loss.

The FAMILY ot the late FREDERICK, EDWARD MACKEILAR wish lo THANK all relatives ord Iriends tor their sincere expressions of sympathy In their

recent sod bcreaiement

Mrs BERTHA WILLIAMS wishes to THANK relatives and friends for floral tributes cards telegrams ond ex

ptessions of 3vmpathy in her recent sad bereavement in the loss of her dear hus bind James Williams

Mrs M SPENCER and FAMILY of 78 Charles Street, Erskineville wishes to THANK al) relatives friends kind neighbours olso the Stoff and men ot Eveleigh Running Sheds for their kind expressions of sympathy letters cards telegrams, and floral tributes in their

recent lad bereavement

Mrs GRACE STEVENS wishes to THANK all friends whom she has not been able to contact personally for their kind expressions ot sympathy in the sod lo«s or her husband the late Alex ander Kelman Stevens

FRANCES MARIA (174 Redfern Street Redfern) JOSEPH ANT ICO (Mascot) JOHN ANT1CO (Kingsford)

and FAMILIES wish to THANK all relatives and friends for their sincere .expressions of Minpathy in their recent

sad bereavement

The RELATIVES of the late Mrs HARRIETT BATES wish to sincere!) THANK all those friend» and neigh bours especially MTS Holmes for their kind help expressions or sympathy and floral tributes In their recent sad

bereavement, Please accept tills as our

perenal thanks

Mr W T BARNWELL and FAMILY of Flvedock sincerely THANK all rein

tlve» and friends tor floral tributes and messages of sympathy in their recent sod bereavement Please accept this as our personal thanks

Mr and Mrs W J CARSON and FAMILY of Granville wish to express their sincere THANKS to the staff of the Repatriation Hospital Concord and many friends for their kind exprès- sions of sympathy in their recent sad


Mr C H WOTTON and FAMILY of 22 Beaumont Street Campsie wish to THANK relatives and friends for expressions of sympathy floral tributes etc In their recent sad bereavement Please occept this as personal

Mrs JANE WARD of 53 Boomerang Street tenders her sincere THANKS to relatives and friends lor expressions ol sympathy In her recent sad bereavement


Campsie, wish to THANK all relatives and friends for their kind expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Please accept this as our personal   thanks.  

Mr C A STOTT and FAMILY Native Street Lansdowne -state w

to THANK all relatives and friends and neighbours for their kind expressions of sympathy In their recent sad bereave


Mrs M RYAN Mrs M MCLAREN and SISTERS of the late Christina T}ler wish to THANK idatives Irlends and nelkhbouis also the stan and cmplo}ees ol Taileis Pt} Ltd

their kind expressions of sympathy In their recent sad bereaiement

Mr and Mrs MEDLICOl T 56 Henle) Marine Drive Flvedock sincerely THANK au relatives ond friends for Iheir expressions ol sympathy and floral tributes In thetr recent sod bereavement Pico-Ï accept this as our personal thanks

The relntivc» ot the late Mrs Eura Jackson of Queens Riad Flvedock wish to THANK their kind Irlends ror their floral tributes and expression» ol sympath) in their recent sod bereove ment Please accept this as persona!


The RELATIVES and FRIENDS ot the late Mr C MacNAUGHT wish to THANK their many kind friends for floral tributes and S}mpathy


BAKER-the Relatives and Friends

of the late CHARLES JAMES BAK ER are Invited to attend his Funeral lo leave our Private Chapel This Day at 9 30 a in ror the Catholic Come

ten Woronora



40 Brown Street

LA2109 Newtown

"DINNIL -The Relative« and Friends JJ or Mrs Beatrice Binnie Mr and Mrs D J Binnie Mr and Mrs C Binnie and ot Mr and Mrs H Mather and their Families ure Invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved Husband and their dear" Father Father In law and Grondfaiher DAVID BINNIE, of 14 Henderson Road Bexley which will leave the Bap ist Church Forest Road Bexley

Crematorium Woronora

J and C HARDY A F D A _ Rockdale and Hurstville

TÍOOTH -The Relatives and Friends of J.» Mr w Booth and Family are In vlled to attend the Funeral ol his beloved Wife and their dcor Mother Mother In law and Grnndmothcr MARY HALL BOOTH to leaie our Choi«! 7 Norton Street Leichhardt Ihls Snturdoy after Service commencing at 11 a m Rookwood Crematorium


CONCANNON - The Relatives and

Friends ol Mr and Mrs H Con cannon of 81 Eastern Road Turramurra are invited to attend the Funeral ol their deorl) loved Infant Daughter JENNIFER GAY to leave our Chapel corner Orchard Read and Brown Street Chatswood This Saturday at 10 a m for Church of England Cemeter} North

CONNORS-Ihe Relatives and Friends

or the late PATRICK CONNORS (late ot Mora)a) are Invited to attend hi» Funeral to leave the Private Chapel of Motor Funerals Limited 30 Cit) Road City This Morning at 9 45 o clock for the Cothollo Cemeten Rookwood


