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The Stars of To-morrow

Joan Leslie is the most promising star of to-morrow, according to the annual exhibitors' poll con ducted by the magazine, "Motion Picture Herald."


HE ten players most likely to

achieve stardom, listed in order,


Joan Leslie, "Butch" Jenkins, Zach ary Scott, Don Defore, Mark Stevens, Eve Arden. Lizabeth Scott, Dan Duryea, Yvonne DcCarlo, and Rob-

ert Mitchum.

Joan Leslie is . having the tradi- tional contract trouble with Warners. Almost every star Warners has de- veloped, including Bette Davis, Errol Flynn, Paul Muni, and Humphrey Bogart, have bad . prolonged battles with the studio, generally resulting in reconciliation and larger pay.

Jackie. "Butch" Jenkins at the age of eight becomes the third genera lion entertainer son of Doris Dudley, grandson of the celebrated'dramatic critic, Bide Dudley.

"Butch" is picked second in all polls for his performances in "The Human Comedy," "American Ro

From Our Hollytvootl . " Correspondent

manee,"" "National Velvet" and "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes."

Zach.iry Scott is a Texan, but made his first hit on the London stage. He has had recent film hits in "Mil- dred Pierce," "The Southerner," "San

Antonjo." He is now making "Stal-

lion Road."

Don Defore was first successful on Broadway and came lo the front here in "A Guy Named Joe," "The Stork Club" and other films.

Mark Stevens came to films from radio. He recently starred in the thriller, "The Dark Corner."

Eve Arden, who was 16th in last year's ballot, is probably Hollywood's most authentic comedienne.

Dan Duryea set the screen afire with his tough role in "Scarlet Street," and now tops Universal's

fan mail.

Yvonne DeCarlo, a product of cabaret, first starred in Walter Wan ger's "Salome. Where She Danced."

Robert Mitchum, who crashed stard mi in "The Story of G.I. Joe," is now the current bobbysoxer Idol.

These exhibitors' polls are prob- ably the most important of the year as the selections almost invariably reach the fame predicted.

The leaders of last year's poll -

Dane Clark, Jeane Crain, Keenan Wynn, Peggy Ann Garner, and Cor-

nel Wilde - are all stars now.

The runners-up in this year's poll were Peter Lawford, Evelyn Keyes. Homes Gronyn, Rod Cameron. Joan Caulfield, Ann Blyth, Gail Russell, Virginia Mayo. Elizabeth Tayloi. Guy

Madison, Robert Alda, Marguerite Chapman, Bill Williams, Angela Lansbury, and Sid Caesar.

There are now 71 independent pro- ducing units in Hollywood, creating an unprecedented market for players and stories.

Most of these independents are finding it very difficult to secure studio space, for there are only six more studio sound stages now than in


Some independents are- booking space three years ahead.

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