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Family Notices

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town THIS AriLRNOON at 145 n clock the Church Df Fiu-land Geinrteri Rookwood


24 Fnmoie Road _lunes 127".

APPLETON The relatives and Friends of Mr FRANK APPLETON, of 22 Towns Road,

Vaucluse are kindly invited to attend the Funeral

of his dearly beloved wife Irene Venlta, Apple- ton which will leave the Kinsela Chapels THIS   TUESDAY after service commencing at 1.15 for  

the Northern Suburbs Crematorium


Taylor Square, Darlinghurst, Phones FL4135-7-8

O faULLlVAN am invited to attend the Funcnl of their dearl> loved DAUGHIER and GRANn DAUGHltR Wendy to leave Our Chapel UHR lULSDAV at 2 15 for Catholic Cemetcn Rook-



_J2 Dan; Sinct larnmain UVV1250


BARTLETT. The relatives and Friends of Mr.

and Mrs. W.J. BURNS and FAMILY, of

Auburn, are invited to attend the Funeral of   their dearly beloved FATHER and GRANDFATHER Thomas Bartlett (late of Broken Hill); to leave our Funeral Home 121 Rawson Street, Auburn,     THIS AFTERNOON, at 3.15 o'clock, for the     Methodist Cemetery, Rookwood.


121 Rawson Street

_ Phme U_\>)JJ_ _Auburn

BOWMER. - Tie Relames and Friends of Miss


ALLEN and Mi anil MM H BAIGENT and     . tlie.ll FAM1LIES aie hulled to attend the Minrta.1 'o theil dear FATHER, FATHER IN LAW and GRANDFATHER, Alfred Bowmer, late of 05 Bry- ant Street, Rockdale, which will Iraie Ihr Mrlho   dist Church West Bolon. Street Rorkdalr THIS TUESDAY aftei beivlei commencing at 2 p m lor the Worunoin C«ane¡



BOWMER. - The Rclallirs and Frlrnds_ni

JOSEPH BOWMER, Mrs MARY NAPPER Mrs. AGNES REUTER, Mrs. ROSE SAMWAYS, Ml aid Mis WILLIAM GEORGE NAPPER and     their FAMILIES arc klndli Invited to a I tend ihn >. nierai of their dearly belovid BROTHER and BROTHER-IN-LAW, Alfred Bowmer, is to leave the       MethodistChurch, West Botany Street Rock-   dale aller strvlre lommet clot, at 2 n clork THIS (lucido) AFTI rr-OON for Moronic» Connel)_ BRUNELL-The Relatives and Friends of vira

II ORFNCE BRUNFII and hAMII \ of 111 Ilolterman Stree! Crocs Nest air Invltrd lo anuid the Funeral of her bel >ved HUSBAND and iheli 1-ArilER Ceorce lo lease our Funeral Chapel 244 Pacific Hlthwav Crows Nest rn MOI.KOW (Wcdnesdai) at 2 o clock foi Nor- thern buburbs Ccineteiy


1 lune XB182I_Crm s Nr«t l/URGL-lhc Rebulle« and Frlrnds of iii» Ii late Mrs LMIL » BUHGF of 2T Slokra

bticct Line Cove are kindlv lniltrd In attend h-i mineral lo Iraie our Itinnal Chnprl 244 I nine lll»hvay Crows Neal THIS I Ilirsdai ) MORNING at 10 o rlock for Hie Chinch, of Finland Oemeterv Nirlhrrn Suburbs

WALTLR BHUCI- Tllneral Dlrrclor

XB10M Croc s Nrst

(Other Funeral Notice« on page 6.)


DONOHOF (nee Helen Bowker) -January 25 at SI Luke s hospital Darllnrhurst to Mr and Mr« Charles T Donohoe-a daughter

JONeS-January 25 at Roslyn private hospital Lindfield to Mary wife of Douglas Jones-a

MURPHY (nee Curtis! -January 25 1941 Mr and Mia D V Murph\ of Bondi-a MHI

PENMAN (nee Thelma McComble) - January ~* at Hal Memorial Hospital to Mr and Mrs John L Penman B Osborne Rond Manlv-a son (Peter


SAMPSON (nee Rolfe) -January 22 at Mercv Hospltnl Melbourne to Joan Margaret wife of Walter DaYld Jun-twin daughters All well

STRrATTJELD (nee Patricia Flt7simmons) - Tanuarv 21 at St I uke s hospital to Mr and Mrs "W Stiealfield of Fltrnbcrti Jïay - a daugh er


DIBBEN-DUNCAN -The FiiEOpement is an nouncrd of Roy re Edith eldest daughter of Dr and Mrs G M Dunran of Gosford to Joseph Gale son of Mr and Mrs F C Dlbben of


HENDFTtSON-GROTETFNT -Tile Etmprment is announced of Iran Youngest dnughlei of Mr and Mrs Y\ E Grotcfcnt of Bellevue Hill to I Uah! Lieutenant A D Henderson (R A A r abroad!

\oiiigrst son of Mr and Mrs J S Hcndcison of Glen Davis

SHAYY-THOMPSON-The Kngrrement is An nnunrrd of SI ella Goidon eldet di lighter of Mr and Mrs H YV Thompson The Abbey rinse Biv to Che lei John onlv son of Mr and Mts J F Sh-w launceston Tasmania

WATSON - ROCKLIFF - The Engagement is

Announced of Mary Edgeworth (Molly) only   Daughter of Mr & Mrs P Rockliff of West   Maitland formerly of Dubbo to Dr Kenneth   John Maurice eldest son of Mr &      

Mrs John Watson of Brisbane.


