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Q kings Just Happen to Me and I

Like It"


"Chips" Rafferty

(who will be seen in Chauvel's film, "Forty

Thousand Horsemen").

"Change Comes to Me Unbidden"

THIS is not, as it might at first

seem, the tale of a man with "itchy feet" and an insatiable curiosity. I am neither over-curious nor vagrant. Things just happen to me, and, being me, I like it. A man ¡s the son of his father, and my old man saw more of this globe-and this country in particular-than most men are privileged to see. He's dead now, but I'll bet he's still laughing.

MY earliest memory is of a tram journey

fiom Broken Hill, my birthplace, to Welaide just after I turned two From then on until I reached the age of twelve we lived n sixteen towns in three States-a glorious existence, and this, coupled with the fact that j nw father was a very able raconteur, has

made me what I am to-day-a man who is (i ed never to stay put

Change conies to me unbidden I can't help 1 not that I want to, and not eveiy change is lor the best But I have come to believe that so mattet how tough things are-and, believe me, I lia ve been bioken nioie often than Humpty Dumpty s lime ovei coat-Inevitably as the sunrise mi star will safely land me on my feet, "Ave


Lost Count of Number of Jobs

j DONT know how many Jobs I've had After 1 i while you somehow lose count, and Im not

pug to siy that eveiy one of them was enjoyable \m cmt dig post-holes under a mid-summer Qj "nilind sun and enjoy it, but I will say this ; r i ca i leam something fiom everything Every . « ntion has a question to ask, find the correct i« non in teims of living and you have really ¡ 1 vned something A Thuisday Island swim diver

{i,\\t me how to hold my breath conectly, a nins taught me an appreciation of Henry Lawson, ! and a schoolteacher, long after I had left school, ' tajglit me obseivation

: I have been office boy, messenger boy, stoie ,v\ ippientice engineer (I had to do some tall ;« wining lo get out of that one), cub îepoiter :ra amst shed-hand shearer wool-piesser, wool It er station-hand w indmill expert, drover, cane ;tj »i opal gougei gold fossicker, wheat-lumper, i ti u ii_ncei and sailor

Bints have always held a fascination for me Ii act when I fiist came to Sydney I bought i otty-foot cabin launch and lived on it until t« day it caught fire-now I m a cave-dweller nth» canjons of Kings Cioss

Uv fiist expeiience as a sailor came to me

"CHIPS" RAFFERTY, as he appears in his role in "Forty Thousand Horsemen," Ctuxrles Chauvel's film about the Australian

Light Horse.

quite unexpectedly in Queensland. It was a marvellous episode, but to this day I don't know what it was all about. I was having a lone drink in a "pub" in North Queensland when a stranger carne in and asked me to drink with him. One thing led to another, and before I quite knew how it had happened I was aboard a seventy foot, bald-headed schooner bound for Sourabaya.

We skirted the coast of New Guinea and passed through the Macassar Stiaits, making in all about

seven landfalls

At each place the same thing happened The crew, all Malays, put the dinghy oveiside and the head "bov" lowed the skipper to the beach. Anything from one to thiee houis later back they would come, the skipper slightly "soused," up would come the "pick" and off we went.

He alwavb took with him a small, highly-polished

wooden case, vi hat was In it I didnt ask, but I thought a lot, and to this day am still think-


In the China Sea somewhere we put about and caine back, non-stop to Cairns, and I haven t

seen or heard of him since

Now work that one out

A Lean Period

I STUDIED advertising, sold insurance worked in

a paint factory, worked on an ice run was a rabbit trapper and kangaroo shooter During one of my lean periods I managed to convince an engineering firm that I had a little knowledge of how to work a drilling machine It took them just six weeks to And out how little I did know result, back to the bush

During my sojourns at home I managed to do a little water-colour painting I tried my hand at freelancing as a commercial artist and ticket writer, then turned to signwriting but the depression was doing Its worst and these job» barely kept the wolf fiom becoming the star boarder For amusement I took up amateur theatricals and this led me to two jobs which I thoroughly enjoyed

The first was as clown assistant to a conjuior, the second as scenic artist property man and what have you to a travelling tent show I had an idea that I might finish up on the stage, but the boss was a woman we ag'eed to disagiee,

and I left

I Got Married

I^HEN two things happened The mater started

a stay-at-home-and-settle-down campaign against me ind I got the idea Id like to sail a small boat aiound the world So I set out to bag both buds with the one brick1 I took a job in a local factory saved some cash bought into a business and got mauled

You see'' it s no good me making plans Thev never woik out Something always happens along

I sold the business ind at last decided to have a go at the city My first job hete was as cellaiman with a city wine and spirit Aim I bought the boat of the sad demise and set out to have a good time save some money and stay put Before the veai was out I had a job is sub edltoi with a finn of publisher^ lost it when the war staited and bought a wine bal

I sold the bar because I didn t like the company I was keeping and went off selling subsciiptions foi a ti ade journal

Now I m an actor It goe_ like that with me as I said befoie I cant help it but I like it One day I went to Cineaound studio* to see a fnend of mine He introduced me to a fiiend of his for whom I did a screen test on the spot and found myself the comedian of the big- gest picture that has ever been attempted in this


What next?

. Now why ask me?

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