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Deep Sea Fishing




Alieady theie aie 211 entries In the deep-sea fishing contests which are being conducted between New Year's Day and April 23, and among the many well-known anglers who will take part aie several women

As the l-ules of the contest state tha. the fish may be caught anywheie within 15 miles of the Australian coastline, candidates will be setting foith to bl ave the sea and the cle- ments, and try their luck with the rod and other Implements of deep-sea Ashing, not only from the famous deep-sea. fishing centies of New South Wales but also from those of othei States Two women îcsldents of Victoria have already sent In theil entiles, while from this side of the bordei there aie women en- trants from two South Coast towns-Wollon- gong and Milton-and also lesldents of Syd- ney and Inland towns


One enthusiast!, flsherwoman Mis J L Myers, has come all the way from Manila Philippine Islands, In oidcr to take pait She and her husband, who arrived in Sydney some time ago, have tom ed the South Coast, and aie at present in New Zealand They will arrive here to try for success in the contest

New South Wales women candidates also include Mrs Anthony Hordern, of Rctfoid Hall, Sydney, Mrs Venour Nathan, of Bul ra - doo, who has taken pait In deep-sea fishing from Naiooma South Coast, foi some yeais and Mrs Geoffrey Faithfull, of Inveralochy, Goulburn.

Mrs Faithfull has always been interested in fishing because of hei husband's enthusi- asm, and she generally accompanies him on fishing trips to Narooma Sharks have been

among Mrs Faithfull^ biggest catches, and she once hooked a ¡.mall white shark weigh- ing 2001b Mrs Faithlüll haï just spent a holiday In Sydney at 52 Macleay Street and she will leave by tiain on her return to Goul- burn to-day


The contest has been divided into three sec- tions, the heavy game fish class, Xor such fish as swordfish, sawfish, sailfish, mailin, and mako sharks, the shark class, for such sharks as the grey nurse, tiger, and whaler, and the light fish class for fish such as the tunny, kingfish, bonito, Spanish, mackerel, albacore, and tuna

Some of these, especially the larger vail eties, can only be di awn into the boat aftei prolonged battles with the anglei, battles which have been known to last many notus, and which for success demands a [neat measiue of patience, endurance, and skill.

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