COX-FULLER -December 28 1940 at St Luke s Scone by Cannu B C Wilson John limiter eldest son of the late Mi and Mis J S Cox of Lindfield, lo Dornthj Lilian daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles miler of Park Stteet Scone

Fey Mr Orme Chrisüna Marion onlv child of Ihe laic Mi and Mi3 Jnhn Matheson onie of Bullo Downs riiarpouilndnli «Ju rnslnnd to George Briscoe Kerford youngest «on of tin late Mr and Mis Challes D Yoting of Glen gower Goondiwindi Queensland


MAHFR-STRAIN-lanuaiv 28 180] at bt Torlath s Church Parke« Mary daughter of the late Bernard and Flintbcth Stinin of Tichborne Parkes to D»nls son of the late lames and Btldgct iViuber of Forbes Present address Lachlan 27 Fall light Street rtvedock

MARKS-LEY'Y-January 28 1891 at Wests Hall Sidney by Rev A B Davis rrcderlck Mniks lo Sarah Lew Present address The Bun- galow Great V, estent Road Linden


HTTtGENHAN-Killed in artlon lanii-irv 3 Corpotnl Harold Hcrgonhan onlv child of Louisa and Carl Heigenhnn 1 Holmwood Street Newtown

HBRGENHAN -In memory of mv dear friend Harold who gaye his life for his country Bardia lanunty 1 1941 Inserted bj Sjbil Frazer

HERG1-NHAN- Harold Herbert Ulled In action Taiman 1 Insetted lo Ihe honour of Hnrry by his rluh mates in the Bolsnj Harriers

PAUL-Killed In action Bardia Tannary 3 Prívale Frederick Basil Paul Air dearlv lot rd husband nt Glodvs and father of Rae and Mareil Invine- nephew nf Ada Blanche Anne and Gertrude

Deeply mourned


APPLETON-Tanuary 27 1941 Irene Venlta Appleton brloved wife of Frank Appleton of 22

Towns Road Rose Bav

APPLETON - Tamtarj 27 1941 Irene Venlta Appleton elearlj loved vounget daughter of Stdnej and Margaret Rolfe and dear sister of Stella (Mis Cooper) Ron Ted and Cecil and grand

daughter of the late John and Agnes Baxter of

\Y aurhope

APPLETON -Tanuan 27 1941 Iren« Venlta Appleton dear daughter In law of Gerliude and Hie late Edward Appleton of 22 Towns Road

Ro'o Bav At ie«t

ARTHUR-Tanuaiy 26 19-11 at a hospital YVenav Arthur loved youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs IC Arthur and loved sister of Beverley of Western Road Parramatta aged 10 months

ATTWOOD-January 27 1941 at her residence 244 Milr Road Thirroul Amv Eira beloved wife of Slnnlev Attwood ai ed 49 years (suddenly)

late of Liverpool Sec Wednesday s pnper loi

funeral notice

BYRTLETT - January 27 1941 at a hospita]

Lidcombe Thomas Bartlett loved father or Mntildi (Mrs W Burns) and fond brother of Ned Filen Marv Ann Kate Sarah Eliza and Tred aged 75 years

BOWMFR-Tanuarv 27 1141 at his residence, 05 Bryant Slr»el Rockdale Alfred Bowmcr aged

78 years At rest

BOYES.—January 26, 1941, at Sydney, Robert Phillip, dearly beloved son of Minnie Boyes and brother of Edna aged 26 years.

BRUNKER-January 27 1141 at 21 Fastbourne Rotd flemington Olive Grace Brunker denily loved wife of Fdwln (Ted! Brunker and losing mother of Noel and Maijorie aged 40 years

CARSON-Jinnarv 27 1941 Lilian Bl-vnche be loved wife of Robert H Carson of Cods Harbour aged 54 jenrs

COURT -Janunry 27 1941 at her residence 50 Dav Street Dtummojne Margaret Filen Court dearh loved mother of Mary Charlotte Emily Arthur Rose tdecensed) and Harry (deceased) aged 80 jears

CUMMINS-Tanuarv 26 1941 «t her residence 88 Woodland Stteet Balgowlah Maiy beloved wife of T L Cummins aged 83 jears

CUNNINGHAM-January 21 1941 at a prl

yate hospltnl Cantcrbuiv Peter Hugh the dearly loted son of Roheit and Kathleen Ciiniilnchnm of 00 Koojong Road Armad ile aged 2 months

DUNN-January 26 1941 at his residence, Nor- manville, Derby Street, Vaucluse, Frederick Thomas dearly beloved husband of Isabella Catherine, aged

71 years.

EDWARDS -lanuary 27 1941 at her residence 6 MrHniton Street Wollstonecraft Alice Maude deirly loved sister of Bertha Edwards

FRRINGTON-January 25 1041 Alexandci I

Frrlngton beloved husband of the late Giaei

Elrington and loving father of Nanej Alex and | Fsslc and brothel ln-law of Mrs Ocotge i endall n|,ed b5 years

FINN- January 26 1941 suddenly at herhome Ashmore Wentworth Street Point Piper Cather-

ine, widow of the late General M. Finn In her |

79th year Privately cremated


OAGGIN -Januarj 20 1D41 at Sacred Heart Hospice Cathcilne Gaggin agid 72 years RIP Interment at Tinonee Tue day Tnnuaij 28 2 pm

GRIFFITH. — January 27, 1941, Henry (Griff) Griffith, beloved brother of Annie (Mrs. E.

Dubos), Arthur, Jessie (Mrs. A. J. Flegg), Elsie   (Mrs. E. Giles), and Robert Peebles, aged 64 years. For funeral announcement see Wednes- day's "Herald."

HATCHMAN (PETERSON). — January 24, at Royal North Shore Hospital, George Camelo, husband of Elizabeth, some years southern repre- sentative of D. Mitchell and Co., 145 High Street, Neutral Bay.

HATCHMAN. — January 24, 1941, at North Syd- ney, George C. Hatchman, loved father of Albert,

Charles, Florence, Frank, Percy, George, and  

Ernest. Privately interred at Woronora.  

HEALY (GERRARD). — January 27, 1941, James Alfred Healy, formerly of Roslyn Street, Darling- hurst, aged 73 years.

