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American Generals

in S.-W. Pacific

CANBERRA, Wednesday. - Two American Service Chiefs in the South-West Pacific area have been appointed honorary Knights-Commanders of the military division of the Order of the British Empire (K.B.E.).

They are Lieutenant-General Robert Lawrence Eichelberger, who was com- mander of the Buna sector of the Papuan campaign, and Lieutenant General George Churchill Kenney, who is commander of the Allied Air Forces in the South-west Pacific area.

Their names head a list of British awards to 20 American Servicemen in the South-west Pacific, which was re- leased to-day by the Governor 1 General, Lord Gowrie.

The citation states that General Eichelberger, in the Buna sector, dis- played gieat courage and outstanding leadership. General Kenney played a piedominant part in the formulation of plans for the successful application of air-po'ver in conjunction with ground troops in the Papuan cam- paign1 his work contributed in a marked degree to the decisive defeat of the Japanese forces in Papua.

DEFENCE IN SOLOMONS Other awards are:

Honorary Companions of the Mili- tary Division of the Order of the Bath (C.B.).

Lt.-Gcn. Alexander Archer Vander grift, m recognition of gallant and dis- tinguished service as commanding general of the United States force dur- ing the heroic defence of the British Solomon Islands.

Major-Gcneial Richard Karens Sutherland. Chief of Staff of General Headquarters, South-west Pacific area, since its constitution in 1042. He has taken a pi unary and outstandmg pait in the organisation, planning, and co- ordination of efforts of the Allied land sea. and air forces.

Honorar,*, Commanders of the Mili- tai y Division of the Order of the British Empire (C.B.E.).

Major-Geneial Ennis Clement Whitehead, who, as deputy com- mander of the United States Fifth Air Force, displayed great com age and efficiency in the execution of air operations in the Papuan campaign

Major-General Spencer Ball Akin, who rendered contmuous. valuable as- sistance in co-operation with the sig- nal officer-m-chief in establishmg communications m New Guinea dur- ing difficult operations, and m making available from United States Army re souices, equipment to meet urgent operational demands.

Brigadier-General Paul Bernard Va'urtsmith, who, as commander of the fightci command in New Guinea, has inflicted defeat after defeat on the Japanese aii force

Brigadier-General Paul Hvde Pren tiss of the Air Transport Command, who has given exceptional service during the campaign in Papua.

Brigadiei-General Frederic Har- rison Smith, junior, of the Fifth Air Force, who was largely mstiumental in the close liaison that has grown up between the air and ground forces

in New Guinea

Colonel Kenneth Burton Hobson, chief-of-stafT, Fifth Bomber Com- mand, who took a primary and out- standing part in the planning and tactical details of air operations, resulting in the dcstiuction of a Japanese convoy in the Bismarck Sea battle on March 5, 1943.

Uonotarv Officer of the Military Division of the Order of the British

Empire (O.B.E.).

Major John Wesley Thomas

Honorary Member of the Military Division of the Order of the British

Empire (M.B.E.).

First-Lieutenant Ronald Earnest Notestine

Honorary Companions of the Distin-

guished Service Order (D.S.O.).

Brigadier-General Clarence Ames Mai tin, Colonel William Dolphus Jackson. Colonel Archibald Ross MacKechnic.

Military Cross. Major Abe Jack Beck.

Distinguished Flying Cross.

Captain Olan Robert Fleming; the late Captain F.oy William Olsen.

Military Medal.

Master-Sergeant Theodore Scott Millard; Staff-Sergeant William Lee Heath

Mentioned In Despatches.

Brigadier-General Dwight Frederick i Johns, Colonel Julius Martin Blank, Colonel Flank L Burns, Colonel John Joseph Carew, Colonel Joseph Bacon Fraser. Colonel George De Giaaf. Colonel Clinton John Harrold, Colonel Collin Staffoid Myers. Lieutenant Colonel Charles Searles Mackintyre, Lieutenant-Colonel Wayne Carlos Bailey, Captain Robert Lyle Perry, Captain Frank Clement Clveh, Captain Victor Andrew Yuska, the late First-Lieutenant Walter Bion Thompson, Flight-Officer John Joseph Geirity. Army Technical-Sergeant Ward Clyde Use. Army Sergeant Doyt Thornton Lanmcre. Private (First Class) Roy Elzle White


The Prime Minister, Mr Curtin, said to-day that it was with very gi cat pleasure that he had learned of the bestowal of these awards. They were confeircd in iecogmtion of the gallant end distinguished services of United States officers and men, in co- operation with the Australian forces in the campaign

He felt sure that this tribute to the I Americans, which followed the award ' of the G CB to General MacArthur I in Mav would be a souice of special satisfaction to the people of Australia

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