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(Before Mr. Justice Owen and a jury.) TAX NOT PART OF WAGE LOSS.

His Honor ruled that a jury in assessing loss of earnings must calcu- late from net wages after tax was taken out and not from the gross


Arthur Atkinson, 44, wharf labourer, claimed damages from Port Line Ltd., stevedores, for suffering and loss caused him by an accident on June 27, 1945, when he was working for defendant on

the wharf.

He alleged that carelessness of an- other employee, either a winchman or a hatchman, caused the accident which re- sulted from the raising, without signal, of a half-ton case that crushed plaintiff's leg against the side of the ship Tiran


Defendant, who denied negligence,

offered no evidence.

Medical evidence was that plaintiff, who was still on crutches, would prob- ably be unable to work for another 12 months, which would be two years from the accident.

Plaintiff earned £584 in the year be- fore the accident, out of which he paid £120 in tax.

Mr. McClemens, K.C.. for plaintiff, submitted that the jury should use the figure £584 in calculating an award for loss of earnings.

He submitted that his Honor should follow the English decision to this effect of Atkinson J. in the case of Jordan v Limner and Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co., given on March 19 last, which followed a previous decision to the same effect given in 1933.

His Honor refused, saying he was not bound by the decision and that he had previously ruled to the opposite effect, as awards of damages were not subject to


The jury awarded plaintiff £1,318.

Mr. McClemens, K.C., with Mr. M. E. Pile (by Mr. Aidan J. Devereux) for plaintiff; Mr. N. A. Jenkyn (by Messrs. Tietyens, McLachlan and Co.) for de-



- (Before Mr. Justice Davidson.)

A decree nisi was granted in the following suit:

Cyril Arthur Forbes v Stella May Forbes (formerly Dudley). Marriage, September, 1936. Issue, desertion. Mr. L. C. Furnell (instructed by Mr. Charles Griffiths) for the petitioner; and Mr. C. L. Regan (Instructed by Messrs. Taylor and Kearney) for the respondent.

(Before Mr. Justice Herron.)

Decrees nisi were granted in the following suits:

Agnes Bcrnadine Clare (formerly Ityan) v Bede Patrick Clare. Marriage, January. 1921. Issue, desertion. Mr. J. K. Dixon for the petitioner.

Walter Reginald George v Veronica May George (formerly Adams) and Harold Hall, co- respondent. Marriage, April, 1928. Mr. J. K. Dixon for the petitioner.

William Henry Ferguson v Ida Dorothy Fer- guson (formerly Hall) and Syril Bishop Spence, co-respondent. Marriage, May, 1934. Mr. J.

K. Dixon for the petitioner.

Clifford Oxley Swann v Marjorie Swann (for- merly Lynds-Stevcnson). Marriage, October. 1928. Issue, desertion. Mr. J. K. Dixon for the petitioner.

William Pondi v Elizabeth Grace Fowell (formerly Brown). Marriage, August, 1938. Issue, desertion. Mr. J. K. Dixon for the petitioner.

Maxwell Deane Joseph v Sheila Joseph (for- merly' Mcclelland). Marriage, October. 1943. Issue, desertion. Mr. Pike (instructed by Mr. William Lander) for the petitioner.

Mary Jane Elizabeth Kendall (formerly Beattie) v John Arthur Kendall. Marriage, October, 1912. Issue, desertion. Mr. Pike (Instructed by Mr. William Lander) for the petitioner.

Alfred Edmund Penfold v Nina Rene Penfold (formerly Le Court). Marriage, August, 1926. Issue,' desertion. Mr. Fowler (instructed by Messrs. VV. H. Hill and Weir) for the peti- tioner; Mr. Zeil (Instructed by Messrs. Clifton R. Penny and Davies) for the respondent.

Harold Thomas Newman v Henrietta New- man (formerly Hume). Marriage, December, 1932. Issue, desertion. Mr. Bowen Thomas (instructed by Mi. Samuel H. Simblist) for the petitioner.

Betty Eunice Gaudron (formerly Dalgleish) v Paul Gaudron. Marriage, March, 1943. Issue, adultery. Mr. Tanner (instructed by Messrs. C. R. Willcox and Co.) for the peti- tioner.

