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When consideration of tho Módica] Practitioners' Bill was resumed In com- mittee, the Minister for Health, Mr, FitzSimons. moved an, amendment te

Clause 5, which sought to.remove the provision that appointment's to the Medica] Board should be restricted to persons who had been registered as medical practitioners for not less than

10 years.

Mr..FitzSlmon; explained that the amend- ment would give effect to a ptomtsc he had made during; the second reading debate that appointments to 'the board would be made on merit, iriespectlve ol the period for which

a doctor had been practising,

At this stage, Mr. McGirr (AL..P., Banks- town) said that lie had a prior amendment, and the Minister temporarily withdrew his


Mr. McCHit'k amendment sought to' provide that the board should comprise nine membeis, seven of whom should be elected by a ballot ol all registered medical practitioners In New South WalcSi ope of whom should be appointed on the1, nomination of, the Senate of the University of Sydney, and one of whom should be appointed on the nomination of the New South Wales branch of the- British Medical Association. The amendment proposed also thal the peilod of offire should be three years, and that the existing Medical Board should hold office for six months after the passaiîo ol the bill, or until the ballot took place.


The clause as printed in the bill provided for a board ol not less than seven nor more than nine members, to be appointed by Ihe Clovernor, one being the nominee ol the Senate of the Unlverslt." oi Sydney, and another the nominee of the New South Wales branch of the B.M.A.; and that the term of offlco should be seven years.

Mr. McGIrr said he lelt that the medical practitioners ot New South Wales should have a voice in the constitution of the board, which would govern their activities

Mr. Arkins (U.A.P. Dulwich Hill): Would you deem it advisable to have a lay repre- sentative on tho boardv . .

Mr. McGirr: No. It is really a board con- stituí ed to deal vyllh medical men, and 1 don't think it would be tight to have laymen

on It.

Mr. J. C. Ross (U.A.P., Kogaiah) said he did not lavour an elected board. He thought that better administration would result from a board, the members of which did not have to seel- the suffrage of the men whose affairs they administered.

Dr. Eli Webb (U.A.P.. Hurstville) said lhat he supported the amendment, with certain qualifications. He thought Hie piofcssion should have iiovvei to elect some or the members ot the' board. If the board was to consist of seven members, he thought that five should be elected by registered practl tioncis, one should be nominated by the University, and the other appointed by the Minister. In his opinion the term of office should be five years, and a provision should be inserted to make a member ineligible for re-election when he attained Hie age ol 70 years. The members of the pi ofessjon should have a voice In the election of the boaid which would govern their professional conduct

and have ihe tight to chastise them If neres


Mr Arkins stlt^ested a board ol nine mein bei s to be appointed foi flvt vean toui to be ilccled by the te,lsteicd medleal prac

titloneis and five to be nominated bj the Ci Own the nomlnatod membcis to Ineludo a lavman who would be rlniitrmi and would ha\e a casting vote

Mi Mutch IUAP Coogei i lid Uni medí

cal men should not hive the sole contiol of all health mattcis He moved an amendment to clause *> In pi ni Ide that the Medical Boaid should consist of foui membcis appointed bj the Goveinoi foin membcis elected bv a vote of all teglstered medical piactltloncis and a chahman who should not be a membei of the medical piofpssion to be appointed by thi Governor He slid that he thought It wa< entirely \ long that theie should be anj ex elusive close roiporatlon of the medical mo


Ihe MlnlstPi slid that the amendments pioposed bv Mi McGIn and Mr Mutch would vhtually cieflte i new clause In view of the diastic chame that thev would billig rbout he thought it would be unwise foi him to c-ipicss his views until the Government had (onsldeicd the mntt"i He moved tlieiofOie that clause 5 be postponed

The postponement of clause "> clause ti trelating to the president) and clause 1 (casin) vacincies) w is anreed to


Mi ritrSimons moved an amendment io clnuse 1 to piovldo that the offlfe of a membn of the Medical Boaid should become vacant upon his attain!!)? the aie of 70 yoais v hlch he 'aid had been sug"c ted caillci in the

dav bv Di Webb

Mi Atkins opposed the amendment Ml

Ola Intone he said was Piime Minister of Englind at the agc of 82 and Sn Hcniv Paikes ai d othcis had done good woik foi New South Wales when a^ed mote thin 10 veais and it was not right thai Hu abllltv of a man should be meisutcd in yens

Upon the amendment being put lo a vote only eight members voted against it while all othei Goi eminent suppoiters and mern bcis of the Opposition ciowdcd on to the Government benches to vote In favoui of it The chahman of committees Mr Hedges exercised his discietton to declaie the amend nicnl rimed without counting the division and meioly oideied that Ihe names of tin eight membcis vottnp against it be îecoidcd Thcj were Messis Elliott (UCP Ashburn h& ) Shand(UAP Hornsby) Bull e (ALP Newtown) Evans (UCP Lachlan) Aiklns (10 A P Dulwich Hill) J C Ross (U A P Kogarah) Bate (UAP South Coast) and Horsln"lon (Indus lab Stuit)


Mi Aiklns moved an amendment to Clause 14 which sought to remove the Ciown fiom exemption fiom liability foi any bona fide action of the Medical Boaid He maintained that the board was the agent of Ihe Ciown and that niPdlcal pnetitioners who weic vionglv removed fiom the lcgiotei and de

pilved of the light to practise should have the light of action against the Crown

Dr Webb said that he had sufficient faith in the boaid to considei the clause is it stood fail and leasonable If the boaid de

leglstetcd a doctoi he had the light of appeal lo the Court If the appeal was dismissed Ihe bond s rica ion was upheld and the doctoi

should be satisfied

Die amendment was derailed bv 35 votes lo 26 Messrs Thomas Aiklns and Shand voting with Laboui membcis foi it

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