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ALLEN.—January 27, at Gordon private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Allen, Gor-

don—a son.

ANDERSON (nee Madden).—-January 12 at     St. Luke's Darlinghurst to Claire wife of    

John W Anderson—a son (Thomas Anthony). ANDERSON (nee Corrie Speet).—January 18,   1943, at Roslyn private hospital, Lindfield, to Mr and Mrs Keith Andersen of Klllara— a son (Keith Anthony Harold).

BAKER (nee Dorothy Gates).—January 23,     ex Bethesta private hospital Marrickville wile «Ronald Baler—a daughter (June Dorothy).

BARR (nee Una Johnson).—January 3, at   caryina private hospital Concord West lo   Mr. and Mrs. W. Barr—a daughter (Diana Dorothy).

BASTIAN (nee Nancy Craig).—January 25, at Sunbury private hospital, Ashfield, to Nancy and C.P.O. Robert David Bastian (R.A.N.)—son.    

BEAVAN (nee Joyce Crothers).—January   24, at Carinya Chatswood to Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Beavan, Lane Cove—a daughter.  

BENNETT (trie« Clarke, Veronica).—January   19, 1943, at Sunbury private hojpltal, Ash- field, to Paymaster Sub.-Lieut and Mrs. N. R.   Bennett—a daughter (Jeanette Elizabeth).

BEVAN (nee Noelle Bremner).—January 20,   1943, at War Memorial Hospital, Waverley, to Lieutenant and Mrs. A. N. Bevan—a son (Graham).

BILLETT (nee Mavis Downs).—December   28, 1942, at Royal Hospital, Paddington (In- termediate), to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Billett, of Strathfield—a son (Raymond Jack).

BLACK (nee Marion Palmer).—January 22,   1943, at Lister House, Wollongong, to Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Black—a son.

BRANNELLY.—January 24, at Rockhampton,   Queensland, to Joyce, wile of Sergeant W. P. Brannelly (R.A.A.F., abroad)—a daughter   (Susan Elizabeth).

BRYAN.—January 19, at King Geoige V,   Memorial Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bryan—a son (David Jeffery).

BURRETT.—January 29, at Crown Street,   to Marjorie, wife of A. F. Burrett, 519 New   South Head Road, Double Bay—a son (Anthony Peter).

CARRINGTON.—January 27, at Ivanhoe   private hospital, Flvedock, to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Carrinrton—a son. (Both well.)  

CARRINGTON (nee Olive Moller).—January     24, at St Luke's private hospital, Roslyn   Gardens, to Mr. and Mrs. F. Dick Car-

rington—a daughter (Susan). Adelaide papers

please copy.

CLARKE.—January 27, at St. Margaret's     Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Clarke, Mascot—a son (Robert Theo).

CLAYTON (nee Kath Hawke).—January 4,   Hillcrest, Harris Park, to Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Clayton, Lithgow—a daughter (Robyn Gai).

COCKS (nee Johns).—January 25, at Crown   Street Intermediate, to Lorel, wife of Copt. Mark Cocks, A.I.F.—a son (Geoffrey Bryce).      

CONLON (nee Ciady).—January 24, at Athlone private hospital, Oberon, to Rose and Jim—a daughter (Mary Emily).

COOK (net Mollie Woods).—At Brooklyn   private hospital, Kiama, to Mr. and Mrs. Alf Cook—twIn softs.

DEFTY.—January 15, at Betlnsda hos-   pltal, to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Deity, Kings- trove—a daughter (Lorraine).

DICKSON (nee Nurse Challenger).—January   14, 1943. Auburn Nurse MUlikln's private   hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Dickson—the gift of a daugnter (Barbara Jeanette).

DOWNEY (nee Rowe).—January 3, at St.  

Margaret's, Darlinghurst, to Lucy, wife of   Corporal Keith Downey, A.I.F.—a daughter   (Ann Elizabeth).

DUMBRELL (nee Bennett).—January 26,   at Denistone House, Eastwood, to Allison and Jack Dumbrell, of Harbord—a son (John


ELDRIDGE-DOYLE.—January 10, at Dal  -   hou5le private hospital, Glen Innes, to Dorothy, wife of Senior Chaplain, the Rev. C. J. Eldridge Doyle, A.I.F., New Guinea—a son.    

FAULKS (nee Roughsedge).—January 24,   at Tamworth, to Joyce, wife of Cpl. John Faulks, R.A.A.F.—a daughter (Lynette Anne).  

FORSSBERG.—January 26, to Mr. and Mrs.   Reg Forssberg, of Mulgrave—a son (Graeme


FREEMAN (nee Ethel Hollis).—January 22,   to Serg. and Mrs. W. G. Freeman, of Leich- hardt—a daughter (Jeanette).

GEE (nee Margaret Booty).—January 24, at   Melbourne, to Pilot Officer and Mrs. E. A. Gee—a daughter.

GRAHAM (neo Cele Hall).—January 26,   at St. Catherine's Hospital, Cootamundra, to   Mr. and Mrs. Jock Graham, East Bland, Quandialla—a daughter.

HAGGERSTON (nee Lucv Clarke).—January   27, at Mater MI«ericordloe Ho pltal, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Haggerston, of Greenwich—a daughter.

HANNAFORD (nee Beryl Norris, Townsville). —January 2o, at Tonga private hospital, Rose- ville, to Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hannaford, Chatswood—a daughter.

HANNAN (nee Wheeler).—January 7, 1943,   at King George V Hospital, to Joyce, wife of Sergeant J. Hannan (R.A.A.F.)—a son (Chris-   topher Malcolm).

HOOK (nee Jean Cairns).—January 26, at   St. Margaret's Hospital, to Private and Mrs.   Harold Hool—a son (Anthony Reynold).

HOPE (nee Isabel Evans).—January 19, at   Monaro private hospital, Cooma, to Robert and Isabel Hope—a son (Peter Maxwell).

HOWE (nee Betty Hearley).—January 26,     at St. Luke's Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph  

Howe—a son.

HUGHES.—January 10, at St. Kilda pri-   vate hospital, Hornsby, to Pilot Officer and Mrs. J. B .Hughes—a son (Robert Barry).

HULTON.—January 26, at Tonga private   hospital, Roseville, to Marjorie, wife of Captain E. H. B .Hulton, A.I.F.—a daughter.    

HUTCH (nee Ilma Smith).—January 22, at   Denistone House, Ryde, to Cpl. and Mrs. N. J. Hutch (A.I.F.)—a daughter (Lynette Veryl).      

KNIGHT (nee Barber).—January 7, at De-   vonia Hospital, Yass, to Capt. and Mrs. John Knight—a son (Graham Jahn McLcod).

LAKE (nee Lorna Watkins).—January 6, at   Roma private hospital, Gosford, to Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lake, of Burwood—the gift of a son (Ian Allen).

LATTA (nee Betty Owen).—January 23,   1943, at Mater Mlserlcordlae Hospital (pri- vate), to Mr. and Mrs. E. Latta, of Manly— a daughter (Suzanne Thérèse).

LEACH (nee Holland).—January 25, 1943,   at King George V Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. D. Learh, of Rose Boy—a daughter.

LONSDALE (nee Ewers).—Januarv 23, at   Woodleigh private hospital, Hurs ville, to Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Lonsdale, of Cronulla—a son (Richard Henry).

LYONS, (nee Joyce Morgan).—January 27,   nt Bethesda, Marrickville, to Mr. aird Mrs. John Lyons, of Earlwood—a daughter (Lynette


McCLEERY (nee Fallon). -January 28, at Mater Misericordlao (private) Hospital, to Cecilia, wife of Ronald James Mccleery R.A.A.F.—a daughter.  

McCLELLAND (nee Richards).—January 19,   1943, to Pamela and Clive McClelland—a daughter (Angela). Survived two hours.

McKIERNAN (nee O Neill).—January 26, 1943, at Guildford to Mr. and Mrs. R. G. McKiernan—a son (Robin John).

MELVILLE (nee Edgar).—January 25, at Aubrey Hospital, Moree, to Major (A.I.F.,     returned) and Mrs. Melville, of Yallaroi, Warialda—a son (Mark William Edgar).

MIDDLETON.—January 27, at Woodleigh,   Hurstville, to L.A.C. George (R.A.A.F.) and             Valmai—a son (Douglas Walter). Newcastle papers please copy.

MILLER (nee Dot Nichols).—-January 25,   at Royal North Shore, to Dot, wile of Private T. Miller (A.I.F., abroad)—a son (Geoffrey  


MORRIS (nee Monnie Austic).— January 27,

War Memorial, Waverley, to L.A.C. R. Morris     and Mrs. Morris (late Lord Howe Island)— a gift of a daughter (Robyn Lynette).

MORROW.—January 16, at Kint George V   Hospital, Camperdown, to Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Morrow, of Allandale, Wallendbeen—a


NEWLING.—January 8, at Bowenfels pri-  

vate hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur New- ling, The Entrance—a daughter (Carol Anne).

NICOL (nee Farley).—Januarv 29, 1943, to   Beryl and David—a daughter (Wendy Mar- garet). Both well.  

O'CONNELL (nee Eileen Crehan).—Janu     ary 24, 1943, at St Margaret's (Inter.), to     Corp. and Mrs. C. O'Connell—a son (John  


O'DWYER (nee Iris Wilson).—-January 23,     at St. Margaret's private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. W. O'Dwyer—a son (Brian Anthony).    

O'HALLORAN.—January 22, at Temora, to     Madeleine, wife of night Lieutonant Max

O'Halloran, R.A.A.F.— nen  

PARRY (nee Norma Farlo» ).—January 21,   1943, at Hillcrest private ho pltal, Granville, bom to wife of G. N. Parry—the tfUt of a daughter (Diane Elaine).  

PATRICK.—Jonuary 25, at Tonga private   hospital, Ro«evllle, to Mr. and Mrs. Ross Patrlcl—a son (Craig Maxwell).

PENNY (nee Mary Andrew).—-January 26,   1943 at St. Luke's to Sub-Lieutenant and     Mrs. Ravmond Penny—a daughter.

PILGRIM (nee Julie Britton).—January 24,   1943, at King George V Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Pilgrim—a son (Allan Ray-


PLUNKETT (nee by bil Pearson).—January 20, at the Royal Hospital for Womeir P d dington to Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Plunkett— a daughter (Robyn Sybil).

PROWSE (nee Iris Smith). — January 20, at Denistone House, to Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Prowse, of Eastwood — a daughter (Raema Nerilyn).      