Raymond Murray Stratford v Joan Stratford (formerly Jones). Marri ige. Dccembei. 194U Issue, adultery. Mr. Too« (instructed bj Messrs. Michell and Gee) for the petitioner.

Corrie Classer (formerly Singleton) v Louis lsadore Glasser. Marriage. January. 1937. Issue, desertion. Messrs. Pike and Pike for the petitioner.

Nita Mary Guest (formerly Key) v Clarence Vernon Guest. Marriage. February,. ,1935. Issue, desertion. Mr. P. Toose (instructed < hy Messrs. Allan Uther and Mansfield, city agents for Mr. John Yeldham) for the petitioner.

Restitution orders were made in the following suits:- - '" ' . ;

Alan Steele McAlpine v Margaret Yvonne McAlpine (formerly Macpherson). Marriage, April, 1941. Messrs. Barkell and Peacock for the petitioner.

Thomas Sidney McKay v Oddie Anita Made- line Marie McKay (formerly Letebure). Mar- riage, August, 1934. Mr. Smyth (instructed by Messrs. Keith W. Gunn and Co.) for the petitioner.

Leslie David Melros» v Iris Amy Melrose (formerly Freeman). Marriage, July,'1940. ,Mr. Pike (instructed by Mr. William Lander) for the pctilioner.

Alexander Thomas Florance MrCsrlhy v Isa Margaret McCarthy (formerly Hallo). Mar- riage, March, 1940. Messrs. Harold T. Morgan and Sons for the petitioner.

Frederick Allan Rltzrovv v Vera Catherine Ritzrovv (formerly McKenzie). Marriage, Janu- ary, 1943. Mcssis. Pike and Pike for the petitioner. ,

Jennie Ward (formerly Hoyle) v Leslie Charles Ward. Marriage, April. 1934. Mr. H. W. Robson (Instructed by Messrs.' C. P. White and Co.) for the petitioner.

(Before Mr. Justice Clancy.)

Decrees nisi were granted in the fol- lowing suits:

Hazel Marlon Schofield (formerly Gibbs) v William Hunter Schofield. Marriage November, 1934. Issue, adultery. Mr. John H. Peoples for the petitioner; Mr. Ziems (instructed by Mr. F. T. Hcrlihy) for the respondent.

Frederick Nicholas Tobey v Gladys Mary Tobey (formerly Smith). Marriage, July. 1926. Issue, desertion. Mr. John H. Peoples for the petitioner.

Jean Shirley Firkin (formerly Row) v Leslie William Firkin. Marriage, March, 1943. Issue, desertion. Mr. Little (instructed by Messrs. R. D. Meagher, Sproulc and Co.) for the peti-


. Charles Hillman Daldry v Irene May Daldry (formerly Wyatt). Marriage, November. 1918. Issue, desertion. Messrs. Maddock:, Cohen und Maguire for the petitioner.

Gladys Nita Murray (formerly Tumeth) v John Albert Murrav. Marriage, August. 1942. Issue, desertion. Messrs. E. R. Tracey and Co. for the petitioner.

Maiis Violet Richards (formerly Hall) v Leslie -Richards. Marnape, Mardi, 1131. Issue, desertion. Messrs. E. R. Tracey and Co. for the petitioner.

Allan Lester Rosncr v Gloria Sybil Rosner (formerly Pitchford). Marriage, Nos ember, 1941. Issue, adultery. Mr. Newton (Instructed by Mr. A. P. Berne) for the petitioner.

Vincent Ednard Greenwood v Florence Mary Greenwood (formerly Anthony), ard Ronald Lee, co-respondent. Maníase. January. 1933. Mr. C. R. Pcnnv for the petitioner.

Frederick Henry Cranford v Sylvia Emma Crawford (formerly Abcrllnc). Marriage, October, 1944. Issue, desertion. Mr. C. R. Penny for the petitioner.

Harold He) M ard Waniick v Nancy Joan Warwick (formerly Ratcliffe). Marriage, April, 1940. Issue, desertion. Mr. F. C. Sinclair for the pciitioncr.

