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Family Notices

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BELLINGHAM (nee Beryl Williams). - September 16, Minto private hospital, Wilberforce Avenue, Rose Bay, to Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Bellingham - a daughter. BESWICK (nee Mary Cavell). - September 16, at Delaware private hospital, Waverley, to Mr. and Mrs. George Beswick - a son. BUCKNELL. - September 18, at Grange private hospital, Brisbane, to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bucknell, of Melbourne - a son.

CLAPHAM (nee Rita Johansen). - September 10, at Colvine private hospital, Hurstville, to Mr. and Mrs. Clapham - a son (Ronald Edward). DANGAR. - September 18, at St. Faith's private hospital, Narrandera, to Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Dangar - a daughter.

GILBERT (nee J. Reed). - September 13, at Graf -

ton, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Bruce Gilbert - a son (Geoffrey Michael).

GRANT. - September 18, at St. Luke's private

hospital, t0 Mr. and Mrs. H. B. E. Grant, Sutton

Forest - a son.

HALL (nee Aird). - September 3, at Woodleigh private hospital, Hurstville, to Helen, wife of Arthur Edward Hall - a daughter (Barbara Helen).

HENDERSON. - September 17, at Earlstone private hospital, Hurlstone Park, to the wife of John D.  

Henderson - a son (Robert David).

HOWLETT. - September 11, at Sister Buckland's   private hospital, Burwood, to Mr. and Mrs. G. Howlett, Salt Street, Concord - a daughter.

HUDSON. - September' 15, at Rosslyn private hos- pital, Arncliffe, to Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Hudson  

- a son.

KENNEDY (nee Betty Pontey). - September 18 to Mr. and Mrs. J. McL. Kennedy, 13 Smith Rd., Artarmon - a daughter (Patricia).

MACKINNON (nee Moodie). - September 17. at St. Monan's. Cremorne, to Nell wife of Robert   G. A. Mackinnon - a daughter.

MILLER (nee Billie Whiteman). - September 9, 1939, at Charlemount, Potts Point, to Mr. and Mrs.   Noel Miller, Bellevue Hill - a daughter.

SCOTT (nee E. Walters). - September 19, at Iluka Hospital, Newcastle, to Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Scott -

a daughter.

VAIL. - September 15, at Sutton Veny, Chatswood,   to Elizabeth Margaret, wife of Edwin S. Vail -

a son (Peter).

WATSON. - September 8, to Mr. and Mrs. Owen Watson, of Concord West - a son (Robert Albert).

WISE (nee Joyce Owens). - September 17, at Sunbury, Ashfield, to Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Wise -

a daughter (Anne).

WRIGHT (nee McMahon). - September 10, at Saba private hospital, Neutral Bay, to Mr. and Mrs. R.

Wright - a daughter.


BALL-ROBERTSON. - The Engagement is an-

nounced of Betty, only daughter of Mr. H. Robert- son, and the late Mrs. Robertson, of Wollongong, to Noel, second son of Mr. A. H. Ball and the late Mrs. Ball, of Manly, Queensland.

DAVIS-HOLLAND. - The Engagement is an-

nounced of Miss Peggie Holland, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Holland, of Rampsbeck station, Armidale, N.S.W., to Flight-Lieutenant Regi-  

nald H. Davis, of Air Force Headquarters, Victoria Barracks, Melbourne, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Davis, of Annerley, Queensland.

ELLIS-DENNING. - The Engagement is an- nounced of Ruby, only daughter of Mrs. C. W. Denning, of Lakemba, to Merington (Merry,) youn- ger son of Mrs. E. P. Ellis, of Lakemba.

FARLEIGH-BURNS. - The Engagement is an- nounced of Margaret H., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Burns, of Wollstonecraft, to J. Bruce M., eldest son of Mrs. E. M. Farleigh, of Artarmon, and the late E. A. Farleigh, of


FOWLER-PARSONS. - The Engagement is an- nounced of Marjorie Vida, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Parsons, of Wollongong, to Ber- nard Noel, third son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Fowler,

of Wallacia.

