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Nurse the Only



LONDON, Nov. 21.

Queen Maud's death, which occurred on the same date as that of her mother, Queen Alexandra, who died 13 years ago, was so sudden that King Haakon,

who was staying at Buckingham Palace,   was unable to reach her bedside before she died.

King Haakon had left Queen Maud at a lair hour after wishing her good-night.  

Doctois who were summoned by the only   witness the nurse could only certify death * fonimiinltjiic Issued bv the doctois sa} s thal (Unas the horns bcfoie midnight the dis tie sei» incidental to t|ic abdominal opeiation had diminished and a ulstuibed day had Pi en pinn to lestfulncsR

Quern Mauds body will be talton to Noivvnj m a Biitish winship

The congi caution at the moi nins sei vice nt the Noiueglnn Chuicli at Rolhclhlthe stood

ia la listen io the follolvln« mcrsage fiom KlnR Haakon God has taken the Queen from nie this night It Is n henvj loss though I eil know II Is Ills will He has taken lifr because hei JJ oil oh caith is finished »ad He lins,. I know spflicd hei thus much


The assistant pitstoi the Rev I Dflhlc said

¡hat the Queens many acts of gclieitisltv and undipss ivne known only to a few betauçe lhe- uie pcifoimcd unostcntatlouslj


Kin» t_coit,r heaid the news at the village ii Saiiu Pauls Waldcnbtny und spoke to .vins Ha ikon In London bv telephone Aftci «idi theil Majestleo went to thuich the ween in black and the King wealing a blacl ?f ßiiilng the soivlce n tobin ledbieasl

"lieh was fis in« intuid the chinch pcichoa n the edge or the pew in fiont or theil Uiiesties rhev exchanged "lances and


Ihch Mniestles nulled at DiitklngUain »lace in ihe ciciilni, instead of .stajing nt i nielsen ns llipj had planned lils Malest j «"i eüniinanded that com t mourning be ob trud until Drrcmbci l8

Aitei talking with theil Majesties Kiiu «tikui lisiied Queen Mail Hie Queen



OSLQ Nov 21

'he neus ol the Queens dealh trtusod Tnvv lliioiighout the count!v Nrwspnpei!» fie Dei mit led to bical Hie ban on Sunda v publication to announce the news Clouds

?¡Ui-irtl In hont ol Hie Rojnl Pairie c "Mu

".ntlj al Hit Rnvnl Bantibt whieh was fljlns 1 h ]( mist

'vin H don i ni Hu liillovvini, miusiitt li "i Bishop ni n lo The Queon lins pn'-std , a> H r» will to know tim she Is tiet " ni nv mon pain

The Clown Piliue Pilnti Olav Queen M*\d wll child has left foi London

nu. piinc Minlslti of [-»otway (M '».niclsiold) in i national biondcnfil sild

ne meinmj ri oin food Queen will iclnnlii '"ÜVS |n n" IK \its of Hie Nnivvcglnti


The MlPiiposten njs lum the Qi en 'H I Nonsnv iliifnnliliai illhri willi Hie " »' i tu loin ind had innis didleillllr s i c co utii > rhiiflj in connu lion willi til ° -ttiJi rt lici two jim iicl .on now Pinn

^«s she had lo make lulu tlimit mel I el ,.» f» ve Inn ti m lum to utrtod tri Hi Tout. »ci tasi was made mon difficult

Diiill ttn' B,,tl " nnf1 llel l1»lhbnnfl

Hie neusiiapti adds tlini the c tillie nailon , ri!?w,lntlnis tlv»» tin task was c_rcllcntlj » Hied The Qlieeh had a stitine poisonalltv

w nu niispolcn sense oi institc One ol "r oldm ianl»s in waitinu said Ilia! Hu *tl'i J s ntjci snobbish oi ali lid and "?w foitot a lncnd in need

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