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Sharing Flat in Palestine.-Interesting Wedding Plans.-Country

Visitors in Sydney.-Married in India.

At Camden.  

Mis Pat Rothe and her son Anthony aie staying at Camden willi the formers patents Gencial and Mis Macaithu Onflow it Camden Park to be near Mr Roi he who Is in the RAAF stationed   al Macquaiie Gio c While she Is away Mis Rothe has let hci flat to M s John

O«boi ne


Miss Edna Stewart tie second d.ugh lei of Mi and Mis J L Stewait of Stiathflcld annojnecs her engagement I his mo nuit to Mi Leslie Longhuist youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs Longhuist of Mosman The wedding will tike place in about four weeks time Miss Stew ait s cn-agement ling Is a quaie out -apphhe

Two Special Guests

Memb-ns of the executive of the board of social studies of which Miss Alleen Fit-patilcl was dlrectoi and which has been lncoi pon led in the Jnivcisity Boaid of Social Studies cnloitained at a late afternoon paru at the Austialia Hotel vrsteiria/ in honour of Miss Pitxpatiick md Mi^s Muy Davis who ins sccretaij of the boa id Piofessoi and Mis Hu \cv Sutton Mis B Muscio and Miss I ridlci received the guests who included Sii rrancis and Lady Anderson Piofessoi and Mrs H T Lovell Mesdames M Tenison Woods Aithur Davis J G Faiquhaison Misses Andice Pelletier rii'abeth Goven I\y Hplbeit M Pair Profcsois W S Dawson and F A Blind and Mi S J Bucklin

From Palestine

Captain Rovvm Rc-nes ind Mis Reeves who several months ago niivcd on a holiday visit from Palestine have been visiting iclitlvcs in the western distiicts iiYiong whom weie Mr and Mis H B Welsh of Ponds Station

Oi-ingc Captain Reeves is returning by I

iii to Palestine and Mrs Reeves will j

i erna in in Svdnev as the guest of hei parents Mi and Mis Goidon Welsh of Rose Baj Miss Pat Welsh who gained prices it the slvcp show in Sydney with some of her Pittlclin stud slock returned

lo hei home at Nmdiljan Pond last Pi i j da\ I Flat at Tel-Aviv

Mesdames Mona Osborne Jim Moles

woi Hi Du ey Williams and Bill Tiaveis aie sharing a flit at Tel Aviv which pio vides a social contle foi many Austri Hans when on leave fiom the A IF

Wedding Plan's

Miss Rosemary Ramsay, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Bruce Ramsay of Bing-

ham, Paramatta, has decided upon July 6 for her marriage to Mr David Kierston     Ramsay, eldest son of Mr Kenelm Ramsay and the late Mrs Ramsay, of Quirindi.  

After the ceremony at St Johns   Chunch Parramatta a reception will be held at the home of the bride-elect.      

Miss Muy ritrpatiick who recentlv innounced hei engagement to Mr Lance Pike of Coolimon will be married at St Johns Chin (iii Wagga on Saturday

Miss Fit/patricl is the eldest daughter of Mis John Elliot of Svdncj and the late Di T W Fitzpatrick Her fiance Is a memLcr of one of Coolamon s oldest


The wedding of Miss Bubaia Johnson only diughtci of Mi and Mis Milton Johnson of Ro«e Bli to Mi Ronald Hondeison voungest son of the late Mi S B Henderson and of Mis M K. Hen dei son of Point Piper will take plice at St Michael s Church Vaucluse ncj.t Tuesda3 The wedding will be a quiet one and the bilde will be umttended

Returned Home

Mrs Jack Pratten who has been in Sidney foi a foi I night has retín ned to

hei home in Yass

Mi and Mis Ha i old Wheeler of Mirra

I bl i TV ho weie in Sydney for the wedding of theil daughter Miss Helen Whcelei to Mr A H (Peter) Birch at St James I Chut eli last week end have returned

home. The morning of her wedding the bride Rttcndcd the graduation ceremony at Sydney University and received her

B.A. degree.

Mrs. T. Stevenson, of Tamworth, who has been staying with Dr. and Mrs. Wheatley, of Warialda, for several months, has returned home, accom- panied by Mrs. Wheatley, who will spend some time as her guest.

Dr. and Mrs. William MacDonnld re- turned to Sydney this week nflcr n

MRS HEDLEY CARPENTER, of Pmiildc^QHC of Sydney's pionca s

of bicycle tiding at wartime Irunspoi t In her capacity as associate captain ot Avondale Golf Club, Pymble, site vititt the clubhouse rean latly, and decided that if pettol wcie i alionad a bicycle luould soh^ Hie problem of getting tlieie fiovi her home 'I used to ride a bicycle when I was a schoolgnl, and found to my turprisc thal I can st di manage one'" the explained 'Most of the club associates think it a maivellous idea, so I suppote some day soon we'll have a bicycle

rack outside the dooi "

honcjmoon ilsit to (lie rast Befoie hei leren! man Inge Mrs MacDomld was Miss Jill Bluies of Rose Bay

