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Family Notices

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AtililinH _*__". °.lobcr -' .« Ml »nd MM _.

Atiniii-a riaushter (Beverley Beddoe»)

BAYLISS --Oclohei in 1917 at Mena hospllnl

ÍV1Í1V1.Í ." Ml and M,s L M Bayliss-a dsUBhter

i . liiDoi ni

niAKF". ince Hondlevi -Octohcr 23 ni Seacombe píllate- hospital Drummoyne to Man nile of L c Ul.kcj- 0 son inoimld Lcsllci

RRIDOr «nee Ulla Mp 111-October 14 lo Mr niiei Mrs Allier! Brldec 17 1. .Hmln_ton Road croidon a dauRhter iblalnc Denlsei

BP.OAVN ince Enid linitii -Octobci 211 al Cillnrt prívale lio-.pltil Habciileld lo Mr and Mr. F

l»ini«n-a dauahtei

".^V1"^-October a1 Rt- AVallniiiOa puvotc hos pilnl Nurse Vivian tu Llr 11101 wife of RlUiaid

Burle-a dmishtci 1 Panie la

CHRISTIE-Oclohei 23 at Chttrlrnimint hospi- tal lo Mr and Mis Av L ciulstle of Sall«bur\

Road Rose Bav-a son

CUDDY.—October 27 at Charlemount private hos-  

pital to Mr. And Mrs R. Cuddy, of Epping—a

son (Warren John).

DAVIDSON - Oclnbci i\ ni Mhlone Penshurst 1o Mr and Mis II A C Davidson of Oatlcv - a daughter iMfirloile II!, ihetlil

DRAPER (nee Colls )- October 20 to Mr. and   Mrs. R Draper Woodstock Port Headland-a son.

FAIRWEATHER (QueEn Watkins! )- Octobel 20 »t Hielibmv private hovpltil Enfield to Mi and Mr. D Fairweather-a efnu.hler (premature-still,


GARDE mer- Thelma Sinpletolii -October H li"! to Mr and Mis «.cnjiimln Gaid«. ol Balmain

-a son lEdvvud Neill

GELLAIIY - Octobci 25 11,37 al SI Laurence private hospital to Lieutenant end Mr«. Lindsay Gcllotls R A N -a dpughlci (stillborn)

GOUGH (Doioth. Reynolds) -October 25 pilvnlc hospital lidcombe lo Mr and Mrs Geotnc Gough-a dniiRhtei (Anne I v nette)

HARri"oN nee lllllnn Evansi - Oclnhcr 26 «t FnWcviood private hospllnl Burwood to Mr nnd Mrs AValtcr Unirlson the (¡III of 0 son (Noel

Rodney (pienioturei

HARRISS (nee Maraclsonl -October 20 at St Ronan« private hospital Klnsstorel lo Mr and Mir

R Hairiss-a son iRobert)

HVTCH (nee Vera Ethel Watcrstoncl-Octnhei l8 lim at Qticanbcvtin Dlstilct Hospital to Mr and Mis Frank Hatch Gidleieh Bungendore -a daughter (Judith) Lived three hours

HFNKFL mer Kit Hprnirss)) -Orlober 23 1037 «t Otama piivate hospital Pclei-.ham lo Mr and Mis Renkcl of Annandale-a son Uohn Richard)

HFRFORD -Scntombpr 29 1137 tn Mr and Mia Allan Herford 26 Banksia Street Botany-a «.on

(John Allan!

HILDERBRAND -Oclolici 27 1917 lo Mr and Mrs Gooree Hlldcrbranri or Gladstone Queens land-a son (Clive Penyl

HADE (ne«- Valda Pcppri)-October 27 1017 to Mr and Mrs E II Hvde of Artarmon-a son

(Pctei Fdwlnl

LAST ince Hazel Mai Um -October 37 at DI* lilct Hospital coolamundia to Mr and Mrs Malcolm Last-a son

LAW (nee Eileen Lowe) -Octobel -I «t Panic noth private hospital Kensington to Mr and Mrs T La«-a son (David Anthon.)