RILEY (nee Sutlon).—Januarv 24, ot King   George V Mcmorlil Hospital (Intermediate), to Lucille, wife of A.C.1 Colin F. B. Riley,     R.A.A.F.—a daughter (Colleen Lucille).

RYAN (nee Mary Hogan).—January 16, at     Kins George V Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Neville Ryan—a son (Dennis Patrirk),


SHEATHER (nee Alice Kells).—-Januury 28,   1943, at Curry ah private hospita!, Concord, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Sheather—a daughter (Anne Robvn).

SMITH (nee Bell).—January 25, at Soba   private hospital, Neutral Bay, to Molly, »lie of Morris Smith—a daughter (Stephanie


SMITH (nee Hocking).—Januarv 24, at   Strathmore private ho pltal, Wollongong, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Smith—a son.

SPENCER (nee Dorothy HUnbothum).—   January 29, at Royal Hospital, Paddington (Intermediate), to S.-Sgt. and Mrs. John   Spencer—a son (Hugh John). Melbourne

pancrs please copy.  

TAYLOR.—January 24, at Mater Mlserl   cordlae private ho«pital, to Mr. and Mrs. Reg Tovlor, of 3>ne Cove—a son (Gcoffry


THOMPSON (nee Pearl Wallace).—January   24, at St. Jude's private hospital, to Leading Seaman F. T. and Mrs. Thompson of Matra- ville—c. daughter (Julie Anne).

WALKER (nee Eileen Neal).—January 26, at Inglemere private hospital, Homebush, to Mr. and Mrs. T. A .Walker, of Lidcombe—a

son (Rodney).

WALLACE (nee Jean Anderson).—January     16, 1943, at Wo"ga Bo e Hospital, to Ordinory Seaman and Mrs. Jnmes G. Wallace—a son (David James). Both well.

WANE (nee Edwards).—At St. Marians hos-  

pltal, Cremorne, to Ivy, wife of Cpl. Wane (A.I.F.)—a son (John Edward).      

WHITE (nee Chris Ina Agnew ).—January   26, ot Mater private hospital, North Sydnev,

to Mr. and Mrs. L. A. White, of North Sydnev—a dour-liter (Lorraine Beverley).

WISE.—January 25, 1943, at Narrandera N.S.W., the wife of Thomas Walter Wise—a


WOOLNER (nee Alma Shakespeare).—Janu-   ary 23, 1943, at Helenic private hospital, Church Street, Randwick, to Sergeant and Mrs.  

Frank D. Woolner—a daughter (Vera Ann).    

WOOLNOUGH (Betty Dale).—January 26, et Poplars private hospital, to Dr. and Mrs.

W oilnoueh—a ron.  

ZIEBELL (nee Stevenson).—January 22, at   5 Northcote Street, Auburn, to Mr. and Mrs.

A. Ziebell—a daughter (June Amy).


ADELSTEIN—SLOMAN.— The Engagement     is announced of Elvira Ruth, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sloman, of Rose Bay, to Lieut. Neville Adelstein, A.I.F., youngest   son of the late Mr. and Mrs. I. Adelstein.

BROOKS—SMITH.—The Engagement is an-  

noitneed of Sylvia Joyce, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Smith, of Canterbury, to Sergeant William Edward Brooks (A.I.F.),

elder son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Brooks, of


BROWN—FERRIER.—The Engagement is   announced of Narrcy, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs T Ferrier of Lane Ccve to Alex ander Morton elder son of the late Mr Georre Brown and Mrs Brown of Thornleigh

BURDEN—IVES.—The Engagement Is an   nounced of Marlo Thérèse, onW daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Iv»s, of Dover Heights, to Richard Murrieoh, youngest son or Mr. and

Mrs. G. Burden, of Dover Heiíhts.  


CARTER—SMITH.—The Enuagement Is   announced of Joon, youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, of Cowra and Bathurst, to Gunner Allan Carter (A.I.F.,     returned) youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Carter, of Cemyr Allyn, Woolooma.

CLARKE—COUPER.—The Engagement Is   announced of Helen Grace, second daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. John Couper, of Victoria Rood, Drummoyne, to Reginald Clarke, of Bal-

sow lah, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Rcb-rt Clarke, of Queenstown, Ta mania.

COLE—DAVIS.—The Engagement Is an   nounccd of Nathalie Vera, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Davis, of EOotwtod. to Jack (R.A.A.F.), elder son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Cole, of Eastwood.

CRAIG—EKIN.—The Engagement Is an   rounred of Barbara May, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. ETOn, of Werilto, Mul

laley, to Sgt. Alan Haslingden Craig (R.A.A.F.), third son of the late W. Craig and Mrs. W. Craig, of Haaelhurst, Green-


CREAGAN—LYONS.—The Engagcment Is i-nnounceri of Patrie, o cld'st daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. P. P. Lyons, of Dunmore, to Dermot, second «on of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Creogan, of Dunmore, late of Mullumbimby.

CROPPER—HYLAND.—The Engagement 1«   announced of Dorothy Mary, youngest daugh- ter of Mr. ana the late Mrs. A. F. Hyland, of Epping, to Alon Beldon Cropper (R.A.A.F.),

younger son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Cropper, of

Easts ood.

CUNYNGHAME—NAGEL.—The Engagement is announced of Nancy Ellen, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Nagel, of Berili, Too- goolawah, Queensland, to Donald Dryborough, only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Cunynghame,

of Auburn.

DAVIES—DUNCAN.—The Engagement Is     amvunced of Marge, youngest daughter rf Mrs. L. Duncan, Ungarie, N.S.W., to W.O.   Lloyd Davies, R.A.A.F., only son of Mr. ana   Mrs. D. R. Davies, ol Hobart, Tasmania.

DUNNE—MANNING.—The Engagement is   announced of Vida VIvlenne, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Mainlng, ol Hurst-

ville, to Sqdn.-Leader Richard Archibald   Dunne, D.F.C., R.A. A.F., elder son of Mr.         R. J. Dunne, of Melbourne, and the late Mrs.


FRY—WILKINSON.—The Engagement is     announced of Winifred Mary (A.A.M.W.S.),           vounger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wil-

klrson, Granville, to Cpl. Leslie Jones Fry (A.I.F. returned), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.     Thomas N. Fry, Lavers Hill, Victoria.

HARPER—HAILES.—The Engagement Is   anncuncca of Joyce Ivy, onlv daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Wall's, of Croydon, to Dudley James, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. Harper, of Fivedock.

HARRISON.—ABEL.—The Engagement is   announced of Phyllis Jean, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Abel, of Croydon, to Bdr. Ronald Eric (A.I.F.) son ol Mr. and Mrs. R.       Harri on, of Campsie.

HARTLEY—HECKENBERG.—The Engage-     ment is announced of Mavis, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. Heckenberg, of Petersham, to Sub.-Lieut John Hartley R.A.N.V.R., only           son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hartley, of Coburg,


HARVEY—TURNER.—The Engagement is   announced of Carrie Grace, only daughter of Mr. G. W. Turner, Hornsby, to S/Sgt. Brian Harvey, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Hharvey of Chatswood.

HENLEY—KNOX.—The Engagement is an-   nounced of Irene, younger daughter of Mrs. W. Knox, of Merrylands, to Keith, only «cn of Mr. rnd Mrs. G. W. Henley, of Granville.

HINDMARSH—NELSON.—The Engagement     is announced of Ella Alice, elder daughter of Mr. J. B. Nelson, of Kew, Lambton, to Lieut. R. I. Hindmarsh, A.I.F., elder son of Mrs,     Hindmarsh, and the late A. E. Hindmarsh, of Raymond Terrace.

HORSNELL—KENNEDY.—The Engagement   Is announced of Sig. Sylvia Jessie (A.W.A S.),       youngest daughter of Mrs. J. Kennedy, Bal-

main, to Gnr. James Victor (Alf), eldest son 1 Pie. and Mrs. J. H. Horsnell, Hurst-


HUM—COLL.—The Engagement is ann une-  

ed ol Enid Ellen, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Gerald Hum, of Stanley Street, Chato-

wood, to Harry Leigh, only son of the late Mr. H. Willi im Cole, and Mrs. H. M. Cole,

ol Glover Street, Cremorne.

KROHN—PHILLIPS.—-The Engagement is   onnounced or June, elder daughter of Mr. L. S. Phillips, and the late Mrs, Phillip, or Harris Park, to Sgt. Pilot Harry Krohn, (R.A.A.F., abroad), clde«t son oi Mr. and       Mrs. A. Krohn, of Gilgandra.

LA FOREST—WYMER.—The Engagement is announced of Mavis, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Wymcr, of Bondi, to Able Seaman Clifford La Forest, R.A.N,M third son of Mr, and Mrs, H, La ForestM of Bondi,

LUSH—McCOMBE.—The Engagement is     orrnonuced of Margaret Nancy, only deughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. McCombe, oi Manly, to Ronald rOoivnlng, only son of the late Mr. and Mrs. G. Lush, of Melbourne. (Melbourne papers please copy. )


ment Is anrouncsd of Nina (Gay), youn<-e t daughter of Mr. J. Stuart Sinclair, of Single-

ton, and the late Mrs. J. Stuart Sinclair, of Na-embttm to L.A.C. Ronald William, R.A.A.F., only «orr of Mr. and Mrs. W/ McFarlane, of Sydney.

McKAY—SUTTOR.—The Engagement is   announced of Betty, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Suttor, Rosedale, Tilpa, to Bryan James (A.I.F.), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.       J. H. McKay, of Kulkine, Warren.

McKENZIE—WEST.—The Engagement is announced of Marie Waveney, only child of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. N. West, of Strathfield, to Lieut. Gordon Collin McKenzie, Staff Corpr. youngest son of Dr. and Mrs. C. E. McKenzie, of Toorak, Melbourne.

MAGEE—PRIESTLY.—The Engagement Is   announced of Kathleen, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Priestly, of Arncliffe, to Harold, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Magee, of Rockdale.

MANDER—LESTER.—The Engagement Is     announced of Gloria May, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lester, of Randwick, to Colin Walter (R.A.N.), eldest son of Mr. and   Mrs. Walter Mander, of Randwick, N.S.W.

MAZZA—PKOCOPIO.—The Engagement Is   announced of Bettina Pitvccilo, of Svdnev, to Antonio Mazza, of 341 Darling Street, Bal-


MOLESWORTH—HERIOT.—The Engagement   is announced of Dorothy Ellen, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Heriot, of Longueville, to Cpl. David Gordon Molesworth, A.I.F., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. G.   Molesworth, of Longueville.  