JO City Rood City Phone No M62i7

CORMIE -The Relatives and Friends

of Mr Patrick Cormie and Family of 52 Keira Street Port Kembla are in- vited to attend the Funeral of his belov-

ed wife and their dear mother ELLA to leave St stephen s Church Port Kembla This Saturday alter senlce commenclni. at 3 15 p m for the Church or England Cemetery. Wollongong. A bus will be supplied. H. PARSONS, Funeral Director

CULLEN - The Relatives and Friends of Mr David Cullen Mr and Mrs John Cullen and Barn Mr nnd Mrs

J Frame and Kern Mrs M Steele and Family Mr and Mrs H Kettlcy and or Mr James Cullen are Invited to attend the Funeral of lils dearly loied Wife and their dear Mother Mother In law Grandmother Sister Sister In lav and Aunt VICTORIA LOUISA CULLEN ot 109 Harrow Road, Bexles which w11" leave our Private chapel Seven Ways Rockdale This (Saturday) Morning after service commencing at 9 15 o clock the Crematorium Woronora


Rockdale and Hurstville

DELANEY -The Relatives and Friends

or the late FDWARD CHARLES DE LANEY formerly of St Marys are In

vlted to attend his Funeral to leave the Porromotta Funeral Home 32 Darcy Street Parramatta on Monday the 24th Instant at 10 a m for the Church of Fngland Cemeten Rookwood



DEW -The Relatives and Friends ol

the late ARTHUR WILLIAM DEW aro Invited to attend his Funeral to leave the residence Cradock 212 Barker Street Randwick Tils Saturday at 10 am for the Randwick Cemeter»

Requiem Moss tor the Repose of his Soul will be celebrated at the Church of Oir Lady of the Sacred Heart Randwick at


Established 1836 MA60H 4


LXON -Tile Friends of Mrs -_- BERTHA DIXON of 33 Longueville Road Lane Cove are Invited to attend her Funeral to leave Bruce Maurer s Chapel 281 3 Pacific Highway near West Street North S)dnev on Monda} January 24 at 3 30 p m for the Nor them Suburbs Crematorium

BRUCE MAURER __,,,,." XA1034 North Svdney XB1542 DÜ1G-The Relatives and Friends of

the late JESSIE JOSEPHA DOIO oi 7 Collins Street North Narrabeen are invited to attend her Funeral to leave the Klnsela Chapels Ta} lor Square Dar

llnghurst This Saturday at 10 a m for the Catholic Cemetery Botany


A F D A Est 1830

Taylor Square Darlinghurst

Phone FA4136 7 a_

FLETCHER.—The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. Adelaide Emily Fletcher and Family are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly be- loved Husband and their dear Father, Father-in-law, and Grandfather, JOHN     ROBERT FLETCHER ; to leave his late residence, 1 Hardie Street, Mascot, This Morning, after service commencing at 10.45 o'clock, for the Crematorium,     Eastern Suburbs.   LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED,

24 Enmore Road, NEWTOWN.

'Phone, LA2777 (4 lines).

FOSTER -The Relatives and Friends

ol Mrs Jessie Foster oí Corrl

mai and Thelma (Mrs Soden) and Ronald ol -pplng are kindly invited to attend a Funeral Service at the Nor li

ern Suburb» Crematorium This Satur- day Morning at 11 o clock for her late beloved Husband and their dear Father CHARLES WILLIAM FOSTER

A B COLE, Funeral Director,



FOURDRINIER - The Funeral of the

late Mr HENRY JOHN FOURDRIN IER will arrive at the Rookwood Crema torium This Saturday at 11.15 am.  


HAMMOND -The RelBllve» and

Friends of the late JOHN WILLIAM HAMMOND nre kindly invited to attend his Funeral to lease Our Private Chapel 804 Crown Street ssdncy This Morn Ing at 9 o clock for the Randwick Cemetery _ LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED

604 Crown Street sydney

Phone 1-12777 (4 line«)

HAMMOND - Th« Relativos and

friends of Mr and Mr» H N For rest Mis» F Forrest and Mr and Mrs

S While are klndlv invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved Brother in

law and Uncle JOHN HAMMOND For particulars see ubovo notice

HATTLEY -The Funeral of the late

Mr« EVA MAUD HATTLEY Of 86 Georgiana Terrace Gosford will leave R H Creighton s Funeral Parlo ir This Day at 11 30 am for Point Clare Cemetery _ , _.. .

R H CREIGHTON Funeral Director

Phono Gosford 45

HIGGINS -The Relatives and Friend'

of Mr P Higgins Mrs L Walker and Family are Invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved Wife and their loved Sister and Aunt MARIA AMELIA HIGGINS to leave Our Private Chapel 435 New Canterbiry Rood Dulwich Hill

This Morning at 9 JO o clock for the Church of England Cemetery Rookwood


Dulwich Hill Terminus

Phone 1 M1676 LM1453 9

HORNER-The Relative« and Friends

of Mr and Mrs M C Evans and family Mr and Mrs S E Horner nnd Family Mr T Lehane and Family Mrs A Pettigrew Bnd Family are Invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved Brother Brother In law and Uncle to leave our Private Chapel 389 Pacific Highway Crow s Nest This Dav after a ser Ice crmmenclng at 11 a m for the Crematorium Northern Suburbs