Mr and Mrs Noimin Biindltj of Cirnioine who hite b»pn spending some nceks holidaj in Oinngc "it Duntiyleague Countiv Club ictuiiicd home on Mondij

but piopose to pay another visit to Oiange in the neal futuie Mis L Biojinscomb" of Rose Biv «ho motoied to Oinnge last week to be picsent at the birthdnv of hei twin giandchlldicn Ian tnd Noi ma childi cn of Mr mid Mis Leslie Brownsiombc also returned to hci home this neck

Alter spending a short holiday as ti e guest of her parents Mi and Mrs Wer

_us Maclean of Mosman Mrs Brouglitin Bint his icturned to her home in Oi ante


An engagement of town and countrj lntcicst Is that of Miss Norma Watson second daughter of Mr T D Watson of Murilla Station NarrabU and Mi

John Mulray Vernon son of Dr and Mrs M M Vernon of Ross Hill In veiell Mi T D Watson is the presi dent of Spilng Plain Picnic Race Club and jvith the other members of the Wat

son family has been host to many town and countiy viiitors for .ears the laces

MISS ALLISON POLLARD, * ?* (laughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Fox Pollard, of Malvern, Melbourne, whose engagement is announced to Lieutenant Douglas Fcwlrcll, elder son of Major-Genera' and Mrs. A.

C. Fcwlrell, of Neutral Bay.

being held on Spiing Plain Station Mi

John Wilson and his sistei Miss Una I Watson íeccnth nu a successful Red

Cio«s Spoils Dav with the assistance of iclub mernie.- and filends at the station

Also of town mci countiy inteiest is the engagement of Miss Mollie Dunn Ipldei daughtei of Mi and Mrs N S Dunn nf j-ochlcl Mudgee to Mr Gia hame Reginald Todmin of Wallinga Mudgee eldesl son of Mi and Mis R G Tooma n of Edgecliff

News From Abroad.

Miss Joyce Layton daughtei of Mr and Mis r D Livton of Collaioy who has been doing a physical cultuie couise at Bedfoid College Bedfoidshhe England foi the past thiee j ears will îeturn to Sydney shoitlv On hei an hal she will join the stail of Fien-him Mittagong

I News of Miss Molly Tolej daughter of i Mi and Mrs H J Folcv of Drummoyne

was íeceived this week b\ Miss Molly Douglass of Edgecliff to say that after thiee yeal s in England where she has been doing social ivork at the Sunderland Hospital Duiham she his decided to îe main In Dnglmd indefinltel\ Miss Doug- las.» who vus studying ait in London for two 'scais and letuincd to Sydney last September shaied a flat with Miss Foley in London loi some time

From Melbourne.

Mi and Mrs J L Keefe of Becch vvoith Victoria who are well known to Sydney aie spending a holiday hcie, and have taken a flat at Hampton Couit Dar- linghurst They are accompanied bv Mi s A Bai ry of Melbourne, who motored

ovei with them

Mi and Mrs Leslie Wilson of Mel bou ne will motor to Sidney next week with their two small children, Derrick, aged Ave years and their four-months old son, who will be christened Michael while here The ceremony will take place at AH Saints' Chinch, Woollahra, on July 10, and an afternoon tea party will follow at the home of Mrs Wilsons mother Mis H P Woimald nf Rose

Baj, willi whom the li-ltois will stay.


The christening of Mr. and Mrs George Beresford Grant's baby son, John Eeicsfoid, will take place on Saturday afternoon at St Maik's Church, Darling Point, and Canon H W. A Baidci ivill officiate. The godparents will be Mis Giant's bl other, Mr. John Warry, of Baker's Swamp, Mr Giant's sister, Mis« Jean Giant, and Mi Sam Hordern, and oiilv lelntlvps will attend UIP opiemonv

In Sydney.

Mr. and Mrs. John Skinner, who were married at St. Paul's Cathedral, Mel- bourne, last week are spending their honeymoon in Sydney. Mr. Skinner, who is the elder son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Skinner, of Sydney and Melbourne, is a member of the. R.A.A.F., Mrs. Skinner was formerly Miss Joyce Charlesworth, the younger daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Charlesworth and of Mrs. Charlesworth. Her brother went to Mel- bourne for the wedding, which was per-


dauqlttet of Mr and Mrs T B Wallace of Mosman nhose mat nage to Mi Geoffrey Ht/lcs younger son of Mr and Mi s W G Huies of Shanow Bungendore will talc place at the Chapel ol the Sydney Church of England Grammar School on Satin day afternoon Miss Wallace will be attended by her sister Miss Shirley Wallace and Mr John .Robinson, will be bett man A reception will be held at

the Wcntwotth Hotel

formed by the precentor, the Rev. H. Oliver Hole who is Mrs. Skinner's   brother-in-law. After the ceremony, Mr and Mrs Hole gave a reception at their home in Kew.