Irene Jane Loader (formerly Stilwell) V John Loader. Marriage, July, 1918. Issue, desertion. Messrs. Sullivan Oros, fçr the petitioner.

John Michael Nolan v Kathleen Elizabeth Nolan (formerly Nielsen). Mamase, Decem- ber, 1922 Issue, desertion Mr. Lee (in- structed by Mr. Harold Munro) for the petitioner.

Alice Henrietta Lucas (formerly Hill) v Geoffrey Kenneth Lucas. Marriage, March. 1936. Issue, desertion. Mr. Toose (instructed by Messrs. Hill, Thomson and Sullivan) for the petitioner.

Nancy Margaret O'Rtgan (formerly Morgan» v Edward Bernard O'Rcgan. Marriage. October, 1943. Issue, desertion. Mr. Fred A. Newn- ham for Ihe petitioner.

Catherine Henrietta Brown (formerly Smith) v Robert Sommerville Brown. Marriage, Nov- ember, 1934. Issues, drunkenness and cruelty. Mr. F. W. Reilly for (he petitioner.

Restitution orders were made in the following suits:

George Albert Goddard v Irene Naomi Goddard (formerly Ewart). Marriage, October, 1935. Mr. W. R. Thomson for the petitioner.

Jack Lilcy v Dorolhy Phyllis Jean Lilcy (formerly Goodsell). Marriage. November, 1944. Mr. Olio Brown for the petitioner.

John Thomas Dai ern v Doris Davern (for- merly Deegan). Marriage, July, 1939. Issue, desertion. Mr. VV. R. Thomson for the peti-


Albert Munro Cameron v Lavinia Evelyn Cameron (formerly Varcoe). Marriage, August, 1926. Messrs. E. R. Tracey and Co. for the petitioner.


(Before Mr. Justice Nicholas.)


His Honor, by reserved judgment; dismissed the suit instituted by a nephew of the testatrix, for revoca- tion of the will of Miss May Latham Clulow, formerly of Victoria Road,

Bellevue Hill.

Miss Clulow died at the ape of 79 years, in October, 1944, leaving real and personal estate of £10,000. By her will she left small legacies, amounting in all to £250, to friends and relatives, and gave the rest of her estate to her nephew, John Clulow, an engineer, and appointed him sole executor. He had lived with his aunt for many years.

Oliver 'Clulow, a brother of the exe- cutor, sought revocation of probate, granted in 1945, on the ground that the will, typewritten on a printed form, had not been executed by the testatrix. Coun- sel for the plaintiff submitted that the will was a forgery, and that the attesting witnesses were parties to a conspiracy with the defendant.

The will was dated September 6, 1944, and the attesting witnesses of Miss Clu low's signature were Mrs. Margaret Laws and Peter Laws, her brother, a soldier.

A great deal of evidence was taken at the hearing, much of it being from doc- tors and handwriting experts. In this there was some conflict.

His Honor said that nothing had been revealed in the past record of either of the attesting witnesses which would throw doubt on his or her credibility, nor was there any evidence that either stood to gain from admission of the will to probate or had any motive for fur- thering the interests of the executor. He regarded them as truthful, and accepted

their evidence.

Costs of both parties were ordered to be paid out of the estate, costs of de- fendant as between solicitor and client.

Mr. S. Isaacs (by Messrs. Percy Wil- liamson and Son) for plaintiff, and Mr. A. B. Kerrigan and Mr. M. H. Allen (by Messrs. Verner Cocks and Graham) for the defendant executor.



(Before Mr. Justice Kinsella,)


Mr. Justice Kinsella will leaving Sydney for a two months' tour of New South Wales to examine hospital conditions/ -, " * * '" '< ' '

, The tour will provide his Honor with facts upon which he will assess an ap- plication by the N.S.W. Nurses' Associa-

tion for a new industrial award.

When the application came before the industrial Commission yesterday, Mr. J. J. McKeon, who appeared for the asso- ciation, asked that the'hearing be ad- journed until June 28 in order that de- tails ot the proposed itinerary could be placed before the, commission. The ad- journment was granted.

