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^'H,ÍNMyEtíáVRY;'VI§lTORS RECEIVE tiÈGREES -TANKER IN ATLANTIC GALE--^ijI^J^Kl^a^Tap)0^f';77pr"^N^^^--i<^lEJl^C^H^ I



1 Australian pole i Tault champion,

L. A. Fletcher, clearing 12ft 6in

as he trained at ] the Unis'ersity Oval yesterday.

Larry O'Connor, Canadian Games '

hurdler, in training yesterday.

-?-_-»<8'iiMMr»T-s«a.-~-&--«yu - i -aMM/frfa-v < » ». «» *;-«»«>:. .> i.???i»m»»gii síwüjj

Sir Josiah Stomp (right) presenting to the Chancellor of the University, Mr. Justice Halse Rogers, a copy of the diary of Surgeon-General John White, who accompanied Captain Phillip to Australia. The book will be given to the New England University

College at Armidale.

Members of the Welsh Empire Games team on their way to training yesterday. From left: Jeanne Greenland,

J. W. Alford, D. P. Reardon, Sheiagh Browning, R. Braddick, G, R. Huxtable.

The shattered bridge of the Royal Fleet auxiliary

tanker, War Bahadur, which was damaged ex- '

tensively by a five-day gale in the Atlantic.

paganawwaauusimiiii-»»- iii i mu.wwtfaagMra««g»3ic¡a^;»aft5fl»g^g¿rtft«g?^^ < kscsm* íoíwmwx

Four visitors for the celebrations were given degrees al the University yesterday. The Lord Privy Seal,

Earl de la Warr, being admitted to the degree of Master of Arts by the Chancellor, Mr. Juntice Halse

Rogers. At left is (he Dean of the Faculty of Arts, i

Professor H. T. Lovell. I

Competitor* in the second annual inter-Service sports at Victoria. Barracks'yecterday. Above: Leading-aircraftsman L. Miller competing ' ' m the hop. step, and jump, with a leap of 43ft 5 i in«. Right: Mechanician

? iWftllgv winning the 100 yard» team»' race for the Navy in 10 3-5secs.

;. ;/!L:-EÏTOiricWir*râfi(ÉerI;'J.v;.G':-;' 'L,îhdMy' "«"'Ü!* * Service record; by ¡ I

putting the »hot; 37ft J.1 Jin« for the Navy. ¡ '

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