GREETHEAD-MICHIE. - The Engagement is an-

nounced of Miss Phyllis G. Michie, only daughter   of the late Mr. G. L. Michie and Mrs. Michie, of Wollstonecraft, to Mr. George E. Greethead, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Greethead, of Lane


KENNA-PICKWORTH. - The Engagement is announced in London of Marjorie Edna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pickworth, of Sydney, to Robert Douglas, son of the late Mr. and Mrs.

W. D. Kenna, of Melbourne.

MYERS-DAVIS. - The Engagement is announced of Elwyn Lillian, only child of Mr. and Mrs. A.     Davis, of Coogee, to George, elder son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Mark Myers, of Stanmore.

O'CONNELL-STEWART. - The Engagement is

announced of Marie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Stewart, of Strathfield, to Keith, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald O'Connell, of Ash-  


PEARCE-MACARTNEY. - The Engagement is announced of Jean Mary, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Macartney of Etham Avenue, Darling Point, to Eric Herbert, elder son of the late Mr. H. C. Pearce and Mrs. Pearce, of Ryde,

Isle of Wight, England.

TRIGGS-SEBBENS. - The Engagement is an- nounced of Clarice Lillian, only daughter of Mr.   and Mrs. C. Sebbens, of Queanbeyan, to Alan, only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Triggs, of Hurlstone Park.

WALLINGS-BANKS. - The Engagement is an-

nounced of Lilian, youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. G. Banks, London, to Jack, second eldest son of the late Mrs. J. E. Wallings and Mr. J. E. Walllngs, Bellevue Hill, Sydney.

WOODLOCK-SHEEHY. - The Engagement is announced of Margaret, only child of the late   Mr. Richard Sheehy and Mrs Sheehy, of Blackheath   and Manly, to William, third son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Woodlock, of Reedy Corner,  



EVANS-ANDERSON. - September 16, 1939, at St. Paul's, Burwood, by Rev. W. O. Nisbet, Arnold S.   Evans, M.B., Ch.M., of Strathfield, to Winifred   Anderson, of 58 Albert Road, Strathfield.

PIKETT-PICKERING. - August 2, 1939, at Syd- ney, Albert H., eldest son of the late A. A. Pikett, of New Zealand, and Mrs. G. Harrison Gregory, of Colombo, Ceylon, to Joan F., younger daughter of the late F. S. Pickering and Mrs. I. S. Pickering, of

Huntley's Point.  


BARRETT.—September 14, 1939, at Quirindi,    

Arthur, late of Jerilderie, aged 85 years. Other

States please copy.

BIRCH.—September 18, 1939, at a private hos-  

pital, Alice Frances, relict of the late Dr. C. Or- monde Birch, and mother of Viola (Mrs. O. Sobell), Edna (Mrs. de Courcy Brown), Theo (Mrs. M.   Beard), and of Reginald Ormonde Birch. Privately


BROWN.—September 7, 1939, David Rhodes   Brown, only son of J. Rhodes and Claire Brown, of Cheltenham. aged 5 years. Privately cremated.

BURGESS.—September 19, 1939, at St. George   District Hospital, Edward Charles, beloved husband of Dorothy Burgess and loved father of Ted and

Dorothy, aged 38 years.

BURNS.—September 19, 1939, at Auxiliary Hos-  

pital, Randwick, Kathleen (Dove) beloved mother of Jack and Milton (Georgina and Ray, deceased).


CAPURN.—September 19, 1939, Blanche J. F.,   dearly beloved wife of the late Capt. T. A. Capurn, and beloved mother of Daphne and Dudley.

COOPER.— September 19, 1939, at his residence, 3 Walker Street, Helensburgh, William Wilson, dearly loved husband of Kate Stanley Cooper and father of Harry, Eileen, Nancy, and Jack, aged 66 years. See Thursday's "Herald" for Funeral.

COSTELLO.—September 18, 1939, as result of   an accident, Harold William Costello, dearly loved husband of Margery and loving father of Don, Dell, and Wendy, aged 42 years.

CRANDELL.—September 17, 1939, Raymond   Claude, age 29, late Mullumbimby. Privately in- terred Northern Suburbs Cemetery, September 19.

CRISP.—September 19, 1939, Mary Ann Crisp,   relict of the late William Crisp, of Deewhy, beloved mother of Effie, Elsie, Lurline, Irene, Lillie, William, and Phyllis, aged 58 years.