Application was also made by ihe N.S.W. Hospitals Association for auth- ority lo employ girls under l8 in hos- pitals as ward cadets.

Mr. A. C. Beattie, who apeared for the Hospitals Association, pointed out to Mr. Justice Kinsella that under existing legislation girls cannot begin 1 raining as probationers until ' they are l8. This matter was also adjourned until June




(Before Judge Rainbow.)



Eight coalminers were awarded weekly compensation payments in respect of wholly or partially incapacitating pul- monary fibrosis which medical evidence had said was probably due to their work in, coal mines. They were represented by Mr. F. Lowden, Southern District president of the Miners' Federation. The

awards were as follows:

Wilfred James Maggs, 46, of 8 Luxnor Street, Woonona, employed by the Bel- lambi Coal Co. Ltd., unfit, £5 a week from April 10.

James Armstrong, 58, of School Lane,

Balgownie, employed by the Corrimal Coal and Coke Pty. Ltd., unfit/£4/15/ a week from May 3.

Samuel Thomas, 48, of Coledale Ave- nue, Coledale, employed by the Metro- politan Coal Co. Ltd., Helensburgh, un- fit, £3 a week from May 23.

John H. Parker, 56, of 16 Stanhope Street, Woonona, employed by the Bel- lambi Coal Co. Ltd., fit for light work, £4/10/ a week from April 27.

Leonard Howard, 43, of Chester Street, Bellambi, employed by the Bel- lambi Coal Co. Ltd., fit for light work, £4/5/ a week from April 19.

John Hitchen, of Sandhurst Street, Bulli, employed by the Coalcliff Col- lieries Ltd., fit for light work, £4 a week from April 24.

Robert John Pulley, c/o Post Office, Clifton, employed by the Coalcliff Col- lieries Ltd., fit for light work, £4 a

week from June 4.

George Bryson, 40, of Florence Street, Reidtown, via Corrimal, employed by the' Corrimal Coal and Coke Pty. Ltd., fit for all but the heaviest forms, of work, £3/15/ a week from April 1.

In each case award was by consent of the employer.

Another miner claimed incapacity since December 21, 1945, as a result of pul- monary fibrosis caused by the inhalation of dust, and chronic bronchitis aggra- vated by applicant's work and working conditions. He was Andrew Mottinelli, 50, of Helensburgh, employed by the Metropolitan Coal Co. An award was made for £3 a week from January 8.

Mr. G. T. A. Sullivan appeared for the applicant; Mr. Monahan for respon-




(Before Mr. Justice Maxwell.)

Mr. T. S. Crawford, K.C., Senior

Crown Prosecutor.


Michael Courtney Bereyne Allen, 23, labourer, a deaf mute, who pleaded not guilty to having maliciously murdered Francis Amiens Smith at St. Leonards, was found guilty of manslaughter, with a strong recommendation for mercy.

Allen was sentenced to five years' im- prisonment.

Following a fight among several men at a hotel on March 8, 'Allen was

knocked down.

When Allen arose and saw Smith ap- proaching him, Allen allegedly jabbed a broken glass into Smith's neck, causing wounds which led to his death from haemorrhage next day. ,

Allen, through an interpreter, gave evi- dence that what he did was done in self defence. He said that during the day of the brawl he had had 12 "middies" and nine "schooners" of beer. He did not remember striking anyone with a glass.

In passing sentence, Mr. Justice Max- well said he thought the jury had-taken a very proper view of the case. The sentence he imposed was intended to, re- flect on the serious nature of the weapon

which Allen had used.

Mr. J. J. B. Kinkead (instructed by Mr. C. S. Nicol) appeared for the de-



(Before Judge Barton.)

Mr. R. R. Kidston, Crown Prosecutor.


Tas Dotti, 23, who pleaded guilty to shopbreaking with intent to steal, at Alexandria, was released on a three years' good behaviour bond, on condition that he left Sydney within seven days.

Mr. F. W. Vizzard. Public Defender (instructed 'by the Public Solicitor) ap- peared for Dotti.


Henry Ruddell, 57, signwriter, who pleaded not guilty, was convicted of having assaulted a girl, 12£ years, with an act of indecency, at Glebe on April 2. He was remanded for sentence.