HYND. — January 27, 1941, at her son's resi-

dence, 26 Cheddar Street, Blakehurst, Rachel   Love Hynd, relict of the late James Hynd, of

Motherwell, Scotland, and dearly loved mother of David, John, William (deceased), and Robert, in her 84th year. At rest in the Lord.

JACKSON. — January 27, 1941, at Katoomba (re- sult of accident), Henry Robert (Bub), dearly loved youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Jack-  

son, of 222 Bathurst Road, Katoomba, and fond   brother of John and Margaret, and beloved grand-   son of Mrs. M. Jackson aged 19 years. R.I.P.  

KEAIN. January 26, 1941, at Sydney Hospital, Elizabeth Ann, beloved wife of Andrew Keain,   and loved mother of Olive, Andrew, Lily, Aubieny,       William, and Jean, aged 57 years. R.I.P.

\l cBr-IDF linuarj 27 1011 at Randwlcl 1 It Henani Colonel H W C MriDilde diallv be loud hu hind if »iris and ratlin of Sue Tcisj anil M chael aird 4B jeais

MiKFK7IF Jjinmrv T 1011 al Call-in Par) , YYalhcc MrKin/lc dcatlv bilnyrd jin of Murdock and Robrrln (deceaKedi Mi Krn/11 and blather or Hcefoi Bruce ideeci sed) und Robertn idccrasrdl In his 50th jcar

MACKAY - Jan nt 25 nil luddrnlyl at hil residence EdgeclllI Willi ira Jamis oeloyeri hrothii of Caroline Charles Jnhn brother ln-1-ivv M5 ra uncle of Bonnie and Betty agrd 65 s can. IPri Yate eirmation )

MARSHA! L -Inmiarv 2" 1941 at the residence | of he Clients 144 Buiwond Road Lntleld Betcniie May beloved daughter of Mr end Mrs W R Morshall and loving sl"lci of Blenda aged 19


PIM OLD--panuarv 21 1941 at a private hos-

pital Randwirk Mon nee Hbaheth loving mother I of Svcncy Harold Privately cremated Januarv 25

SLIMAN - Innuarv 2" 1941 at Sydney Aided I Fiinklli Selman of Nowia beloved husband of Mjitlc and loving father of Ted and Phillis aged 49 jcar«

SHARP -Jnnuaiy 27 1041 (result of accident! al Rjde Hospital lohn Alnswoilh beloved hus hand of ïiedi Shnp of 36 Colin Stteet lakemba and drrr ftlhcr ef Ann and Clnudc

TURPFTL-Januarj 26 1041 Taree Hospl lal Ellen beloved wife Raymond 1 tirrel! AI F abroad denr mother Maxwell aged 20

TURPFLL-Ji nnary 26 nt Taree Hospilr-1 rilen Fdith ddest beloved dnughlei of Mr and Mrs J 1 Lee (Naremburn) sistei to Dorothj Albert Geoigc Lee (Naremburn! Thomas Lee (Annan dale) griniddaiightti of Mrs E Rnnce Crow s Nc-t

TURRELL-January 26 at Taree Hospltn! Filen Fdlth beloved mother of Maxwell Thamns wife of Raymond Thomas Air lair Willoughby

TURRELL-Jnnuarj 26 at loree Hospital Film Fdlth beloved nine and cousin of Mis E Yount, and family Holden Stiert Ashfield

RYAN-January 27 1041 al a private hospital

lewisham Dudley Sjlvrster Rvan of 40 Alhinv Road Stanmore beloved son of robu and Mary Ryan dear brolhci of Milne and Kevin aged 2J jears Rrqnlr«cat in parr


AITKEN -Treasurer! memories of mi dear hus band und our falhrr passed aiav January 20 10.48 Alunis rcmrmbeicd by his loiliij; wife

and children

AITIvEN - In loi ins memory of our dear «on and brother who passed «««v Jamiaiy 28 1940

Sadly missed

Inserted bv his lovinj. mother and sistet brolher In liw niece and nephrv 1

ANDERSON -In lovinK memory of «lad Albert Finest called home January 27 1040

God broke the s ase und took the flower But thr IraRrnncc «.till remains

Inscrira In lil» lotlng daughter and son in lan

rrirl and Bill

BABER -In lovlnp. memory of our dear son and brothrr Knj accidentally killed Jmiuari ¿S 191')

at Prospcc.1

God .has him In His care

We ha/e him in our hearts

Inserted bv mum dad Fred and Dot

BARTON-In lovlnft memory of our dear mother Fll/ttbetb who depaited this life lanuarv 28 1937

Deep In our heurts n memory Is kept

Of one ne loved nnd will never forget

Inserted bv her loving family and Frandchildten

BrATTA -jn fond and loving; memory of my <ear sktci Agnes Bcallv who dieri January M lfl'O At lent Inserted by her lotlng: sister Rubj



BOAZ - Tribute of love to mothers memorj whom God railed home January 'B 1912

lil sweet retnembeied smile« and nords once said Then touch our souls with fiBRI ant lanlshrd fingers

Sndlv missed bl her daughters France» Violet

and nil who loi ed her

PPOViN -lu. luting memori of mv beloved lins band and fathci Henry Samuel fell asleep lanu

fly 28 lija Deeply retirltcd Inserted b\ his loi lim wld. Nell and daughter Doric

BROWN-In loi lui; memori of our dear fathri olid grandfather Hcnrv Simtitl nho pn< ol awa Jmittnis 28 19JA Insiiird bl hi« loving son Aiihur daughter In law Alice and grandson


BROWN - In loving mrmon of our darling mother Elizabeth Fo«c who dlid Januarj 28 1910

aquí 55 vears

Si eet memories will Unger forever

Time cannot change It is I ruc Arirs that rome rannot sever Our lovlnp. m nnilrs of jon

Inv-iled bv h»i lotlng chlldicn Rose Rubí Horn and Leslie

ÇAPROLL - In lol Inn memori of our dear falhrr and brother Mntt who died sudden!«, latuiarv 28 1940 Inserted bv his loi In« sons Claude les

and skier Beatrice

CARSON-In lol Ins, memoii of our dear mother who pas ed awai Januniv 2B 1939

In silence we remember Inset led b) Wjn Cilad and H irold

CARSON-In loving memorj of our dear molli r who pssstd away January II 10T8

No Just to div bul eicry dal In siiinrc ne all iciniinber

Inseiltri bi her loi nig son* Clyde Audlei

díuightet in law Mutlc granddaughters Lol-,

and Gintlil!

