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ALLARS (neo Enid Huey) -AugUBt 12 nt yiola private hospital Parkes to Mr and Mrs ° iSLAite^T-*1 10n Bl"-i WH

AMBURY (nee Valerie Mortimer) -July 17   fT VA68?! i« L A C and Mrs Ambury-a son (David Bennett)

AUS TIN (nee Muriel Smith) -August 13 at Macleay private hospital Belmore to Mr and Mrs T H Austin Jura of Belmore-a son (Grahame Thomas Austin) Both well

BEEMAN (nee Betty Alger) -August 12 at wyuna private hospital Manly to Mr and M^S".S w Eeoman-a son (Ian Geoffrey)

BELLIS -August 1 at Klne George V Memorial Hospital (Intermediate) to Mr and ÎT«Î._R F TBel,«ls of Kingsgrove-a daughter

(Margaret Ellen)

BOLTON (nee Chonlln) -August 11 at Sun bury private ho«-ital Ashfield to Vera and Edward of Croydon Paris-a daushtcr

""?£".??LN -Aucu l 6 »t Malabar Went worthville to Mr and Mri Douglas Bo iden

-a daughter

BOWER (Edith Lltman) -At gust 13, at St Kilda private hospltil Hornsby to Mr and Mm Alf Bower of Normanhurst-the gift of a ron (Walter Leomrd)

BOYD (nee Purll) -August 7 at Inverell g'strict Hospital to Flight Lieut and Mrs 1 H Boyd-a son (Alan Peter) Melbourne

papers piesse copv

BROWN (nee Hyne3> - August 14 at North Sydney to Lieut Samuel \V M and Jean Brown-a son (Owen Millar)

BULLOCK (nee Dulcie Pari hurst) -July 15 at King George V Memorial Hospital to I lout and Mrs J w Bulloc-a daughter (Carol


BUTTSWORTH (nee Edith Baker) -Augu t   8 1942 at War Memorial Hospital Wavor i1*? to Edith and Charl The Parsonage Lockhart-a son (Francis John)

CHAMPION (nee Mignon) -Aug 11 nt ÎVÏse ¿arrc ' s Private- ho pita! Mary Street Lidcombe to Mr and Mrs All Champion a con (Christopher Alfred) Both well

CHARTERS (nee Williams) -July 7 at Miles Queensland to LAC and Mrs A. L. Charters of Sydney and Queensland-a

son (Kevin Arthur)

COSKERIE (nee Blcknell) -July 27 at Otama private hospital Petersham to Sgt and Mrs C Coskerle-a son (Colin John)

DAVIS -July 8 to Mr and Mr3 H L   Davis of Killara-a son (Ronald John


DUBOS (nee Lottie Aitken) -August 12 at Carinya private hospltil Concord Wesl

to Mr and Mrs Frank Dubos-a 6on (Robert Francis) (Both well )

EGAN -July 26 at Warren private hos   pital to Asenath wife of J B Egan Ahwah

nee Warren-a son

ENDERBY-August 8 at Woodleigh hoe Pital Hursts 111» to Mr ard Mrs R W Enderby-a son (Philip)

EVANS (nee Macfarlane) -August 13, at Wallambl private hospital I?unchbowl to Mavis Helen wife of Slg R R Evans (A IF )

a son (Stillborn )

FALCONER (nee Mansell) -August 7 at   K»ndor private hospilal Auburn to Edith wife of Driver B Falconer (abroad)-a son

(JetTr-y Ernest)

GALE (nee Eileen Robinson) -August 11 at Mater maternity private hospital to Mr and lira H Gale of King: George Street McMahon s Point-a son (Harley Phillip)

GRIMWOOD (riorence McDonald) -August   13 1942 at King George V Hospital to Driver and Mrs Reg H Grimwood Herne Bay-a son (Dennis Reginald)

HANDS -Juls 10 1942 at King Georce V Memorial Hospital, to Spt and Mrs Ron Hands of Addl-on Road Manly-a daughter (Margaret Helen)

HANSON (nee Myra Rauo) -August 12 at Royal Hospital for Women to Mr and Mis Max Hanson of 47 Curtis Road Balmain a Bift of twin daughters (Oae and Leah)

HARIVEL (nee Goldman) -July ?2 1942 at Warialda Hospital to Join wife of the late Serrjeant Pilot John Farirel RAAF - a daughter (Susan Ann)

HASTINGS (neo Diana Gordon)-August 11 at North Oxford Nursing Homo Otford England to Mr and Mrs Glynne Haatlnf»s -a daurhter (Briony)

HONES (nee Elsie Duddle) -August 3 3 at Ardee Belmore to Mr and Mrs K Hone., of Lakemba-a son (Raymond Kenneth)

HURLEY -Aup-ust 1 at Shirley private hospital Quirindi to Iinclda wife of Percy

Hurle«/-a son

HURST (nee Lillian Cook) -Julv 27 at St George s Hospital Kogarah to Corporal and Mrs Allan F Hurst oi Hurstville-a daugh

r (Pamela Jean)

INNES -August 10 at Buddawong private hospital Arncliffe to Mr and Mrs H Inr es-. a daughtei (Heli-n Marrare»

KAY (nee Joan Ethel Moore) -Autrust 5 at Lurnea private ho pital to Joan wife of Trooper A J Kay-the gift of a daughter (Margaret Joan)

KENNEDY (nee Bonnie Cook) -July JO at Mater Misericordiae Hospital to Sapper C R S Kennedy and Mrs Kennedy-a daughter (Elizabeth Mjrle)

KEOGH -August 11 1942, at St Luke's,   Darlinghurst to Valerie wife of Sgt Lyal Keogh A I F -twin daughters.

KYLE -August 8 at Tonga private hos- pital Roseville to Mr and Mrs 33 w Kyle of Northbridge-a son (Peter Edward)

LANGDON (nee Dorothy Wright) -August 9 at Braeholme M idgee to Mr and Mm Norman Langdon of Hargraves-a daughter


LARDEN -August 8 at Denisfone House Fastwood to Mr and Mrs A L Larden a daughter

LORD -August 10 at Macleay private hos- pital Belmore to Mr and Mrs Arthur Lord of Belmore-a daughter (Carole Cien)

McMULLEN -August a at Strathmore pri- vate hospital Bowral lo Mr and Urs C M McMullen-a daughter (Christina)

MAISH (nee Daisy Davidson)- August 10, at Carinya private hospital, Concord West to Sig. and Mrs. S. C. Marsh-a daughter (Margaret Wendy).

MELVILLE - August 4, 1942, at St. Luke's private hospital, Griffith, N.S.W., to Mr. and

Mrs. J. W. Melville-a son.

MITTELHEUSER -AugU3t 12 at Royal Hospital Paddington, to fir end Mrs J Mittelheuser-a son (David Walkcr) Both well  

MORGAN (nee Edna Walton) -Auitust 9 at Seacombe private hospital Drummoyne to Mr and Mrs John F Morg-in-a daughter

MURPHY -/ t!gu«t 6 nt Royal Hospital lor Women to Mr and Mrs W B Murphy of Bondi-a daughter (Josephine Ada)

N\\N-Julj _9 at st George Hospital

Kogarah to Mr and Mrs Stcnley Nann of 12 Llojd Street Ramsgate-a son (John W11 Uara) Both well

OH NEK ire» Eose Chisholm)-July 17 at Strathallan Turramurra to Fhing Officer and Mrs Donald Owner-a son (Donald Bruce)

PARBURY -August 2 to Peggy wife of Flying Officer Geoffrey L Parbuiy R A F Salisbury Rhodesia-a daughter

PARRY (nee Hilda M. Hulme) -August   7 at Strathmore private hospital Bowral to Mr and Mrs A V J Parry a daughter (Lesley Anne)

PELDOM (nee Ellie Rowsell) -Aurust 11 at Strathmore Wollonvong to Mr and Mrs H Ptvdom-a son (John David)

PEMBERTON (nee Woodward) - Tulv 30 at Pacific private hospital Brighton le Sands to Mr and Mrs Lewis Pemberton-a daughter (Robyn Anne)

PONTIN (n-o Woolley)-August n al Gordon private hospital to Mr and Mrs A W Pout n-a con (Bruce Albert)

POPPLEWELL (nee Joyce White) -August 13 at Malabar private hospital Wentworth ville to Mr and Mrs Eric Popplewell Went- worthville-a son Both well

PURDY (nee Madge Mc ieand) -August 11 at Crown Street (private) to Mr and Mrs H N O Purdy Neutral Bal-a «on

ROTHWELL -August 8 at An<.ac Memorial   Hospital, Leura to Mr and Mrs Leigh Roth-

well late of Eastwood-twin sons

SMALLWOOD (nee Nell Porter) -August   10 at Roslin Lindfield to Mr and Mrs Harry Smallwood-a sou (William Henry)

STILL (nee Beryl Parrugla) -August 12 to Mr and Mrs ¿mest Still Balgovlah-a daughter

STOLZENHEIN, (nee Merle Bridge) - July 26 1942 at Crown Street Hospital, to Gordon  

and Merle Stolzenhein a daughter (Janice Merle).      

WATSON -August 3 0 at Moira private   hospital Cowra to Mr and Mrs \V J Watson-a son (Bruce Scott) Both well

WESTON-August 9 1942 Rt the War Memorial Hosoital Waverley to Mr and Mrs Herbert Weston Cronulla-a son (William Ian

WHITE -August 9 at Bethesda MarrlcL  

ville to Mr and Mrs C White-twin daugh- ters (Jennifer and L>nctte)

WHITEHEAD (nee Marjorie Iddles) -August 6 at Wyuna private hospital to Mr and     Mrs John Whitehead-a son (Ronald Ephraim).    

WILLIAMSON (nee Mavis Roberts)-Augu«t 6 nt Woodleigh Hurstvillr to Corporal and Mrs L Williamson of Betley North-a daugh- ter (lenice) . . " .

YOUNG (nee Betty Harvey) -Augu t 7 at Kim? George V Memorial Hospital (Inter )

to Mr and Urs E Yoing Rawson Bt Lid comb''-¡t daughter (Roi vn C1 rtsttnc)_


ADDERTON-BOYD -The Lm»agement is announced of Jo ce eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Alex Bovd of Catherine Hill Bav to Cpl John Paul Adderton eldest eon of Mr and Mrs J A Adderlon of Auburn

BEECROFT-NEPER -The Engagement Is announced of Ethel th» younger daughter of Mr and Mr" G P Nev e) of Balmain to William George onl) sen of Mr and Mrs T B Beecroft of Randwick  

BOURKE-MILES -The Tnragcmint Is an- nounced of Rita eldest detrr-hter of Mr and Mrs H O Mlles of Randwick to Sergpant Tom Bourke Ali second »on of the late Major T Bourke and of Mrs Bourko of Rose Bay .

BROWN-WARD -The Engagement is an- nounced of Rona Helen ccond daughter of Mr and Mrs r Ward of Burwood to Lind- say Thomas youngpst «on of Mr and Mrs,

C A Brown of Orlffith

CLOSE-MILES -The Engagement Is an- nounced of Dorothy Gone only daurhter of Mr and Mrs A W Miles of Artarmon to Corporal Noel W11 or. Close AIP j minger Eon of Mr and Mrs A G Close of Chata


COX-SMART -The Enivrement it an nounced of Jean elder daughter of Mrs 1 Smart of Enmore and the lJte Mr Smart to David elder son of Mr and Mrs R Cox of G ecnwlch

DAVEY -WATERWORTH -The Engage-         ment is announced oí Jean eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs A Waterworth of Wah roonka to Gunner Malcolm Gordon AIP, relumed from Middle Ea«t joung-st son of Mrs mid the late Mr Gordon Davey of


DAVIES-MacPHERSON -The Er garement     is announced of Gvencth Vera only daughter of Mr and Mrs N W Macpherson of Kog- arah to Sgt Tvan Harris Davies (A I F re turned) onlv son of the late Rev Prof R E Dev r- MA of Knot Coll»c:e Dunedin N Z and Mrs Davies of I indflcld

DAVIE-ELLIOTT-The Ln^sgcment la cn         nounced of Grace Lillian Lllzabcth elder daughter of Mr and Mrs E A I lllott Mar

rlckvllle to Ptc Kenneth William I lovd Davlo (N Z M C ) elder son of Mr and Mr" F W Davie Paeroa Nev Zc-ilind

DAVIS-SCHELL -Tie Tnr-arement Is an n"unccd of Marcelle oui daughter of Mr and Mrs Scheu! of Summer Hill to Brian Thomas second «nn of Mr and Mrs H L D-ivls


DAVIS-WADDELL -The Enpni ement Is . announced of rascttp Mnrv o-ilv dnu htor

of Mrs E R Waddell ni d the late Mr \ 1 Waddell of Ed. ccllft to James Wc cr Dovls eldest son of Mr L 3 Davis and the late Mrs E M Davis of Rose 13 y

DELACOUR-TYNDALL -Th» Pniasemont       is announced of J se hlni o n""st daurhter of Mr and Mrs V H Tindall of Waverley formerly of Bind all Q land to Sgt lamei Francis older son of Mr and Mrs W De lacour of Wavcrlc«,


is announced of Eileen e!dest daughter   of Mr and Mrs H Woods of Bexley to Corporal Bruce Easterbrook (R. A. A. F. ) elder son of Mr and Mrs C. Easterbrook of Bexley.