NOYE—STEWART.—The Engagement is announced of Jean Gladys, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Stewart, of Drummoyne,  

to Bar. Cclln Noye (A.I.F.), youngest son of       Mr. and Mrs. A. Ncye, cf Broken HIll.

PATTEBSON—SUMMERGEEENE.—The En-   casement Is announced cf Mary Laurel, youn- est daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Summcrgreene, to Ronald George (R.A.A.F. abroad), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Patter on, of Hurstville.

ROGER—TAYLOR.—Tile Engagement Is announced of Joyce May, younger daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. B. Taylor, of Enmore (late Marrickville), to Cyril Allred, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers, of Canterbury.

SEARLE—BROOKS.—The Engagement is   anno incid of Dorothy, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J Brooks, of Randwick, to Sgt.

Kenneth Searle, A.I.F., son of Mr. Aithur     ond the late Mrs. Searle, of Randwick.

SECCOMBE—GRACE.—The Engagement is   announced of Helen Margaret, elder daughter of Rev. and Mrs. A. J. Grace, 1 Dutruo Street, Randwick, to Peter, youngest son of the late W. Seccombe, and Mrs. Seccombe, of Coff's Harbour.  

SHATTOCK—CAWOOD.—The Engagement Is announced of Marcia Dorothv, only daugh- Mr. of Mrs. I. Cow cod, Dulwich Hill, and the lite Mr. J. T. Cawood, to Warrant-Officer   Leslie Forbes Shattock (A.I.F.), eldest son of       Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Shattock, of Kew, Vic-


STEELE—CHARLESWORTH.—The Engage-   ment is announced of Helen Elaine, youngest daughter of the late Mr. J. F. Charlesworth   and of Mrs. J. Charlesworth, of Coogee, to Lieutenant Hamlet Gordon Steele, A.I.F., son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Steele, of Coogee.

STILLMAN—DILLON—The Engagement is     announced of Elva May, only daughter of Mrs. C. Dillon, Sydney, to Able Seaman Jack L. Stillman, second son of Mrs. H. H. Stillman,


STONE—HOGAN.—The Engagement is an-   nounced of Hilda Margaret (Peggy), only   daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Hogan, Bondi,

to Sgt. George Arthur, eldest son of Mr. and   Mrs. G. Stone, of Bellevue Hill.

THOMAS—POXON.—The Engagement Ls   announced of Una Douglas, only daughter of Mrs. H. and the late Gunner John Foxon, of Concord West, to Sis Elwyn David Thomas A.I.F.), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. ihcras, of Auburn.

TURNER—WILLIAMS.—The Engagement Is announced of Doris, voungest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Williams, of Marrickville, to Cyril, eldest son of Mr. and Mr. F. B. Turner, of MarrlCKVllle.

WARR—THOMAS.—The Engagement is     announced of Edna, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thomas, of Birdwood Avenue,

Lone Cove, to Corporal Bruce Allen Warr (A.I.F.), younger son of Mr. and the late Mrs. H. P. Warr, of Adelaide.

WESTPHAL—GOLDRICK .—The Engagement is announced of Phyllis Margaret Goldrick (W.A.A.A.F.), only daughter of the late           Percy Goldrick, of Lakemba, and Mrs. D. R. Wells, of Normanhurst, to L.A.C. Allen Ed-     ward Westphal (R.A.A.F.), third son of Mr.         and Mrs. Norman Westphal, of York, W.A.  

WOLRIGE—JACKSON.—The Engagement   Is announced of Shirley, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Jackson, of Purrchhovl, to Sit. W. G. Wolrlr,e eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Wolrlge, of Burwood.

WOOD—BYRNES.—The Engagement is an nounced of Marjcrli, only daur-hter of Mr. and Mrs. V. Byrnes, of Doonside, to L/Cpl. Frank R. Wood (A.I.F.) second sen of Mr.       and Mrs. F. R. Wood, of Plumpton.

WOTHERSPOON—TURNER.—The Engage- mcrrt 1« announced of Audrey Eleanor, young cr doughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Turner, of Epping, to Lieut. Keith William Wother-

si con, second son ol Mr. J. K. and the late

Mrs. Wothersnoon, of Epping.


ALLEN—STOVOLD.—January 16, at Mos- man, Hilda, youngest daughter of Mr. and   Mrs. J. Stovold, of Mosman, to L.A.C. Cle—    

ment Allen, second son of Mr. Arthur Allen and the late Mrs. Allen, of Gympie, Queens-


LUXTON—GUNN.—January 16, 1943, ut Wesley Cn rich, Concord, bv Rev. R. Grayson, Marie, elder daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Gunn, of Concord, to A)3n (R.A.A.F.), late       A.I.F., relumed), only son of Lieut. and Mr.     J. B. Buxton, of Bondi.

CLARKE—YUILL.—January 2, 1943 at Près- byterian Church, Randwick, by the Rev. W.   J. Grant, Jeannette, only daughter of Mr. und Mrs. J. G. Yuill, of Northwood, to Sgt. Jack Bruce Clarke, A.I.F., elder son of Mr. and   Mrs. J. B. Clarke, of KI ig's Cross.  

DE MONCHAUX—DOOLEY.—January 12,   1943, ut St. Joseph's Church, Murrurundi,  

Clare, fourth daughter of the late Mr. and   Mr. J. Dooley, of Murrurundi, to Major Charles de Monchaux, A.A.M.C., youngest son       of the late Mr. and Mrs. E. A. de Monchaux, of Roseville, Svdney.

FARRAR—HOCKING.—January 14, 1943, at   Wesley Chapel, Sydney, by Rev. L. Blanchard. Gwenyth Douglas. only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. W. Hocking, of Mosman, to L.A.C.     Douglas Reed Farrar, R.A.A.F., only son of       Mrs. C. H. Farrar and the late Mr. A. E. Farrar of Auburn.

FLETCHER.—TURNER .—January 23, at St. Stephen's Hurlstone Park, by the Rev. G. P.   M. Ware, Phyllis Rob»rta, onlv daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Turner, of Ashbury, to Pte. Ronald Cloude Fletcher (A.I.F. ), only   /.n of Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Fletcher, of Dul-

i Ich Hill.

GLOVER—PUTLAND.—December 19, 1942 ,    at Katoomba Methodist Church, by the father of the bride, Bessie Myra, third daughter of Rev. A. E. and Mrs. Putland, to Gordon, eldest son of Mr. V. H. and Mrs. Glover, of


GODWIN—HORSFIELD.—November 28,   1942, at Methodist Church, Oatley, by Rev.

A. G. Whitten, Laurel Glory, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Horsfield, of Oatley, to Sgt. George William Godwin, A.I.F., only   son of Mr. and Mrs. Godwin, of Balmain.

PRINCE—PARSONAGE.—January 20, 1943,     at St. Stephen's, Bellevue Hill, by Rev. John   Boardman, Harry Tunlev (A.I.F., returned),  

third sen of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Prince, of

WllloJghby, to Jean, younger daughter of Mr.   arrd Mrs. A. W. Parsonage, of BeUevus Hill.  


PRYOR—WILCOX.—December 19, 1942, at the Albert street Methodist Church, Brisbane, by the Rev. H. Wheller, Daphne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Wilcox, Hill End, Brisbane, to Corporal Arthur Havelock Pryor, R.A.A.F., son of Mr. and Mrs. Havelock Pryor, of Wol-


ROBINSON—BELL.—January 8, 1943, at   All Hallows Church, Flvedock, Irene Mary, daughter of Const. and Mrs. H. Bell, of Five- deck, to Athol (Roy), youngest son cf Mrs. and the late Alfred Robinson, of Annondale,

late of Narrabri.

ROWE—SMALL.—January 8, 1943, at St.     Stephen's Munrquarle Street, Sydney, Betty   Isabelle, second doushter of Mr. and Mrs. George Small, of Wahroonga, to Sgt. Reginald George Ro-vc (A.I.F.), oily son of Mr. and       Mrs. Reginald Rowe, of Wahroonga.

SHARP—KINDER.—January 27, at Congre-   gatlcr al Church, Woollahra, by Rev. A. G. A. Taylor, Helen, daughter of late Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kinder, of West Maitland, to Staff sargeant Alfred Sharp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo Sharp, of Albury.

SMITH—ANDERSON.—January 16, 1943,   at St. Paul's Church, Burwood. by the Rev.   G. Sanders, Phylll3 Mary, ycun"e t daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Anderson ,oi Enfield, to Sgt. L. E. Smith, youngest son of Mr. and

Mrs. A. Smith, of Sans Scud.

SUTTON—PALMER.—Decembei 19, 1942,   at St. Andre s Church, Roseville, by the Rev. A .H. Venn, Barbara, younger daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Palmer, of Chatswood, to Lieut lan Geoffrey, A.I.F., younger son of Mr.     G. Sutton and the late Mrs. Sutton, of Ar-


VENN BROWN—SMITH.— January 9, at St. Andrew's Cathedral, by the Rev. C. L. Oliver,   Betty Gwendoline, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morton Smith, of Cremorne and N.Z., to   Geoffiey Robert, son of the late Lionel and Mrs. Venn Brown, of Roseville.

WITHY—JOHNSON.—December 19, 1942,         at Shore Chapel, bv the Rev. N. A'Beckett   Backhouse, Betty, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Johnsen, North Manly, to Flying Officer Geoff Withy, R.A.AF., youngest son       ot Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wlthv, Mosman.


SINCLAIR—NEWTON.—January 31, 1883,   at St Mathew s Nevvcostle (England) by the Rev Robert Duant James Grieves eldest son cf the late Captain William Sinclair to Mary secend d-itr-liter of the late Thomas Newton all ot South Shields Present ad dres- 158 Underwood Street Paddington Syd- ney N.S.W.


CAMPBELL.—August 5, 1942, lost lit Sea   James Seth Campbell Merchant Navv second son of the late Mr and Mrs George Campbell

37 Mary Street Falkirk Scotland aged 20


CLARKE.—December 29 1942 killed In   action Ne» Guinea Lieut Ivan Stanley Clarke Running Stream beloved friend or

Doreen Maker, Dubbo.

DOOLIN.—December 19, 1942, killed in   action, New Guinea, Cpl. Frank H. Doolin QX10458, A. I. F. Aus. Cav. (returned Middle East), dearly beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Doolin and brother of Jack, Harold, Dick, and Victor, Myall Downs, North Star,

aged 29 years.

FINDLAY.—Died of wounds New Guinea   NXo9671 L /Cpl Alan Edward youngest son and ..tep son of Mr and Mrs F Findlay brother of Frank Bill and Jack. R.I.P.