COLLINS-In iminon of my husband Oscar Aubrey Collins win died suddcnlv nt his home Loloma Shctldai Str ct Gtindot,ai on Sun-lni Janiurj 28 1940 Inserted bj lils wife Mabs

CROCKET-In loiing tnimori of Waller who was accidentnlli killed in motor cirlc accident near Bulli Jimuan 28 19-10 Inserted bv his living father sister Grace and biothcrs Jack Alex and Geoigc

CROCKFTT -lu loi liu memori of Wal passed away Ja nmj _8 19^0 ii o his dear mother Isabel passed awai I pbrtnri IT 1140

In silence we renn inber

Inserted bj Jack Hilda Aionnc ind John

FERGUSON - Loiln" memoii of 1 Fred died Janu

on 28 1940 Memories are Iriastncs no one can

lei] Death leaics H heartache, no one can heal   El cr rcmenibcied bl Cecil Mai und Ada

HARRISON-in loiing memoiy of mi dear mother pnssid aivov Jointirj 28 1UJO At test Inset lui bj her diuiql 1er Mandi

HARTIGAN-In lovlnp memori of our beloved mnthei Min Ann who passed a vav lanuary ^8 1939 Itiseiied bj lici Í tmllj Catherine Lillian

1 »ii Moi a

HAA -In loiing remembiance of dear mother passed aw in Janualy 27 1939 Instiled bi leila loin and Marilliu

HENDERSON-In fond inemon of our lol ed mother Henrietta who passed awn> Januaiy 28 1940 Fier dcir Jnsirted bj her loi Ink family

HUMPHREYS -In loi lug- memori of mi dear wife and our loiing mother Ein who passed awai

Jamniv 28 19-10

A wonderiul mothri to help and to aid One who was better God never made A smiling face a heart of gold

The dcnresl mother (his world could hold

Imcrtcd by her loving husband lather and children Alan Ron and Roj

TONES-In loving memory of my dear husband and our father Samuel who passed away Janu

ar> 28 1940

In tcRrs I saw jon slnl lng

God alone knows how I miss jon As It dawns one Teni io rial

Inserted bv his loiing wife Fanny and tons

lark Ronald

IONES-In loiing memori of our dear falher Samuel who passed awa\ lanuary 28 1940

Sndh missed

InArrtrd bv his loving son and danghler In lan Sam and Allre and frknd Mrs Murroy

JONES-In loiing memory of mi dear falhrr who passed away January 28 1940 Net er forgotten Frank IJlv and giandchlldren

LUDWIG-In loiing memory of mv dear wife Mar) Ann who passed away Irnttari JB 1940

A beautiful life full of kindly deeds A helping hand to tho e lu need

Alwajs so loving unstlflsh ond lind

What H beautiful memory jon left behind

Inseited bv her loving husband and sister Kate mid sisters In law Can le and Dale

1 UDWIG-In loiing memory of mi dear sister Man Ludwig who depaited this lift Januory 28 1940 aged C2

\\c who lol ed you never forget In memorj jon aro willi us set Inseited by her loving sister Knte

MARTIN -In fond memory of Le» died Janu nry 28 1934 Inserted bj family

MOORF-Treasured memories of our beloved falher John Joseph who depirted this life Janu arj 28 1939 Always remembered by his loving


MURPHY-Cheilshed memories of my dear wife and our dear mother whom God tolled home

Janua i 28 19<io

Memoiies are treasures no one can Ateal

Death brings a heal tache no one can heal A silent thouuht brings mom a lenr Of one we lost and ioied so dear

Inserted bi loi ing husband Larry and daughters

Laurie Patiiclo rlnlnc

PI8IOLA -Treasured memories of my dear

mother who died January 28 1935

A wonderful mother only lent One of the best God eicr sent

Insetted bv liri loiing dauphter Mary

PISTOIA-In fond memory of our dear mothei Ellen who passed away lonnori 28 1935 Al »m s rememhiird by her loving daughter and son in Hw Nill nnd Steie Huricj and family

PISTOLA-In fond memory of our dear mother Ellen who passed onay lanuary 28 1035 Alwai« remembered by her loving son and doughtcr In low Toni and Veía and familj

PRYOR-In loiing memory of m) dear husband Leonard whu fell asleep Januaiy 28 19_9

In mv t,at den of beautiful memories I walk willi him each doj (mv Len) Inset led bv his living wife Kotlc

RICHARDSON-In loving memorj of our deal Reg who was accidentally diowncd Januaiy 28

1 HO aged 19 leurs

Cheerful smile ond heart of gold

lhc deni es1 bov tills world could hold Dearer to us than woids can tell

Was the son and brother wc lol ed so well

Inseiled bl lils loiing mother and father sis leis Eileen and Do( Rnd biother Les

ROBERTS-In loiing memori of my dear mother who passed owav Januon 28 1928

Ah ni s loi Ing line and kind

A beautiful memori lo lene behind Inseited bv her loiing son Will

SCOTT-In loving mernot! of our dear son Frnest Atthtir who departed this I fe Janitan 2(i 1935 Inseitrd by his parents: A and A


SFLLAR-In loiing memorv of our dear sister Ellrnbeth Sellar who died J moory 28 1936

