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Family Notices

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ACTON (nee Katie Hodgkinson). - May 22, at Walma private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Acton - a daughter (Heather).

ALDERDICE (nee Rankin). -May 20, 1942, at Mater, North Sydney, to Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Alderdice - a daughter (Jeanette Helen).

ASPREY-May l8 at Crown Street (Pri- vate) Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Asprey, Pymble-a daughter (Elizabeth Jane).

BARNES (neo Edna Williams) -Ma» 13 at Kiaora private hospital Habe-flcld to Mr and Mrs H Ba-nc5-a son (Stillborn )

BAXTER (nee Walford) -May 21 at Tonrja Roseville to Pat and rted-i son (Steven Allen)

BENTLEY (nee Eileen Bradley) -Mrv 10 at *" thmond private hospital to Flying- Ofllcer ard Ure 1 K Bentley ol Richmond-a son

BOTTRILL, (nee Va'erle Knight)-May l8 to 'I- ard Mrs G \\ Bottrlll Be ley Ncrth -a daughter (Lyne te Estelle)

BRIDGES (n e Win Rca i) -May l8 at OrnrsT p-ivaU«- hcspl^l Octsfc d to Sst R. W 'nd Mrs Brldre«-a s n (Will ?ni Barry)

BRODIE -N ay 20 at, Charlcniount private hospital to Mr and Mrs K R Brodie of

K nssfo-d-a son

CHRISTIE (Jos ce B ogden) -May 16 1942 at Croun St'cet Hospital bora to Mr and Mrs Charles Christie-a daughter

CLARKE (n»c Christie) -May 19 at Mater   Maternity (private) to Hazel wife- of Keith J Clarke, Llndfcld-a cn (Bruce An hony)

CLARKE -February 22 to Mr and Mrs R L Bruce Claire Harben«, al» Bunnerong Rd Maroubra-a daughter (Lesley Margaret)

COOK, (me Dora Hayman) -April 27 at Co-iterbJi, Victoria to Rev R A and Mrs

Cook-a son (Arthur Vcnton)

DEWSON (nee Marian Ru «eli)-May 15 at Edman private hospital No.v-a to Mr and Mrs D E Dewson-a son (G-iham

Rl ha-d)

DIVE (n«e Audrey Bell) -May 10 at Bethesda ho pita) to Sgt and Mrs A W Dive-a son IT evor Allan) Both well

DOYLE (neu Gwendoline Russell) -May 21, at Otama Hospital Petersham to M- and Mrs M R Doyle of Petersham-a son (Geoffrey Martin) "" . _

DOYLE (nee McDonosh) -Ila" 20 at K ns George Memo lal Hospital to Mr and M s W J Doyles-a daushter (Susanne Catherine)

ELLIOTT (nee Ethel Bro-1-man) -May 2 at South Sydney Womens Hospital to Mr and Mrs Thomas A Elliott of 13 Middle Head Road Mosman-a daughter (Ma garet Alison)

Both well

EVANS (nee Mae Conrad) --vuy io o.»

Wyuma private hospital Woonora to Re\

and Mrs H E Evans-the gift of a son (Andrew John) Both well , , ,"

FISHER-May l8 1912 al Harrietville private hospital Lithgow wife of George

Fisher-a son (Robin)

FOSTER -May 20 at Sis er Macdonald s Lindfield to Mr and Mrs Edi In Foster ol

Gordon-a son

FOWLER (nee "aine) -May 20 at Curren dina private hospital L smore to Mr and Mrs

B Fow er-a daughter

FRASER -May IS at Nurse Buckland s to Mr and Mrs R Fraser of Concord-a daugb.

te- (Lcsly Mavis) , ,

GILLAN -May 20 at Crown Street Hosp tal (private) to Kathleen wife of Ens Lieut j? D Gillan RANR of HMAS "erth a daughter (Rosomarv)

HAMPSON (nee Betty Lichfield). -May 17, at Sister Brook's s prívate hospital, Cooma, to Driver A. W. Hampson, A.I.F., and Mrs.    

Hampson-twin daughters.

HARRINGTON (Ethel Best) -At Klnoo^a ?° nnant Hills to F /S-rt A R Harrington RAAF (abroad) and Mrs Han insten -a c-ushter (latricla Elaine)

HIBBERD (nee Vi carne) -May 1 1942 at King George V Hospital to Mr and Mrs T I- bberd oí Ashbury-a daughter (Diane Lily)

HICKS (nee Joy Robson) -May l8 at Englewood priva e hospital Burwood to Pte "ti Mrs G T Hi"ks Denistone-a son (Miche c1 C-rpld) , ,A ...

HOWARTH (1 innlgan) -May 14 at St   Margarets Inter to Nell wile of Harry

Howa-Ji-daughter (Wendy)

HURST (nee Jovce Chai man) -May 17 at private hospital Coonabarabran to Mr and Mre K E Hurst,-a son (Gregorv Colin)

JAMES (nee El een Gutlfcy)-May 21 at Ma""r Hospital Crow s Nest to Mr and Mrs Paul Jorres-the gift of a son (Brian Michael)

JONES -May 10 at King George V Memorial Hospital to Jean wife of A/0 1 Douglas W Jones (RAAF FP »."s)-a son

KEMP -May 20 at Su ton Veny private hospital Cha sv ood to Th Ima w ife oí Geo

Vf cemp-a son

LAWRANCE (nee Gertrud» Healey) -April 28 at Royal Hospital Padulnrjton to Private and Mrs R Ls. /raneo Bondi-a daughter


LUKE-May 16 1942 at Mater Maternity I Hospital Crow s Nest to Norah wife of Bdr

R H Luke AIP -a daughter

McCOSKER (nee famallwood) -May 14 at St Margaret s to Mr and Mrs E J McCo*ker-a son (John Patrick)

McPHERSON (nee Heather Cannon) -May 15 at Araluen private hospital Maroubra to Mr and Mrs J McPhe-son-a s m

MACK -Mav 10 at Kins George V Memoiial Hospltil to Mr and Mrs N H

Mack-a daughter

MACLAREN -. -April 17 at Helenio private hc-pital Randwick to Mr and Mrs A G Mac aren-a daugnter (Heather Madeline)

MATHIE -May 16 at Kirra private h03 pilai Beecroft to Mr and Mrs Mathie

Pennant Hill«.-a daughter

MORROW -May 22 at 9 L.vlngstone St Bun» cod to Mr and. Mrs Raymond Morrow

a daughter

MULLANEY (nee Deudney) -May 17 at Lydnam private hospital Dulwich Hill-a

son (John Colin)

NEWMAN (nee Tord)-Mry 16 at Rosal North Shore Hospital to loy wife of Pte Les e G Newman AIP of Ranlstown-the gilt of a daughter (Lynette Leslev)

O'LOAN -'lay IS St Luk» s Darlinghurst  

to Mr and Mrs FOO Loan oí Nar-andera

-a son

OATLEY -On May 19 at Denholm Dar ling Point to Jean wife of P J G Oatley

AIP -a son

PYE -May 9, at the District Hospital

Coonamble to Mr. and Mrs. W. Y. Pye, of Milchomi, Pilliga-a daughter

REES -May 16 at Car nya Concoid West to M* and Mrs H G Rees Malta Street North Str*thfl»d-a daughter

REID (nee Pearl Hooper) -May 19 at Araluen private hospital Maroubra to Mr and Mrs R Reid-a son (Robert Cllffo d)

RICHARDS - M¿y 21 1942 at Oroya Btrathfiold to Mr and Mrs C R Richards of Chat'wood-a daughter

RICHARDSON (nee Norna Macnamara) -   May 21 19(*2 at St Luke s Hospital to Plight Lieutenant and Mrs S J Richardson

-a dajHhtei (Fobin Irene)

ROSEBERY -Mas 20 Woodleigh private hospital Hurstville to Mr and Mrs A D Eo«ebcry oí Beverly Hills-a daughter (Helen


ROYLE-Mav 19 at Sutton Venv pri vate ho pltal Chatswood to Mr and M-s J G Royle Lane Cove-a datghttr

SALKELD - las 10 to Mr and Mrs F Salkeld of Dun nore Street Wentworthville

-a sor

SCOTT (nee Elsie Thompson) -May 15. at Newcastlo to 1 r and Mrs Gordon Scott a daughter (Lois Anne)

SENIOR (nee Jean Wilson)-Mav 19 at Carinya Concord West to Mr and Mrs A J Senior-a daughter (Judith Madge)

SHAWH -May 13 1942 at Canberra to Mr and Mrs R F Fitz Gerald Shaw-twin


SNELL -May I pt Ixlncoka Pennant Hills

to Mr and Mrs Leslie A Snell of Castle Hil -a son (Warr»n Arnold)

STARK -May 21 at Cordon private hos pltal to Mr and Mis II J Stark-a son (Bruce Gordon)

THOMAS (nee Kathleen Nelson) - May 4, at Netherleigh private hospital, Randwick to Mr and Mrs Keith Thomas of Coogee - a daughter (Judith Lorraine)      

TUCKIWELL-May S at Denistone House   Ryde to Mr and Mi3 Arthur Tuck eil

a son (Gary Nell)

WEEKLEY , (nee Gwenyth Jones) -May l8 at Sunburj private hospital, Ashfield to Mr and Mrs J Weel ley, of Ashfield-a daughter (Margaret Winnlfrcd)

WEISSEL -May 10 at West Wyalong to 6gt and Mrs h T Weissel late oí The

Oaks-a son

WINDRED (nee Jean Lee) -At Crown Bt cet (Intc-medlatc) to Mrs R T and Pt* Windred ol GUdcvillo ('ate Coogee)-a son (Raymond Thomas James)

YORK (nee Muriel V right) -May 6 1942 at King George V Hospital to Mr and Mrs John Yo*»-a daurhter (Bat oat Mci e)



ment is announced of Sadie Wilmot, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Le Fevre, of Lithgow, to Sgt. Francis Outram Anderson,    A. I. F., elder son of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Anderson, of Burwood.