EVANS-SWAIN-The Engagement is an- nounced of Jocelyn Ann Morrow eldest daugh- ter of L /Cpl Jack Swain and Mrs. Swain to Chaplain C. R. Evans, Home Forces, onlv son of Mr and Mrs E. R. Evans, Cromer Lodge Cromer, Norfolk England.

FIRTH-COLLEY -The Fngagement li an  

nounced of Mnigaret phillis only daughter of Mr and Mrs L T Colley of l8 Waters Reid Neutral Bay to Wallace Richard i oung cst son of Mr and Mrs A Flrtii of Belmont Avenue Penshurst


FREUDENSTEIN-HALL-Tile Engagement   Is announced of A C W Joan Hall y A A A F fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs C V Hall Edward Street Young to L A c Morris rreudensteln RAAF eldest «on ol Mr and Mrs A H Freudenstein Rockcliffe Monteagle

HARDACRE-WRIGLEY -Thi Engagement   is Rimounred of lune Edith only daughter of Mr and Mrs F E Wrigley of Waverley to Reginald Jack only con of Mr and Mrs R. Hardacie of Mona Vale

HEMMINGWAY-LEIGHTON -The Engaae ment Is announced of Isabel, daughter ol Mr and Mrs G W Leighton of Kogarah to Dr culford Kenneth Hemmlngwas son of Mr and Mrs F Hemmlngway of Cessnock

HINE-SIMON -The Engagement is an- nounced of Doris, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Simon of Blackheath, to Pte John S Hine, A.I.F., second son of Mr. W. Hine and the late Mrs. Hine, of Maidenhead, Berks., England.

ISBISTER-SIMPSON -The Engntement Is announced of Jean olde-vt daugnter of Mr and Mrs Robt Simpson of Como (lato Under

oliffe), to Cpl Ronald Isblster A I F third son of Mr and Mrs w Isblster Punchbowl

KEARNEY--- MORAND --The Engagement

is announced of Marcelle Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morand of Chatswood to Neal Joseph, second   son of the late Mr W. B. Kearney and of Mrs. Kearney, of Artarmon.

KIDSON-SNEDDON -The Engagement Is announced of Mary elder daughter of Mr and M s John Sncddon of Homebush to Colin younger son of Mr and Mre F G Kidson of Campsie

LEDGER-GREAVES -The Engigemcnt is announced of Dorothea Joan eider diughter of K'r end Mrs J R Greeves of Clovelly to Alfred Richard eldest son of Mr and Mrs W Ledger of Randwick

LEWIS-ROBERTSON-The Engagnmcnt Is announced of Wlnllred Mary younger daughter of Mr and Mrs John Robertson of Earlwood to Cpl Richard (AID returned) sounger con of Mr and Mrs T de Courcy Lewis of Cremorne

MACDONALD-TOWN-The Engagement Is announced of Barbara youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Andrew Town of Strathfield to Lance corp Alhol John MocDonoId (A I F

returned) second son of Mr and Mrs Nell MacDonald of Bunnan Scone

MACKINNON-LAFFERTY - The Engage ment Is announced of Mary Frances only daughter of Mr ind Mrs P J Latterly of Ashfield to Kenneth Phillp only son of the late Mrs J S Mackinnon and Mr Mac Llnnon of Bondi

MAJOR-MacPHERSON -The Engaremcnt li announced of lean only daughter of Mr and Mr3 S G Macpherson of Ashfield to Edgar eldest son of Mrs- M Major and the late Mr W Major of Ashfield

MARR-GRAHAM -The Engagement Is announced of Pamela elder dnughter of Mr and Mrs J M Graham of Killara to George Ewan son of Mr and Mrs Georre Marr oi Roseville

MARTIN-BARTLETT-The Engagement lo   announced of Lorna siungest daughter of Mr and Mrs H H Bartlett of Lidcombe, to Able Seaman Richard Martin (abioad) eldetl son of Mr W Marlin of Lidcombe late of Burwood

MARTIN-MANSON -The Engagement Is announced of Ruth elder daughter of Mr and Mrs E F Man'on of Banksia to Harry (LAO), RAAF third son of Mr and Mrs I Marlin of Wollongong

MASSON-GREENSLADE -The Engagement   announced of Marjorie youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs A L Crcenslade ol Glen Dimond SA to Corporal P J Masson (RAAF abroad) eldest son of Mr and Mri G H Masson of Hurstville

MAY-BROWN -The Engagement Is an- nounced of Dorothy Mary cider daughter of the late Mr and Mrs W Brown of Ken slngton to lames Thomas Ma7 elder ton ol Mr nnd Mrs J H May of Randwick


mont Is announced of coralie Rose (W A A A F ) only child of Mr and Mrs 1 Denmcade of Oakttra Street Rockdale to Leading Aircraftman File Gavin Victor (RAAF Great Britain) voungest son of Mrs A V Mugrldge of Bexley formerly of

Lane Cove

MURRAY-DICKSON-The Engagement » announced of Betty joungest duuth'T of Mrs Cr Dickson and the late Mr W Die* on of Randwick to Sgt Nell eldest son of Capt

ard Urs R W Murray of Concord I

NAYLOR-CARSON -The Engagement Is announced of Joyce only daughter of Mr nnd Mrs J H Carson of Rosednle Gulargam bone to L/Cpl Jack elder ron of Mr and Mrs H fe Nayloi of Wavertree BrithtUng Gi larpumbone

OLLERENSHAW-CHAPPELL -The Engage ment Is anno meed of Dorothy Greta only daughter of Mr and Mrs R H Chappell of Belmore to Keith youngest son of Mr and Mrs W Ollercnshaw of Lakemba

POMEROY-HALL -The rnfjagement Is annoinced of Jes le, sounger daurhter of Mr and Mrs A F Hole of Berry to lohn Wil- liam ron of the late A S and Mrs M E Pomeroy of Berrv

PURCELL-WALSH-The Fnrjagement Is nnnoinced of lorna May second daughter of Mr William Walsh nnd the late Mrs Wal h of Narrabeen to C prvalse Churchill of Can

berra only son of the latp Mr M Purcell and Mrs Ann Purcell of McMahon a Point


ment Is announced of Fanny (ray) sounger daughter of Mr T Wethciall and th- late

Mrs r Wetherall Boondarra, Roma Q to Pte Arthur Charles Reardon (All-) young est son of Mr and Mrs O H Reardon Hart- wood. Roma Q

KITSON-FORTEY -Tho 1-ngagement Is announced of Kancv younger daughter of Mr and Mrs G H Fortey Brighton le Sands, to William E Ritson son of Mr W T and the lite Mrs Ritson of roc!dale

RUSSELL-BAKER -The Engagement Is announced of Doiothy elder daughter of Mr and Mrs T- Bakei of Oatlev to Laurence George eldest -on of Mr and Mrs A G Russell of RpndwiPk


ment is announced of Miss loan Attrldge only daughter of Mr and Mrs P Attrldge of Bondi to John J Schraerbccl Electrician Mate first class U 8 N eldest son of Mrs Anm Cram-r of Altoona Pennsylvanli

SECOME-COWAN -The Engagement Is nn nounced of Nellie (Bonnie) second daughter of the late Digger L G Cowan and of Mri F Cowan of Long Jcttv to Dvr Lester F Secomb vounger son of Mr and Mrs E J Secomb of Lorn* Jetty

SNELSON-LOCKER -Tho Engagement is   announced of Fula youngest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs K W Locker of Adam inaby and Coogee to Sib Lieut John Snel son only son of Mrs E Snelson Himllton Newcastle and tho late Mr A Snelson

TAYLOR-HAYLLAR-rhe Engagement Is   .innounccd of Alrcraftwoman Havilar (Cwen dolvnn) only daugh er of Mr and Mis A Ha liar La emba to Trooper Tas lor (Arthur)

only son of Mr A Ft Taylor and the late Mrs Tnvlor Punchbowl

WALKER-GRIFFITHS -The Engagement li   innoi need of Ida only daughter of the late Mr W J Griffiths and Mrs H A Mcpherson of Belmore to John Everard only son of Mr and Mrs F W Walker of Huistvllle

WATSON-WALKER The Engagement li announced of Maisie Olive eldest daug'itel of Mr and Mrs A 7 Walker of Hurstville to Pte Harley Cordon Watson AIF only son ol Mr and Mrs P Watvon of CP'£nocc

WILDASH-McDONNELL.-The Engagement   is announced of Yvonne Sheaffe, youngest daughter of the late Canon McDonnell and   Mrs McDonnell, of Goulburn, to Sgt. John Lane Wildash, A .I.F., son of Mr. and Mrs.   C. G. Wildash, of Matong, Dalgety.

DIXON-WOOD.-The Engagement is an-     nounced of Enid Mildred, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Wood, of 63 Houston Road, Kingford, to Gunner Keith Dixon, youngest   son of Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Dixon, of Rand- wick.

WOOF-WARD.-The Engagement is an-   nounced of Joan May, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Ward, of Bexley, to Trooper Alan Robert, only son of Mr. and Mrs. C. S.   Woof, of Berowra.

YOUNGER-CHAPMAN.-The Engagement     is announced of Nance Evelyn, younger daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Chapman, of Spring- grove, Braidwood, to John Irving Younger, eldest son of E. L. Younger and the late Mrs. Younger.


ALCOCK-GRAHAM.-July 24, 1942, at the       Methodist Church, Punchbowl, by the Rev. Dr. Little. Ruth Somerville, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Graham, Calimo, Punch-

bowl, to Lieut. John F. Alcock, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S .W. Alcock, of Bankstown.

ANDERSON-TAYLOR.-July 11, at St. Mark's, Darling Point, by Canon Barder.   Edythe, daughter of Mrs. H. Taylor, of Double Bay, to James Williem Anderson, son of Mrs. A. Anderson, of Longueville.

ARNOLD-YOUNG.-August 14, 1942, at St. Michael's Darlinghurst, by Padre Grace.   Joyce Lorraine Young, Moss Vale, to Sgt. Robert Edward Arnold (A.I.F., returned), Moss Vale.  

BLENKINSOPP-POMEROY.-August 1,   1942, at St. John's Church, Moss Vale,     by Rev. H. Gordon S. Begbie. Hazel Con- stance, younger daughter of the late Mr. A. S. and Mrs. M. F. Pomeroy, of Toolijooa, to Aubrey, only son of the late Mr. J. and Mrs. M. F. Blenkinsopp, of Berry.

