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Hampton, 7 goals 14 behind% beat Old Caulfield Collegians 7 goals 5 behind' Tho goalkicker« for the winner** were taux (three), nitchie (two) laver, and 1 Kee« and for the loders C Camp bell (to IT) D Campbell (two) Chaffey

1 Isteriivviek 14 goal* l8 bchin Is beat Melbourne Swimming Club S gotlg 4 behind« Tlie goal kit ker» for the winner-, were Nutt (three), líenle* (two) Treloar (two) C reig llarlv hohu Cuni

mini* Ilse DinHld^on nn I Remolds and for the lo«er« Milson (three) titi s (two) Raketen» (two)

Oalbriith Die w innen- best pla vers were I roomes Mollison T m«on CunftmnB Itevnnlde and for the U«ers Wilson Ptrinczel, Uren Hut eblnfon lolm«on did be t

L dlenans 1» goils 12 behm Is beat Old Trinitj Ci imnnrtaiv î ¿oui« 9 behind tor Hie winners the ¿.oilkickera were Prout (three), Iugton Unree) Uli«on (three), 1 nend (two) hellv (two) Ncaln Horrie uid for the Mosers Gibb

(two) and M'liufi scored

I mvcmlt} A 23 goals 20 behind* beat Old Brighton Ctrammanans 2 gOJΫ 2 hehinds The winners goalktckeis were -swaiitnn («even) redden (su) lltirti (sit) Steven* (two) Ros« btopheiv I or Krnihton Rogerson and -\ B Turner scored

f) 1 Melhnrnfan' !> +oa!s 11 beblnds beat Old Scotch Colleguns S ^nuls » hehinds HIT the win mrs Duigan (who murked vert well), C Por renter (who kicked four goals). Mollison, and To!

hun-t were the 1 ht Oí the Scotch Cotlegmas 1 leith \ and Melville dil the most