ARNHEIM—ARNHEIM.—The Engagement is     announced of Joan, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Arnheim, of Killara, to Capt. Robin Arnheim, A.A.M.C., only son of the       late S. F. Arnheim and Mrs Arnheim, of



ment is announced of Daphne eldest da ighter of Mr and yu J S Ha ds of 8 Doorca Avenue Lakemba late Narrabri to Tred eld»st son of Mr and Mrs Baker Tu Iel of 55 Stitldn Road /uburn

BALL -WILLIAMS-The Engagement is announced of Kathleen Mary elder daughter of Mr I L Williams of North Sjdncy (Me Balmain) and the late Mrs \ interns to William Ha-ry A I F elder son of Mi and Mrs h F A Ball of North Sidney

BEHENNA-KING -The Engagement is an nounced of Mab»l Beatrice (Betty) eldei daughter of the l«te Ernest G King and of Mrs F A King of Chats urod to Frederick Robe-t onlv son of Mr and Mis H Behenna

of Cremorne


ment is announced of Prtrlcla eldest de ighter of Mr and Mrs R. H FoUn-ilnghtmie of Lpplnr to Cpl Eric R Bell (A I F re turned) onls son of the late Mr cid Mrs Bell of Inuprcsrrlll New Zoalind

ALIKE-SPURS- The En-jaoemcnt Is announced of Margaret (Peggs) «ccond daugh cr of Mr Aid Mrs u S Spells of St-athfield to Arth ii James elder son of Mr and Mrs A C 3 a e of I crth Strathfield

BRAY -BERMINGHAM -Tho En"a"eninit L announced of Joy 01 ue onl dri-0l tti of Mr anl Mrs T 1 Benn ngh-m c1 Eionte to Kevin Ctorgo ol' ~^n oí Mr and t'l« s G B-a) of Vaddi Eton

CAMPBELL - WHALAN -Th« bntag ment     is announced of VI en Phillis onlv daughter of Mr and I- l« V H Whala of Ivatooirbi to John \vllllnm e der son of Mr and Mrs A I Campbell of Conree

COLE-WILLLMOTT -The Ensapement 1        

announced of F el n onls child of Mr and Mrs G S AVI mott Mc man o L A C Nor

m?n Co e (RAAF abroad) ounrcst son of Mr A E Cclc and the l°te 11rs F M Cole

La » Crv»

COUTTS-MANSON -The Engagement is   announced of Margaret Eue jo nse daughter of the lat» Mr T D Manscn and Mrs A E M * in«on of Artarmon and Arth ir Comrie so ingest son of ti e I« » Mr L T Coutts and Mr si coutts of Rose ille

DALY-PAGE -Tho Engnge-icnt is an n»un ed o' p «tela Gay da ght=r of Mr and Vrj Norman Fag» c1 Chatouood to Gurn»r Bob Dal») A I ï second son of Mr and Mrs Ne Mon Dals of St Uliftpld

DWYER-HOPKINS Th» Ern, gement Is   annu meed of Jenn the only dtught»r of Mr -rid Mrs Cecil Hopkins of Mascot to lack t> t sot ng» t son of Mrs pud the late Mr w

Da"» of Mn«cot

EDWARDS-HANLEY - The Engagement is       miiouncrd of Dapl ne Jojce second eldest oa rhter of Mr and Mrs G Hmlc of Undercliffe to Geo te Milton jounrest son ol Mis L Edward., and the late Mr T Edaaprds of Ashfield

FRANKLIN-GOW -Tho Lng» gement is announced of Vein, Anne soundest daughter of Mr and Mrs John Go» 51 Canonb o Grouo Dulwich Hill Sydnes to Private Alex ander Herbert (Tlnv) Franklin A I F (re

turned) joungest son of Mrs P Franklin and the late Mr B T Franklin Mudgeeraba Qu5«nslnnd

FUDGE - RICHARDSON - The Engagement Is announced of Aureole Lorraine Richardson     only child of Mr and Mrs Rupert Richardson of P. O. Residence, Rockdale to Jack, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Arthur Fudge of The Pharmacy Harris Street, Sydney.    

GAULTON-ALLEN -The Engagement Is   announced of Fna. May eldest daughter of Mrs Allen of Canterbury to Edwin ninian only son of Mr lund Mrs W Ga,uUon of Lelch

hardt I


GRACE-HUMPHREYS -The Engagement is announced of Marie only daughter ol the late Mr A H Humphreys and Mrs E C Hum phress oí Balgowlah late Bellevue Hill to Captain P A Grace R A A only son of Mr and Mrs T P Grace of Lane Cove

GRAHAM-HARRADENCE -The Engage mcnt is announced of Esma Jean yourgcst daurhtc- of M- end M s P W Harradence of Ashlcld to Charles \Ulirid T (Laddie), elder *on of Mr and Mrs R H Graham oí Hurlstone Park

GROZIER-WATSON -The Engagement is   announced of Jean eldest daughter of Mr and M-; P C Watson of C alglelca Parriwi Road Mc man to AlPn Hamilton second son oí »Ir end Mrs T H Growler of Greenwich Po nt

GURNEY-FAIRBAIRN -The Engagement Is announced of Lyla May only daughter of Mr and Mrs w D G ralrbaini of Car lingford to Stanley youngest son o' Mrs S L Gurney oí Neutral Bay

HAMILTON-CLARK -The Engagement 13   announc d ol Doris Ma-Jorie elder daugh-cr of Mr and Mrs H V Clark of Fal-ilela to Raymond John only son oí Mr and M-s J Hamilton of Northmead

HARRIS—STENNING.—The Engagement is   announced of Norma Jean, only daughter of   Sergeant and Mrs. N. A. Stenning, of En-   more, to Stoker Dan Harris, R.A.N., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Harris, of Wylie Park,   Bowen, Northern Queensland.  

HAYNES-MARTIN. -Ihe Engpgement is announced of Rita May onlv daughte* of Mr and Mrs W J Martin oí Haberf »id to W11 Ham Joseph eldest son oí Mr and Mrs W J Fas n»s of I» a-oubra

JEFFREY-BRAND - The Engagement Is   announced of Irene Marcelle onls cilld cf Mr and Mrs Eric Brand oí Belmore to Bruce (Willis) onls son ol Mr and Mrs R Jeffrey of Punchbowl

LORD-DOVE—The Engagement is an-    

nounced of Mavis, only daughter of Mr and the late Mrs. W. Dove of North Strathfield, to   Tom, twin son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Lord, of Manly.

MACKIE-HEUSTON -The Tngagement Is anno need ot Ru'h only daughter cf Mr and Mrs G Heus on cf Parrain tta toFllgit

Sergeant Goidon Macl le RAAF of East Malvern, Melbourne

MEYER-BROOKE -The Engjrernent is an nou ced of Phoebe Eunice your^er dau.hte* of Mr and IV rs J Brooke of Hurs ville NSW to Privat» Ernest Peter Mes er AIP returned s"cond son of Mr and Mrs E S He c- Landsborough Queensland

MUSGRAVE—WAY.—The Engagement is         announced of Blanche, second daughter of Mrs. B. Way, Tempe, to Frank W. Musgrave, only son of Mrs. Jack Real, Mount Isa, Queens-


O'C'ONNOR- LIDDY -The Engagement is   announced of Marie, younger daughter of Mr Arthur Liddy and the late Mrs Liddv of 26   Lang Road Centennial Park, to Driver Darcey O''Connor (A I F returned) of Tasmania  

OTTAWAY-JONES-The Engagement is announced of Kathleen Nesta (Kit) Jones, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Sep G Jones of Roseville to L. /Sgt Thomas Antony Ottaway   AIF., eldest son of Mr and Mrs R T Ottaway of Chatswood.  

PADGHAM-MALONE-The Engagement is   announced of Yvcnn» cld»r daughter oí Mr ano Mrs A G Malone of Cove Street Haber he d lo L /Cpl Clarile L Padgham A I F eldest son oí Mr and Mrs P L Padgham of Box Hill, M lbou-ne

REDHOUSE-GOW -The Engagtmont Is an nounced oí Joan Patricia only daughter ol Mr and Mrs Jack Gow oí Cammeray North Syd ney to Driver Bruce Ross only S"n of Mr and Mrs F J Rodhou«e oí East Maitland


ment is announced of Dorothy Agnes second oaushter ci Mr and Mrs Chambc s oí Rose Lay to Sgt Harold Munay (AIP) second sen of Mr and Mrs Schedllch ol Semaphore South Australia

SCHIESS-NISBET -The Engagement Is announced oí Mavis younger daughter of Mr and Mrs J s Nisbet of Penshurst to Norman second son oí Mr and Mrs H Schless of Sylvania

SMITH -CRANSTON -MLa Audrcv Joan only daughter of the late I'r Jas Cranston and 01 Mrs ï Cranston Marrtckvil'o to Doo tor A Kitchener fcmith of Sydney Hospital and sounger son ot the late Mr and Mis C Phil Smith Taumarunui New Zealand

THOMPSON-SIMEON -The EngaJ-unent Is anno tneed of Joan Mars only child of Mi and Mrs Norman Simeon or Campsie to Signal man Kenneth Thompson eldest son ot Mr and Mrs j£ Thompson of Tempe

TYSON-PERRIN -The Engagement is an nounced ol Lorna Kate elder daughter of Mr and Mrs S T Perrin of Northwood Sydney and Sgt Richard Matthew s Tyson A IF youngest son ci Mr and Mrs J L Tyson 111 Llphin Road Launceston Ta«mnn!a

VINDIN-SHEPHERD-The Engagement Is anno tnced of Joyce Loiraine twin daughter o' Mr and Mrs A Shepherd oí Burwood to Dawson S/dney second son ol Mr and Mrs F Vlnain of Concord

WVLIOIID-BtviElv-The Engagement Is announced ol Patricia Mary only daughter of Mr and Mrs W J Baxter ol Ashfield to Corporal Rodcrt Henry (RAAF) only son 01 Mr and Mrs B Walford of Roseville

WILLI VMS-VULLEN-The Engagement Is announced oí Jean soungest daughter of Mr and Mrs J L Mullen of Waveiley lo Trooper Leonard ¡steuart Williams A I F oldest son oí llr and Mr« A G S Williams oí Concoid

WILLIAMS-BADDOCK -The Engagement   is announced of Veronica Irene the daughter   of Mr and Mrs W M Baddock of Lidcombe to Pte Neville (AIP returned) youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs J Williams of     Vaucluse.

