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Medical Benefits

Outstanding features of the B.M.A. medical benefits fund were its non- profit basis and the right of members to select their own doctors, the assis- tant secretary of the B.M.A., Dr. Hugh Hunter, said yesterday.

The fund has been registered as the Medical Benefits Fund of New South Wales Ltd. and will begin operations on August l8.

All persons under 65 years of age arc eligible foi membership.

"A member has the righi to select any legally qualified medical practitioner,"

Dr. Hunter said.

"If the member lives in the city but becomes ill in another part of the State or the Commonwealth, lie may still claim benelits and call in any doctor or special-


"The fund is a non-profit one and any accumulated funds will be used to ex- tend benefits.

"Collection of contributions and pay- ments will be administered by the Hos- pitals' Contribution Fund of N.S.W. and anyone desiring membership of the fund should apply to the Hospitals Contribu- tion Fund offices."


Benefits will be payable immediately after joining in cases of accidents, 12 months after the date of joining in con- finement and obstetric cases, and two months from the date of joining in all

other cases.

In a membership year the maximum benefits to which a member is entitled are:-General practitioner's service, £15/15/; specialist service, £15/15/; surgeon's fee, £26/5/; physiotherapy, £4/10/; diagnostic services-X-ray, bio- chemistry, and pathology, £5/5/; con- finements, £3/3/; anaesthetist's services, £1/1/ to £2/2/ for minor and £3/3/ for major operations.

Rates of contribution, payable in ad- vance, are: Unmarried men and women under 21 years:-Weekly 1/; four weekly 4/; quarterly 12/6; half-yearly £1/5/; and yearly £2/107. Unmarried men and women over 21 years:-Weekly 1/6; four weekly 6/; quarterly 18/9; half-yearly £1/17/6; yearly £3/15/. Married men and women with or without dependants or widowed per- sons with dependants:-Weekly 3/; four weekly 12/; quarterly £1/17/6; half-yearly £3/15/; yearly £7/10/.

Dependants under the scheme are hus- band or wife and children under the age of 17. Wheçe children 17 years of age and over are students not in receipt of income special application may be made for them as dependants.

Benefits will not be payable in respect of any illness the symptoms of which are in evidence at the time of joining; tuberculosis; X-ray of teeth; eye refrac- tion (benefits are available for other eye conditions); alcoholism; drug addiction; certified mental diseases; examinations for life assurances; certificates of health; acci- dents, injuries, illness, or disability where the contributor or dependent concerned is entitled to any compensation, assistance, or benefit under any act of Parliament; for any dependents not registered' with the fund within specified periods.

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