FINDLAY.—Died of wounds Ne» Ou nea     N-Î59671 L /Cpl Alan Edward (returned Middle East) loving friend of Alice aged 25


McGRATH.—January 19 1943 in aircraft   accident over Firth of Clyde Scotland R.A.F.

412221 Joseph Ernest beloved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John McGrath, Bligh Street, South Grafton, and brother of Colin (A.I.F. )     Mary, Nance, Aileen (Sister M Giovanni)

Alacoque, Veronica, Paula, Peter and Mar- garet and grandson of Mr. T. O'Connell   R.I.P. Buried Durure Scotland January 22.  

McGRATH.—January 26, 1943, at Penrith,   as a result of accident, Corporal Vincent Colin McGrath (A.I.F. Commandos) beloved second     son of Mr. and Mrs. John McGrath, South   Grafton and brother of Joseph (R.A.F. de-     ceased) Mary, Nance, Aileen (Sister M. Gio-

vanni) Alacoque, Veronica, Paula, Peter and Margaret. R.I.P. Buried Penrith January 27.

METCALF.—December 21, 1942, killed in   action New Guinea Private John Hugh Met- calf NX73848 loved son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Metcalf William St-eet Bankstown and brother of Syd Doris Ldna and Margaret

NURTHEN.—Dc-mbcr, 1942, killed In   action New Guinea Trooper David Richard iversey Nirrthen NX20661 (returned Middle East) dearly beloved husband of Rae oged 30 vears Duty nobly done

NURTHEN.—December 1942 killed in   action New Guinea Trooper David Richard Kersey Nurthen (returned Middle East) dearly b«lovcd son of Mr and Mrs G Nurthen ann brother of Melton Percy (R.A.N.), Alice, al ti uncle of Geor"e late of Campsie and Can berra Sadly missed

PICKETT.—November 21, 1942, killed in action New Guinea NX69214 Pte John Pic-

kett, son late Luke Pickett lovea brother ot   Luke George beloved adopted cn of Ml and «It Judge of Gosford aged 19 years. R.I.P.

ROSS-MUNRO.—William Ian Donald, eldest     son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross-Munro, of Lon-   don and grandson of the late Dr. W. J. Munro, of Macquarie Street, Sydney, and Mrs. Munro, of Frome, 24 Tintern Road, Ashfield, Second Lieutenant, Black Watch, died in Inala, Jonuprv 10, 1943.

SCOTT.—January 26, 1943, accidentally   killed, aircraft accident, Flight-Sgt. Stuart   Kennedy, R.A.A.F., returned from England December 1942, beloved eldest son of Mr. and Mr. K. C. Scott, Calgory, 58 Bungaloe   Avenue, Balgowlah and dear brother of Betty (Mrs. R. L. Gourlay), and Donald, friend of Chris Harvey (Scotlond), aged 25 years. In- terred January 28, Camden War Cemetery.

SCOULLER.—May 11, 1942, Sergeant-  

Pilot Chandos Scouller R.A.A.F., dearly loved son of Mrs. Ruth Scouller and loving brother   of Mrs. Jill Cook, of Carmody, 8 Kent Road, Rose Bay, lost in operations over North Sea and buried in Oberland Cemetery, Heligoland,


SMITHERS.—January 18, 1943, as result of   Injuries received in air operations Reginald Allon youngest son of Mrs C Smithers (Wall send) and dearlv loved brothel of Nell Bill

and Jack (A.I.F.), and loved nephew of Loui      


THOMPSON -January 1 1943 killed irr action New Guinea Oorp Bruce Colin Wal

loee dearly beloved husband of Hazel 37a

Earl Street Cremorn»

THOMPSON -January 1 1943 killed In action New Guinea Corp Bruce Colin Wal loee dearly loved only son of Mr and Mrs

action New Guinea Cpl B C W Thompson dearly beloved son In law and brothel In law of Mr and Mrs E R Breeze Mr and Mrs G C Arter Victor (A IF ) and Donald

loved i nele of Bevcrlev

WHITE-Decembei 7 3942 k11 ed In ac tion New Guinea Pie A White N16B21 beloved onlv son of Ml and Mrs A White of 32 Woodlands Rood Ashfield and deai brother of Margaret aged 23 years 6 months His du tv done _


ANDERSON -January 29 1943 at Mr« C Anderson s residence 308 Main Road Coirl mai Geiold Anderson aged 85 vcars

ANSCHAU -January 29, 1943, at his residence, 36 Robinson Street, Croydon, Cecil Edwin (Roy) beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. John Anschau and loving brother of Doris (Mrs Brown), Gilbert Goldle (killed In action 1917), Barbara, Euphemia (deceased),

Gwenwyn and John.

ASHDOWN.—January 8, 1942, at his resi-   dence, 23 McDougall Street, Kensington, Gor- don Edward. the beloved eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Ashdown, of Forest Lodge, the brother of Gladys (Mrs. H. Hay- ter), Vera (Mrs. W. Skues), Edward, Dorothy  

(Mrs. P. Koosachi).

BARKER -January ">9 1943 sudde ii», at her residence 23a Chiltern Road Willoughby Mobel Ruth widow of the late Eaglcsfleld Barker (BrLbane) beloved mother cf Ruth (»1rs Charles Waite) Una Privately ore


BARNTS-Tanuory 28 1343 result of accl

dent Albert Edward beloved husband of Alice Mev of North Sydnev

BENSON -January 2T 1943 at a private hosp tal Marrickville Catherine (Cass) be- loved v Its of the late Thomas Benton o' Gosford and Minmi aged 75 years At rest Burl»ri ot Rookwood Cemetery

BIACKIE-Januarv 25 at a private hos

pltal Maude Mary Blackle of 31J Ernest Street North Sydney Privately Interred

BURMEISTER -January 27 at East Prah ran Melbourne Arthur beloved father of Mr ond Mr Ruben Bedwell of Balmain and loy iii; grenda'1 of Arthur Harry (decca ed)

Fronl and Helen

BUTTERWORTH -Jonuory _8 194J Isud

denlvl at «-t George District Hospita] Kanäle Archibald Butterworth doarlv loved son of Mr and Mr« A C Butterworth of 19 HamI! ton Street Arncllirr and dear brother of Isa

belle Rcscmarv aged 21 scars Interred Church cf Englond Cemetery Woverlcv

Januarv 29 1943

LLABRF-Jenuary 29 194J Edith Helen loving mother of Harry Edith (Mrs Carrig) Ethel (Mrs Connell N Z ) f mlly (Mrs Beal Tempe) and David (killed In octlon 1917) oged (13 vcars At rest

DOIDGF-Januarv "5 194J Edwin belov d husband of Marv Lucy of Mt Eden 13 Olphert Avenu» vaucluse and beloved father of rrcderlck W Lucy Dudley Hilda Dai hue and Bert and Jock (deceased) Retired Jour

nallst late of Cootamundra Interred ut So ith Hcod Cemetery January _7 1943

EDMONDS -Januarv 29 suddenly ot her residence Larras Lake C rollne Georgina EG. monds beloved mother of Shot herd Lee (de ceased) reginald James (deceased) and Per clvol Edwoid o"eri 81 years

fPMUNDs - January 29 194 J Kate beloved wife of Rev Arthur Edmunds Turra


EGLKTON -Joniwry 19 194T nt RondwIcE Annie Jackson wldov of the late Charle« William loving mother of Rupert aged r5 years Privately interred

FLIIS - Januarv ">n 104J nt Camden Dis

trlct Hospital Robert husband of the lett Bridget Angela Ellis and loved father of Mory (deceased) Nclllo (Mrs Hutton) Leo Atnes (Mrs Davidson) Florence (Mrs Bridge) and Irving brother of Ml«s Marv EUI« ond Arthur aged 76 veors RIP No mourning

FIT/rAlRICK-Tanuarv 29 1941 Mnry Ellen Fltznotrlck of Randwick loved mother of Les ond Harrie aged 72 years RIP

C.FEVFS -January 28 1943 at St Vin

cent s Hospital Alfred beloved brother of James William Themas Samuel and Janie

aged 71 years

GORDON -January 26 1943 at forest Lodge Edward William beloved grondiothe» of Alice Beresford Desmond and Clive

GREI-N - Jonuan 29 1943 at his daugh ter s (Mrs E Carter) r»«ldcnce 65 Pile Street Marrickville Frank Inkerman Green

aged 83 years

HALL -January 20 1943 at military hos

pital Randwick, Charles Browning MM only son of M Thurston and the late Mrs Hall of Sydney and brother of Louise (Mrs


HAMBURGER.- January 28 1943 (acci-

dentally killed) Leslie Pope Hamburger dearly   loved husband of Eva and fond father of Eddie, Ethel, Les, Marge, Clair, Henry, Eva,   Jean, Millie, Joan, Billie, and Doreen aged

56 years

HARLOCK -January 28 1943 at a pri vRte hospital Rachel late of Avora Street Rand» Ick relict of the late James Harlock of Pomborneit \ Ictorla Prlv rtely Interred

HOEY -January 25 1943 at a private hospital Neutral Bay William David Hoey of  21 Oakville Road Willoughby, and late of Burradoo   (Wallendbeen) dearly beloved  husband of Annie and dear father of Geoff,  Jack and Ethel aged 75 years. Was privately cremated at Northern Suburbs Crematorium January 27, 1943.


JOHNSON -Alice relict of the Inte Samue.1 Johnsen lote of Annandale Privately Inter

red on the 2Cth hist

KALLENBERGER - January 27, 1943, at hospital Clara Kallenberger of 367 Park Road, Auburn, beloved wife of William Carl and loved mother of William and Carl, aged 64 years. Privately cremated on Friday,

January 29, 1943.

LOGAN -January 29 1943 at Royal North Shore Hospital Barbara Wood beloved daugh ter of the late W A Logan and Mrs A Logan of West Maitland and beloved sister of Betty and, Lieut John Logan (A IF )

Private cremation

MacDON'AI.D -Januarv 26 1943 at Mayo private hospital Tare» Donald Alexander rf Coopernook ron of the late Lachlan Mnr Donald The Bight Manning- River ia his

89th vcar

DEATHS     McMICHAEL -January 28 1943 at a pri- vate hospital, Mosman. Oliver beloved hus- band of Mabel Mary McMlchael of 46 Holt Avenue Cremorne and loved father of Don, Oliver and Marjorie aged 70 years Private


McMULLEN. - January 23, at a private hos- pital, The Entrance, Mary Millicent, loving wife of Alexander J McMullen of Dunkley Avenue, New Lambton. Privately interred Wamberal General Cemetery.