DENNIS.—September 19, 1939, at a private hos-   pital, Dulwich Hill, Elizabeth Jane, widow of the late Frederick Dennis, and dear mother of Laurel and Morton. Aged 76 years.

EVENDEN.—September 16, 1939, at a private hos-  

pital, Taree, Lindon Manning, dearly loved only son of A. A. Evenden and the late C. M. Evenden and brother of Lillian and Ethel, aged 32 years.

FULLERTON.—September 18, 1939, at his residence, 9 Brand Street, Artarmon, John, relict of the late Margaret Boyd Fullerton, and loving father of Margaret Boyd (Mrs. F. Williams), James, Agnes (deceased), John Daniel, David (deceased), and

(Rev.) William Crossland, aged 85 years. Home  

papers please copy.

GIBSON.—September 18, 1939, at her residence, 24 Clarence Street, Campsie, Alice Elizabeth Gib- son, beloved mother of William, Agnes, Alice, Joseph, and Florence. Aged 64 years.


GREEN.—September 19, 1939, at a private hos- pital, Stanmore, Reginald Henry, dearly loved hus- band of Ada, and beloved brother of Sydney Frere, Dr. Terence (deceased), Lizzie (Mrs. Easy), Alfred James (deceased), Maggie (Mrs. Williams, of Berry), Robert Seaton (deceased), Eva (Mrs. Fred   Williams), Beatrice (Mrs. Lewis), William (de ceased), and Nathalie (Mrs. H. Ayre).    

GREEN.—September 19, 1939, at Stanmore,  

Reginald Henry, dearly loved brother-in-law of   Hannah (Mrs. Hardy), Henry, Fay, Maude (Mrs.

Painter), Myra (Mrs. Goodyer), Florrie (Mrs. St. Heapes), Jim Fay, Claude Fay, Phyllis (Mrs. Hack), and Austin Fay.  

HARMER.—September 17, 1939, at Bathurst Dis-  

trict Hospital, Frederick Willie Harmer, dearly   loved husband of Ethel Gertrude and father of the Rev. Wilfred L. Harmer, of O'Connell. Requiescat

in pace.

HOLT.—September 16, at Newcastle, Donald Holt,       husband of Hazel Holt, aged 65 years.

HOUGH.—September 19, 1939, at a private hos-   pital, Randwick, Harriet Hough, of 20 Arden Street, Waverley, widow of the late James Alfred Hough and dearly loved mother of Leslie, Cecil, and of the   late Alfred Hough. Aged 81 years.

KIRCHNER.—September 16, 1939, at St. Vincent's  

private hospital, Frank Kirchner, late of Rabaul, aged 70 years. Interred Church of England Ceme- tery, Prospect, September 18, 1939.

LEWIS. - September 18, 1939, Trevor John, be-

loved son of John and Agnes Lewis and beloved   brother of Mary and Clare (of 26 Carrington Street, Mayfield), aged 20 years. R.I.P.

LEWIS.—September 18, 1939, Trevor John, dearly loved nephew of Mr. and Mrs. C. O'Hara, Mr. and   Mrs. J. O'Hara, Mrs. M. Sharp, Mother M. Augus-   tine, and Kitty O'Hara, aged 20 years. R.I.P.  

LONSDALE.—September 16, 1939, at Accrington,   Lancashire, England, Frank Edwin, beloved husband   of Fanny (deceased), and father of Leslie, Cyril (both deceased), and Lionel, late tram starter, Port Macquarie, aged 80 years.

MATTSON.—September 19, 1939, Jean, beloved       wife of Haydn Mattson and loving mother of Peter,

of 83 Brighton Boulevarde, North Bondi, aged 28


MATTSON.—September 19, 1939, Jean, dearly be-      

loved daughter of Mrs. Bessy Press, and of the   late Nathan Press, and loving sister of Morris, Louis, Ella (Mrs. Levien), Lily, Samuel, Esther     (Mrs. J. Goldberg), and Rueben, aged 28 years.      

MILLIKIN.—September 19, 1939, at Orange, Mar-        

jorie Eileen, beloved wife of Samuel Millikin and  

mother of Ross, aged 37. At rest.