WILL.AMb-SCOLLCN -The Engagement 13 announced of Patricia the only daughter of Mr aid Mrs O B Scollcn of Banksia to Lance Corporal Harry Milton A I F young est son of the late P A and Mrs E J WillUms of Woollahra

HILbON-GRV1 -The En0ogement is an nou iced oí Con«tance Pearl Gras younge t daughter of Mr and M s R L Gras of 79 Brighton Boulcvarde Bondi to Bombardier Keith Glads one Wilson (recently returned I om the Middle East) on ol Mr and

Mrs H G Wilson oí 17 Doncaster Avenue



ALLAN-WOOTTEN. -May 9 1942 at Ash- field Prcabj te-lan Church by the Rev R J McGoi an Je?n Gold younger daughter of Mr and Mrs H F Wootten of Haberfield to Arthur Ritchie A I F returned Middle East younger son of Mr and Mrs R R Allan

of Summer Hill

ASHWELL-DRUITT-April l8 at St Clement s Mosman by tile Rev p J Hewe t Valerie Jean youngest daughter oí Mr and Mrs Thomas J Dru tt of Mosman to Sertnnt Dtnck Scott Ashwell (It A A 1 ) )oiinse»t son of Mr and Mrs J D Ashwell

of Cremorne.  

STACY- BELL. -May 16, at St John's   Wagga, Judith Livingstone, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bell, to Lance/Bdr. Richard Neville Cameron Stacy (A.I.F.), eldest         son of Dr. and the late Mrs. Harold Stacy,


BURKE-LAMB -April 25, at St Mark's,   Northbridge, by Rev. C. H. Tomlinson, Dorothy Lilyan, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Lamb, of Northbridge, to Allan,   only son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. Burke, of Newcastle.  

CALL IGH Ita-DURHAM-May 13 at All Hall ws rivedock by Rev Father Peoples Marjo le youngest daught»r of the late Mr and Mrs G P Durham of rivedock to Thomas (A I F Returned) youngest son of William tnd the late Annie Callaghan of


CAMPBELL-CLARKSON -May 5 at St"nmore Biptl't by Pey Tinsley assisted by R»v Orr Merlyn" elder daughter of Mr and Mrs V Clarkson Petershom to Sergeant Chart's Cnmpty»ll A I F elder «on of Mr and Mrs A, Campbell FIvedock

COATES-WRIGHT, -May 9 1942 at St. Michael's Church Vaucluse, Constance Mary elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wright of Cremorne to L /Cpl Merrick Russell Harold   younger son of Mrs. E. R.Coates of North  


DEAN-CURJtEl -May l8 at St Bede s Dnimmojn» by Pcv I H D Alderton June Yvonne elder daughter of Mr and Mrs H S Curres of Newcastle to Frlc (Air returned) elder son of Mr and Mrs H M Dean of Port F tmbla

DICKEY-smith -May 4 at the Metho

dist Chinch Eastwood Isobel onlj daughter of Mrs E Smith and the late Albert Smith Eastwood to William Alexander A I F olde t son of Mr and Mrs H G Dlckev Ryde

EOIABOROUGI'-ELDRIDGE -May 1 nt St Thomar « Church Narrandera bj the R«u

/irchdeacon Raw ling Thora Dorothy elder diughter of Mr and Mrs J R Eldridge Narrandera to Bdr Donald toonborough AIF eldest son of Mr and Mrs H J Fdcnbo ough Lindfield

ELIOTT--WEST -- May 11, at Christ Church Tenterfield The marriage was cele brated by Rev H. E. West of Winifrid   Maude (Freda) only daughter of Rev. H. E.   and Mrs West of Tenterfield to Roger Heathfield (Peter) (A I F recently returned from abroad) second son of Mrs Clifton Eliott and the late Clifton Eliott of Green Wells, Walcha, N.S.W.

Ft ANS-ALEN.ANDER -May 13 1942 at Methodist Church Balmain bj Rev O Evan» Nora Edith only daughter of Mr and Mrs w Aleta id»r of Birchgrove to L/Cpl V. mirra Rob«rt eld»st son of Mr and Mis W Eu ans of Ma Ticks Hie

riNLHSON-FLINT -April 14 at Arml

dale by the Rev rather Tilly Marv onlv da irhter of Mrs Flint end the late Edward Flint Armidale to Kenneth onlv son of the 1« e Mr and Mrs Duncan rinla son of


GLASS-NAISMITH - April 29th, 1942, at St Mary's Cathedral Sydney by Rev. Mon-   signor J. McCooe, Marjorie Elizabeth, only   child of Mr. and Mrs. A. Naismith, of Temora, N.S.W. to Charles Ramsay, of Temora, N. S. W. only son of the late G. W. Glass and Mrs. J. Glass, of Manly.    

COLD^MITH-bTEAKN -April 30 at St Hlldi s Church of England Katoomba bj the Rev Le Hu av Jo^c» Hverll onlj daughter of Mrs F Lisle Stern of Katoomba to Lieu

tenant E roi Leslie Goldsmith onl» son of Mi and Mrs G Goldsmith of Katormbi

II stP«-1,-y HITE -Mo.) 4 at Method st Chi »oh Micdeck bj Ftv V H Vlllev Ena onl> dauGhtc- of Mr and Mrs A A\ hite cf 1-tvcdo-l to Wilbur (Air returned) onlv son of late Mr O Heim el and Mr., l»»mpel

of r II

IIOLI AND-ATKINSON -Mas 4 1912 at St Peter s Cathcdial Adelaide bv Canon Finnis loan voungest dpughtcr of fir and Mrs John A kin«on C'lfton Gardens to Lieutenant Cllftrn Vaughan Holland A I F s-n o' the late Mr Thomas Holland and Mrs M Hrllind Fill d»is \ lctorla

HOUGH-BARLOW May 2 1942 at St  

Phillp's Church Sydney by Archdeacon   Begbie, Joyce eldest daughter of Mr A C Barlow and the late Mrs Barlow of Wood   leigh Narromine to John Allingham AIF youngest son of Dr and Mrs W C P Hough of Coorambi Narromine.  

LEE-BURTON. - Mav 5, at Eastwood Methodist Church, by the Rev. W. C. Fuller- ton, Mona Grace, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Burton, of Eastwood, to Lieu- tenant Frederick Charles Lee, A.I.F., recently     returned from Middle East, only son of Mr.

and Mrs. J. A. F. Lee, of Eastwood.  

MACLURCAN-DAVIS - May 13, 1942, at St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, by the Rev.     Father T. McLaughlan, Margaret McEvoy,

youngest daughter of the late Mr. J. C. Davis     and Mrs. Davis, of Rose Bay, to Lieut. Donald   Charles Boulton (A.I.F.), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Maclurcan, of Kurraba Point.

MARTIN-BUTCHER - May 6, at St. Basil's Artarmon, by Rev. W. A. O'Neill,     Cecelia Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. H. Butcher of Artarmon to Charles Edwin (A.I.F. returned) only son     of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Martin, of Willoughby.

NO? IO»-lONTS-April TO at St Annes Strathfield Alna Elvy s einigest daughter of the late Oswald Iones and Mrs L lone« of Doll s Point to L'ei t Leona d Cha-Ies Norton vminger son of Mr pnd Mrs L K Norton of Hornsbs

PETTIGREW-NOAD - April 21 1942 at   Wesley Church Concord Llris Marguerite   only child of the late G F Noad and Mrs Barlow Hutchinson Street Granville to Pilot Officer Donald George Pettigrew R A A F younger son cf Mr and Mrs D P Pettigrew

Napier Street Concord

RAILTON-BlAUr-'ONT-Mav 2 1942 at St Peter s Neutral Bas bv Rev R P Gee Madge Ivy vourgest daughter of Mrs J H 3*flumont cf H irlston» Park to A'an Clyde r-nl ron oí Mr and Mrs G H Railton, of Manly I


BlrnVKDS-MASHF01D-May 1"* at P-esbyterlan Church Gladesville by R«v A S Brook Interim Moderator Adole Eva younger daughter of Mr and Mrs W A Mashfo-d of Ros- Street Gladesville *" Bdsn Oswald Clarence 30th Batt elder son of Mis M Richards of Kurraba Road North Sydney

RYALL—CHAPMAN.—April 28, 1942, at   St Mark's, Darling Point, by Canon H. W.   A. Barder, Janet Burton, younger daughter of the late George Oswald Chapman and of Mrs. M. J. Plomley, 8 Ocean Avenue, Edge- cliff, to Herbert Henry Sutherland (late 36th Sikhs, I. A.), only son of Mr. and Mrs.   J. S. Ryall, of Ryde, Isle of Wight.  