MACDONALD - January 29 1943 at West- ern Suburbs Hospital Merle beloved daughter of Mi and Mrs Duncan Macdonald of lb Manning Avenue Enfield and roving sister of Jean and Ronald aged 29 yea's

MACKIE -January 28 1943 (suddenly) at his residence North Beach via Repton Robert David Mackie (late Tramways) be

loved husband of Margaret and loving father of Robert, Norman, George, Marjorie, May,

Olive and Bonny

MANNING -January 29 1943 at Sacred Heart Hospice Darlinghurst Joseph Manning of Lethbrioge Street Penrith relict of the   late Harriet Manning aged 77 years RIP

MARSH -January 29 1943 at Marrick- ville District Hcspltal Frances Matilda Marsh late of 23 Cowper street Campsie aged 76

years At rest

NISBET -January 29 at Dirleton Indoo- roopilly Brisbane Sarah widow of late Rev

T Nisbet D D and daughter of the late W Lamrock of Lemon Forest Kurrajong

NOLAN -January 29 194J Harold James Nolon beloved husband oi Jean and loved father of Bill Bob (RAN abroad) John (deceased) Valerie Donald and Patricia aged

48 years RIP

QUICK -January 29 1943 at his resl dence 156 Palmer Street Fast Sydney

Thomas beloved husband Df Mrs Rebecca Quick and dear father of William aged 71

y ears At rest

RAMSAY -January 26 194J at St George District Hospital Kogarah John Ramsay ol Heathcote (formerly of Glasgow) dearly loved husband of lone Ramsay and dear father ti Mary (Mr« Fletcher) John Isabella Donald David Margaret (Mrs Blotter) Jennie (Mrs Btov n) and Jean (Mrs Henderson)

RAMSAY -January 29 1943 at her resi- dence 12 Gordon Street Mosman, Lydia Ann   widow of the late T J Ramsey and dearly beloved mother of Lydia, Allen, Leslie, Alfred (killed In action 1917), Vivian (1st AIF deceased), Charlie, Zillah and Vera (Mrs E W Rees) Wollongong aged 85 years

REDDY -January 29 1943 at her resl

dence 17 Britannia Avenue Burwood Gladys Mary dearly beloved wife of Denis and dear mother of Jill and fond daughter of Mrs R Gosling aged 38 years Requiescat In pace

REUS.—January 27, at Young, Emma,   dearly loved mother of Margaret, Emily, Maud,

Gert, and Ida. At rest.

ROBERTS.—January 25, 1943, at Sydney, Gordon Kenneth David Roberts, dearly loved husband of Grace Roberts, aged 57 years. Late of Griffith and Fairfield. Privately in-

terred Rookwood.

SALAMON.—October 19, 1942, at New York,   U.S.A., Stephanie (nee Egerton), loving daugh- ter of the late Annie Jackson Egerton and sister of Rupert.

SEARCY -January 12 (suddenly) at Tara, Queensland, Daisy beloved wife of F H Searcy and mother of Jim (Cambrai, Queens land) and Dorothy Williams (Kurrajong,


SIMON -January 21, 1943, John, dear father of Nytha (Mrs Shawyer), Adamson Street, Middle Brighton, Victoria and Lorna, Warialda Street West Kogarah, aged 77 years.

SORREL! -January 29 1943 at a private hosoital coogee Minnie Ethel beloved wile of Furry Sorrell and loving mother of Hazel (Mrs G Thompson) Doris (Mrs W Hop kins Cecil and Keith aged 69 vears

SWAN -January 22 1943 at Delhi Road North Ryde Robert J C Swan (late of Olod"svllle) beloved husband of Margaret and loved father of Bruce Ronald Hector, and Pearl Privately Interred

TAYLOR -January 29 194J at St George District Hospital Harry Taylor beloved father of »rchlc and Don need 50 years At rest

TRENrHARD SMITH -January 29 194J at private ho-pital North Sydnev and late of l8 strickland Avenue Lindfield Sydney loving hu«band of Bertha and dear father of Grace (Mrs A G Evcnnctt) Adelaide Harold (Calms) aird Ted (RAAF overseas) Prlvat»Iv cremated on 29th Instant

ULLLTT -January 25 Harold Gordon late of Lindfield d»arly loved son of the late Cap- tain Ullctt China and the late Mrs A G tlllett of Garryowen Balfoui Rood Kensing- ton fond brother of Vin Dick Jessie Irene orother-ln low of Alice ana uncle of Jean

IAN HCb-Januarv 29 194J at her re I

dence 133 Bellevue Street Cammeray Mar- garet Frances dearly beloved mother of Roy Len and Iris and grandmother of Don

oqed 68 sears

VENN -January 2J 194J (result of air- craft occident) LAC Geoffrey Samuel Venn dearlv loved son cf Aubrcv and Msiv Venn and deorlv loved brother of Alan ond Alex (RAAF) cf Glodstone Avenue Huntor s Hill oged 22 veors Interred Spring Vale Cemeterv Victoria 26/1/ 43

WICKHAM.—January 29, 1943, at a private     hospital, Killara, Walter Bethel Wickham,   beloved father of Alan and Helen (Mrs. F. Gilfilan), of 4 Newark Crescent, Lindfield,

aged 74 years.  

WORMALL -Januarv 29 194J ot Balmain I Ho«pltal Grace Ann riearjy beloved wife of William Wormoll and loved mother of Grace Jcse! hine (Mrs W McLean) of Balmain Bessie (Mrs C Wllcox-on) of Blakehurst

W YETH-December 22 1942 al 21 Baker Street Enfield Themas Wyeth late cf Carlton Crescent summer Hill and o' Railway Work- shops Eveleigh aged 77 year«

lOUNG -lenuary 27 Alice G Young wlte , of CY'rten T- Ynunr Apollo Ba« Victoria


ANDEKSON -A token of love to the beau- tiful memorv of oui dear mother Fli¿abetn v ho departed this life January 31 1941 In scrted by Agnes Tom Beattie Gertie and


BEES TON -in loving memorv rf oui dear mother Mary Ellen who passed away January 31 1939 Alwa s remembered by Svbl!

Harrv Alf and Cecil

BERTHOID -In loving memory of our dear lather who fell asleep Tanuary 30 1930 In «erteri by his loving children Allied Lindo Phillip Dorrie In law« Tosie Ormie Billie

BOYLE -A tribute of love to our dear son ond brother George acctdentolly killed Janu arv 27 1940 Late 13rd Fortress Engrs In- serted by his mother lather sister and


BRASITR -In loving memorv of Bill de- parted this life Januarv 31 1939 also father February 2 19T9 Always rem»mbored by his

cirowlng mother brothers lohn HIP abtoad) Arthtu (P O W ) sister Iris sisters In-law and brother« In Ia v Mona Florrie and Ken also grandma Reed and nephews

Alon and Ron

CHRISTIE-Cherished ond lovinï memories Mil al» evs lemoln of our d»ar mothci Esthe vivo uassed away Jonuoiv Ti 1940 also our rieor dad Jame» v/ho died March 1 1918 In ertcd by theil fond daughters Lily Addle


CHRISTIE-Memory ever oear of Esther I rnd James beloved parents of Rose I

COHEN -A tribute of love to the memory i of our dear father who passed away January TI 19"2 Alwevs rem«mbered by loving dough ters Gladys and Nea

CHOME -In 'ovin« memorv of mr deal Lrcthcr Charl»s Crome died Jonuary TO 1912 Inserted bv his loving- sistei Lucy


DAINrRl -In loving memorv of oui deal father ond grandfather Themas who passed away Tanuary 31 1942 Al»ey« lemembored by his loving daughters sons daughters ln-law tons In-low and grandchildren

DAINTR' -In fond memory of my dear son ond my dear brother Tom who passed away Tanuary Ti 1942 Inserted by his loving

mother and slstor Nell

DE PINNA-Loving remembrance of «.C1 James de Pinna shot down Koepang Janu arv 30 1942 also Di Herbert de Pinna passed away Jonuary 28 1936 Mother Bettv Claire

DOBEIL-A loving tribute to the memorv of our darling daught»i Leonie who passed away on January Ti 1942 A little pal sadlv ml«scd by her loving parent«

FIRBANK -Trca«urcd memories of our dal- ling Lillian Grace who passed away Tonuary 31 1936 Inserted bv her loving mother brothel and sistei Fred and Hazel Jones

FRIEND-In loving rnemon» nf my darling daughter Jean v ho deported this lite Janu Sly 31 «9o7 Evei remembered by h»r mothei

and little son Hovaid

HAMILTON-In fend memor» of our lather and granafother Charles (Pop) who passed av ay January II 1942 Imerted bv hi. dough ter Daphne son-ln-lav Victor and grand- child Lryal .

HAKDY-In loving memory of Mabel Alwavs remembered by h»r loving children

and friend Pearl

HENKES -In loving remembrance of our d»a- son and brother Norman January Jl 1937 aged 34 years 3n erted by his loving mum and dart brother Ray and sister


HFNXES -In loving memory of our dear »rand«on Norman who pa«scd away Januarv 31 19o7 ln*erted by his ma pop Uncle Norman Aunty Glad and Cousin Billie

HIXTEIL-In lcvlng memorv c1 my dear hu-band ond our father Thomas »ho passed away January 31 1941 Inserted by his wife

and famllv

1IOLLIDA1 -In loving memory of my dear husband Alf who died January 29 1939 Dcorly loved and sadly missed by his loving

and lonely wife Gertie

JACKSON -In lovlnt memory of our dear mother and grandmother Alice Jackson who dieu January 30 1940 In«erted by Jack

Rose and grandchildren

JOHNSTON -loving memories of our dearly loved son and brother Billy derailed this life January 30 1930 Inserted by his lov- ing mother and sl«tcrs Brenda and Patty

KEEN-In loving memory of our dear mother, Sarah Selina died Jonuary 30 1937 Remembered by her sorrowing family

LF SONIA -Treasured memories of dear Le Sonia accidentally killed January JO 1942 Inserted by M Mulligan

LF1PER-In loving memory of mv dear husband James Robertson who passed away Januarv 31 1942 Sadly missed by his lov

Inn »Ile I«ob»lle

roi EDA«. -In loving memory of dear Harold, died January 28 1910 Inserted by

his wife and children

McC*.BE-Sac-cd memorv of Stanley who departed this life Januar« 31 Inserted bv his lcvlng mother sister and brother Doreen

and Lourie

MADDISON -In loving memory of my de-r husbond ond our dear fothcr Thornes who po«sed avvav January 25 193R Inserted by his loving wife son rind daughters