MORRIS.—September 19, 1939, (suddenly), at 14   Cook Street, Lewisham, Jessie Morris, beloved sis-       ter of the late Jean Morris, aged 75 years.

MUIR.—September 15, at Royal Prince Alfred     Hospital, Thomas Campbell, beloved husband of   Norah, and loving father of Neil, of Rarawai, 46       Military Road, North Bondi. Cremated.

NAYLOR.—September 16, at her residence, Peel     Street, Bathurst, Sarah Dublin Naylor, relict of the late Henry Charles Naylor and mother of Edith, Amy, Olive, Cyrus, Arthur, and Harry, in her 90th


NEALE.—September 19, 1939, at a private hospi-    

tal, Haberfield, Agnes Brodie, relict of Nathaniel   Neale, of Parramatta, and loving mother of May, Elsie (Mrs. R. W. Manton), Bert, and Ted, in her  

82nd year.

NELTHORPE.—September 19, at her residence,   Church Street, Mudgee, Elizabeth Amy, eldest daughter of the late James and Jane Nelthorpe and beloved sister of Lily, Walter, and Minnie. At rest.

NEW.—September 19, 1939, at Camden District   Hospital, Phyllis Edna, dearly loved daughter of Norman and Elsie New, of Picton, and loved sister of Owen, Dora, Norma, Eric, and Elsie, aged 36 years. At rest.


O'HALLORAN.-September 17, 1939, at Mudgee,   Isabella, beloved wife of Thomas and mother of George, Catherine (Mrs. Morrow), Eileen (Mrs.

Watson), aged 67 years. R.I.P.

PAGET. - September 19, 1939, at her residence, 13 Barnsbury Grove, Dulwich Hill, Dorothy Flor-

ence May, beloved wife of Thomas Paget, and loving mother of Joyce and Valerie, aged 34 years.

PETERSEN. - September 18, 1939, at Penrith, Mary Ann Petersen, relict of the late L. Petersen,

and loved sister of Martha Fenton.

PETERSON. - September 19, 1939, at a private hospital, Thomas Tyndal Peterson, of Dalston, Mer- rivale Road, Pymble, aged 77 years.  

PETERSON. - September 19, 1939, at a private hospital, Thomas Tyndal Peterson, dearly beloved brother of Elizabeth (Mrs. Starr), William, Arthur, Daniel, Jean (Mrs. Ironside), Florence, and Cla-

rissa (Mrs. Calvert).

PICKUP. - September 13, 1939, at Wahroonga,

Donald Austin Norman, beloved only son of Norman   and Millicent, and brother of Jean, of 7 Nelson Road, North Strathfield, grandson and nephew of Mrs. A. Norman and family, of Goulburn, nephew of Miss Katie Pickup, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pickup, the Reverend and Mrs. Robert Pickup, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pickup, aged 18 years. Interred Sep-   tember 15, Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood.

RICHARDSON. - September 19, 1939, George Alfred, beloved husband of Grace Edith Richardson, late of Bondi and Leichhardt, and beloved father of Olive (Mrs. E. Mullens), George, Lionel, Jean (Mrs. J. Crowley), and Lily (Mrs. C. Banks), aged 70


SAINSBURY. - September 18, 1939, at Darling-     hurst, James J. M. Sainsbury, dearly beloved   father of Verdi, Jack, Edith, and Namoi, and loved brother of Eleanor, Joseph, William, Mathew, and Jack, and father-in-law of Hilton, Marcia, and  

Thelma, aged 67 years.

SHUMACK. - September 19, 1939, at Bexley, Alice

Margaret, beloved wife of Joseph Shumack, and loved mother of Florence, and loving sister of   Tom, Dolly, Florrie, and Winnie, and fond cousin     of Daniel, Edith, and Walter. Requiescat in pace.

SHUMACK. - September 19, 1939, Alice Margaret,

wife of Joseph Schumack, of Goulburn, mother of Mrs. John McClemens, and youngest daughter of the late William Reynolds, or Cullinga, Wallend-  


WALLER. - August 15, 1939, at Melbourne, Vic-

toria, Elinor Louisa, late England and India, daughter late Arthur and Mrs. Waller.