389 Pacific Hlghwav Crow s Nest

_Phone XB4015_

MCANDREW -The Relatives and

Friends of Mr and Mr« W New lyn of Kingsford Mr Charle« Mc

Andrew are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved Mother and Mother In law HENRIETTA McAND REW to take place This Saturday at 3pm in Church of England Cemetery

Shell Harbour

ANDREW KENNEDY Funeral Director 436 Anzac Parade Kingsford FX6610

MCDONNELL -Th» Relatives and

Friends of the late Mrs ELIZA MCDONNELL of 12 Haberfield Road Haberfield aro invited to attend her Funeral to leave our Chapel This Mon day 24th January after servico con menclng at 10 15 a m for Crematorium


Lakemba UL2512

MACMAHON -The Funeral of the late

JOHN TERENCE MACMAHON Will leave st Thomas Church Lewisham This Saturdas after prayers commencing at 9 45 am for Catholic Cemetery



MEWHORT-The Funeral of the late

JACOB MEWHORT took place on Friday January 21 1949 at the Metho dist Cemetery Northern suburbs


J89 Pacific Illiliwa«. Crow s Nest

Phone XB40H5

MOUNTIER-The Relatives and

Friends of Mrs Ethel Mountler and Famllj are kindly Invited lo attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved Husband and their dear Father Father in law and Grandfather ARTHUR WILLIAM MOUNTIER to leave our Funeral Home 24 North Parade Campsie on Mondas Morning al » 15 o clock for Rookwood



24 North parade Campsie

Phone LA2-77 (4 lines)

QUINLIVAN -Lodge Bereslord No

161 UOL of N S W - The OBI. cers and Brethren are invited to attend the Funeral of their esteemed late Brother OSCAR JOHN QUINLIVAN at 9 30 a m Mondas January 24 See Family Notice Regalia D A Nichols W M W T Smith Sec

ROBINSON -The Relatives and

Friends of the late PETER ROBIN SON nre Invited to attend his Funeral

to leave Frnest Andrews Chapels corner Pacific High sas nnd Thomas Street

Chalswood This Day at 10 30 a m for the Church of Eng and Cemetery Field of



Chatswood JA2834 TDOYCE-The Relatives and Friends I» of Mr H H Royce and Family are Invited to attend the Funeral of his be- loved Wife their dear Mother and Grandmother SARAH ELIZABETH to leave the residence 38 Ostend Street

Lidcombe This Day at » 45 a m for Randwick Cemetery


J2 Darcy Street Parramatta


RYAN -Requiem Mass for the Repose

of the Soul of the late JAMES JOSEPH RYAN will be celebrated In Holy Innocent s Church Croydon this (Satur day) morning at 6 45 o clock

RYAN -The Relatives and Friends of

Mr and Mrs P F Ryan Mrs and I he late Mr John C Ryan and family Mr and Mrs W King and family Messrs Justin and Josaph Ryan Mr and Mrs L Jones and family are kindly in sited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved brother and uncle JAMES JOSFPH to leave his late residence 8 Luke Avenue Burwood this (Snturdnv) morning at 10 o clock for the Catholic Cemetery Rookwood


Y AN-H A CBS St Milly a Con

cord No 157 Officers and members io requested to attend the Funeral of their esteemed Brother JAMES JOSEPH RYAN P P See lamily notice

GLEESON President

BYAN -Vehicle Builders Employees

Federation Officers und members ol the above Federation ure*requested to attend the Funeral of their esteemed Secretary J J RYAN See family notice

A J DOWD President

S ELWOOD -The Relatives and Friends

of Mrs Margaret Selwood and Mr and Mrs George Selwood Jnr and Phillp are Invited to attend the FYinerel of her dearls beloved Husband their dear Father Father-in-low. and Grand- father GEORGE ALFRED, to leave the residence 33 Alice Street Auburn This Dos at 10 a m , for the Catholic Ceme- tery, Rookwood



Railway Porode Burwood UJ2178-9

SELWOOD-I he Officers and Members

of Auburn United Lodge No 57 I O O F arc icq lo attend the Funeral of their late Member a A SELWOOD For particulars see Family Notice D A NEWTON N G C DUNCAN Sec

SMITH -The Funeral of the late Mrs

A M L SMITH urie of North Narrabeen will leave our Funeral Par- lours This Day (Saturday), at 9 30 am, for the Church or England Ceme- tery Northern Suburbs


26J Miller Street,

XB15I0_North Sidney

SMITH - The Relatives and Friends of

the late WALTER RUFUS SMITH are invited to attend his Funeral to leave the residence 46 Kingston Street

Haberfield This Day at 9 30 a m for   the Rookwood Cremotorium  

GEO ANDREWS PTY LIMITED. 237-9 Liverpool Road Ashfield

UA28Q8-9 WILLIAMS - A Service for Mr WILliam E S WILLIAMS of 39     St Georges Crescent Drummoyne will be held In the Chapel ot Northern Sub urbs Cremotorlum, This Saturday at

10 15 am


XA1034 North Sydney. XB1542

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