SHOEL-BROW V -January 8 1942 at St Marj s West Maitland Dorothy Betts Hay elde-t daughter of the Rev M C and Mrs Brown of St Marys R-ectorv West Maitland to Ja»k 'hore on'y sen of Mr and ft- L Shore of Brewarrina

SMTÏHLRS-BIRD -May 16 at St Andrews Sans So ici Gwen only child of Mr and Mr" F G Bird, of Sans Souci to John son of Mrs S Smithers of Baz-lbi-oo*

TOS'I-LAWTHER -Arrll 28 1942 at th Mo hod st Church Earlwood by Mr B G Corlett Re la Marie youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs J r Lawther of Earlwood to Ronald Tosh (A I F retum»d) only son of Mr and Ms D Tosh of chatswood

VI ALSH-McCLLKKIN -April 25 at St Michael s Church Stanmore by Rev Father Tosi Jean Mildred eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs W T McCluruln of bummer Hill to Huoert Victor (Blues) elder son of Mr and Mrs H Walsh of Annandale

HILSON-LAWRENCE-May 9 1942 at WoJey Chapel Ssdney by th» Rev George W heen M A Betty Marie only daughter of Mr and Mrs lu B Lawrence ol Manly to Leslie Hamilton only ton of Ula late R~v L J Wilson and Mrs Wilson of Chatswood

WOOD-LANGE -May 2 at St James

Bur ood bj Rev Donald FinlajaOn t"sie only daughter of Mr end Mrs C H Lans of Campsie to Thomas WaUon P A 1F only son of the late Mr and Mr" W V cod of Bjrvvood

WRIGHT-MOHRISSEi-May 12 at Orange Kath e»n only daughter of Mr and Mrs P A Morrl"ej of Orange to Lieut Fra-cls Mcintyre second son of the ate» Mr and Mr« John Wrleht of Albion Park and Orange_


TINKLL»-THOMPSON -May 24 1892 at Newcastle bj Rev John Penman uncle of the bride Mary A cldrst daughter of the lute Mr and Mrs A I Thompson to Albert Percival son of the late Mr and Mrs Us tor T nkler of Paterso i NSW Present

a-VreSj Portnahinrh Strathfield_


RUNDLE-PLOWMAN-May 24 1882 at Kerang, by the Rev E Taylor, James Granger,   third son late Mr and Mrs T T Rundle, Emu Creek, Bendigo, to Katherin Manson youngest daugl tel late Mr and Mr3 R Plowman East Melbourne Present address 22 Kardella btrect East Malvprn_


HESSE -Died AuBUSt 14 1941 Bernard Driscoll missing since Crete burled Salonika Greece on y beloved son of Mrs W Bradley p ing s Cross and dear brother of Marjorie and Audrey

HOLLIDAY- January 30 1942 killed in enemy action near Koepang, A. C. I., John Henry Holliday son of M.r and Mrs E. Holllday of Tempe and brother of Charlie


ROWLANDS -Result aircraft accident Pilot Officer John Douglas Byas Rowlands RAAF dearly loved only son of Eileen and   Bob Rowlands and brother of Barbara and Mary Molongulli Mandurama Interred May   1 1942 Great Bircham Norfolk England

SMITH -May 1 1942 result of aircraft accident near Howlong NSW Sergeant Brue» Henry Smith R A A r dearly loved third »cn of Archie and Lillian Smith of 35 Kent Street Epping- and loving- brother oí Lewin (RAN) Keith Douglas (RAN) and Geoffrey aged 22 years_  


AMESBURY -Hugh, dearly loved husband of Jessie Amesbury, late of Brisbane aged 62. Privately cremated.  

A?,GUS- »..ay 22 1942 at a private hos

pltal Chatsvood Lucy Anne beloved mother of Rob»rt Le thor (Mrs Jaccson) Daphne (Mrs Eas on) and Jeanie

ASH!) Oai'l -May 19 at Scone Elizabeth Ali cn beevtd youngest child of Charles and Madge the sh»ll residence Pyrmont beloved sister of Kathle»n Margaret Peter and Kuy ag»a 1 sear 5 months RIP

B1XTLH-M'y 22 1942 at Wyringah Fourth Avenu» Eastwood Isabella Allson Bax- ter widow of the late Walter Baxter of Mar

ric) /ille

BOURKE. - May 22, 1942, at Marrickville District Hospital, Mary Theresa Bourke, of 7 Amy Street, Marrickville, relict of the late James Michael Bourke, dear mother of Kath leen, James, and Frank, daughter of the late Robert and Catherine Maher. Requiescat in


BUTLER.-May 11 at his residence Went

vorth Tr-Ils John Norman (late Sergeant of Police) beloved husband of Arlene and dear fpther of Sylvia (Mrs Ben Westwood) 54 sears At rest Newcastle papers please


BYRNE.- May 22, 1942, George Francis Byrne, of Canley Vale, beloved husband of Margaret and fond father of Blanche (de- ceased), Ada, Kit, Jack, Elsie, and Hilda aged

75 years. At rest.

CHASELING.—May 17, 1942, at Sydney   Hospital, William John Chaseling, of Hessle, 18 Kay's Avenue, Dulwich Hill, beloved hus-

band of Gertrude May, and loving father of


CONLON -Mas 2J 1942 at King George V Hospital Camperdown Berv] ElLabHh Con len of 3a John Sticet Leichhardt beloved v ife of btephen Conlon dear daughter of Mr and Mrs C F Simpson ai»ed 23 years Rtquiescat In pace

DILI-April 25 1942 Kathleen Eliza beth of 44 Wellesley Street Summer Hill

relict of the late Michael Daly and beloved mc her of Gerald (A I F ) Noeleno Kathleen Marie and Monica RIP Privately In


DUFF -May "2 at her rc'ldence 247 Vest btieel Crovs Nest Caroline Edith dearly loved wifp of A F Duft and deal mother of Mrs H Wilson Mrs H McKenzie and Mrs M Kave and dear grandmother oí Verne N-tncse Edith Alma John Marjorie Jovce Pegrjy and Verna also great grand

mother of Peter Betty Joy and John in her 76th year

DUNCAN-May 21 1042 Ellen Maude beloved wife of Victor and loving mother of Monica (Mrs Simpson) and Victor aged 55

DUNCAN -Mav 21 1942 Ellen Maude b»loved daughter of Lucy and James Bu-ns loving «Ister Bert Roy Jack Vera (deceased) Bernard Doreen Monica (Ell-rston) aged 55


FAANS-Mas 22 1942 at 113th A G flcplta! George Evans of 2/6 A G H Ali

h»!ovcd son of Mr and Mrs A E Evans of Mount Colah and loving brother of Bea trice 'Mrs Payne) of Ashfield ag»d 20 years

TAHEY -May 22 1942 at Lewisham Hos pital William Fahey of 9 Tah'ee Str-et Bur wood and late ol Leichhardt dcarlv loved brother of Catherine (Mr« Scott Given) Mar garet (Mrs Al) en) and John RIP

FISIIFR -May l8 1942 at Lithgow Lalla beloved vvif» of George

FOWLER.–May 16, 1942, Geoffrey Edgar     Fowler, of 37 McIntosh Street, Gordon be-   loved brother of Dan, Reg, Horace, Dulcie   (Mrs. R. M. West) and Evelyn (Mrs. F. Brooks), Privately cremated.

FUSSELL -May 21 1942 at Camden Anthonj Ian dearly loved elder son of Major L G and Mrs Fussell aged 2 sears

G1 laic-May 19 (suddenly) at his resl dei ce Boonool A A aba Street Mosman John dea h loi ed husband of M C Gclm« and father of Reginald (dcceasPd) Vera (Mrs Lo) oman) and John aged 76 Privately


CUAHLRTS-May 22 1942 at his resl dene» '9 Belmore Street Penrith Ambrose beloved hu»band of Ella Gumperts aged GO

eais Privately interred Penrith General Ceme tory 22nd lnst

HVI-XFS-Mav 19 19.12 Frederick beloved hu band o' Claudia Drummoyne

HANCOCK -MAV 21 1942 Lily Mary be- loved daughter of Mr and Mrs Charlts Han cock and loved sister of Charles Albert and Irenr Pgcd l8 years At rest

HAPP -May 22 1942 at Hornsby District Hospital Mary Happ of Alice Street Auburn relict of the late James Happ and loved mother of Norman, Oswald, Elma (Mrs P Callaghan)    

Grace (Mrs M Callaghan) John and Mary (Mrs F C Graham) Requiescat in pace For funeral notice see Monday's Herald  

'IOOK -Mav 2 al a private hospital

Aucl land Mabel Inglewood dearly beloved only daughter of Elisabeth Oural and the late V illiam Hook of ridding N Z Pri xatrlv interred ot Fleldln

?10.x Am-Max 21 19U William Harris Hripid of Pite-nca Boich Hawkesbury River iormrrlv of WeollPhra dearly loved husband of Mndoline Howard loving father of Alan (RAAF) ariel Paula (Mrs Spring) and son of the la'e willam Harris Howard and Elim Hov ard of Sydenham Walls Street W ool lnh-a RIP Privately interred at Rand

1 iel. Geneml Cerne cry

liol -May l8 1940 at Bathurst District Hospl'p! Heil k Oliver dearlv loved husband of Ma id and fond father of J*An L /Cpl

lack and Elaine and fond pa of Pamela of Oberon »red 55 sears

INGLIS.-May 18, 1942 (suddenly) at   Brooklyn, James McQueen Inglis, of Strazeele,


JACK. -Mas 22 1942 at Woll"n-fong Dis trlct HOspitel George Jacl of Beach Rood Bellambi be'oved father of George (Bellevue Hil!) nnd C»cH of Haberfield aged 77 seers

JAMES -Mav 22 1942 at the residence ot M* I Callanan 101 Fvel"lgn Street Redfern Clara James of 112 Fvele qh Street Redfern v lie r»» the late William Robert James aged

67 sears

KIPCHFN -Mav *>1 1942 at Redfern Sloncv Marchant returned Anzac and late rf Petersham dearly b")ovcd husbind of Eliza- beth ard b-c<her of Tom and Austin In erred Mav 22

MKKI AND -Mav 21 at Bathurst District Hospital Rev Ba-iow Ktri and late of Pal

mers on Ncith N»w Zealand Cremated at Rock irod Mas 22

KMCHT-Mav 2*> 1942 nt Wade House oiimi" Man» beloved daurhtc- of Mr and Mrs Des Knight of Rose Bay aged 15 month« _".".,-,

LVNCTRY-Mav 20 ln->2 George bo loved husband of Iscbcl father of Colin and OeOfT .".- . ».