LCAVIS ince A L Rushworth) -Ortobrr li AVnr Menio-ial Hospital to Mr ano Mi s W H Lewis-a

daughter lElvwn Rael

LONGSHAAV -Octobci 25 »I Highburv Burwood to Ml and Mrs T H Lonashaw of Strathfield

* dauBhter (Judith loan)

McOLUSKFY-October 2. »I Pacific hospital ?Brighton le> Sands to Mr and Mis J McCluskcj -

a «on (John WaivvlcU

McLFAN-O'tnber 2. al Gnnvah orlvRte hos filial -Conco d to Mr and Mrs D McLean of 60 rahailta Hoad concord-a "¡on (Donaldl

McLBAN -Ortohcr 15 al War Memorial hospital

Aviv.rlpv to Mr and Mrs p McLean-« daughter


McNIVEN triff Gladv«. Lav toni -October 25 at Currandlna prívale hospital Lismoie to Mr and Mrs Mervyn McMven-a son (Errol John)

MEANY-October 25 at Nui«e Kidson« Private Hospital campsie to Mr and Mis K AV Mcany

a son

MrrcHEIL-Oclobe 20 1B37 Lam I«,ton private liosoital Mosman lo Mr and Mrs Archie Mit

ruell Artarmon-a son

PAULL (nee» Nellie Stephenson) -October 26 at B'lmont piU ate hosnltnl ero» s Nest to Mr and Mrs S I Paul! or Pitt Town-s daughter (Jamie)

PAANE (nee Kath BPn«nn Buckle"I-At Tnrh neuk Parramatta to Mr and Mi« Merwii Payne

PLAYOUSr-October 2» at CliBilPiiiounl private hospital Potts Point to Dr and Mis R A

Plajoust of Mosman-a son

RALSTON-October 22 at War Memorial hos- pital Waverley to Lieut Col and Mrs A W

Ralston - a daughter.

RICKARD (nee Claire Fglnton! -October 24 at Bl Kilda prl ate hosoiUl Honisbv to Mr and Mi« E W Rickard Warrawee-a daughter

ROSENGARTEN (nee Lp«le in) -Oplolipr 27 nt Buena Vista prlvile hospital to Mr and Mrs

B RosenRBlten-a son

RYAN ince Glidvs Gan!) - OclobLr 1!) 1937 al Bl Monan s private hospllnl Cremonip lo Mi »nd Mrs S.dney son iphllllp Sydn». I

SMITH (nee Jrssle AmenD -October 23 1937 m Grafton mivnte hospital Auburn to Mr »nd Mrs Plank Smllh of 49 Oifoid Street Lidcombe -ei daughter (Margaret Cwendollnel

SPEIGHT - October 10 nt Fnplcwood private hos pitel Burwood lo Mi and Mr« L Sptlfht a

" daughter (Marejarcl lilli

SPINKS-October i' at poplar« prívale hospital Epplne to Mr and Mrs C A Spinks-a son

SWINDsLF (nee Glad, s MH'ter.on)-October ?3 1.37 st Helen s private hospital Earlwood to Mi «nd Mr« Pranl Swlndale- a daucthtei (OlndAS rio

renee Lillian)

THOMAS -OctobPr "fl st Tale rrrpellluo lo Mr and Mis D Ross . liornas-a daushter

WAIrE (nee Dovvllnpl -Oclnliet 27 at CitIpvi Iirlvate hospital Northbiidse to Mr »nd Mrs N

"Waite-a son (Ronald John)

AVALKCR - September 20 to Mr and Mrs N ?Walker nt Yal ran AvPillie Brighton le-3nnds late

of Mascot-a son (Keith)

WATTS (nee Brown) -October 23 a! Kallara nrlvate hospital Oranre to Mr and Mis A r Watts ot Spring Mount Blayney-a dauRhter

WEIR-October 13 1037 al Richmond Surie

Enplnnd to Mr and Mis A H Keith Weir-a son

<!0hn David) By cable

WHPELER ince Molly Hall) -Sepfombei 28 1937 «I Milton pilvnte hospila! Cliitsunod to Mi and Mrs Charles Wheeler or 21 Citrus Avenue Hornibv