Aliwivs lemembcitd

Inseited bv her loiing sisters May ond Edle

srANGFJî -In fond memon of mv dear hus

bond and our father Tame' Ritthle Slatmir who

passed away Junuarv 28 193b Inserted bv lils

loiing wife md children

SWLENTY-In loiing memoiv of our deir biother Fdwoid J Swienei who departed this life l-vntlarj 28 1938

A little tnkrn title and tender

lust to show we still remember

Inserted bv his loiing brother and sister Dan and Morj Sweenev

TirnNAN-In loving memorv of mv dear wife Jim who passed uwav January 28 1938

Peacefully sleeping resting at last

Liles wean trials and suffering pist Inseiltd bv hei loi lui husband Iseri

VERRAN -Trcnsui ed memories of our dear mellier who depaited Jr-uuurv 28 I9T7

ioui sad vrois of tliinl ing

Of a loied ont that we lest Onh Ood In heaven knows

What Ihpt pnrllnp cost

Inseiled bj her le ling husband and family

Vi Al KI FA -In loiinp memorj of our dear filtnd Challes who dlid January _8 19T2 AW ays rr membeicd Insetted bl Mrs Casey and fomlii

WILT ARD-A tribute of loie to the memori of dear niothii riled January 28 1925 Inserted bj Ada Fdlt and Ivy

WILT TAMS-In loi Int. memorv of our dear mothir who passed aicav Januaiy 28 192-i

Sweet memories will linger for tier

lime cannot chance It is tine

Years that mav come cannot sever

Our loiing memories of j ou

Inserted by he- loi Inp sons John Bill Tom dniightci In law und giandchildrrn

V IILIAMS-In loiing memon of our dear mother Helena Mai who died Jonuori 28 1925

So calmly she sleeps In God s holy aero

Released Ironi oil sorrow fiom trial and from

p tin

Forcier at rest In the anns of her Maker

And humbly ne prav thnt we ma) meet her


Inbcrled bi her loiinp sons ona dauphter«


Mrs A D BLNÍAMIN 2fi Kings Gross Road Dtirlinghuist wishes lo expieos sincere rilANKb io friends und rUtUfvcs for kind tí. pre nions of ^.mpRtM trlepram«. ii tiers rind florrl tributos In lici remit snd foeic*ucmt,nt


(Continued from pago; S ) _

LJHUNKFIt -The Relatives and rlcnds of Mr JJ EDWIN ITEDI BRUNUFR rsOLL, and MAR JORlIi of 23 Fastbourne Ko id ricmlnkton are Invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved YVIffc and Ihelr loved MOTHER Olive Gr-vce Btunl cr tu leave St Column 11 Chinch of Eni land Flemington THIS TUFbDAY after Seivlce com mencing at lu JO um for ihe Ciematoiiuiu Rookwood

A F ANDEPSON rimerai Director

South Sliect Granville Phone U\Vfl>33

LiKUNllfcR-lhc Relatives and Friends of Mrs X> M KIDDLE, and 1-AM1LY are Invited to at

tend the Funci ii of her dcarlv loved DAUGHTER and their lovell SlbTLR Olive Grace Brünier Tor parlculars see above notice

/ F ANDERSON Funeral Director Glanville

( 1AHSON -The Relatives und I rlcnds of ROBERT v.; H CARSON nnd FAMILY tire 1 ihdly Invited to Ktlend the rimerai of his beloved WirE and their MOTHER lilli in Blanche to leave our Chapel 810 George Slrtcl bvdnej THIS lluc-rliyp

A1TERNOON at 2 o clue», for Rookwood Citmn torlum


_ruiienl Diieet is_

CIOUR1 -Hie Relatives and Friends of MARY

' EMILY and AR1HUR COURT «re 1 indly In vltcd lo attend the Funeral of their belov d MOTHER Margaret Filen to leave the Ptlvate Chapel of Motor 1 uncrals Limited 30 City Roi d clt) THIS AFTERNOON at 2 0 clucl for the Rookwood Cicmutorlum


Tele MT27"_J0_r its_Heiad_cltj_

COURT-The Relatives and friends of Mrs C

LU¿ZI and FAMILY of Gladesville ami Mrs S COURT nnd FAMILY ire Invited to attend the Funcial of their beloved MOTHER and GRAND MOTHER Margaret Filen Court to lenvc Hie Private Chapel of Motoi Funerala limited 30 Cllv Road city THIS AFTERNOON nt 2 i clock for the Rookwood Crematorium

MOTOR FUNERAI b LIMITrD t F D A_ COURT-The Relatives and Friends of Mr and

Mrs C HORDrR and IAMILY Mi and Mrs H HORDER and TAMILY and CLYDF COLE are 1 indly Invited to attend the Funcinl or theil LISTER SIS1ER IN LAW pud denr AUNT to move rrom Motor 1 unernls Chapel Cltj Road THIS DAY ( Tuesday! See fimlly nollee_ C-lOURT-The Relatives and I rlends of Mr

J HENRY WALLIS (Air Abroadl and Mrs YVALLIS nnd I AMILY aie invited to attend the funeral or Ihelr beloved GRANDMOTHER and GREAT GRANDMOTHFR Mtirrnrct LUen Court

to leave the Private Chapel of Motor rimerais Limited 30 City Rond elty Tins AFTrRNOOlY al 2 oclocl loi Ihe Roolwood Ciematnrlum

MOTOR rUNERALS I IY-IITFD AFP A_ OURT-The Relatives and Friends or CHARL*S

LOVELOCK Senioi C F V IOVLLOCK and Mrs GEO STAPLES arc klndlv Invited lo nttend thr runcrnl of their beloved SISTER IN LAW and AUNT Miigaret Court For pnrtleul-iis se* family