I VRMN -Ma« 22 1942 at her residence '5 Illa» arra Ro?d Marrickville Ellen beloved wife of Themas I arl in and loving mother of Arthur Millie Phsllis Tom and Clare aged 70 sears RIP

iliclxlNSON -Mas 17 a* her home Lor- raine Nabiac (suddenly) Crthcrine Emily

McDONELI -May 21 1942 at Camperdown Children s Hospital Robert lames d»arly be- loved vouns-cst son of Robert nnd Amy

IcDonell of 12 Cross Street South Stra'h field pgcd 4 veprs s months

MrKAl -May 2 ' 1942 at Ess ern Suburbs Ho«pl al Magnus McKpy late of 206 Bl*rell Street Waverley and the Comracnwealth

Saving« Rank

McPHEr -Max 19 19^2 at his residence

Kuinell Alexander beloved husband ol Annie McPhee Privateis cremated

MASTERS-Mas 21 1942 at her residence 15 Beatson Street Wollongong Clara Anno Master« aged 76 years Interred 22nd lnst Church of England Cemotcrs Wollongong

MILES -Mpy 20 1942 T. 1 Rundle viles 'oved brother of Bessie Miles Edith (Mrs A I Grant) Gwen (Mrs W J Ciant Randwick) Eva (Mrs Cavanough B-lsbane) mid Gwessn Milos Privately ere mated 20/5/ 42 Melbourne papers please copy

MOLONE1 -May 21 1942 at Sydney Mnrv Anne (accidentally killed) daughter of the Into Catherina and Thomas Moloney of Taralga RIP

MORGAN -May 21 at a private hospital

Ashfield, Elizabeth, widow of James Morgan and beloved mother of Emily (deceased), Eva, Lizzie, Gertie (deceased), Ettie, Harry, and   Joe. Privately cremated 22nd. At rest.

MURPHY -May 19 1942 John dearly be

loved little son oí Mr and Mrs Vincent Murphy of 19 Marion Street Strathfield Privately cremated

O CONNOR -Mav 22 1942 at 29 Red Lion Street Rozelle Janies late oí Nowra lather at Peter, Jamos, and Kitty


OMNET-May 22 1T42 at lils residence 38 Cronulla Street Carlton John Ornnet

aged 84 yeara

PARKER- May 22 1942 at Auburn Dis trict Hospital. Percival John (Puni.) Parker beloved son of Amelia Parker and fond brother of Thomas William Elsie Stella (deceased) Edith Gladys Clarice Sidney and Violet pged 50 years At rest

r-EAKSOV -March 29 1942 at her daugh ter s roslocnce Cosndale Elisabeth widow of the late Edward Pearson (late of Edgecliff) and dearly loved moth« of Mrs R McBride L-u-cldale Mrs A St one Cosndalo Rich mond River and Jam»s Edward (deceased)

aged 8o sear«

SHEniFRD-May 22 1942 at her resl dence Elton 96 Augustus Street Leichhardt Mary Ann loving mother of Harry and Arthur

aged 83 vears

SHEPHERD -May 20, 1942, May Shepherd,     loving sister of Ernest, Grace, Lily, Irene and Marjorie. Privately cremated

SINAN. -May 22,1942, at Balmain Hos-   pital, Catherine Sinan, of 39b Moore Street, Drummoyne, aged 80 years.

SNETD-May l8 1942 Florrie Sneyd of 23 La Mascotte Avenue concord beloved sister of Vera and Cecil Ac rest

SUTHERLAND -May 21 1942 (suddenly)

Sgt Major W H E Sutherland 108 George

Street, Parramatta

SUTTOR.—May 11, Harold Varro Suttor, of   261 Sydney Road, Manly, second son of the late Frederick William Suttor, of Cultowa, Wilcannia, and of the late Marianne Suttor, of Boronia, Ingleburn.

TILLOTT -Angela d»arl«* loved wife of Ion Varnall and affectionate mother of Laura and Harold Privately interred Northern Suburbs May 22 1942

TODD -May 22 1042 at W ahroonga Lily widow ef the late John Todd of Nor manhunt beloved mother of Ethel (Mrs PosscI ) Beulah and Eleanor

YOUNG -Mas 20 1942, at W»* Wa» Dis- trict Hospital Mary Adelaide Reid Young beloved elster of William Catherine and Helen Young

ZE. VL/i NT) -May 22 1942 (suddenly) at hi* residence 26 High Street Balmain W11 Ham Thomas Zealand aged 71 yea-3_


AINSWORTH -In los log memory of Dolly who passed away May 24 1939 Forever re- membered bx Bob Mag and family

UNSWORTH-Silent y v»o remember dear Dolly called homo May 24 1939 Mr and

Mrs C Holds» orth

ARMSTRONG -In loving memory of our dear father father in law and grandfather John Frederick who passed away Mav 2J 1941 Inserted by Jim Thel and children

BAMBACK.— In loving memory of our dear friend, Dorothy, who passed away May 24, 1941 Inserted by Fred and Jessie Cush

BAMTORTH -In loving memory of our dear mother »ho pas_ed away May 23 1941 In serted by her loving son Ted and daughter L-lian grandchildren Harry Arthur and Joan

BOURNE -In loving memory of our beloved only daughtei and sister Alice Emily who died May 24 1330 aged 19 years Gone but not forgotten by her loving mother father brothers and sister, in law

1.0URNE -in loving memory of our dear niece and coisln ALce who passed away May 24 1936 ated 19 years Insel ted by Auntie Tottle and cousin Dolly

BUDD -In lot ins; memory of my dear hus band and father Walter died May 24 1D38 Ever remtmb-red by his loving wife and daugh


CLARKE-Tree-iured mémorisa of Charles passed away May 23 1938 Always remem bered bs Mcbs Tupper

CLFW S -In lov ng memory of our dear wife ana mother Kathleen I ranees accidentally killed May 23, 1941 Always remembered by her loving husband and son Alf and Melvyn

CLEWS -In loving memory of our d»ar sister and aunt Kathleen F*ancals Vlclori (nco Olivier) Inserted by h"r loving sisters Dolly Alice Ruth Ivy Poppy brothers Gustav and William nieces and nephews Helen Alleen Shirley Poppy Paul Pamela Chandra Gregory and Graeme

CLEW S -In loving memory of our dear daughter in law and sister in law Kathleen acrldentallv killed May 21 1041 Always remembered by mother in law lather in law May and Fred

COOKE -Treasured memories of our dear son Alnicnd lohn and dear brother of Ken at olden tally killed May 24 1936

COX.ON -In loving memory of my dear friend Themes who passed pway May 24 1910 Ever remembered by A Sargent

CBA.E\ SANDS-A. tribute of love to my dear mum vho was called home May 24 1941 and dad who Joined her luly 9 194] Ever In thoughts of Ha¿cl Jack and the girls

CRAVEN SANDS -Treasured memoriea of oir darling mother who passed away suddenly May 24 1941 AI«o our dear Dad who passed away Julv 9 1941 Always remembered bv

their fsmllv

D VI IS -In fond and loving memory of my darling brother James Paton (Son) who died May 23 1934 Loved rnd always remembered by hl3 lono sister Ettie

DUG*-tOKE -In lo'üig memory of my dear mother who passed away Mas 24 1941 Inserted bv loving daughter Dollie

LDWAKDS -In loving memory of my dear husband and our dear lather ai 1 brother William who pa-sed away May 24 1941 In serted by "«is loving wife and family and brother Edwin Henry

EDWARDS-A token of love and icmcm brance of our dear father, Willisn! who was called home May 24 1941 Inserted bs his loving daughter Dorothy and son in law


ELLIOTT -In loving memory ol my dear wife and our mother who passed away May 24 1939 Inserted by her husband and loving children jRck Edie Connie Ivy

Car-] and Marlon

FLLIS -In loving memory of my beloved father died Mas 22 1914 Sadly missed by

Mr and Mrs- Ellis

FELL -In loving memory of my dear hus band and our father Edgar George, who

passed away May 21 1938 Inserted by his loving wife Ada and children Jack Copse

Lola and Harry

FORBES -In loving memory of my dear wife and our mother Maude who departed this life May 24 1940 Inserted by her loving husband Alf (on active service) and son


FULLER-In sad but loving memoiv of our dear mother Emily who died Moy 23 1939 Inserted by her loving children

GAMBIF -Loving memories of dad who passe" away May 24 1939 Always remem bered by Roy and Jean

GEDALECKI -In loving memory of my dear mother Olga who passed away May 24 191T Inserted by her daughter Anne

GRAIN T -In loving memory of mother Jane Davina Grant who passed away May 2C


HANCOCK -In loving memory of my dear husband and father William i»mes who passed away May 24 1941 Inserted by his loving wife and family

HAWKE-In memory of mv dear wife Mary who passed awav May 'I 1938 In serted by her loving husband and family

HODGES -In lovint memory of my dear father Stephen who passed away May 24 1905 Inserted by his loving son Will

HOPPING -In loving memory of our dar-

ling son, Eric, died May 24, 1941 (result of accident), at Ryde. So dearly loved, so sadly missed by his loving mother and father, sisters,Joyce and Daphne,and brothers, Con     (A.I.F.), Jack (A.I.F.), Cedric, Len, and         Barry, aged 12 years and 9 months.

HOPPING -In loving memory of my dear brother, Eric, accidentally killed, May 24, 1941. Inserted by Joyce, Jack, and little


HOPPING -In loving memory of Eric, passed away May 24, 1941, result motor accident, Auntie Lulu and Uncle Pat, Waratah.