-a son IBrlnn Edwaidi

WHITE (nee Mavis I -e) -October 17 et Nurse lovelock s prlv.U hospita! Holt ^etnbla to "?

and Mrs L P V;hltc-a ion

WOOD dice Oal ps)-October 26 1M7

RotundB -emora to Jean and Oltlwell Wood of Stocklnblncal-a son_


BLAND-PORBLS-Thti Ensacenienl I» an- nounced of Loulp eldest daughtei of Mr »nd Mrs J Forbes or Ashlleld to Gcortre) only son of Mr

and Mrs J Bland of Arncliffe

BLAXLAND-HARDIE-The Engagement Is an- nounced or Doreen eldest dauohtei or Mr and Mrs Hovvaid G Hftidle or Roseville to Giçrnry M.Leod elder son of Mr and Mis H C Blaxland

of The Kin«, s School Parramatta

BLUNDELL-HYNES FOWL_R -Tile Fngagemcnt i« announced of Joan Dorothy Hynes Fo.lei to ntchnid John Blundell eldest son ol Mrs E C

Blundell of Roseville

CLAYDON-BAXTER-The -EnnBRcmpnt Is an- nounced of Jean youn.esi dauühter of Mi and Mi" Buster of Randwick to Leonard eldest son of the late Mr and Mrs Claydon oí Randwick and

New Zealand

DEVENISH-MFARFS-CRAGO -The EnBaejpment Is announced between Russell lourth son ot Mi

and Mrs C E Devenlsh-Meaies of Ashfield and Kell Constance second dauerther of Mr and Mis

T A CraRO of Burwood

GALE-ROBINSON-The En.aRcmenl Is an- nounced of Eileen only daunhtei of Mr and Mrs EG F Robinson ol Kirribilli Point to Harlev ?vouniPst son of Mi and Mrs W C Gale of

Lavender Bay

HARDING-MICHEL1 -TliP Engnqcmcnt I« an nouncpd of Flsic (Chciiji sepond dauuhter of Mi and Mrs A I. Michell or Auckland New 7ealand lo lohn vounscst son of the late Mr W J Harding and Mrs Haidinu of Killara

KENNEDY-THOMAS-The EnejaRement Is nn-i nouncpd nf Phyllis Jean onlv dautjliter of Mr and Mrs H G Thomas Clayfield Brisbane to Gordon wallace Kennedy of Brisbane third son of Mi and Mrs H M Kennedy or Normanhurst Sydney

KERR - CONDON. - The Engagement is announced of Nellie Brigid Condon, fourth daughter of the late Pat Condon, of Cobar and Mrs. F. E. Noonan, Hugh Avenue, Hurlstone Park, to Hilary Joseph, elder son of Mr. H. Kerr and the late Mrs. Kerr,

of Kensington.

MILLTKFN-CROSS -The Engagement Is an- nounced of Thelma elder daughtei ol Mi H G Cross of the AVinuham Hotel Wingham and the late Mrs Cross to David vnunccsl son of Mrs H Milliken and the late Mr ! Milliken of Failford

PIKE-SANDERS -The FnüBRcmcnt «as an- nounced on October J3 of Doreen MhaIs (Bonnie)

eldest daughter of Mi C D Saneleis and Hie late Mrs Sanders of Roseville to Thomns Albert onlv son of Mi and Mrs A Pile or Northridge

SMAILEY- McGI "SHAN-rh" Enenfement Is announce«! of Mirloiy Ell?u rider dntiehter of Mi

and Mrs W McGlishin of Rydalmere lo Frcdcilrk Alec onlv «on ol Mi and Mrs P Smalley of


SMI 1H-BEI I -Tile Fni'a .cmcnl Is announced ol Mary (Molly) Eugenie eldest diniuhter of Mr and Mis F C Bell of Cremorne to Morris Lindsay .youngest son of Mrs W H Smith and the late Mr

