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In the Theatres»

"TV/fR. SMART GUY," which will

?^nave its world premiere at the

Minerva Theatre on Saturday night, was written by Alec Coppel on Brighton pier while Spitfires and Hurricanes droned overhead.

Marie Ney, who has read the play, says It Is a "gem of .stagecraft" and a better play than the author's first production, "I Killed the Count."

Miss Kathleen Robinson, one of the co directors of "Whitehall Productions, Is well known as an aetress-manaRer, and she will probably play the part of Max de Winter's sister in the second pro- duction, "Rebecca." The role was played by Gladys Cooper In the film. The fact that Jane Conolly is joining the com- pany suggests that she may be cast In the role of the hcrolne-wlthout-a-name, played by Joan Fontaine In the film.

A LI, actors can remember their most

disconcerting moment on the stage, and according to Billy Kershaw his occurred In London. Billy is appenring at the Tivoli Theatre in the "2nd Crazy Show." His embarrassing eDisode was the result of a burlesque ballet num- ber he dnnced wearing a frock coat, grey cravat, and fluffy ballet skirt. As he dashed into the wings after the act his eccentric garments became entangled In thp scenery, Billy fell on his face before the footlights, and the audience applauded violently. The manager, en- couraged by the hearty laughter, retained the Idea in the show.

CEPTON DALY will provide the entire

musical programme for "Mr. Smart Guy" season at the Minerva Theatre. His first number will be a Noel Coward selection and during the first Interval he will play his own composition "Seren- ade to a Snake." Lastly he will play his newest composition, "Brief Candles," which he dedicated to Noel Coward at the lattcr's special request.

.pHEATRE lovers in the Far West have

a treat in store for them on May '29, when Marie Ney will give a Shake- spearean recital at Broken Hill. All the proceeds will go to the Australian Aerial Mission, which benefited from Miss Ney'g last recital at Government

House. After her appearance at Broken Hill Miss Ney will visit Alice Springs.

TM'ADELINE WIRTH, daughter of Uv x lnle Phillp Wirth, has a store ol elephant stories to prove the well-known phrase "an elephant never forset'-.'

One of the best concerns nn elephant trained to coax pennies from the crowd with her trunk and place them in a slot. When the slot clicked the elephant re

cehed a biscuit But «¡ht was not to io decrhed b\ (he onlookd who handed icr a halfp°nn\ ind would thiow thes* olns back to the olfcndcis with a look >i great disgust

QN Maj 16 mldaav communltv ladln

ie\els will be held at the iheatrp Rojal between 12 noon ind 110 pm Geoige Saundris Jack Di\c^ ind LPS Ship will feituie in ihe opening "how ind a JCW Thcalie talent que t is one of Hie featuies promised This \ ill not interfeic with the UMial pcifoiimnccs of Tunny Side Up

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