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Film News of the Week.





Dancers and Comedians.

The name of Kellaway, so well known in the theatrical world, is now even more prominent in Australian films.

CECIL KELLAWAY'S success in "It

Isn't Done" led to a Hollywood con-  

tract with R.K.O., but Australia will see this famous character actor in

another Cinesound film,' "Mr. Chetworth Hits Out," later in the year. He returns to Australia early in October on loan from the American studio to star in this film.

He will be accompaniad by his wife and two sons, who are eagerly looking forward to "a visit to Sydney "


In the absence of Cecil Kellaway; another member of the family has become screen news in Australia. He is Alec Kellaway, who, after successfully appearing in a small comedy part in "Lovers and Luggers," played a leading role In "The Broken Melody." As "Joe the Dip," a whimsical pick-pocket, his performance was hailed by ciitics as outstanding.

His work as the magician in "Let George Do It" definitely established Alec Kellaway as a comedian, and in "Dad and Dave Come to Town," as a fussy floor-walker in "Dad's," salon, his work again shows his versatility.

Debut at Eight Years.

ALEC KELLAWAY'S stage career was decided  

by his sister many years ago in Capetown, South Africa. Reading in the local paper that a small boy was needed for a part In "The Streets of London," she grabbed little eight year-old Alec by the hand and led him to the theatre. He played the part while his sister

basked in the reflected glory of "my brother who is on the stage."

Strangely enough, Cecil Kellaway also began his career in melodrama at an early age, play- ing the newspaper boy in "The Silver King" in Capetown. Unfortunately his parents at- tended the show, recognised their offspring, and his career finished after that night. He was packed off to England to school.

Schoolboy Mischief.

BUT the Kellaway boys, Cecil, Alec, Jack, and

Leon, were always actors. Their favourite pastime between bouts of mischief that shocked the neighbourhood, was organising concerts. Cecil's contributions to the decorations was some flags he had carefully collected. But when he wanted to be a comedian in the show, his brothers always objected, so at the last moment he would take down the flags."

It was soon after this that the Kellaway family decided their home was haunted. Strange and terrifying sounds that could not be accounted for were explained, however, when the manhole in Cecil's bedroom was found open one day. Under the roof was Cecil, a goat, several white rabbits, books, and a considerable amount of food.

Cecil had made a "study," where he could express his talents without interruption.


Dancer and comedian, Jack Kellaway, who is now in London, playing with his wife, Sylvia Kellaway, in vaudeville, will miss the reunion in October, when Cecil Kellaway returns to Sydney. But Alec and Leon-known to ballet lovers as "Jan Kowsky"-will be there to greet the brother they once refused to allow to be

a "comic."

[4 OLLYWOOO'S oddest .screpn lest ha.* been

made of Fernand Oravet'.s hands for his starring role of Johann Strauss in «'Trip Grew Waltz." As thp "Waltz King," Gravel will ditect a sixty-piece orchestra with his hands, thus becoming Leopold's nnlv rival. Gravet decided that it would be .simpler foi him to conduct with his hand.«, rather than a. baton, and in, threp weeks he has to leam the technique of conducting, playing the violin and piano.

A LLAN .TONES and Eleanor Powell will have

the leading roles In M.G.M.'s "Honolulu." .lack Cummings will produr.p

WARU?. ANTOINETTE ¡sloim» Shearn! .

awaited costume film is expected to arriye in Sydney eailv this month M G M alco have Yellowjack with Robert Monf gomeiy Hold Thal Ki'-s with Mauieen O'sullivan and Mickey Rooney TheBovFiom Barnardo's with Mickey Rooney and Freddy Bartholomev and To\ Wife,' with Luise Kainei wnitinir foi îeleese

i ROBFF1 DONAi his signed un extended

temi ronliipl with Metio-Goldwyn-Mayei mulei iptms of which he will make <tt least si\ pictuies foi lint rompanv The fini two / ill bp Thp Citadel in which hp co îtirs «ilh Rosalind PuispII uncir i the rllroc don of lying Vidoi and Good bjr> Ali Chips

which k Ustpri »?= a tnb'.priupni fe^turp to bp nurip in Fnglanrl

I ACQUELINE WELLS and Robert Paige i» '?' Hie Columbia film, "The Main Event j will be the new associate attraction with "Th<! Divorce of Lady X." nt HoyUs Century Theatre commencing to-morrow. .

'THE last Ulm to be made in Austria befar'

the Anschluss wa.s "Der Spiegel," starrln; Paula Wessley and Attila Horblgcr. Miss W_>..

leg has appeared in "Maskerade," ",', and "Ernie." Her new film deals with Vat! conflict between orthodox and unorthodox medicine i

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