MASON -In lovlnt memory of our dear brother Georgo Harvey Mason who passed avvoy January JO 1927 Alwoys remembered by his loving sister and brother-in-law

MOT ONI-In loving memory of my dear wife and our dear mother »ho pas'ed away January 30 1939 In«erted by her loving

husbond and family

MOORE-In loving memory of oui beloved father John Joseph who departed this life January 28 1939 Inserted hy his loving

childi en

NORTON -In loving memory of my dear husband and our dear father. William who passed away January 31 1940 Inserted by his loving »Ho Evelyn and daughters Dorothy (Mrs Rond) Irene (Mrs Robinson)

O NEILL-In loving memory of my dear wife and mothc- Esther Jane »ho died Jonu- ary 30 1942 Sadly missed by her loving

husband and son Jack

TAGE -In memory of a beloved workmate

florrie Page »ho vvos accidentally killed January 31 1912 Inserted by friends at

Anthony Horderns

PARTRIUGh-In lov¡n? memorv of my dear husband Thomas Outred who nassea a 'ay suddenly January 31 1941 Sadly missed by his lcvlng wife Marge

PARTR1DGE-MACDOUGALL -A tribute of love to the memory of our dearly beloved Thomas Outred chief officer M N who pas red away (suddenly at seo) January 31 1011 Inserted by his loving mother and step


PARTRIDGE -A tribute of love and re membrance to our door brothei and uncle, Themas Outred chief officer M N who passed away (suddenly at sea) January 31 1941

Inserted by his loving and only sister und brothcr-ln-law Norah Lieut Jack Grant (A M F ) and nephow Donald Toowoomba


riRTRIDGfc-MACDOUGAI L -To Ule memory of our deorly beloved brother Thomas Outred Chief Officer M N who passed away suddenlv at sea January 31 1941 Inserted by his loving brothers Cpl James Partridge (ti A A P Queensland) PIlot-OfBcer John MacDmifraU (RAAF abroad) I A C Robert MacDougall (RAAF, Perth, WA)


TARTBIDGt -In loving memor» of our dear son-in-law Thomas Outred who passed away suddenly January 31 1D41 Always re mcmbcred bv Gran and Pop

PATTERSON -In treasured memory of my darling daughter Eunice Enid who fell asleep January 30 1036 aged 23 years Inserted by her loving mother brother and sister., In-law

PEACHEY -In everlasting remembrance of my late wife Eliza Ann who departed this life January 30 1938 Fred

PRICE -To the memory of mv beloved wife Beatrice Eleonor who departed this life Janu ary 30. 1942 Inscrt-d by dad

PRICE -In loving memory of Beatrice Eleanor and our dear mother and rrandmother who fell asleep Jonuary 30 1942 From Gwen

ond Dell

PRICE --io the memory or our dear mother mother In la» ond grandmother who fell r"leep Januarv 30 1942 Inserted by Sis Rov Margaret Betty Barbata Gwen and

John Dale

RANKIN -In loving memorv of Clare p«Soed away January Ji T941 Inserted by her r-rents sisters and brother

RATHBORNE -In levins nicmoiy of my he loved husband and our father and grand fother Harry who departed this life January 30 1941 Inserted by his loving wife Molly and family

RFID -In loving memory of our dear daughter and sister Malle Hope died lonti ory 30 1942 ogea 23 years Forevci in the thoiiphts of her moth»r and father Tom »nri Marv brothers Tom and Bill sisters Hazel and Beryl

SKULANDI.R -Sod numery ot our beloved sen Allan passed away January 30 1928 aged 20 A! o my mothei Margaret Skulander grondmother of above died January 26 1941 By Peter and Mary Skulander

SLADE -In loving memory of my dear husband and ou father William Hilton »ho nas«cd away January Jl 1942 Sadly missed by his wife and son Jim ond Jo»

SLADE -In lovmg memory of our dear brotner William Hilton Milford who departed this life January TI 1942 In crtcd by his loving brothers and sister

SMITH -In loving mcmoiy of our dear mother Susanna Rhoda who died January Jl 1935 Inserted by her loving sen Mort end doughters Mill Gert ChrloS

STANLEV-in loving memory ol my dear htiEband Arthur »ho po«sed away Januory 30 1041 Sadly missed by his fond wife

and niece

THOMAS-Cherl«hed and lov mç memories »111 al»ays remain cf oui darling- mother Annie passed away January 30 1942 In- serted by her lovlm. daughter orr« daughters !n-la« and grandchildren

THOMAS -In loving memory of mv son and oir brother william Charles ( Bill ) »ho dl»d (suddenly) at Alexandria January 30 1910 late of the 4th Battalion A IF In sorted b his mothei brothel and sl«ter

IAN LUBECK-s»cet memories of my daughter In law Toan who passed away Janu- ary 30 1942 Wife of Maxwell Van Lubeck


WAlsON -In loving memory of Ethel May the b»loved wife of Cecil and loved mother mcthei In law and giandmother of Elsie and Bert Russell (RAAF) Charles and Geofircy Llnoburrv Charles Dalmain and Baby Ken neth Watson who died January 30 1942

WEST-Treasured memories of my de« husbond W11! who passed awav January 31 1939 Inserted by lils loving wife Ede and


W EST -A tribute of love to Luke dear husband of Annie pud dad of Nell Elsie Bill and Bob grand oad of Jovce Audrev Teddy Colvin Billy who left us January 30 1941

WESTBROOK -In loving memory of my dear mothei who dep rted this life Januaiv 31 1942 Inserted by loving son Steve and doug! ter ln-!aw Pat

WILLIAMS -In loving memory of my dear daughter and our slotcr Loroce who departed this life January 30 1941 Inserted bv mum Thelma Joe Beth and Ulah

WILSON -In lcvlng memorv ol our deor mother Emma who pa«sed away Jam ary 25 1938 Fver remembered hy her sons Dave and Breckey

WILSON-In memorv of Thomas James (Pa) who passed away January 30 1942 Alwoys remembered by Bennie Harry and


WINDERS-in loving memorv of m« wife Alice died January 30 1S42 In«-rted by her

loving husband Terrv

W1NDLÍ1S -In loving rnemcry of our dart ins daughter ond sLter Alice Winders nee Butler who pa«sed a» ay Tanuarv 30 1942 Sodly missed by h»r mother father and


WISDOM -In loving memory of Allrcd Wisdom who departed this Hie January 10 3941 aged 61 vears Inserted by his loving


WOODHART - In loving memor«» of my dear rtintv Joan who fell asleep January 30 1941

Alwavs remembered by h»r fend niece Daphne

On Active ServTicf

GRFENTREE - In oving memorv of our dear son and brother M8977 Gunner Gordon Robert Greentree accidentally killed In Aus- tralia Janua-v JO 1942

IIOLIIDA«. -In loving memory of mv dear -on and brcthei, A C1 Join Henrv Holllday RAAF killed In enemy action Timor January TO 1942 Sadlv mls-ed by his father mother ond brotner Charlie

HOLIDAY - rn loving memor» of John IA C 1 killed in action Koepong January 31

3942 Ever cm»mbercd by hie lelotlvcs at Stanmore ,_

A AN llitlGKl -io the honour and memory of "in loved son and brcthei Gorrión _ A r P A A « Koenai a lonuoiy TO 13-.2


Mr H C MOORE ot 50 Selwnrd Street Brighton le Sands wish's to express hU sin rere 1HANKS to elatlves »lends and neigh hours for lett-rs Ule"iam5 and floral tributes In his sod recent v<.uunt Pleose accept this as per cnal thanks

The FAMILY of the la e Captam ROBERi HUN ni of 81 Belford Road East Kew (Melb ) wish ro incerclv THANK nil friends rnd lelatrves for their messages of «ympatny

in Ineir Sud bereaverncnr

Mrs C MCKENZIE *l h*s to THANK ol friends 'or the flowers and kind mc««ages of sympathy in her «->d bereavement

Mr G E MULLIGAN and Mrs T A THOMSON of 62 Francis Street Bondi wish to express sincere THANKS to all lelallves (rienda for their kind expression., of «yin

pathy floral tributes letter« and te'eftrams In their recent sod bereavement Please ¿ccept this as Ihclr personol thanl«

Mr and Mr« W F FOLE- and f AMIL}, of Bowral »Ui io THANK all kind îrlatlves nelghLours, and friends for their kindnes

letters telegrams cards and floral tributes n their leccnt sad bereavement Plca«e oil accept this as personol thanks

Mt ond Mrs W F VOLEY and FAMUY of Bowral wish to THANK matron sister nurse« and «taft of Mol.hlde for their great core and k1 iones« to theil late dear daughter ond sister El«le during her recen lone Hine s

Mr and Mrs T 1/ KING and FAMILY of 49 Goodsell Street, Ne town wish io THANK oil kind relatives neighbour and friends for their kindnes« letter- telegram«

rard.» and florar trioutes In their recent sod bcicvemcnl Please accept thl- as our per

sonal thanks

Mr I CARR and FAMII v. of 40 Ivy Stieet Redfern vlsh to «Incerclv THANK all kind lelatlves friends and neighbours for letters

telegrams caids and floral tributes 1 r tin I reicnt sad los3 of his dear wife and theil oeor mother and mother in law and grandmothei Will all pleass accept this as personal thanks

The FAMII Y ond RfcLAlIVES of the iBte Mrs F E STANLEY of Turramurra desire lo THANK all these who extended to thini their sympathy and assistance In theil recent bereavement Please accept this as personal

Mrs E J STRICKLAND and FAMILY Ot Wllcv Pork desire to THANK all relative friends and members of the RAAF Area Finance OTice for floral tributes and sympoihv in their recent bereavement

The RELMivto or the late Mrs MARTHA MARY BATES desire lo express their -lnceie THANKS to friends and neighbours for their cxpre'slons of symoolh« florol tributes cord

lctteis ond tel»gram« received in theil recent sad bereavement

Mr.. E GIBBS wishes to THANK all friends for ménages caids and letters of sympathy in hei sorrow in losing- her eldest son NX15860 Stanley Coroon Gibbs

The FsMIL-y of the lot» CATHERIN! EMILY ARCHER wishes to THANK all lela ti cs and friends for their kind expression« of svmp'thy floral nicolle l»ttcrs rrd tele

grams In mell recenr sad bereavement Please accept thl as personal thanes

Mrs O MELFY of Smithfield onlfAMm »Ur to THANK all friend and relatives foi kind expression« of sympathy cards anri floral tr butes li rhelr recent sad bereavement