HOUSSENLOGF -In loving memory of our dear father and grandfather William who passed away Mav 23 1941 Always remem bored bv his son and daughter in law Bill Althea and grandchildren

HOUSSENLOGA -In loving memorv of our dear father who departed this life May 2) 19*1 Inserted by his loving son daugh ter in low and grandsons Norman Alice Tievor and Giaham

HOWES-In loving memory of my dear husband Alfred and our father who pissed away May 24 193R

UULI -In Eid b it loving memory of our dcarlv lovpd mother whom God called away Moy 24 1937 Remembered always by Phil

and Billie

HULL -A tribu'e of love and remembrance of our dear sistei Gwen who passed aWRy May 24 1937 Inserted by Jack and Jean


HUNTINGTON-In loving memorv of our dear friend lohn, who passed ewav May 23 1941 inserted by Kurse Joan John and

Barbara Walli

JOHNSON -In loving memory of my dear hnsbanr' and father Con passed away Mav 2T Wo Inserted by his wife Agnes also Lily Eddie Hilda Jack Delia Babe Reg Dorrie Maud Bob Norman Nancy also grandchildren

JONES -In loving memory of my dear hus band and our father Arthur Victor Iones who pissed away Mav ">2 1041 Inserted by his loving wife and family

McINFRriEY -In loving memory of my dear daughter and my d ar sister Harriett Gladys who departed this life Mav 23 l^ñ Inserted bv her loving mother and sister H and V Wild , , .

MCKENZIE -In loving memory of our dear father Arthur who passed away May 24 1922 also our dear mother Sarah who passed av av rebruary 24 1922 Inserted by their cvlng twin dpu-htor Jess son in law Ali Mllsted grandchildren

MF AD -In loving memorv of our dear mother who pas«ed away May 23 1937 Inserted bs her daughter Judy and George and g andrhildrcn

MF VD -Lov Ing thourhts of dear mum and Gram departed this life May 23 19J7 In «cited bv Freda Ada grandchildren

MLERS -Always rem mbered my darling son Jacr. died May 24 1934 Inserted by mother and brother Pat (A I F abroad)

MORRISON -In loving memory of my dear wife and our darling mother who passed away Mav 23 1140 Forever remembered by her loving hu bind and sons

MORTON -In «öd and loving memory of my dear wife and our mother Anne Clarke Morten who departed this life May 24 1<)38 In°erted bs loving husband A IF son (2nd K I F ) and daughters pnd grandchildren

MORTON -In loving memorv of our dmr mother Anne Clarl e departed May *>4 ima Ali ass remembered by daughter and son

Eileen and Clarke

PATIOK -In los Ins memory of our dear mother and grandmother who passed away Mav 23 1941 Inserted by George Haydee

and children

PVRKES-In loving memorv of our dear mother Jes le passed away Mpv 23 1941 Sadlv missed bs her family Jim Jack Donald Sid Alan Jessie Sarah Alick and Mary also daughters in law sons in law and families

TARKES -Loving memories of Aunty Jess whom Grd called home Mav 23 1941 Always lemembored bv Ethel Ab and family

POTPLF-In lovlnr memory of mv dear husband end oir dad Jo eph Hlho Popple who departed this life Max 23 1941 Inserted bv his loving wife Milly and sons Ray Mel «on and Neville daughter In law Eva grand sens Bruce Ken and Keith

POPPLE -In loving memorv of our dear pa who passed away Mav 23 1941 In serted by Neville Eva and grandsons

RFES -In loving memory of mv dear hus band and our dear father Walter Fdvin who departed this life Mav 2T 1931 Inserted by his loving wife and familv

ROBERTS -In m«morv of our dear mother Mildred who departed this life May 24 1935 Inserted bv her four daugh'ers and sister Ada

ROCKLIFF -Treasured memory of my dear mother who passed awoy Mav 23 1937 Also my dear father who pass"d away Julv 14 1941 Sadly miASed by their daughter Ethel

R1A\ -A tributa of love to the beautiful memory of mv d»ar husbind and my father Ted who passed away Mpv 24 1938 Alway remembered bv his loving wife and sen


SAMTSON -In lovini memorv of our dear mother who departed this life May 23 1921 In«crted by her loving family

SHADE -In loving memory of my dear wl'e and mother who passed away May 24 1910 Inserted by her loving husband Ar thu- son Allen and daughter Mrs M


SHINNEP-In loving memory of my dear mother who died May 23 1929 Inserted by her lovlntt son Bill

SKEL1OV -In loving memory of our dear son and brother Gordon Alfred Skelton who lost his lif«! off the roc! s at Clovelly May 24 1936 Inse-ted by his mother and lather sister and brother

IN MEMORIAM 1 SPOWALL -In lov Ins menory of my dear v lie and our mother Acnes Mîry v. ho- passed away Ma«» 03 igio inserted bv her lovlnz husband and son, Herbert daughter in law Edle Sisan brother In law Charlie

STOCK -In lovins memory of dad called home May 24 1039 Always lemembered by his loving wife and family

SYKES -In lov Ins memory of my darling 5?,r>CyrU3 Percival who passed away May 23 ¿730 , ased 17 years Deeply mourned by his always sorroAlng mother

.. ~*LLIb -in loving memory of my dear daughter and our sister Ethel May au ho de- parted this life May 22 1041

. YARLE* -Treasured memories of my dear .ÏÎS2 Emily who passed away May 25 1033 Always remembered by h»r sincere friends T end A Deblng

VEMSELL -In loving memory of our dear mother -who parsed away Mb y 24 1S40 Sadly mlss»d by her loving husband and


s, EUCOE -In loving memory of my dew- son jack (Curley) who dciirted this life May 20 193J Not forgotten by his loving mo hri and sister Olli»

s. ERCOE -in loving memory of my d»ar brothei jark (Curley) who departed this life May 20 1939 Sadly missed by his loving broth»r Ted

1EKCOE -In loving memory of our dear brother brother in law and uncle Jock (Cul ley) v ho departed this life Mas 20 1939 Sadly missen by his loving brother sistsr-ln law and niece Beat

WALSHAW -Treasured memories of my dear husband and our father Alfred (Wally) called h-arno May 24 1936 Sadly misled by his loving wife Eva and family and sister

In law Edie

WALSFA a -In remembrance of Alfred (Wr-lTy) dear friend of E Dawes and family died May 24 1935

WARNER.-In loving m-mory of my deer «on Harold passed away Ma/ 23 1ST6 In sorted by his mother sister and brother

W OOD -in lovln? memorv of my rie-vr hu«ba.nd Reginald di-d May 24 1941 Sadly missed by his loving wife and family

On Actiye Semce

BAKED -Sacred to the memory of m> dear brother Leo Thomas (lato HMAS Sydney)

1 tiled at sea May 23 1"41 ¡Never lo'gotten by Steve

BROWNE-May 23 1941 killed in action Stravronemos Crete L/Cpl Alexander Robert Browne 2/lst Batt A IF yonn-rct son of M- and Mrs H Browne King s CïOuS and brother of Stan Browne Surry Hills aged 28


FURNEfa« -In loving memory of my deal son nnd our loving brother Ronald Robert killed in action Crete M»y 21 1941 R N Inserted by his lovlni mother and brothers and sisters Ern (t A 4 P ). Jean Elsie, BUI (missing HMAS Perth) Madge and Cliff fond uncle of Philip Allen and Gail and Graham» Furn»ss brother In law of Vonda Fred end Len

MOODl -In sad and loving memory of Henry Dickson Insrram Moody killed In action in Crete Mav 20 1941 aged 23 dca-rlv loved b other of Thomas Inrrram Moody ktlled in action at Parit Sttlonz Bridrt Jellore Malaya January 27 1942 aged 24 only children of Mrs M «V Moody of the Education De partaient W A

MORRISON -Treasured memories of my dear friend Frank Cpl F Morrison killed In action at Crete M¿y 24 1941 aged 29 Sears Late of H Q Coy 18th Btn NZET Always rem»mbored bv hi3 loving friend Glads s

PIGGOTT -In fond memorv of mj dear son and our brother Charles Henry Flsrrott 13th Battalion killed In action Gallipoli May 23 1915 Inserted by mother brothers

ano s sters

PYKE -In loving memory of our beloved son and brother Sergeant Geo Pyk» lost his life May 24 1941 in Palest'ne

SAMMONS -Private Leslie Sammons 6th Division killed In action Crete May 21 1941 Inserted by his loving father and step-mother

SAMMONS -May 23 1941 Prívate Leslie Sammons killed in action Crete Inserted by his loving sister Clare Arthur and Joyce  


The RELATIVES of tha late Cunner loseph Davlo (Davidovltz) wLsh to THAN"" til friends for kindness and sympathy In their

sad berervement

Mrs F ALLEN r-nd TAMILY wLh to THANK all relatives And friend3 for thel« sympathy and foral trljutes in their recent

sad bereavement

Mrs V IYNCH and FAMIIY return sin core THANKS to all lelatives and friends foi expressions of sympathy In theil recent sad


Miss L BASS of Wollstonecraft desire« lo »incerelv THANK friends nurse» and doctoi foi kindness in her recent bncavemtnt Please accept thL as personal thiunks

Mrs N A WEBB and FAMILY Crcmorn» desire to sincerely THANK their friends for expressions of sympethy In their recent sad


Mrs J BRADLEY and the F4MILY of the late James Bradley ofer their sinceie THANKS to all lelatives and friends for theil kind expressions of ssmpathy and floral tri butos in theil recent sad b-reavtment

Mr. C. G. WATT and FAMILY of Rand-

wick sincerely THANK relatives and friends   and neighbours for kindness and floral tri-

butes received in their sad loss also doctors and nursing staff of War Memorial Hospital.