WEIL. - September 19, 1939, at his residence, 9   Leopold Street, Croydon, Charles Alfred Westroph Weil, dearly beloved husband of Helen Weil and   loving father of Muriel (Mrs. Sommer), Eric, and   Charles, aged 68 years. By request no flowers.      

WEIL. - September 19, 1939, at his residence, 9   Leopold Street, Croydon, Charles Alfred Weil, lov-   ing brother or Phillip (deceased), Albert (deceased),

George (deceased), Annie, and Richard.

WILLIAMS. - September 17, 1939, at Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick, George Howell, dearly beloved husband of Annie Williams, of 27 Wallis Parade, North Bondi, and loving father of George and Edna, aged 61 years.

WILLIAMS.- September 17, 1939, George Howell (Jim), beloved husband of Ann Williams, of Pen-    

berry, Wallis Parade, Bondi, and dear father of

Edna and George, aged 61 years.

FUNERAL NOTICES-See preceding page


BOLGER -In loving memory of mv denr wlfi Caroline Annie and mother of Percy end Ednli who died on September 30 1036

BOOKER -Lovlni. memories of my bclovio mother called home beptcmbrr 20 Wellington {JJ

Peace perfect peaci

Ihsert-d bs her loving dmiühtcr _Hctn


BULLI VANT-in loving memoiv of our dear mother Teresa Sarah who departed this life Sep

tember 20 1921

Just a memory fond and true

To show dear mother we think of you

Inserted by her loving daughters Lily Teresa

son In law Ernie

COLLINS -In lovlm. memory ot our dear mother and grandmother Amy Josephine who departed this life September in 1034 Oonc bul not for gotten bv EUI Daph John and Peter

DAY -In loving memoiy of mv dear brothei in law William George Day passed away Scptembei

20 1938

We love lu., mernot v

No1 Just to day but every dav

Inserted by Minnie Stella Jimmie and Mis Hamley anc family

DENNY -In lovln" memoiy of oui dfar mothei Lina Victoria who passed awav September 20 1037

We oherlsh still with love sincere

Beautiful memo! les of one so dear Inserted bv her loving daughteis

EATON-In loving memory of de ir diu har Llssey who passed away on Septcmbei »0 At rr i inserted bv her loving moth»r Jane Smith

TARRINGTON !n memory of oin dear mothu who passed anav September A0 1938 al o dad wh passed avvav April 13 1031

Beautiful memories linger yet

Of one too dear lo ever forget

Inserted bv their loving daughters

FOREMAN-In loiint, memory of im on avdnev Joseph who departed thi* life Septembci 20 1037 Inserted bv his loving mother

FOREMAN -In loving iiiemorv of our du brother brother In law and uncle lid (Mirk) who pasjed away September "0 1937 Inserted bv lil lovlnp slstei 111 inri Trd Middleton

FOREMAN A toten oí love lo the memoiv <" oui deal brothel Svdncv tMlcki died Septcmbei 20 1037 Alwavs rcmcmbeied bv his lovlni, slstei brother In law niece Jark For Iris

FOSKETT -In lovin uciik rv Í oin dear father who passed awav SinlemhPi 20 1937

Cods eicalPst clft ii membrance

Inserted hv lils son and dau liter Len and Dm FRANCIS-In lol lill, meillon of mv dtai son ant our brothei Rogci (Pay) who departed this life as the rtsull of cn arcldrnl Se-Mcmbcr »0 l°3fl aged 30 yen!s

What though in lonely -ji tr>I

We sicjh foi one beloved no linger nigh Submissive still would we replv Thy vlll be done

Inserted bv his Invine molhrr brothel and istér In lav Toni and Dil« Islcr lena Cro cr

and niece Lena T ancl>

1 RANCIS in loving inemoiv of mu deal mo thci and un lp Rov Remembered by Dick Mas niece Dot Phvll M ivis

I urfaL -lu lovin memoiv of mv molhei who passed awav September 20 1037 Al o my dad

Juiunrv 3 10 8

I will alwKjs remcmbPi

Inserted bj theil daughter Mabel Hogan and


GILMORL- In loving ncmoiy ol molhei vho passed avvav on September JO lOJl

Safe n the arms of Jesus

Insoited bv her ron Oeoige d ughtci In law inn grandchildren of Sutheilnnd

GIENN-In loving memory nt mv rieir wlf and mv loving molhei Elsie May wh i pa ed awa) Sip tember -0 1Q34 Iuscitcd by hci loving husband end dnughlci Doiolhv

HUNTER-In lovlni, mniioiy ol my deal li

band and oui father Robprt who departed this life september 20 I9J0 Nnver forgotten Inserted by his loving wife and family

(For other notice« under tin« heading

tee page 11 )


(For notice* under thu heading

mc page 11.)