Mi and Mrs John Kitchen, who ar livcd in Sydney îecently fiom theil sta- tion home 98 miles fiom Chaileville Queensland, aie staving at Hampton Couit Mi Kitchen plans to enlist, and ii he is accepted his wife will live with hei mothei, Mis B A Rogers, of Darling


Mrs Edgar Wnght better known as Hilda Rix Nicholas the artist is in town

MISS SHEILA CARTER, only daughter of the late Mr. R. A. Carter

and of Mrs. Carter, of Double Bay, whose engagement to Mr. John Appleton, son of the late Mr. E. B. Appleton, and of Mrs. Apple-

ton, of Vaucluse, is announced. Her canine friend is "Mr. Dooley."  

from her station home, Knockalong, Tombong, and is staying at the Australia


Mis Pctci Jenkins, of Craigie, Bom- bala, io spending a short holiday in Syd-


Miss Cynthia Maret oft, of Gunnedah Is spending a holiday in Sydney as the guest of Miss Yvonne Hibbard, of Wah-


Mr and Mrs Frank Mack, of Narro- mine, Mr and Mrs E Austin and their small son, Michael, of Wfliienbone, Gulai gnmbone and Mr G Talkincr of Haddon Rig, Warien, accompanied by Commande) and Mrs Nobby Clarke and Miss Rose Marie Waddy, jvho had been his guests all stayed at the Canoblas Hotel, Oiangc last week before going on to Sydney to spend a holiday

Mrs F B Heiitage of South Yana Melbourne is visiting Sydney and will stay with her mothci Mrs Augustus Hill at Butley Toweis Elizabeth Bay, for the winter months

Miss Gladys Wilshiie, of Melbourne, is spending a holiday In Sydney, and Is staying at Chevciells, Elizabeth Bay Married in India.

The wedding of Miss B"tty Fogaity daughter of Mi and Mis John J Fogaity, of Tooiak Melbourne, to Cap- tain TOM Edivaids, of the 2nd King Edward VII Ghuika Rifles took placp In Dchia Dun, on June 17

Country Visitors.

Mr and Mrs Ken Laurie, of Bonce Walcha, are visiting Sydney and staying at the Carlton Hotel

Mr and Mis Lewis A Hamilton, of Ravenswood Rylstone ivho motoicd to Sydney last Satuiday will spend two weeks' holidav hcie and ha\e taken a flat at Hampton Couit

Mis Bill Wentworth of Poit Kembla, South Const accompanied bv her two small childi en Jin«1 and William Ls

THE engagement of MISS IOAN

HOPE BALMAIN elder daugh- ter of Mr and Mis A H Balmain Brutton Cooma, is announced to Mi Gcofrey Ernest Ferguson elder son of the late Mr C A Ferguson and of Mi s Fei quson of Glcn/ergus, | Cooma

spending a short holiday in Sydney as the guest of her mother-in-law, Mrs. W. C. Wentworth, of Point Piper. They came to town on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. S. H, Harnett, of Cooma, accompanied their son, Mr. Hope Har- nett, to Sydney last week-end, where they stayed at Labrador, Macquarie Street. They returned home yesterday.

Mrs. C. A. Anderson, of Mullalley Station, Gunnedah, and her daughter, Miss Margaret Anderson, motored to Sydney yesterday, and have taken a flat at Elizabeth Bay. They have been joined by Mrs. Anderson's daughter, Mrs. P. W. Lang, of Carlaminda, Cooma, and nie visiting the former's son, Mr. Duncan Anderson, who is with the A.I.F. '

To Live at Young.

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Macfarlane, who were married in Sydney last week, are spending their honeymoon in Brisbane, where they motored on Monday. They expect to be away about a month, after which they will make th'eir home at Glen Lodge, Young, the station home of Mr. Macfarlane. Mrs. Macfarlane was for- merly Miss Nancy Macfarlane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Macfarlane, of New Zealand, who came to Sydney for tilt wedding. They have been staying at Ha-clhurst, Cremorne, ind left for New- castle yestevday, accompanied by Mrs. Macfarlane'- sister, Mrs. E. Budden.

From Honeymoon. .

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Isblstcr, who were married at the Church of England Gram- mar School Chapel. North Sydney, Saturday, have returned from a brief honeymoon. The bride is the younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Tanner, of Parramatta, and the bridegroom, who is a. member of the A.I.F.. Is the youngest son of the late Dr. J. Isblstcr and Mrs. Isblstcr, of Wollstonecraft.

,To Visit Husband. -

Mrs. Douglas Levy, of Rosemont. Ave- nue, Woollahra, left for Melbourne this week to see her husband, who is in camp there with the A.I.F.

Mrs. Pat Kelso, of Mosman, will leave on Thursday for Melbourne, where her husband. Captain Kelso, is In camp with the A.I.F. She will be the guest of the lattcr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Janies Kelso, of South Yarra.

Round of Visits.

Mrs. Rob Gill, of Ellerslie. Adelong, and her small son, Rens, who have been spending a holiday at Wathagar Station with Mrs. Gill's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Black, have returned home. During their stay they visited, with their parents, another sister, Mrs. G. R. Gill, of Emu Creek, Walcha, who is now a guest at Wathagar.

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