IA H Smllh of Stinthrii.le'

VERNON-McC.RTHY-The Fngnocmenl Is an- no incnd of M-ielelPlne nnlv e auster of Ml and Mrs AV ) Mrmitbv of Chatswood to William nnlv child of Mr and Mis W H Vernon of Leichhardt

a». ALKER-ROBERTS- Dip Fngagemcnt Is «n e! Bcveiley Anne daughter of Ml and Mrs R F Roberts of nordon to Grant Forsyth

son of Mi and Mrs A Waller of Turiamurra j

W11 LI .M<3-ATfWA TER -The Fnqaoement I« I

pnnounecd of Marjorie younger daughter of Mi

Mid Air 1 J Attwatci of Bir Beaeh Newcastle to r<M(iïev thin) son of Mr nd Mrs E r william»,

e! TliP Junrlion New«n«llp


GROUT-McKENZIE--October 23, 1937, by the Rev. R. L. Reid, at Sandgate, Queensland, Percy

Grout, of Sandgate, to Sophie Wallace McKenzie,    

of Mosman, Sydney.  

HAMILTON- MUnil/Y -Ociobci lo 1937 al St Stephen s Church Svelnev In the Rev J McLcori Dorolhv Winifred enlv el ui litfi of Mr «nd Mrs 1 Muna <i Album to Arthur lohn Hamilton son or i lie 1 Ip A I! milton and Mis Hamilton

of Ne iti 1 13 v

MIL! YARD .DORS - S ptcmlier 11 al St

sii"Uftlnt = Chinch Ne.uH I urn l>v upv L A 1 rcaici Ginlnm ellie- 1 s m of Mi and Mi c A Mlllviel iii <o pvillf li Mi rlnu Eil?.beth onlv «hild of Mi im! Mis C r M001 s of Crrmornc

o ny AN-HrNNFSSY - beptcmbrr 20 at St Vin «»nts Church A hllild liv Hie Rev Fitliti ft Mid In d! lames t.abiiPl O Pv «n eldu »on of the Int. Mi »nil Mri- I O Onyim, of Strntli field New So Uli Wale- li Matilda Sllit Hennessy

riel st t 1 lllei f thr lill Ml lilli Mr J r Hen I

li. v n f Uuiw od Ne v Seiuili Voiles

PIDCOOh SIMI1HON Oe-toner fl 191" at fit

ni c1 . Ohiirpl) Chuicli Hill by llrv I ithci OG ni e-i Al he I Ne I 11 vmnpest son of Mi and Mi II ridmck ol Maroubra 1pI<" ef C.slno Nenh Const li Mille lean dauphtci of Mi und Mis H sji-pj,,, of rtclu Street UelrnoiL

PRO COIIS--S1EPIIINSON - OctobPl 21 1037 dt, M thneM 1 Clmiih Arnclll e bv Pcv H S Bowden > Pi Sandfoid Pro Copls of Bilthine to leivrc Stenhlnsem «ouniipsl ri-iishlpr ol Mr .nel Mi« AV p SiP0h!n>on nt Arnellfie now reslrtlnh

. I Hai.mea Ne» 2ca!anri


SYMINGTON-EASTERBROOK -October 2 at Methodist Church Chatswood South, by Rev. W. M. Woodhouse, William Alexander, elder son of Mr and Mrs. W. J. Symington, of Epping, to Kathleen Jean, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Easterbrook, of Artarmon.

Wi.SON-BRAITUNC -October 9 «t St Oswalds Church Haberfield bv the Rrv A Kill worth Charles John voun«csl son of the late Mr Ç VI rison and Mi Watson of Dulwich Hill lo -?x .?, Ell'ahclh vouifesi tianehter of Mr and Mrs W W Braltllni of


DAVIES-GREGORY-October 30, 1912 at St       Stephens Church, Chatswood by Rev. C. B.   Elwin, Frederick, eldest son of late Mr. and Mrs. F Davies, to Coralie, daughter of late Mr. and

Mrs. D. W. Gregory, of Turramurra. Present address, 35 Regent Stree,t Bexley.