CLELAND-MOYLAN.-July l8, 1942, at  

St. Phillp's Church, Church Hill, by Arch-     deacon Begbie. Docy, only daughter of Mr

and Mrs A J Moylan, of Cremorne to Corporal Roy Cleland fifth on of tho latí Mr A 7 Cleland and of Mu Cleland of North Ssdney

CROSLAND-rnoVFSr-July l8 1942 nt Methodist Church Hornsby by Rev A E Walker Gwcneth only daughter of Mr nnd Mrs P Provest of Hornsbv to Ronald only child of Mr and Mrs W Ciosland of Home

DAWSON-HARTRICK -July 6 at Pymble     Piesbyterlan Church Margaret Itobcl eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Hartrlrk of Pymble to DouBlns James only son of Mr and Mrs Cuthbert Dawson of Gordon . _ . "

ELLIS-MARCH -July 2 at St Andrew s Summer Hill by Archdeacon Bidwell Norma Loreen eldest dnughter of Mr and Mrs N Mp rch of Flvedock to Bombardier Ken neth George foirth son of Mr and Mrs A

J I-111 of rarlwood

FORSDIKE-GRIFFITHS-August 7 at St Judes, Randwick, Joan Murray eldest daugh ter of Mr anti Mrs J T Grlültli«- of Howick Street Bathurst to Ronald Allan Forsdlke (R A F ) youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs H F Iorsdlko of Chlslehurat Kent, England . _","

HEARNE-MORGAN -August 3 1942 at   Be-vlev Presbyterian Church huntco France«;

only daughter of Mr and Mr- Wm Morgan, of Helensburgh to Sgt Llewellyn, eldest eon of Mr and Mrs Hearne, of Wilberforce

HICKS-LEE-July 4. at St Andrews   Church of England, lakemba, Joyce onlv daughter of Mr and Mrs G H Lte of 11 Coringa Avenue Mascot to William John Hicks onlv son of Mr H Hicks and the late Mrs Hicks of Leonard Street Bankstown

HOLMES-HOAD-August 7 at st   Siviour s Cathedral Goulburn by Rev Canon King Mary Constance only daughter of tile late B C Hoad and of Mrs Hoad of Goul- burn to Seigcant John WinsPcro Holmes (Air) elder son of tho Rev mid Mrs W IlolmPs of thp Rectory Singleton

JOHNSTON-JOHNSTON-August 7 1942 at St lames Croydon by the Rev G A Uno* Ellem younger daurjhter of Mr lind Mrs D ivid Johnston of Blackheath (for

merly of Leeton) to Robert Ollis son of Mrs I Johnston und tho late Mr R Johnston Duli Ich Rond Chatswood

KYTE-PARSONAGE.—August 5, 1942, at         St Kevins, Deewhy, Jean Irene, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Parsonage, of Narrabeen and Watson's Bay to S./Sgt.     Eric Lincoln, only son of Major and Mrs. J. A. Kyte, of Cabramatta.

LAKE-SHIELDS -August 5 at Clvmrh   of LnPlend Arncliffe Daphne s-ounpest daugh ter of M- nnd Mrs W A Shlold3 of Mount Street Arncliffe to Bombidicr William (Bill) Lake eldest son of Mr and Mrs W H Lake

of Va^ir-o^ _June j,7 at Bt 3¡¡nn , Dar.

Im-'hurat Doris C Shiel only child of late

Johii and Mrs Shiel Bondi Junction (lite

of Auburn) to Fredrick G lee of Mosman

LINDEMAN-DALLEY-July 17 at St        

Kilda Victoria Anno Agnes third daughter of Mr Theodore Dalley and the late- Mrs Dalley of Buchan Victoria, to Charles H A

twin son of Mr and Mrs Charles H A Linde-

man of Leura NSW

McALPIN-COOTE- July 24 nt Scots Church Adelaldo Mavis third daughter of Mrs and tho ate Mr AH Coote of Ceduna SA to Alastalr only son of Mr and Mrs R McAlpIn, of Drummoyno


MARRIAGES   McKENNA-PENDERGAST-June l2, at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church Randwick, Ruby May, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Pendergast, Coogee, to Edwin Robert MeKenna, of Bondi, formerly of Rand


PITT-HEAP-August 1, at Methodist Church, Kensington, by Rev. B. Linden Webb, Eve Evelyn Heap to Russell Matcham Pitt,   both of Kurrajong.

QUINAN-DADE -August 1 at St Philip n Church Hill by Ven Archdeacon Begble Mabel Edith only daughter of Mre E Dadc and the late Walter Robert Dad" of North Tyrie to Bdr C Quinan only child of Mr and Mrs H Quinan North Ryde

SPRY-DUNN.-June 5, 1942 at Waverley   Doroty Muriel, elder daughter of the late Thomas Henry Dunn late of North Sydney and Mrs R. Dunn formerly of 117 Grafton Street, Woollahra now of 14 Crick Street   Chatswood, to William Henry Hume Spry, son   of Mr and Mrs H. K. Spry solicitor late of Northam Western Australia.    

VAN HUMMEL-WHITE -July 15 1942 at St John s Church, Darlinghurst Honor Densham only daughter nf Mr and Mrs ABA White of Darling Point to E Herman van Hummel of Holland

WEBB-PEAK-Auguat 8. 1942 at Lakemba Eveljn May (Nanrv) only dsugh ter of the late Mr G N Fear and Mrs E Tear of Wiley Par« to Harr«, Joseph «econd -on of the late Mr and Mrs G R Webb

of Goulburn_


CROCKETT-GILLESPIE -Aurust IS   1917 at St Johns Church Darlinghurst by the Rev R H Bootie Edward Bannerman Roy Crockett of Stanram to rrances Isabella Cillesple of Balgownie Present address Zamlra Kondall Street Pymble

NORDSTROM-STRAFFORD -August 15 1917 at St Patrick a Church Sydney by Rev F Lament S M Sidney George to Sarah Patricia Present address 8 Clift Terrace Forrest Lodge  


WORDSWORTH-WALKER -August 15 1892 at Strathfield by the Reverend George Rr ynor william Henry of Scarborough Eng lind to Robena eldest daughter of the late Robert and Maiy Walker of Mogil Mogil Sta tlon Pre ent addre 6, Wonolga Cowra_


MOFFLIN -August 9 result of air peel

dent. Scotland Pilot Officer William (Bill) Mofflin beloved husband of Paula and grand- son of Mr and Mrs H Cantor Double Bay

MORAN.—July 12 died of wounds, Middle   East, Gunner W. J. Moran, beloved only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Moran, of Bondi, loved brother of Phyllis (Mrs. Roberts), Elvie, Joyce, and Helen, aged 21 years.

PHILLIPS -August 10 at Military Hospl

tal Driver lohn Patrick Phillips AIF , brother of William Slater Helena Mr and Mn, R Cooling Kathleen Mr and Mrs Joe Phillips Interred singleton August 12


PHILLIPS -Autrust 10 at Military Hospital Driver John Patrick Phillips Air "on In law of Mr« Manton and Mr Cchen brother In law of Mr» Hatton Private and Mrs C Cohen and Fen and Corporal R Cohen Interred Singleton Autrust 12 RIP

SMITH -Cpl Ian Dormer loved eldest son of Mr and Mrs R D Smith of Mosman and loved brother of Dorothy Keith and Der- mer killed In acllon Middle Eaat_


ALEXANDER -August 9 1942 at New- castle Vivienne Jean dearly loved daughter of Mrs Agnes Alexander of Merrylands and   Thirroul, John Alexander, Melbourne and be

loved sister of Robert and Terence aged 9?   years R.I. P Privately interred  

ALEXANDER -August 9 1942 Vivicnnc Jean beloved granddaughter of Mrs Jamieson   beloved niece of Albert (Sonnle A I F abroad), Linda and Frank, Ruth, Betty, Ronnie and   loved cousin of Ann 19 Cecil Street Pad dington A patient sufferer

ALEXANDER-August 9 1943 Vivicnne Jean granddaughter of Mrs Maud Jean Alex ander of 28 Ainsworth Street Leichhardt niece of William, Clarence and Jean

BEST-CARTER -July 1 killed In action     (Middle East) Lieutenant Harold Clifford Best Carter dearly loved only son of the late Mr H. C. Best-Carter and Mrs I. Best-Carter     and dear brother of Yvonne grandson of Mrs E. Hovendene of Beyley, nephew of Major and Mrs H. E. Hovendene Lieut and Mrs H. L. Hovendene Lt. Col and Mrs P. L. Moore and Mr and Mrs G. E. Kerry.

BOWDEN -August 9 1942 at Walcha Frank loving father of Belle, Eva, Marion, Frank, May, Nell, Fred, Harry, Tom. Ella   and Ray At rest

BRODIE -Aluni« s (suddenly) at a pri- vate hospital Cremorne Alexander Brodie of 1 37 Spcncer Road Cremorne beloved brother   of Bernard, John, Alice, Mary, (deceased) Interred Presbyterian cemetery Field of Mars

August 10 1942

BROWN-August 8 1942 at Glen Lea Currabubula NSW Florence Louise dearly beloved wife of James Brown and loved mother of Alex Interred at Tamworth August 10

BROWN -August 8 1942 at Glen Lea Currabubula NSW Florence Louise dearly loved siser of William Frederick (deceased) and Harold Pidgeon

BROWN - August 14 at his residence 89 Thompson Street Drummoyne, Henry (Harry) Lewls Brown solicitor, son of the late Abra ham and the late Sarah Brown dearly beloved brother of Alice and Wolfe

BUCKINGHAM-August 14 1942 (sud denly) at Mosman Charles Albert aged 60


BURNS - August 14 1942 at her residence     177 Main Road Wombarra Margaret beloved wife of Michael Burns and dear mother of Thomas Ann Trank Mary (Mrs W.S.   Harvey) Agnes and Bernard and nana of Enid Frances and Gwenda aged 60 years R.I.P.

CADWALDER- August 14 1942 Frances Ada beloved wife of David CAdwalder of 3   Jenkins Street city and loving mother of Thomas, Greta and Harry (RAAF abroad) and fond sister of Ellen Williams

CANTLE -August 14 1942 at her resi

dence 48 Kooloora Ave, Harbord, Helen Cantle relict of the late Earle Cantle and loving mother of Sidney, George, Cyril, Daisy (Mrs Shearer) Violet (Mrs Harris) and Myrtle aged 81 years At rest

CARUGATE-August 8 1942 (suddenly)   Elizabeth Mary 36 Bathurst Street Woollahra widow late Wllllcm Charles Catugate, loving mother of Olivia (Mrs. O Waither, deceased) Thcresa (Mrs R Williamson) Florence (Mrs F, Guinery) Ida (Mrs J Fitzgerald) Grace (Mrs C L Franklyn) Lilla (Mrs A Coul cher) Doris (Mrs H Cox) aged 79 years Interred August 10 1942 At rest

CHALMERS -August 14 1942 at Cronulla   Elizabcth relict of the late Alexander Chalmers and loved mother of Jessie (Mrs H. Cadwcll) James and Rita

CHERRlNGTON-August 14 1942 at Mar rlckvllle District Hospital Jane Cherrington dearly loved wife of Alfred and dear mother of Lillian (Mrs. A. Burtenshaw) Gladys (Mrs R. Briggs) and Alfred Edmund aged 61 years

CLARKE -August 14 1942 at her resi- dence Victoria Ville, 278 Balmain Road

Leichhardt Julia May Matilda (Tilly), dearly   beloved wife of Marmaduke Clarke (senior) and fond mother of May, Duke, Dolly, George, Bob, Harriet and Eileen agcd 53 years At


COLLINS -Augjst 12 1942 (result of accident) William Wallace dearly beloved brother of Ethel, brother In law of John and loving uncle of John, Thelma and Mar


COMMINS -August 13 at Marrickville Hos

pital, Allan John Locke eldest son of Allenby J Commins aged 61 years

COTTOM-August 14 1942 at Coledale   Ho«pltal Charlotte beloved wife of John Cot- tom and dear mother of Frederick and Edith   of 3 Allen Street Austinmer

COULTIIURST -August 14 1942 at 55 Carinya Avenue Mascot James (late dispenser Royal South Sydney Hospital) beloved hus-   band of Florence Private cremation

CREER -August 12 1942 Annie beloved wife of Albert Creer and dear mother of Beulah and Monty and loving grandmother of Kenneth of Bellevue Hill

DAVIES -August 11 1942 at Gordon Julia relict of late Joseph Davies beloved mother of Arthur (deceased) Leslie Hilda (Mlrs. H Willmctte) Oswald, Ivy (Mrs C Spence) Essie (Mrs E. Rofe) in her 89th year Privately interred August 12

DAVIS -August 14 1942 at his residence     12 Allawah Street Blacktown Goff Frederick Davis loved brother of Dolly, Harry, John, Pat, Daisy and Jean aged 40 ycars.

DICKSON -August 13 1942 at Woollahra Eva C. Dickson dearly loved mother of Dor- othy and Lorna Privately cremated on the

14th lnst

DOVER-August 14, 1942 at her residence, Bradgate, 40 Wellesley Street Summer   Hill, Kezia, widow of Albert Dover and   dearly loved mother of Harold, Nell, Violet,

Alice (Mrs Fox), Charles and Victor in her   77th year. Rest In Peace.