PUT.VERWJ:u _ihe Kel-Ulves mid Friends of Mr ^ ni c1 Mrs JOHN VA CULVFUW1-LL Mr and Mis- J FIRKINS and Mr WILLIAM CULVLH WELL an kindly invited to attend tho funeral of their deotlv beloved SON and IIROIHER Challes tdwird Culieiwcll to leave theil rcsldcnec Went worth Rajmond Aient t Mali ai Hie THIS 1UJ-S DA\ ni J p m for the Crimiitorluni Eastern

aubin bs


Tailor Sqiiuie

Phones II tur _B_ Uaillnkhuisl

i tUMMINS - The luncral of the late Mrs MARY V; CUMMINS will lerne our Chapel 14 Bel

gran Street Manly THIS TUESDAY at 10 30 a in for Northern Suburbs Ciem-Uorium


_funeral Director__ CUNNINGHAM-The Relatives mid rrlends of

' Mr W (BILL) CUNNINGHAM Mr and Mrs G CUNNINGHAM and F\M1LY Mr and Mrs P SAUNDPRS and J;AMITY are invited to

tend the luneral of his late dcoilv beloved WIIC and theil dear DAUGUTFR DAUGHITR IN LAW and Sierra Mavis Muriel Cunninphom lo leave r J Andiews s I itneral Chapel 2S Jnmore. Road Nrwionn THIS DAY aftrr sen lee commencing at 10.45 a.m., for Church of England Cemetery,  



25 enmore Road

Phone 12B"3_ Newtown riUNNINGHAM-The Rolatties and Friends i

V2 Mr T SAUNDFRS Mr and Mrs GFORGE SAUNDFRS Mr ond Mrs HARRY GRENrFLL, and Mrs SAUNDERS Senior ore Invited lo ottend the Funeral of their lote dearly beloved Nll-CE and her dear GRANDDAJGHfiSR Malls Muriel Cunningham ïor furthci paitlculars son prcced

lng not lie


25 Fnnioie H ad

Phone L"im_New Io_. n_

DUNN.-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs.      

ISABELLA CATHERINE DUNN (of Vaucluse) and FAMILY are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved HUSBAND and   their FATHER, Frederick Thomas; to leave our Private Mortuary Chapel, 265 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. THIS TUESDAY, at 2.30 p.m., for the  

South Head Cemetery

Mrs. P. KIRBY and SON PTY., LTD.

265 Elizabeth Street.,

'Phone M2221-2 Sydney.

lriDWARDS-The funeral of the late ALICI »li MAUDr EDWARDS will leave her late resl

dence 6 Mcllalton Strirt Woilstonecroft THIS TUESDAY nt 145 pm for the Northern Suburbs

Crcinotoi ium

W J MCLEAN runerol Director

Pacifie Highway Phone XA1034 Crow s Nest l/iRRINGTON- rho Relatives and Friends of tilt . 12 late ALEXANDER ERRINCION lote AIF and late Imperial Forces are lniited to nttend his Mineral to leave 1 J Andrews Funeral Chapel 25 Enmore Road Newtown THIS DA\ ot 10 o'clock for Church of England Cemetery,  



25 Enmoie Road

Phone L2873_._ 1 DORMAN-Tht Rclollics and Frlrnds of Mrs

MARGARET FORMAN and IAMILY of Pimchlowl ore Undli invited to att-ud the Fttneia! of her beloved HUSBAND and their rAllltm Ilenrj William lo leon our Chapel South renace Bank town THIS riiestlavl MORNING al 10 o c loci for Rooki ood Cierna



_Fnneial Directors_j I^OSIIEARY-lhc Relatives and Friends of Mrs ' A FOSBFARY and 1 AMIIY oie I Indlv 111 ilted to attend the lTmerol of hei beloved HUS HAND and their FA1HL1Î Gc one Mich iel to lene our Chapel 810 Gooree Street Sydnei

THIS Cluesdnj) MORNING at 10 o cloc for

Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood.  


_juin tal Dlieelors_ . AlY-The luncrol of tin lite JAMES Al

-ilirD IirAIY IGcrrard) ^111 leave our Chnpel 810 George Street «jdnci THIS rubs DA1! at 1030 am fir Waverley Crmctirj


_ runpial Dlrrdors_ I 1YND-Hie Relatives and mends of Mr and Li-Mrs DAVID I1YND Mr and Mrs JOHN HYND Mis WIL1IAM HYND and Ml and Mrs ROBFRT HYND ud their I-AMU IFS aie lniited to attend the Flinn al of tlitir belov d MOTHER ind GRANDMOniLR Rachel Io e Hind Into or

0 Cheddar Street Bl kehuist which will leave oi r Pilvole Chapel 3B1 I-crest Rod Hurslillle IHIS rUISDAY iflu sentie conn lenilng al 1 4 > pin for the Independí ni Cunileiy Wirnioia

! nid C HARDV

_Plionr_I W58 4 nil I Ullil_

1 ACKSON-The Relotiics Hnd Friends cf Mi

»I Olid Mis J r JACKSON ond TAMILY oie kindlj Invited to attend the runerol of their he loi rd SON and BROTHER Heiuv Robeit (B lb)

to leaie SI Conici s Church Katoomba THIS (Tuesdaj) AFTERNOON at 3)0 oclork for Catholic Ccnilen Katoomba


Corner Bothtnst Road and Cascade Street

_Kuloomba_ ¡ARMS-The Frlsllves and Friends of Mi ond « Mrs w JARMS of Mortlake Mrs V JARVIS of Concord Mr and Mrs R JARVIS of Homebush i ne! Mr i nd Mrs L r COOPER uf Strathfield and J-AMIIICS ore klndl) Invited lo nttend the Funeral of their dear MOTIIrR i liri CRANDMOIHER Fllrabeth Jaivis to leavt le ile S Anariws s Fun ra! Ch pel ' 1 liverpool Roed Ashflild nils DA\ oilei serviré oin menclni at 10 a m for Hit Church of Eiifclnnri