HOLLAND.-In fond memory of our dear son and our brother. F.lvin. who waa accidentally killed

September 20. 1934.

We cannot read God's purpose.

But, theie will come a day

When He will show each mother

Whv her bov was called away. As around your grave. I stand

I' often wonder whs

God broke the 'golden chain

That parted you and I.

Inserted bv lils loving nunn. dad. sisters, and brothers. Mervyn,1 Gwen, Audrey, Rosslyn, inn

little Yvonne.

HOLLAND.-In fond memory of our dear nephew and cousin. Elvln, who was accidentally killed Sep-

tember 20. 1934.

In the davs of his splendid boyhood.

When the tide of His life was high. He lived to make us happy.

Oh. whv did he have lo die?

Inserted bv Ivis loving auntie, uncle, and cousin,

Beat. Stan, Ron.

HOWLETT (McDotigtiUI.-In lovinrt memory of mv dear son, Douglas William, who left us Scp'rm

hcr 20. 1037. age 20 years.

There Is a shrine In my heart wherp In silence alona I cherish sweet, mcmoilcs that are only my own: I often sit and think of s-on. dear son. And think of how you died.

Many a time I longed for yon. and mans- a tims

I've ci led.

To think we could not say good-bye will always

bring regret.

The ones who loved you dearly aro the ones who

cannot forget.

Inserted hy lils loving mother and stepfather.

HOWLETT (McDousall).-In loving mcnioiv ni my dear brother. Douglas William, who passed rrjy September 20. 1937. age 20 years.

The midnight stars are .shining on a grève not fir


Where they laid my dear brother Just two ye.iri

nso to-day.

The flowers I place upon lils grav-p may wither and


But the love for the one that Iles hencath will

never fade away.

Inserted by his loving sIsIt. Gwen, and brot'ier

ln-law. Alf.

HUBBARD.-!-In remembra nee ni our dear lilli» bov. Noel Mervyn, whom God called Septrmber ^O, 1922. aged 5 years and 9 month«.

Two little feet have gone th-> way To the land hcyond the skies.

Inserted by his loving mother, fnthcr. sisters.

and brothers.

KELLY.-In loving memory of mv dear .ni. George Edward, who passed away- September 20,


Who shall sav 1hat grief t -v« lessened

Though the smile may , '?!'> the tears. Memory keeps the wound . _t'l open.

Despite the passlng-of Hit- years. Inserted bv his loving mother.

LAFFERTY.-Treasured memories of mv d?ar husband and our father. John, who passed «".. v September 20, 193B.

His life a beautiful memory,

His absence a silent sorrow.

Time wears away the edge of grief, But. memory turns back every leaf. Inserted by his loving wife and son.

LAFFERTY.-In laving memory or our t!"->r father. John, who passed away September ao. l"33.

They say that time will heal a wound

And teach us to forget,

? But lime so far has only proved

How much we miss you yet.

Inserted by lils loving doughter and son-in | law. Eileen and Ted.

LAFFERTY.-In loving memory of our deir brother-in-law, John, who passed away September | 20, 1938.

One of the best.

Inserted by Cis and Rubs-.

MAY.-In loving memory of our dear mm her, Margaret Mas-, who died September 20, 1938. Sadly missed. Inserted by Eva Moore mid grandchildren, | Jack. Henrs', and Margaret Moore.

MAY.-lu loving memory of our denr nana. Mnr

MILLS.-In lovlnit memory of i~y wire, Al.ce Zillah, who passed away September 20. 1038. | Inserted by her husband, Arthur Godfrey.