DUNN -August 10 1942 (suddenly) at Bargo, Andrew Mcclure dearly loved brother of Mrs J W Falklngham of 733 New Can tcrbury Road Hurlstone Park Privately tn   tcrrcd Presbyterlan Cemetery Rookwood   August 12 1942  

EVANS -August 13. 1912 at a private hos  

pital, Sydncy, Mauvel dearly loved wife of George Evans, of Fernbrook Marrangaroo and loving mother of Annie, Blanche, George, David, Alfred, Frederick and Mauvel (de ceascd)

FITZPATRICK -August 13 at St John of God s Hospital Goulburn Doris Isabell beloved wife of Frederick Bernard Fitzpatrick and lov   lng mother of David Russel, Noel, and Roger R.I.P.

FYFE-August 10 1942 at Marrickville Hospital, James beloved husband of Annie Fyfe of 78 Melford Street Hurlstone Park. and loving father of Jim and Gavin Pri   vatcly cremated on 11/8/ 42

GARDNER-August 14, 1942 John Pearson Gardner, beloved husband of Vera and, loving   fathcr of Bruce, Alan, Roy, Harold and June. Aged 36 years

GOLDING -At her residence, 49 High

Street, Waratah, Mary Ann, dearly beloved wife of J W Golding, mother of Mrs E Turner, Mrs R W Ogle, and Miss Hope Golding of Waratah, Mrs J G Longworth New Lambton, Mrs A G Sullivan, and Mr W J Golding, Richmond. Privately cre- mated, August 14, 1942.

GRAY -August 14 1942 at Western Sub- urbs Hospital Croydon, Archie Andrew Gray dearly loved husband of Cora Gray and father   of Kenneth, Ellemore and June aged 47

HALL - August 14 1942 at her home,  

Glyntirion Drumnmoyne Joan devoted wife of George E, Hall.

HARRIOTT- August 9 1942 at East Fre    

mantle Western Australia Eliza Ann dearly   beloved wife of George Moss Harriott of 61 Birdword Circus West, Bicton loving mother of George (A. I.C. Sydney NSW) and Eilecn (Mrs A D Keech) and mother in   law of Bert aged 63 years. At rest

HARRISON -August 12 1942 at st Vin- cent s Hospital Bathurst, Mary Agnes beloved wife of Edward Henry Harrison of 220 Lam bert Street Bathurst and loved mothcr of Dorothy Myra (Mrs. J. B. Harris) James (A.I.F.), Edward and John Requiescat in pace.

HENDERSON-August 14 1942 at Prince

of Wales Military Hospital Randwick Leslie Rupert Henderson (late 6th Light Horse 1st A.I.F. ) dearly beloved husband of Eveline   and loving father of Margaret

HIND - August 8 at St Vincent's Hospital   (result of accident) Frank leloved brother tnothcr In law and uncle of Victor May and Laurie, aged 66 Interred at Botany Cemetary

HUNT -July 16 at his mother's residence   12 Ellzab»th Street Ashfield. Albert William dearly loved son of Elizabcth and late Albert   Hunt and loved brother Hellen (Mrs Scott ) Ratu (Mis Gllderthorp) and Sydney. Sadly missed R.I.P. JOHNSON -August 6 Dubbo Hospital  

Elizabeth Mary Johnson beloved wife of the late E E Johnson and honored mother of Glad (Mrs Geoff Whiteley) and Jack dear grandmother of Beryl and Joan daughter of late Mr and Mrs W P Costello, siser of J P Costello, W F Costello, and Messrs E A Chivers, M G Horan, K .Usher, M Rowston, J Costello, (decd ) and Mrs B A Bryncs (decd ) Buried at Wellington N.S.W.

JOHNSTONE.-August 14, 1942, at Rand-    

wick, Norman Arthur Regan Johnstone, loved father of Arthur (R.A.F., England) and fond   brother of Lillian (Mrs. Geary), Adge (Mrs. Reeves), William, Daphne, and Rupert. At rest.

JOLLY -August 13 1942 (result of acci

dent) Corporal Colin Neil Jolly, beloved hus band of Beryl Jean of 56 Alexander Street. Manly. aged 37 years. By request, no flowers.


JOLLY-August 13 1942 result of acci

dent. Sgt. Jolly, Colin Neil, youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. E Jolly and loving   brother of Keith Jack, Alice Melvin. Huon Earle Lyell(deceased), Basil Beryl (Mrs   Swallow) Joy Gloria (deceased) and loving nephew of Mrs A R Lester (Auntie Sylvia) aged 27

KENNING -August 14 1942 at a hospi tal. Margaret loved sister of Beth, Jennie and Joseph and David (deceased)

LYNCH -July 30 1942 at Balmain and District Hospital Miss Ann Lynch late 15 Curtie Road Balmain the dearly beloved daughter of the late Thomas Lynch and Mrs Lynch R.I.P.

MACAULAY -August 14 1942 Janet Anne,   beloved daughter ot the late W MacAulay and Mrs E MacAulay and loving sister of Clar ence Rodrick and Donald aged 48 years

MAGUIRE -July 30 1942 at hospital

Reginald James beloved husband of Jean Maguire of 36 Liverpool Road Summer Hill

MARKS -August 14 1942 at Wahroonga Sanitarium Dina loved wife of the late B Marks of 2 George Street Marrickville be- loved mother of Minnie Sol. Harris, Maurice, David, Joseph, lsadore and Sadie aged 66


MARTIN -August 13 1942, at St George District Hospital John Martin late of 34 Laycock Street BexIcy dearly loved husband   of Mary Martin and dear father of Margaret Jane and Ruth, aged 68 years Privately cremated 14th August at Woronora

MATHESON -August 12 at Chatswood Jane Elizabeth widow of the late George McLcod Matheson and second daughter of the late Jane and George Loder of Abbey Green Singleton Privately cremated

MAULSBURY. — August 14, 1942, at her residence, 11 Bowden street, Granville, Janet Maulsbury, relict of the late William Thomas Maulsbury, aged 87 years.

MENDEZ-August I4 1942 at his resi- dence 67 Warner's Avenue North Bondi  

Samuel dearly beloved husband of Sarah and loving father of Queenie, Joseph, Isaac, Esther, Myer, Lionel, Sylvia, Miriam and Gordon aged 78 years.

MITCHELL -August 13, at Wagga Meg beloved wife of Jack L Mitchell and sister of Nettie. 76 Trail Street

MONAGHAN -August 11 at Nowra Arthur Lang Monaghan dearly loved husband of   Maude and father of Lou, Grace, Hazel and Leslie aged 69 years

MONAGHAN-August 11 at Nowra Arthur Lang Monaghan dear brother of Ida (Coffs Harbour) Ruby (Canberra) Percy (Newport)

Arch (rails Creek) Reg (Avoca) and Ted (Canberra) and the late Annie and Sid

MOORE -August 14 1942 John Richard Moore (Assistant State Auditor General) be- loved husband of Amy Moore Homebush Road Strathfield aged 64 years

MORISON -August 11 at Yaralla Military Hospital Alexander Edward loved husband of Lyla and loving father of Pat and Peter (A I F abroad) Privately cremated

NEILSON -August 14, 1942 at a private hospital Fivcdock, Charles Augustus Neilson of 379 Lyons Road Fivcdock beloved father of Florence (Mrs Liston) and Harold (de ceased) aged 80 years At rest

O'CURRY -August 14 1942 at 3 Cote  

wold Road Strathfield. Daniel Joseph, loved husband of Mary Frances O'Curry beloved     father of Maureen, Kathleen, Theresa. Requieccat In pace

O'DRISCOLL -August 14 1942 Hannah   O Driscoll of 54 Prince's Avenue Rosebery,   beloved mother of James, Edward, Hilda (de- ceased) and Vera and sister of Mrs Nora Kennedy and Mrs Bridget Mulheron aged 82 years Requlccat in pace

OSBORNE-August 12 at Brisbane Eliza beth loved younger daughter of Mr and   Mrs Harvey Osborne of Clanosmond Old Cleveland Road Camp Hill QId aged 5½  


PALMER -August 9 at Balranald Gladys Buish youngest daughter of the late C and P E Palmer and loving sister of Eva (Mrs P Byrne) Ruby (Mrs W Byrns) and Phyllis (Mrs C King) aged 42 years Sadly missed.

PHIPSON -August 14, 1942 at Bowral Harry Thring Phipson of Avebury Bowral  

PLAYER -August 14 1942 at a private   hospital Stanmore, Thomas Player late 1st   A.I.F beloved husband of Blanche and loved   fathcr of Thomas, Harold (Mick), Leonard, Norman (deceased), Patricia, Arthur (deceas- ed), Joan (deceased), Norma, Kevin (deceas- ed), Bernard (deceased), and Marie aged 55

years At rest

POWER-August 12 1942 (suddenly) at her daughter's residence 32 Blenheim Street,   Randwick Ettie Johannah, relict of the late John Joseph Power (6th Light Horse A I F ) beloved mother of Winifred (Mrs J Harris) aged 70 years. Privately cremated

QUAIN -August 14 1942 at Wellington Margaret Elizabeth (Colreavy) relict of the late Patrick Quain and loved mother of Pat- rick (deceased) Cis and Molly aged 83

years. R.I.P.

RICHARDS -August 9 1942 Margaret be- loved wife of the late John Richards of Emerald Hill Bowning and darling mother of Mrs Thomas Hall Orange, Mrs A L Smith Yass, Robert and William Bowning, James of Goulburn, and John and Elsie predeceased aged 82 years Victorian papers please copy

RIXON -August 7 1942 In England Mar- jorie youngest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs. G F Rixon of Muswellbrook and Lindfield

SANDS -August 8 1942 at her residence. II Yarrabah Avenue Gordon. Lydia McDougall Sands loved mother of G E Sands, Elvira   (Mrs P W Stall), and R L Sands Pri- vately interred

SARGEANT-August 14 1942, at St George District Hospital, Frederick Harry Sar- geant beloved husband of Julie Ellen and loved father of Gladys, Vera and Elva (de- ceased) aged 56 years At rest

SHIRE -August 6 at Lithgow Hospital Wyndham Fox, loved husband of Rosa L. Shirc, father of Sgt David Shire RAAF (In England) eldest son of late Wyndham and Helen Agnes Shire formerly of Dublin and Queensland brother of Edith (Mrs Grimes)

Alex (deceased) Helen, Arthur, Florance and May all of Queensland aged 70 years

SMITH-August 14 1942. Barbara Kay beloved infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas Richmond Smith aged 1 year 11 months At rest

SUMMERS -August 14 1942 at Prince of Wales Hospital. Charles Sebastian, aged 55 years beloved husband of Florence

SUMMERS -August 14 1942 at Prince of Wales Hospital Charles Sebastian beloved son of Anna and brother of Dorothy, May, Bert nnd Louis

THATCHER -August 14 1942 at Ryde Memorial Hospital George Augustus Thatcher beloved hisband of Amy and dear father of   Edward, Kathleen and Enid aged 53 years

TYRRELL— July 25, 1942 (suddenly) at a private hospital, Parkes. Norman Francis loving husband of Marjorie and beloved son   of Mrs J. Tyrrell (and the late Wm Tyrrell) brother of John (Wm deceased) Vera (Mrs   Gamble) Elizabeth (Mrs Medlyn) Stella (Sister Tyrrell) and Jean aged 37 years

VICKERY -August 14 1942 at her resi- dence Lauriston, The Boulevarde Strathfield. Amy Alfreda Vickery youngest daughter of the late Hon E Vickery M L C aged 74 years

VINCENT-August 12 at his residence

Stanmore, Francis Charles loved father of Jack, father In law of Barbara aged 84 years Privately interred Rookwood August 14 1942

WAGSCHALL-August 13 1942 at his resi    

dence, 5 Namoi Toad Northbridge Charles Robert Wagschall aged 14 years.