Mrs. WHITFIELD and FAMILY of Red- fern wish to return THANKS to relatives and friends for letters, cards, telegrams and floral tributes in their recent sad bereavement

Mrs WELDON and FAMIL\ 20 Drvcr Street Botany sinc»rely THANK all relatives and friends for their kind expression of sym pathy and fiord tribute in their recent sad berr-avement Please acc»pt this as personal


Mrs VIOLET MOLLOY and FAMILY of l'B Wellington Street Waterloo wish to THANK all relatives and friends for their sympath" and floral tributes in th-ir recent -ad bereave ment

Mrs ALICE SARGENT M Punchbowl Mrs AMY SARGENT of Kensington wish to THANK all lelatives and friends loi their kind expressions of sympathy and floral tri butes in their recent sad bereavement

Mrs M CURRY and FAMILY wi'h I« THANK all relatives friends and neishbours also Municipal Fish Market employees foi their kind expressions of sj-mpathy floral tri butes letters cards telegrams in theil le cent «ad bereavement Kindly accept thL as personal thanks

Mr and Mrs A.R. COWAN and FAMILY   of Hydrea Street, Revesby wish to THANK all kind relatives and friends for their ex- pressions of sympathy and floral tributes in the sad bereavement of their dear son and brother, Roderick John (Roger).

Mrs E TliURSTON and FAMIIV Of 18a Burwood Road Enfield wish to THANK rela Uves friends and neighbours for theil kind expressions of sympathy In their recent sad berças ement in the loss of their dear hu« band and father Herbert Henrv

Mrs M HANCOX end FAMn\ sincerely THANK all friends and neighbours for their kind expressions of sympathy and floral tri

butes in their recent sad bereavement Please accept this as personal thanks

Mr JOSEPH HADDON Miss EDITH HAD DON and Miss BLANCHE DAVIS desire to return sincere THANKS to all friends for cards letters tel"Brams and floral tributes in the loss of their beloved brother and fond friend Solomon John (Juck) Haddon

Mrs DRENNAN and FAMILY Orford St Belmore sincerely THANK relatives and friends especially Nurse Wardhough in their recent

sad bereavement

Mr and Mrs A S HALCROW and FAMILY Mr and Mrs STAN RUSSELL and FAMILY Mr and Mrs D L WYMAN convey sincere THANKS to relatives and friends for kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes In their recent bereavement Pleas» accept this os oui personal thanks

Mis A McPHEL of Kurnell wishes to THANK all relatives and friends foi their »ympathy in hei recent bereavement

Mr W A PETTY and DAUGHTER (Mrs R V Cochrane) desire to return sincere THANKS for »11 cards letters and floral tri

butes in the loss of his dear wife and her loving mother Will all plea«e accept this as personal thanks

Mis PARKER and FAMIIY wi«h to THANK ali kind friend« ol Frederick Street Campsie for their kindness In their sad bereavement

Mrs. E. WILSON and FAMILY of 90 Vic-

toria Avenue, Chatswood, wish to THANK all relatives and friends for their kind thoughts and sympathy in the loss of their loved one.

Mr HERBER1 1" ROSE 138 Wollonsong Road ArncliSe wishes to sincerely THANK all his relatives and friends for their kind expressions of sympathv cards telegram« letters and floral tributes in his recent sad



ANGUS-The run»ral of the late LUCY A. ANNE ANGUS of Chatswood will leave Ernest Andrews Funeral Chapel corner Pad ile Highway and Thomas Street Chatswood THIS DAY after Service commencing at 3 30 p m for the Presbyterian Cemetery Gore Hill ERNEST ANDREWS Chats vood JA2834

BAXTER -The Relatives and Friends of

the late ISABELLA ALISON BAXTER are invited to attend her Funeral to leave the Private Chapel of Motor Funerals I td 8 Railway Parade Eastwood THIS AFTER NOON after servie» crmmencini at 2 0 clock for the South Head Cemetery MOTCR rUNLRALS LTD A F D A 8 Railway Parade Lastwood Rvde 855

BOURKE. - The Relatives and Friends of

Miss KATHLEEN BOURKE, Messrs. JAMES and FRANK BOURKE, Mr. and Mrs. FRANK COSGROVE, and of Miss MARGARET SHEEHAN, are informed that the Funeral of their late beloved MOTHER, SISTER, and COUSIN, Mrs. Mary Theresa Bourke, of 7 Amy Street, Marrickville, will leave St.

Brigid's Church, Marrickville, THIS (Saturday)     AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock, for Rookwood   Cemetery, Mortuary No. 3. Requiem Mass for the repose of her Soul will be celebrated THIS MORNING, at 8 0'clock. W. N. BULL   PTY. LTD., A.F.D.A. Telephone LA2853.        

BYRNE -The Relatives and Friends of

Mrs. M. BYRNE and FAMILY are in- vited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved HUSBAND and their dear FATHER George Francis Byrne to leave our Funeral Home, 121 Rawson Street Auburn, on MON- DAY MORNING, at 10 o'clock for the Pres-   byterlan Cemetery Rookwood. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LTD., 121 Rawson Street, Auburn. 'Phone UX6111.  


UNION -Officers and Members of the above Union are requested to attend the Fune- ral of their late esteemed Member, GEORGE FRANCIS BYRNE. For details see family no- tice. A. Bain Secretary. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS, LTD.

CONLON -The Relatives and Friends of Mr

STEPHEN COM ON of 3a John Street

Leichhardt are informed that the Funeral o' his late b»loved WIFE Mrs Beryl Elizabeth Conlon will leave the Newtown Parlours oi W N Bull Pty Ltd THIS (Saturdav) MORNING at 9 43 o clock for Catholic Cemeterv Rookwood Mnrtuarv No 3 W N BULL PTY LTD A F D A 164 King Street Newtown

DUFF -The Relatives and Friends of Mr

A E DUFF and FAMIIY are invited to attend the runeral of his dearly loved WIFE and their MOTHER Caroline Edith to leave our Parlours for Northern Suburb« Cemetery at 11 am THIS DAY SATURDAY WOOD COFFILL LIMITED

EVANS -The Relatives and Friends of Mr

and Mrs A E EVANS of Mount Colah and Mrs BEATRICE PAYNE of Ashfield are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved SON and BROTHFR George E Evans to leave St Peters uuuii 1 r«,1c Highway Hornsby THIS SATURDAY after Service to commence at 1 30 p m for the Church of EnUand Cemetery Northern Suburbs CHARLES KINSELA P TY LTD A F D A Taylor Square Dnrlinghurst FL4136 7 8

FAHEY.—Requiem Mass for the repose of  

the soul of the late WILLIAM FAHEY, will be celebrated in St.Thomas' Church   Lewisham THIS (Saturday) MORNING at 7 0'clock.The Funeral will leave the church     at 9.45 am for the Catholic Cemetery   Rookwood. J. J. CROCKETT and CO. PTY,

LTD. Motor Funeral Directors, 9 Norton Street Leichhardt. LM4212  


GOLDSWORTHY.—The Relativ es and Friends   S*, o' . the late HAROLD GOLDSWORTHY iíi¡* of Ardlethan) and ol MINNIE JACK ëSλ-.UZZIE antl ALICE JOHNSON HILDA BROOKS BERT TOM and JACK GOLDS- WORTHY are invited to Rttend the Funeral of thtlr dearly loved BROTHER to leave the Metropolitan Funeral Home Railway Parade Burwood THIS DAY alter a service commenc

ins Pt 3 p m for the Church of England Cemetery Rook« ood METROPOLITAN BURIAL AND CREMATION SOCIETY Railway Parade

Burwood UJ2178 9

GOLDSWORTHY. -The Relatives and   \X Friends oí Mr and Mrs W FISHER of Flvedock and Mr G FISHER of Bilpin are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved BROTHER IT LAW Harold Goldsworthy For p.i Heulers see preceding notice

HANCOCK-Tho Relatives and Friends of

Mr and 1rs CHARLES HANCOCK and FAMnY. of 30 Chelmsford Street Bankstown are invited to attend tho Funeral of their deirlv loved DAUGHTER and their dear

SISTER Lily Mary to leave our Usinerai Home S-»uth Terrace Bankstown THIS AFTERNOON at 1 30 o clocl fcr the Rook- wood Crematorium LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED South Terrace Banks town Phone UL166E

HOOPER -The Relativ es ann Friends of

Mrs G HOOPER and FAMILY of The Mall Leura art kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved HUSBAND ard their dear FATHER Stewart late- 55th Batta 1st A I F to leave our chapel Bathurst Road and Cascade Street Katccmva THIS SATUR D A\ after serv Ice commencing at. pm for Church of England Cemetery Katoomba WOOD COfTTLl. LIM3TED

JACK -The Relatives and mends oí

GEORGE and CECIL JACK are invlt-d to attend the Funeral of their late beloved FATHER, George Jack Kindly meet a* the Rookwood Crematorium THIS SATURDAY at 2 30 p m By request no flowers H PAR SONS Funeral Director

JAMES -The Friends of the late Mrs

CLARA JAMES of 112 Eveleigh Street Redfern are invited to attend her Funeral which will leave St Paul s Church of Eng land Cleveland Street Redfern TO DAY aft»r service at 1 p m for Church of Eng land Ccmcterv Rookwood Section 3 JOSEPH MEDCALe A F D A 172 Redfern Street Redfern Tele MX2315 U lines)

LABAN- The 1-unerpl of the late IR/NCIS

LAB AN will leave our Private Chapel

40 Brown Street Newtown THIS DAY at 10 30 am foi Indep»ndcnt Cemetery Kook v cod THE WORKEPS FUNERAL DIREC TORS C H PARKFR and SON 40 Brown Street Newtown LA2109