OLDFIELD.-In loving memory of my darling mother, who passed away September 20. 1H34. | Remembrance.

PETTERS.-In loving memory of my husband. George, and our father, who passed away September

"0, 1930; also his two pals.

Not Just to-day. but every day, In silence we remember.

PICKERING.-In loving memory of mv dear husband, who passed away September 20, 1937. Sadlv missed by his lovlnj! wife, sons, and dauchler.


POWELL.-In loving memory of my dear nephew. Thomas Raymond (Ray), who passpd away Septem-

ber 20, 1934.

May his »mil rest In peace.

Inset-ted by hi« loving uncle, Arch, and family.

ROCHE.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away September 20, 1927.

You often said that we'd miss you.

Your words proved true;

We lost our best, and dearest friend, Mother.

When we lost you.

Inserted by Her sons, daughters, and grandchil-


SEARY.-In memory of mv dear brother. Leo. late A.I.F. Always remembered. Inserted by Tom. Florrie, and family (of Toongabbie).

TILLY.-In loving memory of our dear daugh- ter and sister, Olga, who passed aw-ay September

"0, 1938.

A silent thought brings many a tear For the one we lost and loved so dear.

Inserted by her loving mother, father, and bro-

ther. .Noel.

TILLEY.-In loving memory of Olga, who passed way September 20, 1938. Inserted by her friend.


WATTS.-A tribute, of loving memory lo mv dear w-lfo. Win, died September 20, 1037. Always

In my thoughts. Ted.

WATTS.-In loving memory of dear Win, who tell asleep .September 20, 1937.


Sweet perfume of beautiful memories. Sadlv missed by her sister-in-law. Ruby.

WAR-REN-In loving memory of dear mother lanet who passed awaj September 20 1037 Sadly missed bv John Jenny Ruby and Glad

WATTS -In loving mcninrv of mv daughter-in law Winifred Kathleen who fell aélepp September JO 1937 Ever remembered Inserted by her tathpi in-law

WICKS-In loving memnrv of our dear mother and mother-in-law Hannah who passed away Sep- tember 20 1035 Inseriert bv Els.p and les

WILLIAMS -In loving memory of mv dear hus- band William Williams who passpd away Septem- ber ?0 1038

To-day I am thinking of someone

Who was alwavs good and true Someone I miss sadlv

Dear Bill that someone Is you

Inseriert hj lils loving wlfp Mav Williams

WORRILL-In loving memory of our dear mother who departed September lo 1933

Hearts that love never forget Inserted by her loving family

WYMEIR.-In loving mPmorv of our dear daugh- ter Dolls (nee Lennox), passed away September 20 1934 aged 27 years

Deep in our hearts a memory Is kept

Of one we loved and will never forget Tieasuied memories of one so dear

Are often recalled by a tear Inserted hy her loving mum and dad

On Active Service.

WILKIE-In loving memnrv of our dear brolhpr and pal Horace killed In action September 20 1017 Mr and Mrs A B Turner Cn o uri Road Vaucluse

WILKIE-In loving memorv of our son Horace, 20th Battnllon AIF killed In action Polygon Wood September io 1017 Mr and Mrs D Wilkie 15 Tavistock Street nruininovne


BRO!HER and SISTER of the late Nurse Helen Robertson of Pallwav Road St Peters rnlinn IHANKS for noral liibutps telcgiams letter-, coids and kind sympuhy lu their recent sad b»


The IAMILY of the late Marv Ann O Brien nf 42 Ormond Sued Paddington wish to inccielv THANK all iplatlies md trlpnds for all cprr sions of svmpalhj In their gnat loss

Mrs BARR and Irene return sincere THANKS for all expressions of sympathy In their recent   sad bereavement especially to Mr and Mrs Hyde. also Messrs Cooper Bros and employees

Mi and Mrs H CRFMER of T> Church Street

Ryrie THANK kind relative friends anil neigh- bours for floral tributes cards lelegnms and lpllpra In IhPlr rppi ni sad bpieavoment

Mrs I PHILLIPS 1R "'lu am Road Atistinmsr, iiihc to slneerelv IHANTv pvrrvonp for (he man7 exprpssions of svmnathy In the los3 of her dear .husband. Charlu.

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