WALL -August 5 1942 at a private hos

pital Cremorne Catherine Jane of 117 Cremorne Road Cremorne, daughter of late Joseph and Sarah Euphemla Wall Appletree Nairabri and dearly loved sister of W James (of Bellata), Dora, Neil and Margaret (Mrs W G Cains Parramatta) Privately


WILKINSON -August 14 1943 at his resl dence Mosman Francis Alfred beloved hus

bind of Emily Blanche Wilkinson and father of John and Bob Privatcly cremated

WILKINSON -August 14 1942 at her resi-

dence S7 Alfred Street, Ramsgate Ann Wil

klnson relict of the late Noah and loving mother of Victor, Beattie (Mrs A Myers) and Ernest In her 88th year

WILMOT-August 14 1942 at a private hospital Ellza Mary beloved mother of Rosa

lind, J (Mrs S J McDougall) of 82 Baringa Road Northbridge aged 86 years Requicscat In pace

WILSON -August 13 1942 at a private hospital Mosman, Louisa Jane Wilson beloved mother of Harold, Constance (Mrs H J Unsworth) Brenda (Mrs H J Muston) and   Edna (Mrs T Burke) Privately cremated

WOOD - August 14, 1942 at her residence Carroll, Edith Street, Lidcombe, Ellen Char- lott,e beloved wife of John Rowland Wood, formerly of Richmond and loving mother of Ida (Mrs B Payne), Daisy (Mrs. A Archer), Elsie (Mrs E. Taylor), Emily (Mrs A Tuck),

John and May (Mrs H Turner), aged 73


WRIGHT-August 14 1942 at her daugh ter's residence Terrigal, Emlly Loulsa beloved   wife of J R Wright and mother of Selina, Hilda, Mildred, Percy and John aged 76 years


ALLOTT -A tribute ot love to our darling   daughter and sister Edle who died August 15 1933 Always remembered by mother

father and Elis"

ANDERSON -In loving mrmory of our dear daighter Dorothy called to a higher life Au?u«t 16 1040 Inserted bj her ufTci tlonate parents C and D Holdsworth

ANDERSON -In memory of our dear friend Dorothy who passed away August 16 1040 Alwoyi rempmbered by Llz/le and Walter

ANDREWS-In lovlnt remembrance of our dear molhel, who nostcJ away on August 11 19J5 Inserted by her dnurhtors Alvld Ruby Connie Masle Ethel and grandchildren

ARMSTRONG -To the treasured memory of our deni father and grandfather who passed away August 15 1939 Ever remembered by his loving ton and daughters Tom Carrie Florrie and grandchildren Albert and Keith

BLANCHARD-Remembrance of our dear mother August 13 1940 From Dot Bill Max, nnd Arthur

BRYSON-In memory of Mary Bryson our dear mother who passed away 14/8/1939 Sadlv missed bv Evelyn and Bob

BULLOCK -In loving memory of our dear   wife and mother Janet Isabella Bullock who lett us August 14 1941 Inserted by ber lovinp- husband and sons

CHAPMAN-In loving memory of Lola from Rich

CHIVERS -In loving memory of our son nnd brother Gordon who died August IG 1941 aged 16 years Inseited by his loving parents I and J Chlvers and Ernest


CLARKE -In lovinc memory of our dear mother and father who passed awav August 1«" and 25 1931 In erted by their loving famllv lim, Stan and Mary

COLQUHOUN-In loving memory of our mother and grandmother who pasBfd away Aug ist 16 1940 Inserted by her lovlnc family . . .

COPELAND-In loving memory of dear   wife Isabel Maude who departed her life August 11 1936 Insortcd by loving hu3band

DARBY -In loving memory of my dear hus- band Chirles Thomas who died August 16 1940 Inserted bj his loving wife Olive

DAVIS -In loving memory of our dear mother and crandma who passed awny August 16 1941 Also our dear father and grand- father who passed nwas June 9 1927 Always remembered bs their loving daughter Jose- phine and family Dick and family

DIGNAM -Treasured memories of our dearly beloved only son and brother Tony who pi5«cd away August 15 1930 Insert-d by his 'ovins mother and father and sister Lola

DUNN -In loving memory of our dear father lames William who passed away March 13 1J36 piso our mother Harriett Victoria ditd August IO 1941 Inscrt"d by their daui liters Maud and Minnie and grand- children Ronald Lurline and Peggy

EDWARDS-In loving memory of our dear   mother Margatct, who passed away August 15 1940 Inserted by nei loving daughter and family t , . _.

ELLIS -Dearest ot memories loving and truo remain In our hearts dear Ted of you who fell asleep August 15 1937 Inserted by his sorrowing parents sister and biother»

EVANS -Dear mum. Les and Rov cherished   friends loved pals Happy memories Aloha

FENTON -Loving memories of my dear hus- band and our father, passed away August 15 1J38 Inserted by his loving wife and chll

GAFFNEY -In loving memory of my dear husband and our father who passed away August 16 1941 Sadly missed by lils loving

wife and f«mi y

GOODWIN -iroasurcd memories of Alice Mary our dearly beloved wife and mother who passed awiy August 15 1839 Sadly missed for thico lonesome years by her loving hus baud and oaughtcr

IN MEMORIAM   OOODWIN -Loving memories of «v dear daughter and our sister Alice (nee Hevrd)

who passed away August 15 1939 Too dearly loved to ever be forgotten by her mother

slater and brothers

GULL -In loving memory of our dear father who departed this Hie August 13, 1940 Inserted by his daughter Florence Gull and family

HARRIS.-In loving memory of my dear     mother, whom God called home August 15, 1937. Always remembered by her loving son Cyril, Gladys, and grandchildren Margaret,


HARRIS.-In memory of our dear mother   and grandmother, May, who passed away August 15, 1937. Always remembered by Florrie, Fred, and Trevor.

HARRISON -In loving memory of my dear son and our brother Victor Keith accidentally killed August 15 1939 Inserted by his loving mother sisters and brothers

HEWSON -In loving memory of my husband   and our loved father Edward who departed this life August 15 1941 Always remem- bered bv his wife and family

HORN -In loving memory of my dear wife Ada Marv and our mother who passed away August 16 1940 Inserted by her loving family

HOWARD -Memories of our dear father and grandfather called to rest August IB, 1940 Remembered by Bertha Mata and


ISAACS -in loving nietnorr of our dear father and grandfather Michael Joseph who passed away August 15 1923 Ineerted by his loving daughters daughter ln-law and


JOHNSON -In loving memory of our dear daughter Harcl who passed away August 16 1940 Loved and lemembered every day by her mother and father

JOHNSON -In loving memory of our dear elster and auntie Hazel who passed away August 16 1140 Ever remembered by Olga Ted Ron and Beverley

JOHNSON -In loving memory of our dear sister and auntie Hazel who passed away August 3 6 1910 Ever remembered by Muriel Bert John and Ian

JOHNSON -In loving memory of our dear sister Hazel who passed away August 16 1910 Sadly oilseed by Enid Ray and Fred

JOHNSON -Treasured memories of dear Hazel who passed away August 16 1940 Al- ways remembered by Violet and Neville

JOHNSON -In loving memory of ivor Hayel

who passed away August 16 1940 In«erte«J by Mr end Mrs, Johnson and family

KAYE -In loving memory of my dear hits

band and our loving father Fred called home August 16, 1936 Sadly missed by Kossy and daughters

KILBORN -In loving and everlasting memories of out dear mother and nann? who poseed away Autrust 16 1940 Always remem bered bv Daphne Ray and Bev

KILBORN -A tribute of love to the memory of our dear Nana passed away August 16 1940 Inserted by Betty May and Gordon

LADD-HUDSON -In loving memory of our dear daughter and sister (Violet) who passed away August 15 1940 Inserted by her loving mother end father M» and Mrs J Mercer sister Dareen brothers Bill and Jack

LIPSCOMBE -In ever loving memory of my darling husband a dear father and grand- father (Albert) who passed away August 16 1940 Also my dear father Nicholas Accglav Inserted by his loving wife Mary and family daughter and son ln-law LU and Les

LIVERMORE -In loving memory of our dear wife and mother Ethel Mary who parsed a vay August 16 1937 Imcrted by her hus- band sons and daughters

LONG -In loving memory of our dear hus- band and father Robert who died August 16 1934 Inserted by his wife and children

LOVELACE -In loving memory of our dear dad John who departed this life August 16 1911 Sadly missed by his loving children

LOWE -In loving memory of our dear son, Kenneth who died August 15 1939 Not forgotten by his mother father and family

LUSCOMBE-Treasured memories of my dear lu.obar.d Fred and our dearest dad passed away August 16 1939 Inserted by lils loving wife and children Perce Harry Mavis


LUSCOMBE -In loving memory of our dad Freoerick who passed away August 16 1939 Inserted by Perce Lila and grandson Frederick Eerie

MARTIN -In loving memory of our dear brotl er brollter ln-law and uncle Edwin Septimus (Scp ) who was called home August 11 1919 Inserted by his brothers Snow and Eck bisters In law Alice and Lil and nieces and i ephews

MAWLEY -To the beautiful memories of darling Tony whom God called Home August 3 5 1939 Inserted by his Grandma Mawley

and Uncle Jack

MAWLEY -In fond and loving memory of our darling nephew Tony fell asleep Autrust 15 1939 Inserted by his auntie and uncle


MESSERVY-In loving memory of my de?r husband and our dear father Henry who de

parted this life August 16 1929 Inserted by his loving wife and family

MIELL -In loving memory of our dear brother George who passed away August 14 1941 Inserted by his loving brothers and sister nnd families

MOLLOY -In loving memory of our dear   mother and father who departed this life August 15 1918 and August 27 1941 Inserted by Linda Norman and famiiy

MOODIE -In loving memorv of my dear wife and our mother and grandmother Mary who passed awav August 16 1941 Sadly missed by her loving husband and family dad Jim Ede and Barrie Arthur and Ede and sister Nell

MORRIS -lreasured memories of my dear sister Alice who passed away August 16 1938 Inserted by her loving sister Vene

O'CONNOR.-In loving memory of my dear   mother, who passed away August 15, 1939 (suddenly). Sincerely missed by her daughter, Alice, and family, of Punchbowl.

O'CONNOR.-A tribute of love to the mem-     ory of my dear friend, Annie, who died sud- denly, August 15, 1939. Inserted by her true friend, Georgie Cutler, of Rochford Street.

ORR -A tribute of love to the beautiful memory of our darling mother Rebecca who pas»»d away August 15 1941 also treasured memories of our loving father Robert who was ca!l»d Home 29th August 1930 Inserted by their living famllv Florrie Carrie Eva Herbert Madeline and Cecil

OSBORNE, -In loving memory of my dear husband who passed away August 16 1941 Inserted by his loving wl'e and son John

OSBORNE -Ijoving memories of mv dea son Bl'l passed away Argi_3t 16 1941 In seited by his fond mother brother Roy and


OSBORNE -In fond end sad memory of our dear nephew Will died August 16 1941 Inserted by uncle end aunt Cramer cousins

PEARSON -In loving memory of my daugh t>r May who fell Ooleep August 15 1934 Inserted by mother slst»ro

PENDER-In loving memory of oi r depr father Ldwin who passed av ay iu<tu«t 16 1941 Inserted bv his loving family

POTTER -in loving memory of my dear wlte and our mother Queenie who passed awav August 16 3937 Alwov« remembered by her loving husband and family (husband

on active service)

RAMSAY-lovinr memories of deal MR Tho pacs»d away August 31 1940 Inserted by her loving daughter Marv

REYNOLDS -Treasured m»mories of my dear mothei Alice passed away August 16 1909 In«erted by loving daughter Ruby

ROSS -Loving memory of our dear friend Tohn C'arke (Jack) who passed away August 16 19J8 Always remembered by his loving friends Beb Helen Marge Vaughan

RYAN -To the memory of my dear husband and our lather Hairy vho parsed away August 16 1938 Inserted by his wife daughter and son in law

SIBLEY -In loving memory of Edward Sibley died August 16 1939

SMITH -In loving memory of my dear wife pnd our dear mother Maria, who passed avay August 15 1940 Inserted by her loving hus-

band and family

TAMBRER -A tribute to the mernoo of our den mother, who pasesd away August 15 1938 Inserted by Ina and Bill

TATTERSALL-Nurse Ellen our darling mother who pasred away six years to day InscrlPd by her daughteia Ethel Ruby Aljre

and Gladys

WALKER -Trensured memories of a dear     v/tfe and loving mother Emily May Walker who was called horne August 15 1935 Al- ways remembered by her loving husband and


WHITBREAD -Treasured memories of our darling daughter Audrey, called home August 16. 1915 Never forgotten by her mother sister louisa and brothers Charlie and Eric

WILLIAMS -In loving memory of our dear son and brother Gordon Vivian who departed this life \ugust lb 1932 Sadly missed by his loving mother and father sister and


WRIGHT -Loving remembrances of our   dear baby, Stanley Arthur who fell asleep Aurju«t 14 1941 Inserted by his loving parents and family

YOUNG -Loving memories of our dear mother and nana. Elizabeth who passed aw as August lb 19-.0 Always remembered bv Herrn, F hel and lamlly