Mr. F. W. Vizzard, Public Defender (instructed by the Public Solicitor) ap- peared for the defence.

" (Before Judge Holden.)"

Mr. C. V. Rooney, Crown Prosecutor.


John Arthur Forbes, "28," "transport driver, and Wesley Sylvester Williams; 41, driver, ' were * charged 'with having stolen 72 cases of tinned salmon and 72 cases of sardines from a Naval store* at Maroubra on January 30, 1946.

Forbes "pleaded guilty and ,was re- manded for sentence. '

Williams, who pleaded not guilty, was acquitted.

Mr. R. L. Taylor (instructed ' by Mr. P. N. Roach) appeared ,for the defence.


(Before Judge Markell and a,Jury.) GRAHAME v COMMISSIONER


A claim for £105/5/ damages from the Commissioner for Railways was made by Hannah Catherine Grahame, of 8 Clarence Avenue, Dee Why. ' Of this sum, £24 was claimed for the loss in transit of a sewing machine sent by rail from Sydney to Wyong, and the re- mainder as reimbursement for money plaintiff alleged she had lost in earnings through loss of the machine. She said that odd dressmaking jobs brought her

about 30/ a week.

The defence was a denial of liability, or that if any liability existed it was limited to £3 in accordance with a condition printed, on the consignment form issued for all goods sent by rail.

In his summing-up, Judge Markell said that if a verdict were found for plaintiff she could not be awarded more than £3, and the jury so found.

Mr. C. L. Regan (by the Public Solici- tor) appeared for plaintiff; Mr. Theo. Coney beare (by the Railwajs Solicitor)

for defendant.



Mr. Justice Williams, in Chambers.-2.30: Letters patent granted to John Ashley Hart assigned to Harco Sales Limited and Peter Denny Leslie.


Registrar in Bankruptcy, 7th Floor. Com- monwealth Bank Building, 112 Pitt Street. Examination under Section 68: 10.30: A. D. Gollan. Settlement of minutes of order: 2.30: Harry George. 3: Walter George Bailey.



' "Banco" Court.-10: Motions: Burns Philp-and Co. Ltd. v Gillespie Bros. Pty. Ltd.


Nos. 1 and 2 Causes.-Jurors not required before - Friday. - .- - -

No. 3 Causcs.-'No.:i-Court.-10: Commis- sioner for Road Transport and Tramways v Aeraled Ittcad Co. Ltd. Jurors required No. 1 Court, 10. ;


Ptothonotary, Prothonctary's Public Cham- bers.-11.30: Simpson v Simpson, M.W.P. Act.

Deputy Prothonotary, No. 4 Court.-11: Sweeney v Sweeney, M.W.P. Act.


Mr.-Justice Nicholas, No. 1 Equity Court, Queen's Square.-Not before II: Causea: D. H. Dwyer v A. M. Dwyer, A. M. Nind v J. P.-Nind, E. Dixon v R. J. Dixon, W. J. Fitzhenry v D. A. Fitzhenry, D'A. K, Fletcher v,M. C. Fletcher, R. Whitton v 1. A. Whitton, M. J. M. Caddy v E. H. W. Caddy. S. R. M. Kirby v G. F. Kirby, B. M. Boyd v W. J. Boyd, M. Phillips v M. M. Phillips-Dowling co-re.; W. G. Gibson v M. A. Gibson, E. E., Coy te v H. P. Coyte.

Judge In Divorui.-No. 10 Court, Queen's Square.-10: Causes: G. P. H. Rurgcss v J. P. Burgess, (for Judgment), A. W. A. Farcy V S, A. .Farey (part heard).

Decrees absolute. 2.

Mr. Justice Herron. No. 2 Court.-10: . Causes: L. C. Levett v H. Levett, B. Istcd

v'F.-J. Istcd. H. L. Cropper v C. Cropper, T. G. Weir v D. R. Weir, F. E. Aldrich v D. M-Aldrich:-E. A. Hetherington -v- J. A. Hetherington,,H. W. Williams v I. E. Williams, D. Russell v A.M. Russell. F. M. Kitto v N. W. Kilto, J. W. MacLcan v L. A. Mac Lean, D. M. Field v M. J.'Field, G. L. Cord ncr v A. F. Cordncr. A. J. Everett v I. Everett, E. U Horc-Lacy v n. S. Horc Lacy, E. Waghorn v E. S. Waghorn.

