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Greater Union Results

Best To Date

Total profit of £112,596 earned by the four operating com- panies of the Greater Union Theatre group for 1946 is the best to date,» and an increase of £5,012 <>n the year.

The iñciease was due to the ex- pansion in the business of Greater Union Theatres Pty. Ltd.-, said the chairman of that company, Mr. N. B. Rydge, speaking,at the annual meetings yesterday of the holding companies, West's Ltd., Spencer's Pictures Ltd., Gtr. J. D. Williams Amusement Co. Ltd., and Amalga- mated Pictures Ltd.

Without this expansion, results would have fallen because of the changes in post-war conditions, he


Profits continued to be satisfac- tory this year.

The 1946 results, after an alloca- tion for taxation, compare as fol- lows:

Year ended Dec. 31.

1944. 1945. 1946.

Greater Union .. 82.550 89,847 98,490 Brit. Emp. Films 16,015 14,171 10,735 Cinesound. 7,223 1,392 1.'" Nat. Th. Supply . 2,562 2,174 1,!

Total . 108,350 107,584 112,596

Greater Union Theatres Pty. dividend was again £75,000, of which the holding1 companies re- ceived £37,5,00.

The number of theatres in which the company is interested has grown from 84 last year to 115.

A new company, Sixteen Milli- metre Australia Pty. Ltd., in which the holding companies have invested, has traded profitably since it was formed this year.

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