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Rev. L. N. Suttons View.

.The induction of the Rev. Leonard

[Neville Sutton as rector of St. John's,

Ashfield, is likely to be delayed till the

first week in August.

Mi Sutton oiid ycsteiday that when he entered upon his new duties he Intended to concentrate upon yvoik among young people There aie abundant signs he said of a searching by youth for spiritual tiutlu which theil eldeis have found so comforting All they need arc a little sympathy and cn


He attaches some impoi tance to the musical side of woiship in which St Johns Ashfield has been so fortunate in the past Secular coincidences aie to be found in Mi Suttons own experiences As a choirboj he sang at St Andrews at the cnthionemcnt of the late Archbishop Wiight Later he became piecen tor at the Cathedra] Bishop Wilton when he came to St Andrew s as precentor was a curate at St John s Camden Mr Sutton was also cm ate at Camden Dr Corlette

foi mei Cathedral precentor went to St John s Ashfield and now Mr Sutton roes


Aichblshop Mow H is to be the pieachei at a sei vice foi the American community to be held at S* Andiews Cathedial to monow morning In the evening the Rev M G Hinsby rector of All Saints Hunters Hill

will be the preachei

Canon Needham chah man of the Austra- lian Boaid of Mission- left Sydney for Biis bane last night He is to addiess Synod which opens on Mondaj several times dunng

its deliberations

The Rev R B Robinson gencial secretáis of the Home Mission Society will visit Moss Vale and Mittagong to-moriow and on Mon- day evening will lectuie at Mittagong

Aichblshop Mow 11 will dedicate the founda- tion-stone of the Chuich of England Home for Boys at Cailingford at 3 pm to-daj

The 55th annual festival of St Johns Church Milsons Point commences to-moi row The Revs Canon R B S Hammond and C T Parkinson will be the preachers

The Rev G R Mathers will preach at both sei vices at St Janies s King Street to-moi lovv His evening subject will be A\oiding the


Principal Hammond of Mooie Theological College is to be the morning pieachei at St Philips to-monow and the Rev A W Mor-

ton in the evening

Bishop Pliehci will dedicate the new parish hall at Enmore at 5 pm to-day

At a special seivice at St Michaels Flin- ders StiPet at 3 o clock to-morrow Aichbiohop AIowll is to dedicate four stained glass

memoiial windows

To celebrate the golden jubilee of Chris- tian Biothers Schools Aichblshop Gihoy will pieslde at High Mass in St Thomas s Chuich Lewisham this morning at 10 o clock. To moirow afternoon at 3 o clock Di Gilroy will bless the foundation stone of a new primary school at Campsie

Dm ing the 11 oclort High Mass at St Maiys CathEdial to monow morning the Acting Admintstiatoi the Rev lohn McCooe will be the preacher At the evening de- votions the Rev J Fenau will pieach

The Rey P Galvin of Windsoi has been appointed palish pi lest of Katoomba in suc- cession to the Rey T Vaughan who ïias been transfeued to Holy Innocenta Croy-


The Rev Father A J Perkins MSC has been appointed to the charge of St Brigids pailsh Coogee in _uccession to the Rev

Tafilet J Gilbeit MSC A well-known chaplain during the Great War rathei Gil- beit has been appointed to the staff at the Saeicd Heait Novitiite at Douglas Paik

seiies of lectures explaining Catholic principles is to be deliveied bj the Rev

M D Foi rest MSC in the Holy Cross Chin eh Belevue Hill on successive Sunday nights beginning to-morrow The subject of the first lecture is Is There a God?

The State Moderator the Right Rev A D Maichant is visiting the Young Piesby ten ind will take the morning service at Mumimbuuah-IIiraeii to-moirow and the evening at Cootamundra He will visit

Tcmoia on Mondaj

At St Stephen o Chuich Macquatic Street to-moriow the Rev D P Macdonald of Mosman will be the pieachei his subjects being lb Pleaching a Sheer rolly ' and Supci -National Religion

At Scots Church the Rev Di Cumming Thom will tak» both sei vices to monow his evening subject being Dynamic Chiistianity

The Rev Dr Alexandei Smait a notable Scottish pieachei Is expected to undertake

dx months minl-tiy at Scots Chuich on July 9 He was highly recommended by the Rev J H Duncan who also served at Scot? Chinch foi six months

The Rev F E Hynes piesident of the Methodist Conference will preach at Gor- oon to-monow morning and at Tuiramuira In the evening

Mi W Judd will pieach in Wesley Chapel at 11 am to-monow on Measuiing the Immeasurable The Rev W J Harper will conduct the service in th» Lyceum Hall at 7 pm when he will pieach on Miss- ing the Thing that Matteis Most

In Ihe Lyceum Hall to-monow at 3 pm Mi F F Baume will speak on Your Right to Democracy Theie will be a musical


The Rev 1 E Ruth foimeily of Pitt Stieet Congicgational Church is said to be attiactlnp huge gathciings to the Brougham Place Congiegational Church in Adelaide

Both services at the Pitt Stieet Congi ega- tional Chuich to-moirow will be taken by the Rev Hugh Paton whose subjects will be The Life to Live and If Men Only


Tile Chali man of the Congi egational Union the Rev W G Sands will conduct anniversary services at Kurri Kuirl Congre- gational Church to-morrow The Church has extended a call to Rev C Venton Hay- man of Waverley and Randwick

The Rev W W F Pratt of Broken Hill has accepted an invitation to take charge of the Congregational Mission Devonshire Street, and is expected to commence his new work early in August.

The piesident of the Baptist Union the Rev W H Wingfield will preach at Mar- rickville to-moirow morning and in the evening will conduct a baptismal seivice

The gencial secictaiy Rev A L Loeder will pieach at both services at Ashfield Bap-

tist Church to morrow

At the Cential Baptist Church to-monow evening the Rev Wllfied L Jaivis will lake as his subject The Llbeities and Limitations of Chiistian Faith The Rev Walter Batry will be the morning preachei

Mi H G Harward Churches of Chi ist Home Missions Organiser to-morrow commences an Intel im ministry with the Chuich at Manick ville Mi A G Saundeis of Wellington NZ has been invited to take the oveisieht of the woik of the Chinch of Chi ist at Taree

A dav of piayei for students is being ob seived thioughout Austialia and New Zealand to-moirow Chut ches of all denominations will give thought to the needs and problems of students in all parts of the woild and par- ticularly to those of the 300 000 members of the Woilds Student Christian Federation

A J Dablcl secretaiy of the Lerion of Chiistian Youth will speak at the Salvation Ai my Citadel at Rockdale on Sunday aftei noon on Advance Australia-Wheie? Theie will be a musical progiamme

A lallv arranged by the New South Wales Open Air Campaigneis will be held this after- noon and evenins in the Assembly Hall Mar- garet Stieet The special speakers will be Archbishop Mowll and the Rev Dr H W


Commisslonet Dalzfel of the Salvation Army I Is to conduct an all-day rally of youth in

St Georges Hull Newtown, to-morrow. J

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