Ciinctm Rool wo c


A llfleld

Phonr liATIVS Oppcslle Presln tri ion CTmrrh

IONI-S-lhc KCJHIIVLS and HleniJi, of lhc lalt « JOHN JOMii are odilsrd that his Funeral will leave oin Iriinte. Chapel M4 Croi n Strerl

Sjdniy THIS MORNING at 9 10 0 clock for

the Waverley Cemetery


C04 Croi n '.treii

Phones L°7"7 4 lines) _Sid_ri_

KLA1N-- the Ri lollies and rrlihds of Mi

ANDREW KrAIN «lid TAM1LÍ Of 19 faydllev Strict Ersklneiill an Ins lied to nttend th

runiral of his clcorlv brlnicd W11 F ond llielr dear MOrHXR Fllribrlh tua Keiln to le ve fal Mans Chuich Ersl linville IRIS Al lLRIlOON al 1 45 ( ilock for Ile Laiholic Cennteij Woro



24 linn ire Road

Phones L"777 (4 lin sj_ _ New Inn _

KLMlbU-R - lilt Rcl">Uws ai c1 I-ninds of Un

lite THOMAS Kb vIISTER tf Liveipcol »te ! Inah invited io attend his Fuuun! to Icove

"3 (1 tis

Old St

Lukt s Cemctciy liverpool


and SONS in ron) neilin _

KIMlbirn- the Relatives and Friends of Ihr

late Mis ELIZA ELLIN KPMIS1FR »nee loclrl of Liverpool air klndlv invited to attend hu Funeral to leave our Chnpi 1 Scott Street

i iv ci pool rras iriicsdnj) MORNING at 1130 0 cloLk for Old St Lui c s Cemetery Llveipoo]


and L MURPHY and SON_In conjunct Ion_

1 EAU Y - Hie Relatives and I riends or Mrs C J-i LLAHY and FAMILY or 517 An'ar Pirado Klngsroid are advised that the runcral of her deatlv loved SON i nd theil dear BRO I HI H Alfred (Trcdl will leave out Prlvile Chapel 004 Crown Street bvdnej THIS MORNING at IO 0 clot! for the Catholic Ccmeleij Botanv


C04 Crown Street

Phones L2"77 i4 lines i_Syd ne j_

1 Í.WIS-The Relatives and I riends of Mr Li RICHARD LLWIS Mr and Mrs REGINALD MOORE arc Invited lo attend the Funeral of his beloved \1IFE and their nar MOTHER Trances Adelaide to leave the residence 11 Regatta Road Flvedocl THIS DAY ufter a service eommen cin at 1.45 p.m., for the Church of England  

Cemetery Rookwood.


=0011/1Y PTY LTD

Railway Pntnilc Burwood Phone UI21/8 9

nncHRIDt -Hie Relatives and Filends of Mrs

DORIin MicLRIDE and TAMILY or Jl Paciflc Street Watson Bay ate klndlv invited to nttend the runcral or hei dcnilv beloved HUSBAND and their dear FATHER Lieutenant Colonel H V C MncBrldc which will le-vvt the Kinsela Chapels


Taylor Square

Phones rL4116 7 8_Darlinghurst

\lcGRLGOH - The Funeral of the late JAMI b 1»L MCGREGOR late of Mi will leave the Klnscla Chapels THIS TUESDAY at 130 p m for the Eastern Suburbs Cremnlnrlum


Tailor Square

Phones FL4136 " l|_Darlinghurst

MCKEN71L-Ihr Relatives and 1 riends of Mr

MURDOCK MCKENZIE and IAMILY of io Keith Streit Dulwich Hill nie kindly Invited lo attend the Funeral of lils denlv brloved SON nnd Ihelr dear BROTHFR Vinllacr McKenzie yvhleh will leave the Klnscla Chapels THIS TUESDAY tit 3 pin lor the Randwick General Cemotoij


Tavlor Square

_Phnnrs FL413T - B_Darlinghurst

MANSFIELD-Tin Relatives and Trlcnds of the

late YYHLIAM J E MANSriFLD late A IF are klndlv Invited to attend his Funeral to leive our Chn «1 111(1 C eor"e Street Sydney 1HIS llucsdavi AFTEPNOON at 2 o clod for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood.  


_1 uncial Directors_ MARSHALL- The nell this end Trlcnds of Mr i'l and MIS Vi R MARSHALL and BRENDA arc kindly lnvllrd to att nd the runeinl of their dear DAUGHTFR i nd SlSTTTt Berenice May after Se i y lie enmn rnclni In St Thonns s Church Fnfleld commencing at 1 p ni THIS DAY the interment will tike piree In the Church Grounds Horn! tributes direct lo Ghuirh



Phone UA1025 (Opposite Tresbj Irrlan Church)


AJILHAM-The Relatives and Friends of Mr

, .f,,1"? i-RNEST. MILHAM are Invlied to

?esiri?,H R" "i,16", to lelue htr erandmothet s AMiiSaînesâ1 la5jor sllect Annandale THIS FSMOS?<T.0N ,at 145 ücl00k ,or »?« Church i,I

England Cemetery, Rookwood.

1ABOR MOlOK 1UNEHYLS 11M1TF.D ". 59 Pairamattu Rojd

Phone 12777 (4 Ilnt-si_Annandale

MILLER - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs MARY JANE MILLER and FAMILY are in-   vited to attend the Funeral of her beloved HUS- BAND and their FATHER, Charles Robert Miller lo leave his late residence 193 Croydon Avenue Croydon Park THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON at 3.15 o'clock for the Crematorium Rookwood    


Sydney Funeral Directors        

240 242 King street Newtown Phone L2909

MILLER -The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs H R MILLER and FAMILY are requested to attend the funeral of their dearlv beloved FATHER and GRANDFATHER Charles Robert Miller to leave 193 Croydon Avenue Crov- don Park 3 pm Crematorium Rookwood.