LARKIN -Th» Re atlves and Friends of the

lal« ELLEN LAR! IN are invited to attend hci Funeral to leave 1 1 Andrews Funeral Cbapel 23 Enmore Road Newtown THIS DAY at 9 30 am for Catholic Cemetery Rookwood T J ANDREWS AFDA 21 *"> Enmore Road Newtown LA2373 ctc

LUCAS (LECATSAS) -The Funeral of the

late NICHOLAS LUCAS, of ITancis Street

East Svdney (formerly of Ithaca Greece) will leave the Greek Orthodox Church Bou ke Street Surry Hills THIS SATURDAY aft« service commencing at 2 30 p m for the Botany Cemetery THOMAS DIXON PT\ LTD (AFDA ) MA6013 4 Establi hed 1836 LYNCH.—The Relatives and Friends u' Mrs  

J MARGARET LYNCH Mr and Mrs J IOHNSTON Mr and Mrs HARRY LYNCH Mr and Mrs ADAMS Mr and Mrs MCCARTHY Mi and Mrs BLANCHE and Mr and Mrs PRANK LYNCH and th»lr FAMILIES and Mr and Mrs ALLISON Mr and Mr- A ALLISON and Mr and Mrs SOWMAN and FAIÎILIES are Invited to attend the Funeral of hei ri»ar!y lov»d HUS BAND and their dear FATHER BROTHER and UNCU Phillip Lynch to leave St Mar.- s Church Drummoyne THIS AFTER NOON at 1 30 o clock for the Catholic Cemetcn Held rf Mars LABOR MOTOR iUNERALS LIMITED 14 enmore Road Newtown *>hcm»s LA2777 (4 lines)

MARTIN-Th» Relstlves and Friends of

the late TAMFS MARTIN are invited to Pttend his Funeral to leave 115 Eveleigh Street R»dfcrn THIS AFTERNOON at 2 30 o dec) foi the Catholic Cemetery Rookwood LABOR MOTOR FUNFF ALS LIMITED >4 Fnmore Road Newtown Phcnes LA2777 (4 line«)

MORGAN-The Relatives and Friends of

the late ELIZABETH MORGAN are in formed that her Remains were privately cre mated yesterday May 22nd 1942 at the Crematorium Rookwood. T J ANDREWS     AFDA 214 Liverpool Road Ashfield Phones LA2873 and UA4038

MURPH1 -The Relatives and Friends of

late ELIZABETH ANN MURPHY of Avoca Street Bondi are invit-d to attend her '-uneral to l'ave Si Pptrick s Church Bondi

TH S (Saturda ) AFTERNOON at 2 10 for Catholic Cemetery Rookwood Section 9 MOLLOY BROS 2<>0 King Street Newtown Phone LA2909

O'CONNOR -The Rcla Ives and Friend» of  



.... invlledTro attend the Funeral of h»r dearly loved HUSBAND and their deer FVTHER James O Connor which will leave the resl dence 29 Red Lion Street Rozelle THIS DAY at 110 p m for the Catholic Ccmeterv Field of Mars METROPOLITAN BURIAL and CREMATION SOCIETY PTY LTD Railway Parade Burwood Phone UJ217B 9

OMNET.—The Relatives .nd Friends of the    

late JOHN OMNIT of 33 Crcnulla Street

Cailton are advised that his. Funeral will lepve oir Private Chapel 2 Carrington Avenue Hurstville THIS AFTERNOON ot 1 TO o clock for the Woronorp Cemetery LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED 2 Carrington Avenue Hurstville Phrnc LU1358

PARKER.—The Relatives and Friends of

th» I,., PERCIVAI JOHN (Punk) PARKER ar» invited to attend h s Funeral to leave his sister in law s residence (Mrs Bull Parkei) 1 Bernard Street LIdccmbe THIS MORNING at 10 o clock foi the Church cf England Cemetery Rookwood LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED 121 Rawson Street Auburn Phone U\611]



BRANCH -Officers and Mcmb»rs of the above Union are Invited to attend the Funeral of their late "«teemed Member PERCIVAL JOHN (Punk) PARKER For details see above notice J TIERNEY Secretary S 1*. **>F President LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED

PEARCE.—The Relatives and Friends of

Í.»~<UKOí«.-nie tieiai ves ana rrcnus a

? Mr COLIN PEARD and Mrs JOAN DOYLE are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved MOTHER Mavis Pearce (Peard) to leave the Ktnsela Chapels Taylor Square Darlinghurst THIS SATURDAY after Service to ccnmcncc at 3 p m for tile Church of Fngland Cemetery Botany CHARLES KHsSLLA PTY LTD A X D 4 TRylor Srnisre Darlinghurst Phones FL4136 7 8

RIDGES.—The Relatives and rriends ef Mr   tv w ridges of Lakemba Mr and Mrs W RIDGES lun Mr and Mrs I BAILEY end TAMILIES are Invited to attend the Funeral of his dearh lovd WIFF their MOTHER MOTHER IN LAW end GRAND MOTHER Emma to leave our Funeral Ch-ipel

THIS DAY at ?> 50 p m for Rrman Catholic Cemeterv Rrokvvc-d DIGNIFIED FUNE RALS epp Railway Steps Lakemba ULP512 SCHLEICHER.—The Funeral of the late   Deaconess SELMA THEODORA SCHLEI-    

CHER, of Tennyson Point, will leave Christ   Church, Gladesville THIS SATURDAY after service commencing at 10.45 a.m. for Church   of England Cemetery, Field of Mars. WOOD COFFILL LIMITED.

SHEEHY -The Members of the SYDNEY

COAL LUMPERS UNION are requested to attend the Funeral of thplr late esteemed Member THOMAS SHEEHY to leave ou Funeral Home ">4 Enmore Road Newtown THIS Al TER!» CON at 3 o clock for the Rookwood Cr-meterv LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS ITD 24 rnmore Road New town Phone L12777 (4 Hu»')

SHEPHERD -The Felati ps and Friends of - Mr and Mrs HARRY SHFPHERD and Mr and Mrs ARTHUR SHEPHERD and FAMI

LIES are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved MOTHER and CFANDMA Marv Ann In leave her late residence Elton 96 Augustus Street Leichhardt THIS AFTER NOON at 3 1S o clock for the Church ol Englant Cemetery Rookv ood MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED 1 F D 1 TO Cits Road city lele M6'>77

SINAN.—The Relatives and Friends ni Mr    

end Mr I Sn/N Mr P SIN AN and Miss V S1NAN aie Invited to attend tilt Funeral of their dear y loved MOTHER Cathe

rlne Slnan lo Icav» the Privitc Chapel of Motor iunt-rals Limited 93 Weston Rood rozelle THIS AriERNOON at 2 30 o clork for the Cathol c Cemetery Tieid of Mar«

MOTOR FUNFRALS IIM1TED A F » A 91 Weston Roid Rozelle J ele WBJ141

SNIPE-The Peathes and Friends of th

late Mrs FLIZABLTH SNIFF are invited to attend her Funeral to l»av» the Methodist Church Hamilton THIS SATURDAY aftei service commencing at 1 30 p m for Motilo dist Cem-tery Sandgate bs roAd WOOD COrFIIL LIMITED

TODD-Tin. Funeral of (ha late LIM.

TODD of Normanhurst will leave Ernest Andrews Funeral Chapels coinei Pacific Highway and Thomas Street Chatswood THIS DAY after a service cemmenring at 2 p m foi the Seventh Dav Adventist Cerne ten at Northern Suburbs ERNEST AN DREWS Chaiswood JA2034

WEBB.—-The Relatives and Friends ol tin. Mr JOHN JOSEPH WEBB (late ol 85 Dumbleton Road P'nshurst) are Informed that his Funeial will leave St Deolan s Church Fernhurst THIS (Satttrda ) 4FTER NOON at 2 30 o clock for Catholic Cemeterj

I rookwood Mortuars Iso 3 Requiem Mis«

foi the Repose of his Soul will he celebrated THIS MORNING at 7 0 Clock W N BULL PTY LTD AFD 1 Telephone LA2858

WEEKES -The Funeral of the late

ARTHUR SIDNEY VVEFÍ I"S late 1st 1 I F will leive our Ch-ipel Brown Street and Orchard Road Chat v ood THIS S1TUR DAV at 3 JO p m for Northern Suburbs Crematorium WOOD COrFILL LTD

WEINBERG-The Rill tives and Friends of

Mrs ALIPE WEINBERG and FAMILY c1 107 Lancaster Avenue Wr"t Ryde arc in vited to attend the Funernl c1 her dearly belov

ed HUSBAND and their dear F1THER August Weinberg to leave the Klnscla Chapels Taylor Square Darlinghurst THIS SA1URDAY afte Service lo commence at 1 p ni for the Cre matorltun Ncrthcin Suburb" CHARLES KINSELA PTY LTD A I D 1 Taylor Square Darlinghu st Phones FL4136 7 8

WISBY.—The Relatives and Friends  


Mrs E DEAL Mr and Mrs R DEAL

Mr and Mrs H JONES Mr and Mrs W FRANCE Mr and Mrs E WISBY Mr and Mrs W PARTON Mr and lira J KELLY and FAMILIES are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dcarlv loved FATHER nnd GRANDFATHER Oilnndo Wisby to Icivl our Funeral Home 24 North Parade Campóte THIS AFTERNOON at 2 45 o clock tor Cathclic Cemetery Rookwood L4BOR MOTOR FUNERALS ITD 24 Notth PArade C«imp«lc Phone LA2777 (4 l'ncs)

ZEALAND.—The Relatives and Friends of

the Funeral of her dearly beloved HUSBAND and their dear TATHER William Thomas Zealand to leave the Private Chapel of Motor Funerals Ltd 93 Weston Read Rozelle THIS AFTERNOON at 3 30 o clock for the Congregational Cemetery Field of Mar« MOTOR FUNERALS L TD A F D A 9. Weston Road Ro/ellP Tele . WB1141

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