WILDMAN-HOCHREIN -November 2 1912 al   »t Stephen s Church Newtown by Rev Aron 'leacpn Langley .nthony William voungest »on of the late Mr and Mrs _ wildman of Ashfield to fi,.."..0 Mav loutitt'st dau hter of the late Mi

ano Mrs A Hochrein of Mairickvllle Present address St Bailólos Could Street Bondi


fiE-Î---"""? i-1"" V , 1V nt Roseville Mary t-.ii f-î1--. dt>n.°..|h,<: ln,e Norman Stamfordham r<!î-e.î,1.,ne5o>:_0,",vîRP1, Prlmtelv Intcncd Manly

Cemetery 28th October 1937

BENNET-October 20 1937 at the residence of nis nephew j F Carter Brlshanc Tames Ramsay Bennet of Cloncurry queensland also of Sydney ond Bathurst NSW aged 78 vesrs

CARRADUS-October 28 1937 at Waterfall Sanatorium^ John William dearly beloved husband of Annie Corratltts and loving fattie» of Thomas

aged 54 j ears

CONDON. - October 29, 1937, Clive Leonard beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard James Condon,   of Campsie, aged 5 weeks.  

rr c0-> -October 29 1937 «t Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Trances Cox (late of Valle Height-) in

her Both yenr

-"D.FJ-ANE\.-°otobcr 2B 1937 at his residence 10 Yerrlck Road Lakemba Robert Charles Delaney, ttcnrly beloved husband of Caiollne and loved father of Iola Carrie and Cecil and fond fathei 'n law of Jack aged GI yours At lest

DENNERLEY.—October 28, 1937 at her resi-

dence 9 Corby Avenue, Concord, Mary Jane, relict of John Thomas Dennerley and loved mother of Mary, Nellie (Mrs J. T. Henderson) Ethel (Mrs R. K. Pountney, Joe, Fred, and John, aged 71  


».,n001 EX rPc&tr aB 1!m nl 4B Ke"t Street

Millers Point Eliiibeth (Brsslel Dooley dearly loved mother of Then and fir. ndmothcr of Jack ond Ha old aged Bl vears RIP

DOWLING-October 25 1937 Elizabeth (Bessie beloved sistet of Florrie iMrs Gardner) Campsie and Mr Albert Ellis Maioubin At rest

EGAN. - October 28, 1937 at Sydney, Francis (William) Egan (late of J C Williamson and Co),      

dearly loved father of Pauline and loving brother   of Edward (deceased) and James, aged 66 years. RIP.

GIBSON - Optobci H 1917 Bertha M T bclovpd daughter o' Mr snd Mrs S Gibson Privately "i-clnatcd al Northern Subulbs Crematorium

October 13

GILFILLAN. — October 26, 1937, at Randwick Mill-

tary Hospital, of war injuries, John Robert (in South African and Great War), beloved husband of Annie Gilfillan, brother of Mrs. J. Hayton, Mrs. J. Steele and Mrs. E. Southwick.

GRITTIN -Octobei 29 1B37 at his rcsldr-ncr Frenchman « Road Randwick Trederlck Lowe Griffin relict of the late Elizabeth Griffin and be Joyed fptbei of Filcen Osman and Harry aged

78 vears

HCATHFR -Oelober 29 1937 at St Georac Dil

trlct Hospit-I Frncst William beloved husband ot Fllzrbeth (Llddv) Heather and loving: father ol I rank Rny Danhne Allan Don Alex Elaine and Max aged 47 vears Late Sergeant of Police Rock


., H-?H0N -Octobei l8 (suddenly) at Wagga Î^SW Thomas Hlshon dearlv beloved husband of Lllv Hishon and loving father of Dolly (Mrs Gus Rvnn) and Lewis RIP Aged 76 years

-t»HF?.HCO,CK - October 29 193". at Balmain Hos- pital Miss Mary Hllchcocl late 10 Thames Street