Mt and Mrs LEN EMMERTON or ri FAMILY of Fllzabcth Bav wish to THANK al! kind lelatlves and friends tor letters teltgrains cord- and floral rrlbrtes In the sad less oi their dear sen and brother Jp»k Leonard Please accept this es personal

t îar^s

Miss HAZEI BARLOW and f AMILY Of 15 Cicydoi Avenue Croydon wish to sin cerely THANK all relatives friendo and neighbours fci kind expres«lcns of sympathy cords, telegrams and floral tributes in their recent sad bereavement Please pecept this

as our personal thank«

Miss M SCANLAN and BROTHERS o 28 Mbanv Road Stanmore des re to leturn sincere TH INKS to Rev fathers losl O Don oughue and Thomas the cmplovees of the City Council and Grace Bros friends and nelth hours for letters cards telegrams and floral tributes received during our recent sad be

reavement Will all kindly accept this as our sincere personal thanks

Mt D STEELE and FAMILY Stanmore THANK lelotlves and nil kind friends lor e\ pressions of «ympathy cards florol tributes In their recent bereavement Plea«e accept this

a- persor »1 thanks

Mrs H HOUGH nnd fAMILY of fntleld vlsh to THANK all relatives and friends also staff and fellow norkmatcs of Common wealth Aircraft Co also employees of Richard Hushes for many kind letters telegrams coras and floral tributes for les of her be

loved h isband and their dear fother Pleose accept this os oui personal expressions of un

cere thanks

Mr and Mrs J I ARSEN Mr "nd Mrs J BRAILFY and FAMILIES »Ish to return sincere THANKS to relatives and friends for expressions of sympathy In the sad less ni their dear mother Honnah Dlckin«on

Mr and Mr« PAULGA of Alexandria wish to THANK lelatlves and irlends for cards

letters and telegrams of sympathy In their

recent bereavement

Mrs MARY SAYER of 165 King Street

Newtown wr«hes to express her sincere THANKS to oil Relatives and kind friends tor floral tributes telegrams letters cards and other messages of sympathv in the sad loss of her dear husband please accept this as my Personal Thanks

Mr CLEM RYAN and FAMILY of Earlwood »Ish to THV.NK Relatives Trlends and Neighbours fcr their kind expression of syra pattiv telegrams cards and floral tributes In their recent sad bereavement Please accept this as our Personal Thanks

The FAMILY of the late TESSIE MARIA KEAPNEY Guildford rteslro to THANK Nurse Lambert Mrs Soge Mrs MocDIomld rcio

lives and Irlends for kind sympathy during their recent sad bereavement Please accept as personal thanks

Mrs D lONN and Mrs K IONN of J Hampton Court Road Kogarah «l«h to THANK all relatives and Irlends tor their kind expressions of sympathy floral tributes letters and telegrams In their recent sad bereavement Please all accept this as per scnnl thonks

Mrs A GALLEN and FAMILY at 56 Eastern   Road Turramurra wish to THANK all rela tives and friends for their expressions of sym pathy in their recent and bereavement


wich Hill wish to THANK all kind relatives and friendo for kind expressions of sympathy in their lccent bereovement Please accept this as personal thanks

Mrs GRACE PORTENER and FAMILY wish to THANK oil relatives friends ond neigh

bours for telegrams cord» and flo-al tributes during their recent sod bereavement Please accept this as a personal ncknow lcdgmcnt of

sincere gratitude

Mr and Mrs A V BALLARD and Mr and Mrs H C WILLIAM6 wish to express their sincere THANKS to relations and friends for their kind sympathy catd3 letters telegrams

and floral tributes uceived In their recent sad be .cavement Please accept this as personal



Mrs E M WILLIAMS and FAMILY of 16a High Street Millers Point wish to THANK all kind relatives and friends for kind expressions of sympathy cards telegrams letters and floral tributes in their recent bereavement Please accept this as personal


Mrs E TAYLOR and 1 AMILY wish to THANK their manv friends for their tokens of sympathy In their recent sad bereavement

Mr and Mrs I COCKSEDGE FREDA (Mrs S HEWITT) 14 Ashburner Strcrl

Manly wish to convey to the i lanv friends theil sincere 1HANKS for letters iard< tel«

grams floral tributes cf sympathy In the sou


* LLLN -The Relatives and rrlends of Mrs -£*? L Allen and Fomlly oie Invited to attend the Tunera! oí her dearly loved Husband and their rieai Father Allred (Bobby) Allen late cr Forest L-oge to leave our Private Chapel 58 Pallamana Read Aunándole Thl Alter ncor alter service commencing at 1 15 p m for th» Church of England Cemetery Rook wood Labor Motor rimerais Limited 59 Parramatta Road Annandale Phones LA2777 (t lines)

ANDERSON -The Relatives end friends ol

the late Gerald Ander on nie Invited to attend his funeral to leave the residence of Mrs C Anderson TOd Main Road Corrimal

This Saturday at 4 JO r tn for the Church ol England cemetery Wollongong H Parson Funeial Director

ANSCHAU -The Friends of the late Cecil

Edwin (Roy) Anschau, late 5th Field Ambulance, 5th Brigade, 1st A.I.F. are in- vited to attend his Funeral which will leave his late residence ,36 Robinson Street, Croy-

don, This Afternoon at 3 o'clock for the   Northern Suburbs Crematorium. Joseph Med- calf, A.F.D.A., 172 Redfern Street, Redfern       MX2315 (2 lines).

BARNES -The funeral »1 the late Albert

Edward Barru of North Sydney will leave Ernest Andrews Funeral Chapels relner Pacific Highway and Themas Stre»t Chats »cod This Day alter a service ccmmencin" at 11 lo a rn 1er Ule Northern Suburbs Crema torliini Ernrst Andrews Chatswood JA28J4

BARNES -The Members of the Operative

Painters and Decorator.. Union of AUS

tralla are Invited to attend the funeral cf their late Member Albert Edward Barnes See prccealng notice for further particulars CHING -The Funeral of the late Mr Leo

nard John Ching of 10 Gibbons Street Auburn will arrive at Hu Methodist Cerne tery Rookwood (New Port on) This Satur day at 10 15 0 m F W Haitlev Pty Ltd 173 King Street Newtown

CL/RKE-Ins Relatives and friends ut tile

late Mrs Fdlth Ellen Clarke ore Invited to attend her Funeral to leave our funeral Chai el This Saturday at 1 30 p m lor the Church or England Cemetery Woronora Wol ters and Son Dulwich Hill terminus LM1676 COOK -The Funeral of the late Charles

Low renee Cook vin leave our Chapel T Mlss»ndcn Road Camperdown This Sat uroay at 9 JO o m for Independent Cemetery Rookwood Wood Coffin Limited

CIOOPER-The Relatives and friends ot

i Mr and Mrs William Lever Mr ana Mrs Brccmhcad and Family cf 66 Wood ville Road Granville are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved Sister and Aunt Catherine Cooper to leovc our Chai c1

South Street Granville This Saturday after service commencing at 1 15 p m tor the Crematorium Rockwood A Ï Ander cn funeral Director South Street Granville Phone UW8533

EDMUNDS -The funeral ot the late Mrr,

Kate Edrnuna- cf lurroin id i 111 leave St Margaret 5 PresfcvterlLU church Turra murra This Day alter a service commencing at 3 p m for the Ncrtlt»rrr Suburbs Crema torlum Ernest Andrews Chatswood JV.28J4 ELLIS -A Requiem Mass tor the Repose ol

the Soul of the late Robert EUI late of Ingleburn »111 be celebrated In St fiancls rhurch O'ford Stteet Paddington at 9 30 This Saturday Morning

ELLIS-The Relatives and frt»nds of the

lote Robert Ellis late of Ingleburn aie 1 Indlv Invited to attend his Funeral to leave St Francis Church O ford Street Padding ton immediately after Requiem Mass common clng ot 9 30 This Saturday Morning tor the Catholic Section of Waverley Cemetery C A

Nicol Funeral DUcctor

ELLIS -Veterans of the Untted Imperial

Navy ar d Army A=sociatlon are requested to attend the Funeral of our late Comrad» R Ellis See lamil« notice A RASHLEY President A C Barrett Secretary

FITZPATRICK-The Relatives and friends

of the late Marv Ellen Fitzpatric! are In vlted to att»nd her Funeral to leave our Funeral Home 24 Enmore Road Newtown This Afternoon at 2 .5 o deck for the Catholic Cemetery Rockwood Lacor Motor Funeral« Limited 24 Enmore Road Newtown Phon»s LA2777 (4 Unes)

/"lEEVES-The Relatives ai c1 friends cn sJ the late Alficd Geeves are invited to attend his Funeral to leave the Private Chope) of Motor Funerals Limited JO City Road city Trils Morning- at JO o clock lot the Church o' England c meterv Rookwood Sec- tion 14 Motoi Funerals Limited A F D A TO Cllv Road lity Tele M6-77

GREEN -The Relatives and friends of the

late Frank Inkerman Green ere kindly Invited to attend his Funeral to leave his Daiightci ., (Mrs E Carter) lesldence 65 Pile Street Marrlck ill» Thl« Afteinoorr at 2 o clock for the Rookwood Crematorium Wflter I Wood 18o Marrickville Road Mar ricks Hie Phone LM2206

HAMBURGER-The Relatives and friends

of Mrs E Hamburger and Family of Blacktown are advlsed that the Funeral of her dearly loved Husband and their Father Leslie will leave our Chapel, This (Satur- day) Afternoon at 2 o clock for the Church   of England Cemetery, Woronora. Charles Innes and Son A F D A 32 Darcy Street Parramatta UW9259  

HOWELLS -The Relatives and friends ot

Mi and Mrs L Hovells »lid Family Mr and Mrs M T Howells and Mr and Mrs J T Mitchell are Invited to attend the Funeral or their dearlv loved Daughter their Slstei ond theil Granddaughter Moigoret which will leave our Chore! This (Saturdav) Afternoon at 3 15 for the Independent Cerne tery Rookwood Charles Innes ond Son A f D A UW9259

INGERSOLE-The Relatives and friends of Mrs G Ingersole of 94 Brook Street   Coogee are kindly invited to attend the Fune-   ral of her beloved Husband George Arthur to leave our Private Chapel 40 Brown Street   Newtown This Day at 9:45 a m for Church   of England Cemetery Rookwood the Work-

ers Funeral Directors (C H Poiker and Son) 40 Brown fct-eet Newtown LA2109

KENNEDY The R'tatlves and F lends of

Mr ond Mrj K F Kennedy and Famtl«

of 7 Frrst Avenue Port Kembla aie invited to attend the funeral of theil late dearlv loved Son Kevin to leave Parsons s Fi neral Por

ours Thl- Saturdav at, 2 JO p m for the Catholic Cciueteiy Wollontong H Parsons

tu i-rpl Dlrcrror

KING - The Relatives and Friends of Mr

Mervyn King and Peter of 28 Fairfax Road, Bellevue Hill and Mr and Mrs Ken-

neth Lawrence of England are invited to at-

tend the Funeral of his dearly beloved Wife   and their dear Mother and Mother-in-law,     Edith Annie King, to leave the Kinsela Chap- els, Taylor Square, Darlinghurst, This Sat- urday, after Service commencing at 3 p.m., for the Church of England Vault Section, Wav- erley. Charles Kinsela Pty. Ltd. A. F.D.A. Taylor Square, Darlinghurst. FL4136-7-8.      