?I IORCOMB -1 luTlFiincrnl ~ot the~Tite ESTHER -"»-MOncOMB will leave her late residence 7 Murdoch Si reel Rozelle THIS MORNING at 10 30 o'clock, for the Church of England Cemetery,

Rookwood, Section 7.


lele W1141_91 Weston Road Horell«

XJAWSON -The Relatives and Friends of Mr -k1 and Mrs S NAWSON of Auburn ara Invited lo attend the Funeral of their beloved FATHER Frederick W Nawson uf Matson Ciescent Yowie Bay to leave oin Chapel 4 Carrington Avenue Hurstville DUS TUESDAY, at 2 pin for Church of England Cemetery, Woronora.


Funeral Directors

RANDALL -The Relatives and Friends of Mrs

GRACE RANDALL of 41 Milton Street Ash- field are Invited to attend the Funeral or her beloved SON Dick to leave the Private Chapel of Motor Funerals Limited 30 Citv Road City THIS MORNING at 9 45 o clock for The Methodist Cemetery Woronora.


Tele M6277 30 City Road City

RANDALL-The Relatives and Filends of Mr

and Mrs B RANDALL, Mr and Mrs J RANDALL Mr and Mrs O RANDALL Mrs L WHITTAKER Mr and Mrs A EAVES Mr and Mrs G FARLOW. Mr and Mrs R RYAN and Mr and Mrs A FARLOW and FAMILIES are

invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved NEPHEW and COUSIN Dick Randall For par-   ticulars see Family Notlce


RANDALL - The Relatives and friends or Miss   PFGGY RAE are invited to attend the runeral   or her dearly beloved FRIEND Albeit Richard Randall For particulars see Family Notice  


KYAN-Rnqulcm Mass tor ihr Repose or

Soul ni the late Mr DUDLF.Y SYLVESTER RYAN of 40 Albnny Road Stnnniori will be cele brntrd at St Michaels Chinch Stanmote IO MORPOYY iWednesdajl MORNING al 9 oelock The Funeral will leave the Church on WEDNES DAY it 9 4o o clock for Routwood Cemcteij

Muntum No 3


_Telephone L2B5B_ (JAI A -Ihr Reltlivcs and Friends o( the late 0 EDWARD JOSEPH SAI A are Invited to al

lend his Funeral to leave 58 Nelson St Rozelle 1HI3 AFTFRNOON at 145 oelock for Hie Catho

Ile Ccmettrv Field of Mus


24 Fnmoie Road

1 bon"s L2"" 14 llntsi_Newtown

SELMAN.-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs.   MYRTLE SELMAN, TED and PHYLLIS SEL-   MAN of Nowra, are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved HUSBAND and their dear FATHER Alfred Franklin Selman; to leave the Private Chnpel of Motoi runeruls Llmlled 30 Cllv Road Cllv THIS AFTERNOON it 2 10 oelock for the Church of England Cemetery, Woronora.    


10 City Road

Tele M 62 77_City

cjHAPl' - The Relatives and Trlends or Mrs r l~ SHARP and FAMILY or JO Colin Sil eel

1 ni culba arc Invited to atlrnd the Funeral ol her belovid HUbBAND und their dcu 1A1HCR loin) Ainsworth Sharp to leave the Prlvstc Chapel ol Ylolor Funenils limited 8 Ttailway Pnra< e. L-ist lood THIS ATI ERNDON alter a ervice com nencinsf at 2 oelock for the Church of England

Cemetery, Rookwood.


8 Railway Parade

Tele Rv de_8_i5_Fastsvood

(»¡IMMONDS-The Relatives and Friends of Mr O HARRY SIMMONDS mill ALFIiLD til CroY

don arc advise 1 that lim rrmnlns ur his dénrlv lovrri \\ITF and his riror MOIHER Stelle Mnrj were piivalely irematid Yl STEFDAY 27th lnst it the Rio! wood Cieinntoilum _


24 North Parade

Phonr L2777 14 llncsi_Campsie

SKULANDER - The Relatives and Friends of Mr.   and Mrs. T. SKULANDER, New Zealand, Mr.   and Mrs. P. SKULANDER, Mr. and Mrs. J. SKUL-     ANDER, Mr. and Mrs. N. DIER, Mr. and Mrs.     R. J. HUDSON, Mr. A. SKULANDER, Mr. and Mrs. P. GALVIN, Mr. and Mrs N. SKULANDER. and   FAMILIES and Miss R. SKULANDER, are invited     to attend the Funeral of their beloved MOTHER MOTHER-IN-L AW and GRANDMOTHER, Mar-        

garet Skulander, to leave her late residence, 14     Brabyn Street, Eastwood, THIS AFTERNOON, after     a service commencing at 2 o'clock for the Church  

of England Cemetery, Rookwood Section BBB    


8 Railway Parade,  

Ryde 85e__Eastwood  

SPFNtER-Hie Relatives mid Fiirnds of Mr

PAUL SPFNCFR and TAM11Y are Invlied ti itiend Hie runrril ol his deirlv loved YVITF ind their dear MOTHFR Min Fsthrr to leave hei limehill residence (Mr« Ciarle) IB H imp l-ad Road Auburn TO MOPROW (Wednesday! YI01ÎI

IMG at 10 o doe tot Catholic Cemcteij Rook


121 Rawson Street

Pnom UMilll__Aiibiirn_ 'BURRILL-The Reit ivis and lricnds of

« I ANCE CORI ORAL RA\ MOf D THOMAS TOR PI LL ion active service abroad and MAXWFLT aie- Informai tint the Tunela] of their late dearly beloved HIFL and MOTHER Ellen 1 di h y III bave 1er pin ni residence (9 Purl road Hirr-ni

li in THIS AFIERNOON «I 31) o elncl for 111 Church ol Fm lind Cemetctv Non linn Suburbs

MOTOR rtiNLR/n mm iß AFDA

J89 Pactfi Highvay

Mo \.B_01'"_ _ _ (rnvs-sest (Othrr Tuneral Notices on P^B* ^ )

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