Bramah! At íest

HOULISON -October 29 1937 at her daughter s residence 44 Jrisev Avenue Mortdale Isabella Iloull-an relict of the late Jame. G Hotillson of Ashln-ton No'thumborlnnd England and belovprt molhei or Tlnrlp (Mr* R Ash) aged 73 vears At

KFNNING- October 28 1937 at her residence 39 Robert Strpet Coi rimal Elizeheth Kpnnlng teilet of the 1-te Abraham Kcnninit and deal "¡"PJP of Maillet (Mia Thomas WA) Anthony (WoHongonrf) Isabel (Mrs Penton Bankstown! J F (Mrs Aitken WAI lohn Robert (WA), Abra- ham Fyclvn (Mrs Lyons) Stella (Mrs Nlshtingale SvdtiPj) n t ICennlng (Peter) of Ryde aged 87

Jj __G -October 22 at Cootamundra Marv Pratt widow of the late Josenh Charles Kln" and beloved mother of Reginald (Geelong) Freda fMrs II V Duckworth Cootamundra) Dorothy (Mrs A A ïr -"£-U,.neW- ,Ml.rl,sm. "iecrascdl Alan and Edwin ^r eclonii Privately interred al Geelong Octobei

nii_?N?I?iH -Op,to,l"'r 29 1937 at a prlvatp hr*

-i,-.'-,A_,.0.., b',,0'ed hu«band of Annie I endlch and fond fntH-r of John Rudolph and Olga aged

-5 years RIP

TPi,-nNrî-tM-t"l.t;loïc'_ 26 1B3" il Pennant Hills £llen M_"lippnt eltlest dauehtn of the lite Richard

Heniv Tenth*", nf Otford Ennland

McCALLUM- October 29 1937 at Gloucester   House Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, John (late     postmaster Kandos, beloved brother of Tom

Euphemia, Cecilia William and Jane aged 81


-_-_-.AY -O,c'ob" _9 103" at Double Hay Fdni -, ,oi r1., B5.d M". ° r S'-hwiiifhammet o-- .''"í1 of O p 'lunloil H O nid W I. Sehwlnrhammei nnd Mrs Baden Tcrncrn (Al

burvl in lier »t'nd vpar

ATeKAY-Ot tobe» -»9 191- et Double Bav Fdna brlovpd wife of William Gray McKay and lovinf mothei of Laurie Jnct and Tcan oí 7 Gould Street North Bondi aged il years

MUNRO October 29 b1 Allhorne Fdnccllfr ROPd Woollahra Heirn Marla beloved wife of Andrew Wi>t<on Munro MD Funeral lrave. Al- lhorne 2 30 pm lo day

NFII -OPtohrr 19 1937 al her residence 21 »abel «street Woollahra Mary Ann widow of the late William Tohu Nell and dr-rlt loved moth« of Anne Mell aged 73 years RIP

PARR-October 28 at lils residence Kenthurst To»eph Hei'iort deeilv loved son of Ellvibeth end lovlnp biolher h-other in law and uncle nf Mt pnd Mrs H T-lIls and family Mr and Mrs J T Pan anti family Mis Andrews and son Mr rnd Mr» H Ctatip and family Mr» Dl-on and family Mr« D Parr and family and famille- of Mau and Jane (drppa«pdl and lot Ino brothei of Ted ideeeasedl «fed 50 vears Al resl

ROWTEY- Optobcr 29 1937 al Si Lui e s orí

vat» hospital Olive Vria (Joan) dearly lovrtl wife nf Trie N Rovlev end belovpd sister of Mrs C G Brown and Willam and Bavlcbrldgc

SHOT1I AND -October J9 1937 (nceldcntf Hy) Henry RlPhard beloved husband of Mary Short

land aç-ed 23 years

SIPPEL-October 29 1937 at his résidence Wondon 103 Rocky Point Road Kogaioh Jacob John Slppel lovin» brother of Fmmle and Annie

anti loved uncle of les RIP

SIPPEL-October _9 1937 al his residence Wondon ¿0- Rockv Point Road Kotmroh lacob lohn beloved husband of the late Rebecca Slppel and loving frthei of Lona Alfred Leonard and Allrph Requlesrat In pare

