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'Ants in His


"ANTS in His Pants" has been chosen by

Cinesound as the final title lor their ic cently completed comedy, starring Will Mahoney, and which is to bo released in Sydney on December 29

The picture, which took nearly five months to make, originally had a working title of "Come Up Smiling "

About 16,000 Sydney people must be looking forward to seeing "Ants in His Pants" for the tensón that most of them will catch a fleeting glimpse of their own faces in a movie for the flr«t time This numbet of "extras" was used in special scenes photogiaphed at the Sydnej Showground and in a huge stadium specially consttucted at Cincsound's Bondi

Junction Studio

"Ants in His Pani? stais Will Mahoney whose pievious screen appearance was in 'Said O'Reilly to McNab." with Will Fyffe.

With him in the film are Shirley Ann Richards, Jean Hatton, Evie Hayes (in pilvate life, Mrs Will Mahoney), Alec Kellaway, Sid- ney Wheeler, John Fleeting Ronald Whelan and Hallv Abdy It is the Mist Cinesound film which Ken G Hall did not peisonally


Instead he supervised the entile production, nnd íelegated the actual direction on the set to Mr. William Fieshman, recentlv brought by Cinesound fiom Biitish International Pie tures at Elstiee

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