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Mongolian Troops

Take Town

NANKING, June 12 (A.A.P.). -Troops from Outer Mongolia who invaded the Chinese Province of Sinkiang last week have cap- tured the town of Peitashan, 50 miles inside the border, a Chinese official statement said to-day.

The official newspaper "Central Daily News" says the Outer Mongo- lian forces have alvanced beyond Peitashan towards Chitai.

Peitashan is about 150 miles north-

east of Tihwa, the provincial capital.

Chinese Government sources said last night that the invasion had politi- cal rather than military implications. They said it was aimed at giving one Special Commissioner named Li Rihan. who is pro-Russian, complete control of Sinkiang Province, thereby ousting the other Special Commis- sioner, named Us Man, who is for the Chinese Government.

The semi-independent government of the province appointed both com- missioners some time ago to keep the peace in the province, collect taxes, and administer their respective terri- tories.

Li Rihan's territory is in the north, adjoining Russia, and Us Man's in the eaV, on the Outer Mongolian

border. '

Chinese Government sources, said

last night that Li Rihan in February attacked forces under Us Man, and, on March 27, Us Man was forced to evacuate Chengchua and retreat to Peitashan. He was again attacked there by Outer Mongolian troops last Thursday.

?Military experts in Nanking doubt whether the Government could send

effective assistance to Sinkiang in view of ils reverses at the hands of the Chinese Communists'elsewhere.

'It is thought the Government would try to localise the fighting, and settle the affair diplomatically.


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