Mr. Justice Clancv, No. J Court.-10: Caur.cs: H. M. Schofield v W. H. Schofield (to be mentioned). W. G. Fern v F. C. Fern, R. Wood v M. J. Wood, A. 1. Lcvitus v A. Lcvltus, A. M. Osborne v B. Osborne-Roberts co-re.. H. O. K. Squires v E. V. Squires. W. P. Walcott v B. R. Walcott. D. S. Fuller v R. G. Fuller, S. E. Brazel v E. Brazel-Grovcr co-re., M. M. Pollard v E. W. Pollard, J. Smedley v S. -J. D. Smedley, A. N. Yount v G. A. Young, J. C. Buchanan v D. J. Buchanan. E. J. Pearse v W. H. Pearse, L. O. Conyard v G. I.. Conyard, J. S. Smyth v E. L. Smyth. W. S. Tychscn v J. F.. Tvchsen. A. E. Brazier v N. Brazier, P. J. Mair v F. H. S. Mair, G. M. Casüe v J. A.' V. Ostlr.. C. S. Williams v E. Williams. A..G. Slnnr v E. L. Stone-Townsend co-re., C K. HandSeld Y Vf. M. Htndíeld. W. J.

Pope v P. E. Pope, ,G. B. Stephens v M. D. Hickey, f/c Stephens. '

The Registrar. No. 4 Court.-10.15: Bogan v Bogan, Pierce v Pierce, Prince v Prince, Hunter v ? Hunter, Desborough v Desborough, Cogger ' v Cogger, Richard v Richard, Garry v Garry, Bressington v Bressington, Latta v Latta, Seager v Seager.

Deputy Registrar, In Chambers'for Taxation. -10.15: Simpson v Simpson. 10.30: Henderson v Henderson.


Probate Judge.-'No. t Equity Court, Queen1» Square.-IO: Shaw v Cadd, mention.

Registrar.-10.30 (in" No. 5 Court, Elizabeth Street).-To pass accounts and for commis- sion: M. Hunter. W. Tuohy, L. Tull, M. U. Kerins, E. French, A. Abood, M. A. Matheson, H. Gazzard.. A. Montantes, G. .E. Flannery.

Registrar.-2.15 (private chambers); Brad- ford v Hewens. to settle minutes of decree.

Second ' Clerk.-To pass accounts: R. S. Henry, 10.30.

Third Clerk.-To pass accounts: B. M. L. Warrand, 10.30; R. H. Tcppcr, 11.15.


-The Chief Judge in Equity.-No. 1 Equity Court, Queen's Squate.-10: Evans v North Wallarah Colliery Pty. Ltd.; A. E. Water- house and ors. and Conveyancing Act, men- tion; Norman v Barry, hearing.

Master in Equity.-11: Prater v Frater, part heard.

Deputy Registrar in Equity.-II: E. Jowsey deed, and Trustee Act, lo tax costs. 11.45: St. Clair v Fenwick, to settle minutes of decretal order.


Full Bench, Court House, Armidale.-10. Hearing: Pharmacists (State), reference of appli- cation by Shop Assistants' FederaUon foi award (re Country Ceasing Times).

The President, No. 1 Court.-10.30.-Stale ment: Draughtsmen and Tracers (State), appli- cation by Association of Draughtsmen and Tracers for award.

Mr. Justice Ferguson, No. 4 Court.-2. Judgment: Government Railways (Construction) Award, application by Nationnl Union of Rail waymen tor variation re hours, etc.; same, application by A.W.U. for same.

Mr. Justice Kinsella. Nu. b Court.-II - Pilots (Slate), reference of application by Merchant Service Guild foi awarJ.


No. 2 Room.-10.15.-Hearing: Ferries (Sutcl, Application hy Firemen's and Deck- hands' Association for a Firemen, Deckhands, etc. (Port Jackson and Manly Steamship Com- pany) Award.