YOUNG. -In loving memory of our dear mother Elizabeth who passed away August 16

1940 Loved and always remembered by her loving son., rred Arthur and families

On Active Sersrice

CONNORS-BOULTER -A tribute of love     to the beautiful memorj of our only child Oswald M connors RAAF and his com- panion Harold Boulter RAAF who were killed In an aircraft accident at Gwelo South- ern Rhodesia 16/8/1941 Inserted by mother

and dad

CONNORS -In fondest memory of Oswald M Connors RAAF killed aircraft acci- dent Southern Rhodesia August 16 1941 aged 12 years Sadly missed hy his devoted aunt Mrs Robertson cousins George Lance

GIBSON -Sergeant R H (Bandmaster) accidentally killed Malaya August 15 1011

Always remembered Mr and Mrs T Hardie and faml'y

LUSTY -In loving memory of our dear son and brother Driver Stan Lusty died of wounds August 15 1918 Always remembered by his loving parents sisters and brothers


Mrs P PETERS and TAMILY wish to THANK all kind relatives and friends for theil floral tributes card* expressions of sympathy In their recent bereavement

Mr A E KING and HARRY ot 110 Edith Street Leichhardt wish to slnrerely THANK relatives friends neighbours for their kind expicsslons of sympathy cards telegrams floial tributes In their recent sad bereavement

Mrs BLACKALL and DAUGHTER ENA 01 Manly wish to return their sincere THANKS to nil friend» and relatives tor their kind ex pressions of sympathy cards letters telegrams and floral tributes In their recent sod bereave-


Mrs C O'CONNOR and Mr B O CONNOR   wish to THANK all relatives and friends for their kindness rards and floral tributes in their »ad bereavement

The FAMILY of the late ALICE M CRAW FORD wl6h to THANK relatives and friends lor their kind oxprcesslons of sympathy, flora! tributes cards letters and teletrams in their recent sad boreavement Please accept this as our personal and sincere than! s

Mrs HELEN KELLY and JOHN of Repent Street Kogarah wish to THANK all relatives friends St Georfce loolballtrs arid committee for letters tards telegrams and personal e»¡

pression' of svmpathy In their recent sad bereavement Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of sincere gratitude

Mr T ALLISON and FAMILY of Marsden Park vvl'h to THANK kind friends and rcla tlves for e\pre slons of sympothy in their lecent sad bereavements special thanks to nursing staff of Windsor Hospital Will all accept this us our personal thanl s

C Q M S SMALL W J and FAMILY of Hawkesbury Avenue Deewhy 6lncorcly THANK relatives friends, and neighbours also Officers N O O s and O It s of my Battalion and Dee why-Collaioy sub-branch for letters cardo, telegrams and messages of sympathy and floral tributes In their late ead bereavement Piesse accept this as personal thanks

Mr R G WALLINGTON and SON DENIS of Marlborough Road Flemington wish to THANK all relatives and friends for their kind metjsuges and floral tributes etc , In the lecent sad loss of lils son and brother Klndlj accept this as a token of deepest gratitude



The RELAITVfcS of the late Mrj FRANCIS ELISABETH PHYLLIS CURTIS of Rose Bay wish to THANK all lrlends for sincere e pres- sions of sympathy in their regent sad bereave


Tho FAMILY of the late Mrs H HOWARD 100 Hayberry Street Crow s Nest wish to THANK relatives, friends Nurse Williams Mrs F Bayliss North Sydnoy 2ft Model Sall ing Club for their klrd expressions of sym pathy and b'autlful floral tributes In their rtcent sod bereavement Please accept this as our personal thanks

Mr M F MCGRATH and FAMIL Y wish to THANK relatives -vntl friends for their kind e\pressions of sympathy and floral tributes In their recent bereavement

Mr R H PALMER of 40 Wilga Street Burwood wishes to sincerely THANK relatives friends and neighbours for their kind exprès

tiona of sympathy ca-ds telegiams noial tributes In his rccnt sad bereavement

Mrs G W GOODIN and FAMILY of 167

AMsun Road, Randwick wish to sincerely

THANK all 1 ind friends and neighbours for their expressions of sympathy telegrams and floial tributes In their recent sad bereavement

Mr J HAY and TAMILY of Warrimoo wish to THANK all relatives friends and neighbour- foi telegrams raids letters and personal sympathy In our recent sad bereave mont

Mr V BORTHWICK and FAMILY wish to THANK neighbours and friends fellow workers of Barleys and Sons welfare club please ac tcpt this as personal thanks for telegrams

cards floral tributes In their recent sod be- reavement

Mr and Mrs F CLIFFORD and FAMILY nlnorely 1HANK friends for their kind thoughts and floial tributes in their loss of their brother brother In law and uncle Frederick Timothy Leahy Kindly accept this as personal thanks


Martin s Avenue Bondi wish to sincerely THANK their many klrd friends Piso Waveiley Council and Bondi Waverley School of Art for their txpre« ions of sympathy and letters tards and floral tributes lu their recent lewis of husbind and father Please accept tills as personal Ulanda

Mrs B A McMICHAN and FAMILY of Stanmoie wl h to sincerely THANK oil iclatlves and friends for their kind sympathy letters telegrams and floral tributes In their recent pad bereavement in the loss of their dear hu'band and father

Miss GILLMEY of Oyster Bay Como   desires lo THANK all friends for their kind sympathy In her late sad bereavement

Mrs M TAYLOR and TAMILY of 35 New- man Street Mortdale late of Kogarah wish to THANK iclatlves friends, and neighbours also NSW Uro Brigade for letters, cards and telegrams In the loss of her dear husband and their father Please make this my per-

sonal thanks

Mrs A WATERS and FAMILY of 22 Catherine Street Leichhardt wish to THANK all relatives and kind friends for letters cards floral tributes and messages of sympathy In

their lecent sad bereavement

Mr, and Mrs C. FROST of 23 Arthur Street Puncnbowl wish to THANK all rcla tives friends ai d neighbours for their kind expressions of sympa hy In the lass of llielr dear grandmother Mrs E Gibbie especially the members Wiley Park Methodist Church

Mrs FRANCES WARD of 6 Chiswick Road Auburn wishes to THANK all kind friends and relatives for their sympathy and floral tributes In her sad loss

Mrs J HINCHY and M- and Mrs

PARKES and TAM1LY since ely THANK al! kind relatives lricnds and neighbours for their klndne s and expressions of sympathy In thel- recent sad bereavement especially Lodge Rosebery Rev S S Horner Waterloo Council Mascot Council Mascot Red Cioss

and Mascot Ladies Auxiliary Please accept this as personal thanks

The FAMILY of the late Mrs MARGARET GLEESON L->lgh Avenue Concord wishes to   acknowl»dgc with deep GRAT1TUDF the com foit brotttht to them by their friends iclatlves and neighbours also cards telegrams floral tributes special THANKS to Rev Father O Kcefe. Concord Rev lohn Meiney Ashbury for their kind attention durint her recent


Mr W JONG-KEE of Ashford NSW

desires to THANK all relatives and friends for their kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes In the loss of his dear brother Alex ander Chong Kee

Mrs ALF SMITH and SON of Palm Beach wish to THANK iclatlves and friends also members of Palm Beach Golf Club for numerous exprecions of sympathy cards

letters telegiams and floral tributes In their recent sad bereavement Kindly accept this as

our personal thanks

The FAMILY of the late CLARA J GARD NER of 155 Croydon Road Croydon wish to return their sincere THANKS to relatives friends a, d neighbours for their kind expres- sions of sympathj letters cards and floral tributes in their recent ead bereavement

Mrs J RIMMER and FAMIIY of Zet- land wL«h to sincerely THANK all kind rela- tions and friends for letters ca ds tele- grams floral tributes and personal exprès

nions of sympathy In their recent sad bereave-


Mrs MATILDA R WHITEMAN and   FAMILY of 42 Duntroon Rl Hurlstone Park, wish to convey thel» 3lnp»re 1HANKS to all relatives and kind friends for floral tributes, 1-tters and telciams received In their recent sod bereavement

Mrs E GARDNER and i-AMILY of Suther- land Street St Petas wish to THANK rela- tives friends and neighbours for their kind Expicssions of sympathy in thplr recent sad bereavement Please accept this as our pei sonal thanks_


BARETT -""The Relatives and Friends of Miss _KATHLEEN BARETT Miss MEPLE BARE1T Mr and Mr3 LYLE BARETT Mr and Mrs J C SMITH and TAMILY Mr pud Mrs W I HOLTON «nd TAIIILY Mis MARIA CHIDGEY and TAMILY aie invited to attend tile Funeral of their dear MOTHER SISTER GRAND ¿OTHER ano AUNT

Catherine Bare to lo ve T J Andrews R ¡ni",irai.Ç,har1;1 2"> Enmo o Road Newtown THIS DAY after Service commencing at J 15 P m for tne Independent Cemetery Rook- wood T J ANDREWS A FDA 25 Enmore Poad Ney town Phone IA2873

BENNIE ~5S'! ^«Jatlves and Friends of the

late GEORGE ROoS BENNIE of Manly and late of Gawler SA and RA Navy are kindly invited to attend his Funeral to leave the Klnsela Chapels Taylor Squure Dar llnghurst, THIS SATURDAY after Service commencing at 1 lb p m for the Methodist $;S,IÄcle7Tflcld ot Mnrs CHABL5.8 KINSn A PTY LTD A FDA Taylor Square Dar llnghurst 'Phones FL4136 7 8

BENNIE- ? he Relatives and 1 rlends of npMè!ÎLa BENNIE and Mi and Mrs BEKI DENHAM are Invited to attend thi r-unera! S' h*£.S5?"y "cloved HUSBAND and their dear FATHLR and FATHER IN LAW George Ross Binnie to leave the Klnsela ChipeJ« SÄ01..8." are naillnglu rst THIS SATUR ? iv,aítíi .!"'",!" ÇPmn*eucinB at 1 15 p m

loi the Method st Cemetery Held of Mars CHARLES KINfatLA PTY I TEI AV D A ÏÏiiîi« -, ^mie Darlinghurst Phones

BRENNAN. - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. C. BRENNAN, Sen., Mr. and Mrs.

C. BRENNAN, Jun., and FAMILY, Mr. and Mrs. H. TEMPLETON and FAMILY, and Mr.   Mrs. J. MIDDLEDYN, are invited to       attend the Funeral of his dearly loved WIFE and their dear MOTHER, MOTHER-IN-LAW     and GRANDMOTHER, Janet Brennan; to leave St. Thomas' Church, Rozelle, THIS MORN ING, at 9.45 o'clock, for the Church of     England Cemetery, Field of Mars. LABOR   MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED, 59 Parramatta Road, Annandale. Phones LA2777 (4 lines).

BROWN-The Pelatlvcs and friends of the

lile HENRY (HARK/) LEWIS BROWN Soliciten are invited to attend his Mineral

to leave his late residence 89 Thompson Street Drummoyne SUNDAY August IT rt 4pm for Jewish Cemetery Rookwood SYDNEY CHEVRA KADISHA

BUCKINGHAM - TliP Rplntlvp- and Friends  

Of Ml CHARLES ALBERT BUCKING HAM of Glover ctrp?t Mosman a e invited to attend lils Tuneral to le ve the Private Chapel of Molor Fui ero!*. L d 189 Paciilc Hlrhwiv Ciow s Nest THIS AITLKN0O1-. at I o clocl fnr the Northern GUL trbs Crema torlum MOTOR FUHLR \L8 LTD A F D A 18J Piclfl Highway Crow s Nest Tele *\B4015

BURNS -Th" Relatives and Friends ot

MICHAEI BnKAS and IAMILY an. In vltcd to attend the 1 uneral of his late be loved WII-L and (heir dear MOTHFT Nar

garet to leave her late residence 177 Main Road Wombarra THIS (Spturdav) AI1ER NOON at 3 o clo k for the Genei->1 Cemetery

«"caiborough W J WILLIAMS Funeral Director

CADWALDER - The Relatives and Friends

of Mr DAVID CADWALDER and FAMILY,     and Mrs ELLEN WILLIAMS are invited to attend the funeral of his beloved WIFE, their   MOTHER and her SISTER, Frances Ada Cadwalder; to leave 3 Jenkins Street city THIS SATURDAY at 2 p m for Church of   England Cemetery Rookwood. WOOD COF FILL LIMITED

CANTLE -Th» RPIIHIVP-J nnd Friinds of

the lote Mrs HLLTN CAN1LE of Har bord are klntllv Invited to att»nd her Fin

eral wnlch w11! leave St Marks Church o' England Hal bord THIS (Saturday) MORNING after short Sprvlre commenrinn; at 10 41 nm for Manly cemetery I* TIGHr and CO 32 Sydney Rood Manly