LARKEN -The Relatives and friends of Mr

George William Latkcn and Family of 4 Dudlev Rood Charlestown are invited to at tend the Ftncral of their beloved Wile

Mothci and Mother In law Olive Florence Larkcn to take place This Afternoon nt 2 o clock In the Church of Emjond Ccmcteiy Chailc«tovvn James Murray A FDA funeral Dlreclci

MCCARTHY - The f uncial of the late Elua

MeCirthy of 254 Jersey Road Woollahra v 111 leavo Sacred Heart Hospice Dnr!iiiBhur«t This Saturday ot 9 30 am for the Catholic Ccmeleiy Rookwood No J Mortuarv Thomas Dixon Pty I td (A F D A ) MA601J 1 Estab

llshed 38T6

McNAB -The Funeral of the lote Mrs

Margaret McNab of 205 Victoria Poad, Darlinghurst will leave the Private Chapel rf Motoi Funerals Limited 30 City Road cltv This Morning at 10 15 o clock io til» Church of England Cemeterv Roc v noel

Motor lui»ra!s Limited A FDA 30 City Rcori eitv Tele MS277

MACDONALD-Hie Relarlves ern friend

of Mr and Mrs Duncan Macdonald leon and Ronald cf 3 6 Monning Av nut

Enlcld aie Invited to i Henri Ih» Tunerai rf their dearlv heljvccl Daughtei and Unit clear Sister Loloma »'erle to leave Geo Ano-ens Funeral Herne 2J7 9 Llveipoc Read A«hfreld This Day ot > 10 p m for rhe Methodist Cemeterv Woronora Ger Andre» Ptv Ltd 237 9 Liven col Toad Ashfield IT\2803 9

MACDONALD -Annandale 1 cbr\.oh Loa-e

No 15 I O O F -Officers and Brethren of the above Ledge are resiiectfr Hy rcque ted to attend the Funer«! of their late c teemed Si-lf r Lolcma Merle Macdonald Foi particulars see family notice M Polley N G S Thorpe Seri-taiv

MANNING -Hie nelatlvcs and friends ut

the late Tos»pli Manning are invited to tuend his Ftncral to leave out Parlouis High Street Penrith This Saturday nt J 30 p m for Pen 1th Geneial Cemetery J Price and So-i Funeial Directors Phone Penrith 20 MITCHELL-The Friends of firs P MU

chell and family lote of Lidcombe are invited to attend the funeral of her beloved Husbrnd end theil Father William Toylot Mltchill to leave St Joachim s Church Lid- combe This (Saturdav) Morning at 10 o clock for Cothollc Cemetery Rookwood Wood Coftlll Limitée"

NEWMAN-The Mortal Remains of the late

Le Ile Newman »ere Interred vcsterday 29th Inst In the Church of England Ceme terv Rookwood Motor Funerals Limited A r D A 30 Clt» Road city Tele M6277 ÎTOLAN -The Relatives ond Friends ol Mrs

s Jean Nolan and Family of 10 Marriott Street Redlcrn are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved Hu«band ord theil dear Fa hei Harold James Nolan to leave our Private chapel 604 Crown Street sydney This Afternoon at 2 30 o clock for the Catholic Cemetery Rookvood Labor Mctor rimerais Limited G04 Crown Street Sydney Phones LA2777 (4 line) , .

NOLAN -The Relatives and rrlends of Mr

and Mrs C Nolan of 38 Dowling Street

Redfern and Mr and Mrs J Weekes and family c1 38 Bourke Street Redfern are In vlted to attend the rainerai of their dear Sen Brother and Uncle Harold James Nolan for details see family notice Laboi Motcr Funerals Limited " ........

QUICK-The Relatives and Irlends of Mrs

Rebecco Quick of 156 Palmer Street East Sydney and of Mr end Mrs William Quick and Family ore invited to attend the Funeral cf her beloved Husbond and their door rather and Grandfather Thomas to leove our f unervl Choi el 24 1 Crown Street city This Saturday ot 11 a in for the Chuich of England Cemeterv Botanv Thomas Dixon Pty Ltd (Al DA) MA6013 4 Established It 36

11AMSEY -The Funeral of the late Mrs V Lydia Ann Ramsey 12 Gordon Street Mosman »ill leove the Presbyterian Church Belmont Rood Mosman To-morrow Sunday after Service cemmench g at 2 30 p m foi Northern Suburbs Crematorium Ernest endrews Chatswood JA2834

REDDY -The Relatives and friends ot Mr

Denis Reddy and Jill of 17 Britannia Avenue Burwood are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly beloved Wife and her dear Mother Glndys Marv to leave St Mary s Church Concord This Day at 10 n m lor the Catholic cemetery Rockwood Requiem Mass will be celebrated «Ham Metropoli- tan Burial and Cremation Society Railway Parade Burwood UJ2I78-9

ROGERS -The Relatives and Friends ol

Mr and Mrs John W Rogers ol 7 Ocean 8treet Coniston are Invited to attend the Fun«rol of their late dearly loy et* Infant Daugher Wendy to leave Parsons Funeral Parlour» This saturday at 3 30 p m for the Methodist cemetery Wollongong H Parsons luneral Director ...._... . ^

ROYAN-The Relatives and Friends or the

late James Royan of 40 Martin Strict Lidcombe are Invited lo attend his funeral

to leave St Joachim s Church Lidcombe This Afternoon at 3 o clock 1er the Catholic Cemeterv Rookwood Motpr Funerals Limi- ted A F D A 97 Rawson Street Auburn

SAXBY -The f incral of the Into Miss

Mabel Alice Saxby of Chatswood (for- merly of Royal North Shore Hospital) will leave Ernest Andrews Funeral chapels cor- ner Pnclfic Highvvav and Thonas Street Chatswood This Dav altersa "servies com

maiclns at 10 Crematorium JA28J4



SORRELL-The Relative* and Friends of |

Mr Harrv Sorrell and Family of OS Col

»hin Street Coogee are lnvlt»d to attend the Taillerai of his dearly beloved Wife and their dear Mother Minnie Fthcl to leave the Met

ropclltan runiral Home Railway Parad» Bur- wood This Day ot 1 30 p m lor Rockwood Crematorium Metropolitan Burial and Cre matlcn Society Railway Parade Bur cod

UJ2178 b

SMITH-The Relative« and Friends (1 Mr

and Mrs Tames E smith oí 7 Chatfield Avenue Enfield are invited to attend the runerol of their dearlv beloved Infant Douph ter Margaret Jone tr leave the Metropolitan Funeral Herne Railwov Parade Burwood This Doy ot 3 p m for the Catholic Cemetery Rookwood Metropolitan Burial and Crema tlon Socletv Hollway Parade Burwood UJ217S 9

TAYLOR -The Relatives and rrlends ol the

late Hnrrv Taylor of 42 Arthur Street

Kogarah ore invited to attend hi« to leave our Private Chopel 2 Carrington Avenue Hur-tville This Afternoon at 1 15 o deck 1er the Ohurch of Englond Ce-n»ter Woronora I abor Motor Fi ncrals Limited 2 Carrington Avenue Htir«tvllle Phone LU1J58

VAN HEE-The Relatives ona lrlends ol

Roy Len Jrls and Don Von H L au kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved Mother and his Grandmother

Margaret Frances Van Hee to leave her late residence 133 Bellevue Street Cammeray This Afternoon nt 3 15 for the Northe n Suburos Cemetery Premier Motor Funerals 105 Walker Street North Sydney Phone XB1446

WAYMAN.—The Relatives and Friends of  

the late James Wayman, late of 222 Merrylands Road, Merrylands, are invited to attend his Funeral which will leave our Chapel To-day, at 2.30 p.m. for Methodist Cemetery,       Rookwood. Charles Innes and Son. A.F.D.A.     32 Darcy Street, Parramatta. UW9259.

WAYMAN.—Masonic Lodge Merrylands, 479,   U.G.L. of N.S.W.—The Officers and         Brethren of the above Lodge are requested to attend the Funeral of the late Worshipful Bro. James Wayman. For particulars see family notice. Regalia to be worn. A. J. Kowald, W.M., and W. Campbell, Secretary.  

WICKHAM.—The funeral of the late Walter  

Bethel Wickham will leave our Chapel, Orchard Road and Brown Street, Chatswood, This Saturday, after Service commencing at 3.30 p.m., for Church of England Cemetery,      

Northern Suburbs. Wood Coffill Limited.

WINDEYER.—The Relatives and Friends  

of the late Mr. Archibald James Wind-

eyer, late of Kinress, Raymond Terrace, are kindly invited to attend his Funeral, at Crematorium, Beresfield, at 3 o'clock This   (Saturday) Afternoon. C. H. Boots and Son, Funeral Director.

WORMALL.—The Relatives and friends of

Mr. William Wormall, Mr. and Mrs. W.   McLean, Mr. and Mrs. C. Wilcoxon are in- vited to attend the Funeral of his beloved Wife and their Mother, Grace Ann; to leave our Funeral Home, 99 Westen Road, Rozelle, This (Saturday) Morning, after Service com- mencing at 10 o'clock for Northern Suburbs   Crematorium. Wood Coffill, Limited.

A REQUIEM MASS for the Repose of the

Souls of the faithful Departed whose   bodies are interred in the Catholic Cemetery, Rockwood and Necropolis Extension, will be celebrated in Mortuary Chapel, Rockwood, Tuesday Next, at 3.15 a.m.    

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