Hearing: 9. Uncklavers; r.jU. I'laMcrer.,; , 10, Sheet Metal Workers; 10.30, Slaters; 10.45,

Coachmakcrs, etc., Road; 11.30, Painters; 12.30, Stonemasons; 2.15, Bakers (Country); 3, Bakers (Cumb.).


Judge Pcrdiiau, Court Honse, New- castle.-10.-Déterminations: William Stret- ton and J. and A. Brown and Aber- main Seaham Colls., Ltd.; John Wilson and The Hunter District Water Board; Raymond Mulholland and Domestic Machinery Co. Pty.


J«!»» lamons. Cltr Mirtna! »nlldlni. «0-«*

Hunter Street, Sydney.-2 p.m.-No. 2 Court. ludgment.-Determinations: Sydney Joseph Hermes and Matthew Collins; Aubiey Boyton and De Havilland Aircraft Pty. Ltd. IO. Hearing.-Determinations: John Edwards and John Shearer and Sons Pty. Ltd.! Joseph William Gray and Lul;e Muras Ltd.

Judge Moffitt.-10.-No. 3 Court.-Hearing. -Dclcrminations: Dennis Crowley and Parkes Municipal Council; Ivy Rose Smith and De- partment of Education; Joseph Michael Wood and Riverstone Meat Co. Pty. Ltd.; Joseph William Brown and A. E. Goodwin Pty. Ltd,

Judge Rainbow.-10.15.-No. 4 Court. Hearing.-Determinations: Ernest James Childs and John Heine and Son Pty. Ltd.: Gordon Andrew Armstrong and Gilchrist,- Watt and Sanderson Pty. Ltd., t./as Central .Wharf Stevedoring Co.

Registrar;-10.15.-Awards.-Determinations: G. S. Dowe and E. P. Brauer; C. lt. Hearps and Robert Corbett Pty. Ltd.; M. Bradley and Home of Peace Hospital: A. Boriero and Australian Iron and Steel Ltd.; E. E. Doughcity and the Manager, Rural Bank of N.S.W.; S. C. McDonald and J. Robins and Son Pty. Ltd.: J. E. Brooks and State Coal Mines

Control Board.

CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT. Jurors required at 9.45.

QUARTER SESSIONS, DARLINGHURST. No. I Court.-Plea: John Thcrog Fitz- gerald and Edward John Sharpe; Eric Powell, Dennis Yardlcy. and Albert Leach; Joseph George Mullen: Raymond George Pascoe; John Duncan Taylor: William Henry Lyons. Trial: Harold Alfred McDonald. Jurors required at 9.45.

No. 2 Court.-Mention: John Kirkwood. Trial: Erie Herbert Darcy; John Michael Lcdwidcc. Jurors required at 9.45.


No. 2 District Court.-Hearing: Harold

McLeay. Mention: Laurie Catania. Hear-

ing: Horace Adrian Ryan; Clarence Barrell; Harry Vincent Wyndham; Arthur North; Richard Ralph Foster and Arthur North; Anhur North Mahoney.

No. 8 District Court.-Rcmanct: Cyril Varty Scott. Sentence: Gocdon Theodore Forsberg. Hearing: Isaac Percy Goodwin, Patrick Frederick Campbell, Jock Alsop, Wil- liam Henry Ring.


ludge Slaty. No. 1 Court.-10: William H. Wilson Pty., Ltd., v Wardc; Weekley, v Stark

and anor.

Judge Markell and jury. No. 'J Court.-10: Maher and Kaye (part heard); Lewis v Wrss ficld; Sinkovich and anor. v Premier Re- frigeration Co. Pty., Ltd.


Judge Shortland.-10: Garner v Wiblcn; Wiblen v Garner; Evans v Musgrave.


132 George Street North.-10.-For hear- ing: Pinkerton v Nelligen, same v Whale, same v Richardson (2 cases), same v Richards, same v Horner, same v Harvey, same v Grey, same v Allen, samr v White. Factories and Shops Act, 1912-1946: Pinkerton v Shepherd, »me v Dunb»r. »mt v Prallell». Cluk* T Moe««.

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