CHALMERS -The Relatives and Friends ol

the tate Mrs LLIZABETH CHAI MERS arc kindly Invited to attend her I un;ral to leave our Chapel THIS (3alurdnv) MORNING at 10 o clock for Church of Fnglnnd Cemetery Rookwod WILLIAM METCALFE and CO PTY LTD 181 Church Stieet Parramatta UWBBoT

CLARKE -Thp Relatives and Friend« of Mr

MARMADUKE CLARKE Ben Mr and Mr- G1 ORGE MOORL Mr and Mrs MAR MADUKE CLARKF Jun Mr Hi d Mis NOP MAN KING Mr and Mrs GEORC E CLARKE Mr and Mrs ROBFRT CLARKE VTu rPANK FEID and TAMILIES and Miss Eil EEN CLARKE are Lindlv Invited to attend the Funeral of lils dearly loved VITE and theil fond MOTHER M-s Juill Mov (Tilly) Clarke A funeral «crvlce will be held at Wood cornil r Chapel Norton Street Lclchlmdt THIS (BPtirdoy) ATTTRNOON commencing at 141 o clock Th» funeral will leave at 2 11 o.clock for Field of Mars Cemetery r W HARTLEY PTY LID Undeitakers Newtown

COLLINS-The Relatives and Trlcnds it

Mrs MARY COLLINS and FAMILY of 17 Correv Avenue Concord arc Invited to cUtend the Funeral of her deirly loved HUSBAND and their dear FATHER William Wallace to leave oir Chnppl Raliway Parade Burwood

THIS SATURDAY nfl»r service commencing at 10 30 am for Rockwood Crematorium WOOD COFFILT LIMIT1-D


9752 -Members ore rccuooted to attend the Funeral of their lato BRO WILLIAM COLLINS For pirtlculars see family notice L C THOMAS C H JA COBBAN Sec

COTTOM -The runoral of the late Mrs

JOHN COTTOM will move from her rcsl denco, 3 Allen Street Austinmer THIS (Sot

urday) AFTERNOON at 3 o clock for the Woronora Crematorium Private cremation H PARSONS runeml Director

CUSBERT-lhp Relatives and friends ot

J thp TAMILY of the late W11 LIAM EPHRIAM CUSBLRT late of purni are In

vlted to att/md hi tunera] which will leave our Chapel THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON at o 11 for the Ciematorium Rookwood By «(11 est no flowers CHARLES INNIS nnd SON A P D A 32 Darcey stieet Parramatta UW9259

DOVER-The Rclnllvcs and Mend« of the U late Kr¿IA DOVER n o kindly Invited to attend her Tuncial to leave her lato residence 40 Wellesley Street Summer Hill 1HIS DAY after S»rv!cc at 10 a m for the Church of fntiland Cemetery Rookwood. LFBIIE S ANDREWS Ashfield (opposite Presbyterian Church) Phone UA1025

DUNCAN -The Funeral of the late WIL

LIAM MCALPINE DUNCAN will arrive at Woronora Cemetery THIS (Saturday) MORNING Rt 10 55 am F W HARTLEY PTY LIMITED 173 King Street Newtown DUNCAN -Ihe Funeral of the late WIL

LIAM (Scotty) DUNCAN will take plate II o clock TODAY SATURDAY at Woronora Ccmetus


DYER-The Relatives and I riendo of Mr

HENRY J DYER Mr and Mrs £ B ÎAULDS and Miss JItvNIE WAltBRICL. nie Invited to attend the Funeral of his deailv loved WIFE and Uielr dear MOTHER and SISTER Mary Lmma Dyer to leave our Funeral Home, 24 Enmore Road Newtown THIS AFTLflNOON at 1 15 o clock for the r olwood Ciematorlum LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITLD 24 Enmore Road New town Phones L12777 (4 lines)

EVANS-The Relatives and Friends of Mt

GEORGE EVANu and I AMILY of Fern brook Marrangaroo ale kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved WIFL and MOTHER Mauvcl to leave Matthews and Lemon Funeral Chapel 66 Mort Street Llth gow, THIS DAY alter a service commencing at 3 p m for the Church of En"land Lemo terv Bow enteis MATTHEWS and LEMON Lithgow LES1 IE S ANDREWS Ashfield Phono UA10-5 luneral Directors

GARDNER-The Relatives and Frltnds ut

Mrs VERA GARDNER and I AMILY »rp invited to attend the Funeral ol her beoved HUSBAND and their loving IATHCR lohn to leave their residence 101 Roger Street faleinba THIS SATURDAY ut 3 30 p m for Moortflclds Cemetery WAITERS and SON Dulwich Hill Terminus LM1676

GRAY.—The Relatives and Friends of Mrs.  

CORA GRAY and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of her late deaily loved HUSBAND and their FATHER Archie Andrew Gray to leave the Private Chapel of Motor Funerals Limited, 30 City Road, city, THIS AFTERNOON, at 2.15 o'clock for the Rook-     wood Crematorium. MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED, A.F.D.A., 30 City Road, Sydney 'Phone M6277.

GOODSELL -The Relatives and 1 riends ol

Mr 1 GOODSILL and Mrs DAISi GOODoELL and IAMILILS are Invited to attend the Funeral of their deirly loved MOTHER and GRANDMOTHLR faarah Ann Goodsell to leave our Funeral Home 24 Enmore Road Newtown THIS MOPNINU after servite commencing at 9 30 o clock loi the Church of Ent land Cemetery Rookwood LABOR MOTOR 1UNERALS LIMITLD ».4 Enmore Hoad Newtown Phones LA2777 (4 lines)

HALL -The Funeral of the late Mrs

JOAN HALL will leave her late home Glyntlrlon for Ven Bede s Church Drummoyne, MONDAY. 17th inst foi Service at 2 JO o clock, thence to Long Bay Road Cemetery


HEDLEY-The Relatives and Friends of

Mrs MILLIL HEDLLY and FAMILY me invited to attend the JTuneral of their beloved HUSBAND and FATHLR. Charles lo leave their residence J4 Gladotcne Street Leichhardt THIS SATURDAY after a Ser vice commencing et 10 am for the Church of England Cemetery Rookwood WALTFR6 and SON, Dulwich Hill Terminus LMlb76 HEDLEY -Lodge N J MCDONALD No 507

U G L of N S W -The Offl-ers and Mern bers are Invited to attend the Funeral of their late esteemed Bro c HEDLEY Tor particu- lars see family notice Regalia at Grave R G TRAVERS W M T C Daley Sec


No 58 I O O I -The Members of the above Lodge are requested to attend ti!» lunera! of their late Brother CHARLES HEDLLY See family notice for detail* R D CORLETT N C H BRADLEY Sect

HENDERSON-The Relatives and Irlends


Kingsford oro kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved HUSBAND Leslie Rupert Henderson (late 6th Light Horse 1st AIT) to leave the Klnsela Chapels lavlor Square Darlinghurst THIS SATUR DAY after Service to commeuce at 9 45 a m for the Crematorium Eastern Suburbs CHARLES KINSELA PTY LTD AIDA Taylor Square Darhntnuret Phones FL4U6 HEíñ?LC.SON -L°Val Kensington Lodge No

306, M U I O O F -Officers ind Members of the above Lodge ate kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of their esteemed Brother L R HENDERSON P a (e). Trustee) See family notice for funeral arrangements S ASHBY îL-S., "A DAVIDSON Tin Secretary

HUNTLEY -The Relatives and Irlends ol «tiT late Mrs ANNIE HUNTLEY and FAMILY ore In/lted to attend her Funeral to leave St Joseph s Church Wilson Street Bel

more THIS DAY at 2 45 P m for Catholic Cemetery Rookwood DIGMTIED rUNERALS JopB?î.iÎ.e" Ha'lway steps Lakemba UL'512

JOHNSTONE-The Relatives and friends 01 .«J&JSiÄ, »'ORMAN ARTHUR RLGAN JOHNSTONE are invited to attend his lune ral to leave our Funeral Home 121 Rawson Street Auburn THIS AFTERNOON at 1 JO 0 clock foi the Church of Fngland Ccmeterv Rookwood LABOR MOTOR FUNTRALS LIMITED 121 Rawson Street Auburn

Phone UX6111

JOLLY -The Relatives and I rierrds ol Mrs

BERrfL JEAN JOLI Y of 56 Alexander Street Manly, are kindly invited lo attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved HUSBAND Colin Nell to take place THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON at J o clock at Rockwood Cre- matorium B«, special request no flowers PREMIER MOTOR FUNFHALS 105 Walker Street North Sydney Phone XB14I6

KENNING-The Relatives and Friends ot

MARGARET KENNING lato of 2 Sheffield Street Merrylands are Invited to attend her Funeral vhlch Is appointed to leive out Chapel THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON at 1 15 for the Inaependent Cemetery at 1 o ». wood CHARLES INNES AND SON AIDA 32 Da ey Street Panamatta UW9259

KERLEY -The Relatives and I rlends of th

late ANNIE KEHLEY are Invited to attend her Funeral to leave our Funeral Home 121 Pawson Street Auburn THIS AFTERNOON at J 15 o clock for the Methodist Cemetery Rookwood LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS IIMITED 121 Rawson Street Auburn Phone US6111

LAWLER -The Relatives and rrlends ol

J the late FRANCIS JOHN LAWLER form crly of Pedfern are Invited to attend his Funeral to leave his late re Idcnce 1/.. West Street Hurstville This SATURDAY at '30 tm for Catholic Cmetery Rookwood WOOD COFFILL LIMITED

LEVER -The Relative and Friends of the

' late Dr SIMS LEVER arc Invited to at tend his runero3 to leave Chevra Kadisha Parri jrr 42 Balfour Street Cnlppeiidale on SUNDAY 16th Aututt at 2 p m lor the lewl h Cemetery Rookwood Mlnvon at 41 Waverlev Street Bondi Junction Sunday night a* 7 30 SYDNEY CHEVRA KADISHA LEVER-MASONIC-The Brethien ol  

LODGE BONDI No 434 UGL NSW ero Invited to attend the 1 uncial of th ir late Brotlier S LEVER lo leave Chevra Kadisha Parlours *> p in SUNDAY 16th for Kock wood Ccmeterv Re alia at grave Ide F C VIMPANY W M A J LOOKER Sect

MacAULAY-The Relatives and Irlends

of Mr6 E MacAUL\Y Rev and Mrs C J MacAulay of Woodford Mr and Mrs R I MacAULAY of Tallong and of Mr and Mrs D G MacAULAY of Lie ale united to attend the Funrial of their dearl> loved DAUGHTER and SISTER Janet Anne Mac Aulay which will leave the Methodist Cn rch Rallv ay Parade Bun ood THIo W TERNOON after Serv ce commencing -> *> JO for the Rookwood Crematorium JOSLPH MEDCAL1 A F D A 172 Redfern Street Redfern Phones M t221^ ( 1 t ts)

MCEWAN -The Funeral of the late M «

SARAH McEWAN of 3J) Mcore Street Tclchhardt vill leave o ir t, oituurv Chamber 9 Nortel Street Le chhardt THIS (lair

day) AFTERNOON at 1 JO o rieck f r the Crcroatoil m Noitivrii Suburbs J J CROCKETT and CO PTiT LTD Motor "'ornerai Directors 9 Norton Street Lelilí hare"! Phone LM4-.3*>

MCNAMARA-The Relatives and Irlends of

the lots MAUDE MARION MCNAMARA relict ot the late Daniel McNamava are ad vised that her Remain"- weic laid to lest In the Catho le Cemeten Botanj Fl IDAY 14th Inst LABOR MOTO"î IUNLRALS LIMI TI D 604 Crown street Sidney Phones LA2"77 (4 lines)

MARKS-The Funeral of the late DINA

MARKS late of 2 George Street Har rickville will leave Chevra Kadisha Parlours 12 Balfour Street Chlppci dal- IO MORROW bUNDAY at 11 a ni for Jewl li cemetery Roo) wood Minyon at Mr Morriss place 1 Dcltrstra Aston Gardens Bellevuo Hill ounday night at 8 o clock SYDNI-Y CIILVKA KADIfaHA

MARSH-The Relatives and Friend o!

the late TRF DERICK WILLIAM MARSH are Invited to attend lils Funeral to leave his dar girier s residence 2 Î5 Military Road Dover Heights THIS ATTLRNOON at J 10 o clocl- for Fnoleri S ib rhs Crematorium LABOR MOT OH I UN F R ALS IIMITLD 4 Fnrnorc Road Newtowu Phone LA27/7 (4 line)

MARSON-The Relatives and Friends ol  

the late ROSINA GFRT1 UDI MARCON are ndviscd that her rcmatrn were privat- y In eired In the Ctthollc Cemetery Rockwood on August 13 19!? TI ANDREWS A F DA 21 25 Enmore Road Newtown Phones IA_87J etc

MAULSBURY. — The Relatives and Friends

of the late JANET MAULSBURY are in- vited to attend her Funeral; to leave her late   residence, 11 Bowden Street, Granville. THIS SATURDAY, after service commencing at 1.45 p.m., for the Church of England Cemetery,   Rookwood, Section 12. A. F. ANDERSON. Funeral Director, South Street, Granville. Phone: UW8533.

