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Mr White Attacks Old


Broadcasting his policy speech last night the president of the Liberal-Democratic party vigorously attacked both the U.Á.P. and the Labour Party which, he said, the members of the new party had supported until their dissatisfaction could no longer be endured.

Speaking at Young yesterday the Premier, Mr. McKell, said that the Government planned the con- struction of a deep-sea port on the North Coast as part of its post-war development programme.


Mr White who was broadcast- ing from Station 2CH said that the members of the Liberal De- mocratic Patty were formeily suppoiters of either the ÜAP or the Labour Patty until their dissatisfaction with these paities went bejond endurance point

W« were tired to death of the inept changeless and ineffective methods of non-Labour politicians

he said We were exasperated bejond bounds bv the chicanery and back- stage intngue of the Labour Party bj the absolute negation of tiue democ racj that the Labour Partv machine oftetéd to the electot as his onlj alter- native to the puei ile U A P

No nation can afîoid to toler

ate thp extiemities to which the appeasing methods of the present Government both Fedeial and State have allowed the industrial situation to decline

Since the last Federal election that creeping sickness which we know as bureaucracv has been making even greater headwav

For a long time now the Piess of Australia has been fighting censoi ship With all danger of invaiion lone past theie is absolutelv no need for cen oiship of internal mail Theie is no nped for the repressive censoi hip now practised on the Pie-,s

Mi White attacked the McKell Government which he said had

abdicaren all fields of State contiol and a--umed the pious pose of sinking its own entity in a spint of co-opera

tlon vith the Fedeial Labour Govern-



Mr White «nid that the four chief items of his party s policy weie -

Full-time employment aaequate housing maintenance and develop- ment of the health of the nation provision of the best education facili

ti-s available

Dealing with housing Mr Whltp i s»id his party would provide finance I

to local government bodies for slum clearance and the erection of modern flats or other dwellings It would pro- vide funds to enable anv person to build his own home to his own pai ticulai desiies to 90 per cent of the estimated value of the home at an inteiest rate not exceeding 2 per cent, the basis of repayment to be a rental equatea to the individual s capacitv to repaj and the period of repajment not to exceed 33 j ears

Dealing ?with the patty s rural policy Mr White said that ¡t advocated transfer of surplus man-power to rural Industries and the reorganisation of price-hxing methods to ensure a fair îeturn to the grower

In the post-war period the party m sed the use of modem methods and machinery the development of long range w eather foi ecasting an exten- sion of irrigation and electricity sei vices the piovlsion of new and better loads exchange visits at the public expense by piactical farmers to study oveisea. methods the provision of farm-method schools

We believe said Mr White that the fleeting advantages of tariff pro- tection must be sacrificed for the sake of secui ing for Australia, a place in the stable w,orld economy foreshadowed in the Atlantic Chartei It Is fully rea- lised that chaos would result if com- plete tariff protection were removed at one sweep and this would onlj be done ovei a peiiod of j ears"


Mr White said that Austialia could not affoid strikes and that the party would increase the number of aibitia. tion facilities to ensure speedy healing

of claims

The pai tv urged the de-reglstratlon of a union which struck without hav- ing flist (a> applied to the Court (b) given 10 dajs notice of intention to strike (el held a secict ballot

In cases of flagrant abuse of the law and the public convenience he continued the Arbitiation Couit would be empowered to disenfran- chise the members of such union for three j ears and upwards

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