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I Sydney's Talking About-)

HOW ALL THE BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS are praying for cold weather next week- end, as their new race ensembles have been bought on the assumption that winter would have been with us by this time. And the way the changeable weather has brought on an "epidemic of colds . . . Mrs. Noel Vincent's preparations for her air trip to France at the end of the month have been held up, Mrs. Bill Adams has lost her voice . . .

THE "GUEST OF THE UNSPEAKABLE," Group-Captain C. VV. Hill, formerly commandant of the R.A.F. in Teheran, who has come to Aus- tralia with his wife and daughter. And what tales he will exchange with Tommy White, M.P., whom he first met in a hospital in 1918 at Yozgad (Turkey) when both were junior flying officers trying to escape. Mr. White .told his experiences in his book, "Guests of the Unspeakable," and Group-Captain Hill's adventures'" were detailed in E. H. Jones's book, "Road to Endor" . . .

EXPLANATION GIVEN FOR MARLENE DIET- RICH'S accent in her new French film, "Martin Roumagnac." They call her an Australian, which is apparently intended io eïplain everything. Incidentally, Marlene co-stars with J caji Gabin for the first time in a film, although gossip writers have ijonq" persisted in co-starring them

outside the studio.

HOW QUIETLY DOROTHY »RUNTON DAWSON returned to Australia from London where she has been living for 13 years. This well loved musical comedy favourite, widow of Ben Dawson, is on a health trip; she returned to Sydney with the widow of Malcolm McEachern, of Flotsam

And Jetsam fame . . .


BERY UNDER ARMS," soon to be filmed by Harry Watt. 'The second time Rolf 'Boldrewood's story was filmed (the first time was in 1909) the location was in the Braidwood district in 1920, and "Top" Hassall doubled-for Kenneth Brampton in the daring escapes made on horseback by Captain Starlight. The late R. E. Hassall, father of this expert horseman, and renowned in his day as "the best whip in the district," drove the coach which was held up by the Starlight gang. Tien Hogue, now Mrs. Guy Wyatt, whose husband, Rear-Admiral Wyatt, is now at the Admiralty, played the role of Lucy Marsden.

"Top" Hassall is still the expert horseman, and is president of the Rough Riders' Association of Australia. He faced the cameras for the second time in 1942, when in Chauvel's "Forty Thousand Horse- men" he led his men of the Light Horse in thrilling desert scenes, which were filmed on the sandhills at Cronulla. It was no novelty for him, as he was an officer with the 12th Light ílorse in Egypt in World

War 1. ^

ACID COMMENTS ON THE SOCIAL SCENE BY . . . The woman who said she couldn't bear to go overseas by ship at present "because all the ships seem to be full of women and all the men travel by air" . . . And the other woman who wondered haw all the bright young things know just which are the "right" dances and those which are not during a season booked out with

dances . . .

BALL COMMITTEE MEETINGS and the way in which so many women can spend so much time talking about so little. Prize example is the organisation which spent some hours heatedly dis- cussing the merits of sliced turkey, with or without lukewarm soup, while trying to decide their supper

menu . . .


forsaking Easter gaieties in the city and trekking to Bowral to see their children who do not get holidays from school. Among these parents who will visit their daughters at Frensham are Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Watt, who will greet Susan; Mrs. Evelyn Crossing, who will see Jan and Judy . . . Mrs. Alan Potter will see Susan and Barbara . . . Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Albert will say good-bye to their sons at Tudor House before leaving for Europe.

THAT INTRIGUING QUESTION . ... Is Miss Tilli Bean, loved by Ilka Chase, any relation to the late Christopher Bean, the artist about whose pictures there is so much concern at the Minerva Theatre? ...

ORION DEPARTURES ... Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Watt, on their way to Moscow, where he has been appointed Australian Minister; Mrs. Philip Ashton, of Coreena, Junee, off to show her two children, Christopher and Katherine, to her parents, Dr. and Mrs. 1. Mackenzie, of Glasgow; Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Dekyvere and Mr. and Mrs. Alan Copeland, whose farewell parties have imposed an idditional strain on already heavy Easier social

engagements; Mr. and Mrs. Percy Spender, Lady Kater, Mrs. Malcolm Mackellar, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Shellcr, Mrs. Rex Money, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Christmas and daughter Margaret, Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Bateman, of Windsor, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Davis, pianist Lawrence Godfrey Smith, and actress Ailsa Graham are all among the hundreds off to have a look at England and Europe.

THOSE WAITING LISTS FOR WAITING LISTS, and the simple-minded creature who saw two frocks in a city window and thought they would suit her. They were priced at 100 guineas and 95 guineas, but she could only get on to the second list. (

THAT BOOMING SOTTO VOCE RE- MARK heard at an Easter exhibition of paint- ings at the Macquarie Galleries . . . "Darling, I know exactly what you want; come and look at this Bunny." And the reply, "No, my dear, I really only

want a still life."

THE NOBLE BRIDESMAIDING SERVICE which has been given by Miss Sue Other Gee. When she attends her sister-in-law to be, Miss Joan Scribner at her wedding on June 11 to Mr. lan Dther Gee it will be the ninth occasion,on which she has followed a bride up the aisle . . .


M 0 L T K E (right) attended the parade of Pierre Balmain frocks at Prince's with MRS. LESLIE DUNLOP. Coun-

tess Moltke will | shortly return | to Denmark ¡ after spending a holiday with her parents^ Mr. and

Mrs. ' Norman Holmes, of Yar- ras, Bathurst, Mrs. Holmes will accompany her daughter and the latter's two children back to Denmark.

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