MENDES -The Funeral of the late Mr

SAMU L MENDLZ late of C7 V/irtrcr s Avenue North Bondi will leave the Ch-vta Undilla Firlours d ' Bl If our Street Chip pendale SUNDAY 16th August at 3 11 p m

for th* Jewish Cemetery Rookwood Minson at the obov i ddress bundey night at 8 o clerk «YDH"Y CIIL\RA KADISHA

T\/)TENDEi' -A3 FXAMDRIA LODCI- D A O D 1TJ.NO 177-Officers and Member., of above Lodge arc kindly Invited to attend the Purre ral of their lcte Beloved Bro S MLNDLZ See fomllv notice H J FORD AD A I COritRlTLL Sec

MOORE -The runcral of the late JOHN ¡XX RICHARD MOORF w III lcav e 'at Anne s Churrh Slrothfield THIS SATURDAY after service commenclnt nt j inn for Rookwood Crematorium Ploial tributes direct to church WOOD COI FILL LIMITED

MORRIS-The Relatives and Friends of

Mrs LILLY MORRIS and FAMILY Ere Invited to attend the Funeral of tipr dearly loved HUSBAND and their dear 1ATIILR William to leave his late residence 4o ChLs

wick Road Auburn THIS DAY liter t* ervlce conmcnclng at 130 pm lor the Church of Fngland Cemetery Rool wood MITROPOIITAN BURIAL and CRI MATION SOCILTY PTY LTD Raliway Poride Bul

wood ÜJ2178 9 . . . MURDOCH -The Relatives and Friends of

the FAMILY of the late Sarah Ann Mur

doch are Invited to attend hei Funeral which will leave her sons residence Argyle Street Camden at ? P m THIS DAY SATURDAY lor Prpsbv terian section of General Cemetery Camden P F BUTLER and CO Camd»n NLWTON-Ihe Funeral of the late LIL

LIAN NEWTON will leave the Private Chapel of Motor Funerals Ltd 30 city Road Citv THIS AFTrRNOON at 3 15 o clocl for Church of England Cemetery Rookwood MOTOR FUNERALS LTD AIDA 30 City Road City I ele Mb-77

O'CURRY..-Mass foi the repose of the soul  

Of Ihe late DANIEL JOSEPH O CURRY will be celebrated In St Marttm» Church Strathfield THIS (baturday) MORNING iii 10 o clock The Funeral will leave iminedl otely after Mass for Catholic Cemetery Rook wood WOOD COFFILL I IMITED

O'DRISCOLL -The Relatives ind Friends ol   U Mr and Mrs JAMES O DRISCOLL and rÀMILY Mr and Mrs S SHAN/HAN and FAMILY and Mr EDWARD O DRISCOLL ure Informed that the Funeral of their late beloved MOTHER and GRANDMOTHER Mrs Hannah O Driscoll of 54 Princes Avenue Rosebcrs

win Have St Joseph s Church Rosebery. THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON at 2 30 0 clocl lor Catholic Cemetery Rookwood MorU.ary No 1 W N BULL PIY LID A f D A Telephon» LA S50

T-«LOFLLS -The Relatives and Friends of the P lat" DLSMOND GODFREY RUObELL IEOPLES (late RAAF) will leave our prl vate Mortual y Chap»l 265 Elizabeth Street sydney mi l SATURDAY at 1 P m foi the Chuich of Enrjlnnd Cemetery Hpokwopd Mrs P KIRBY and SON PTY LTD 265 Hi-abclh Street Sydney l'hon«*, lM2¿:S,1n¿v VillIPSON -Tho I uneial of the lato HAnilY C TURING PHIPSON will loave the DI trlct Hospital I ov lal, at 2 30 P m THIS DAY SATURDAY for the Church of England Cemet- ery Bowral a BEAVAN runeral Director TiLAYLR -The Relatives and Friends of X MI! BLANCHE 1 LAYER and rAMILY are Invited to attend the Funeral oí her dearly ov ed HUSBAND and their dear FATHER. 1 liornas Player to loave our Funeral Homo 24 ¿nil Sre Road Newtown 1HIS AFTERNOON at 1 30 o clock lor the Church of England Cemetery Rookvood "LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED 24 Enmore Road , IvevvÈvvii 'Fhonw, IA27/7 (4 lines) |



975..-Membeis ae requcstid to ate rd the Funeral of their late BRO THOMAJ «LAYER 1 or particulars see family neu e L O THOMAS CR JA COBBAN fapr QUAN Y1NC NAH -The Funeral ol the

late QUAN YING NAM will leave our Chapel 810 George Street Svdney THIS SATURD \Y at - P m for Chinese Cenip tery Rookwood WOOD COT-FILL LIMITED QUAIN -The Relatives and friends of Mrs

M SPLED and Mr and Mrs J j WHLELLR and their 1 «.MILItS are Inn »d to attend the lui eral ol their deaily lo ed and GRAHDMOlHER Margaret tllrubctti Qi uln to leave 8 i rancis Str et Lidcombe 1H13 AFTERNOON at J o clu. for the Catholic Cemete y Rockwood C 1 SHAKLSPEARÜ In conjunction LABOR MOTOR IUNERSLB LU ITLD Auburn UX6111

RAY .—The Funeral of the late DANIEL

MURRAY RAY, late of Picton, N.S.W., will leave Private Mortuary Chapel, 242 Pacific Highway, Crow's Nest, THIS SATURDAY,   after service commencing at 2 p.m., for the   Northern Suburbs Crematorium. By request,     no flowers. Mrs. P. KIRBY and SON PTY. LTD., 244 Pacific Highway, Crow's Nest.      

'Phone XB1181.

READ -The Relptivps and Triends oi ins

late Mr, W11 LIA«1 JAMES RE»D of 1 Alt Street Waverley -re kind y Invited to at- tend his Funeral to leave our Private Ciareis

262 Oxford Street Woollahra THIS DAY. faATUPDAY at 1 JO for Church Df Englprd Cemetery (section 9) Rookwood WALT-a

CARTER Waverley

ROCHFORT -The Relatives and Trie! d5 of

the late FLORENCE ADAM KOCHFCHT arc invited to attend her Iuncral to leave ctr Funeral Parlours 24 Enmore Read Ne town THIS MORNING at 10 JO o doce ter the Church cf England Cemetery Botan; LABOR MOTOR TUNERALS L! JTTED 4 Enmore Road Newtown Phones LS2777 (4 line )

SARGEANT-The Relatives and Mends of


SARGEANT of 20 Carrington Avenue Mort. dale, Mr and Mrs J ELRICK and FAMILY of Oatley Mr GEORGL ROSS of Carlton Miss SARGLANT His h SARGE/!IT, Mr and Mrs E WILLLAMS Mi ai j

Mis T SARGEANT Mr and Mrs P SARGEANT Mr and Mrs 1 bARGLANT and Mr and Mrs C SARGEANT and F SMI

LILS of Parr matta are invited to ittend the luneral of her dcarlj loved HUSdSND and their dear FATHLR GFANDIATHFit BROTHFR, and UNCLI* Frederick Hair?   Sargeant to leave our Private chapel 2 Ca ring on Aven le Hurstville THIS AFTET NOON after Service commenclnt at 3 o clccV for the Church of England Cemetery Werc nora LABOR MOTOR IUNLRALS LIMITED 2 Carrington Ave mc Hurstville Phones



No 166 M U I O O I -Officers anti Members of the above Ledge are revpect ul / requeued to attend the Funeral of their la , esteemed Brodie' F H SARGEANT j-cr pjr iculars cc family noller I Sas er N G J Allison rS LABOR MOTOR fUNERALS


SCHWENN -lh- Relatives and l"rl nris of  

Mr CH»RLISR SCHWENN nnd PAWL/ are Invited to attend the Tunera! of his t loved WITE and their MOTHER Marti a Eli a beth to leave her late residence 163 Ev-im Street Rozelle THIS SATURDAY at 1 0 p m for Church of Tnrlind Ccmct»ry Field of Mars WOOD COI FILL LIMITLD

SMITH-The Relatives and Trie do o! Mr

and Mrs T R SMITH arc invitrd to attend the luneral of their beloved INFANT DAUGHTER Barbara Kay to le ve \A Botany Road Botanv THIS A11ER1O0N at 1 JO o clock for the Church of En? ard Cemetery Botony 1 ÍBOR MOTOR TUIvE RALS LIMITED 24 Enmore Road Ncwiova Phones LA2777 (4 lln )

THATCHER-The Relatives and 1 rl ne« c1

Mrs A THATCH!.** Mr id Vi » THATCHER Mr and irs 1 RICHARDS .! and Miss D THATCHER arc 1 lndly It vltcd JI attend the Funeral of her dearly loved h S BAND their dca- FATHTP and I A IHM Ii, I AW George Augustus Thatcher to leave ot Kevins Church Eastvcod THIS AT*"iiK NOON at 1 30 o clock for the Catholic Cerrt lery Field of Mars LABOR MOTOR rUN ERALS LIMITED 19 Parramitt i Rod Annandale Phone LA"777 (4 lui"i)

TILBURY - The Relativ»« and Frleids ni J- the lato Mrs THEDDORA CHARLOT!!! TILBURY are invited to attend her luneral

THIS SATURDAY after service ccmmenrlns at 11 am In St Thomas Church Enfle d Interment In Church Cemetery WOOD COFTIIL LIMITED

VICKERY -The Pclntlvs and Prient!« et

the late Miss AMY ALI-REDA VICktRv are kindly invited to attend h»r Furn-ra! o leave her lpte residence Lu ri«ton Thp Be levird Strathfield THIS (Satjrdav) MORN INO after Service (commencing at 10 oclccri for Waverley Cemetery (Interment at 11 30 a m ) WALTER C1RTFR Waverley

WAGSCHALL -Tile Relative and FTitn-iv

of the late CHARLLS ROBE«

WAGSCHALL are Invited to attrnd his Fun«. ral to leave our Funeral Home corn« Miller and Falcon Streets North Svdn j THIS (Satuidas) MORNING at 10 oclci for Northern Suburbs Crematorium WOOD COTILL I IMITED

WILKINSON -The Relatives and Frlpnnv

of Mr and Mrs G V WILKIN«"*«! and FAMILY Mr and Mrs A MYEH1 and Mr and Mrs E WILKINSON end FAMILY are Invited to utteid the Funeral of their deirly-loved MOTHER and GRAtvD MOTHER /nn Wilkinson lite of 87 Alfred Street, Rim'gate v hlch will leave our Pri a j Chipel Seven Ways Rockdale THIS SATDK D VA aftei Service commencing at 2 45 p n

for the Congregational Cemetery Woronora J and C HARDY A r D A Rockdale and Hurstville

WILMOT -The Relatives and Friend- pt VV Mr and Mrs B J MCDOUGALL ai Invited to attend the Funeral of their d-sr y beloved MOTHER nnd MOTHER IN ' SI Elija Mary which will leave St Phillip Ne ii Ch ireh Sailor Bay Read Northbridge THIS DAY (Saturday) at 2 30 p m for the Patho Ile Cemetery Isorthern Sub irb« WPEliM mid GLACKEN A F D A 63 Miller St eel North bvdti"V lele ÎB1110

WOOD - The Relatives and Friends of Mr

JOHN ROWLAND WOOD and FAMILY   are invited to attend the Funeral of his be  

loved WIFE and their loving MOTHER, Ellen   Charlotte, to leave the residence, Carroll, Edith     Street, Lidcombe, THIS DAY after a ser

vice commencing at 1 30 p m , for the Church   of England Cemetery, Rookwood. G O   ANDREWS PTY LID 2 17 9 Liverpcol lead Ashfield Phone , U \°n0P 1_

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