TAIBOT-OPtober 28 1937 al her residence 4 Prince Str»et Mosman I oiilsa widow of the late W H Talbot and loved mother of Harley Iiairv Elsie Gtacr (Mrs N J R-llon) Terrence snd Bessie Pihately Interied at the Northern Sub urbs Crematorium on 29th Instant

TF.TiE-Octobei "-B 1937 at hi« resldenre 7 Fdpnbolm Road Tlverioclt Trederlck William widower of the late Annie Mirle and beloved father of Albert (Brrt) Edith (Mrs Nicholls) and Margaret aied 77 years

WAD .WORTH -Octobei 24 1937 at his resl

dence 1 Marion Street Haberfield Will Eli beloved husband nf SPrah 1 Wadsworth and father of Ormond Wanda and Warrell a.ed 63 years

WILSON.–October 29, 1937, at her residence, 13   Perrett Street, Rozelle, Harriett Wilson, dearly be loved wife of Joseph Wilson, and loving mother of   Albert, Florence and Les, aged 71 years.

WRIGHT -October 28, 1937 at a private hos Pit .1 Waverley Marv Elizabeth WrWht (nee Over endl In hei 89th year Ptlvatelv Interred Botany


FUNERAL NOTICES-See precerlinir pace


AMORY-Cherished memories ot Reginald deal husband of Lillian and fond father ot Reginald

enlled home October 30 1935

God i nows the way

He holds the key

He guides us with unerring hand

Sometime with tefrless eyes well see Yc3 then un there we II understand

Inserted by his loving wife and son Reginald AMORY-Tr»asutcd memories of our dear father Reginald rallPtl home October 30 1935

Wp chcilsh his memory In our hearts Lire mav go hut love never denarts

Inselted bv his loving son and daughter In law

Alf and Olive

ARNOLD-In Invine memory of mv dear wife

Selina lrrnces Arnold

My ever fragrant flower

ARNOT D-In Invine memory of my dear huí

band and oui fathei Bcnlamln Arnold who passed nwav on October 30 lfl'0 Inserted bv his lov

lue- -vlfp and femllv

BARR -In memory of mv dear husband and mv Hen father lohn McLean Barr who passed away Octobei 31 1932 Sntllt missed bv lils lovlni,

wife end .on

BRADSHAW - In loving mcmoiy ot aladjs Brad shaw who depai trd this life October Jl 192(

Wc have lost but hrnven has pained The best mother tills world rontilned

Inser'eri by hei loving children Olga Keith

and Gladys

BRADSHAW -In (ond mcmniy of oin dcai slstei

mud who passed awnv OctobPr 30 192B Ins'rtPd bv her lovln" slstei s and biotlici .

BROWN-In aiemory of our dearly loved son and brother Ken who passed awav O tober 31 193» aged "»0 Sadl missed bv his living inothel

father Bnd rrolher Frenl

BUTTA -In lotlng mtmorv of my dtai mother ind sister luerezli who »»nsseil «mv October 30 1913 Insertrd bv hri lot In,, daughter and slstei Elvira Oulllano nnd Flenou Anderdon

C.NNANE -A tilbule of Invp to the memorv ni ou dpu-hlei Sidle re]] aslpep Octobei 31 1)1' Mviavs lcinembcrrtl nur, anti c*pd

C.NNANE- A tribute of love to on ocur sis

tri S die who «ned Oettbri 11 lol Always icmeinherrtl bv Nellie D loh and lack

CHinrTY-In lovlnr memorv nf on d»ai dad tlio missed ( wp O t her W 11 If)

rod will Uni the binlpn rhaln Cln»rr when ve pli m et aealti insrited b his lovlntt ehlldren

COI LINS -In lo Ing memory of n y dear wife vIhi v Franees passed ubi» Octobei 11 193] In»ctt»d bv her lovin" husband fons daughlcis

I-urie lim loot« Ada

TTASWEIT -In loving memorv of my dc-»r his bund I wren » lewis who went to lils test Octobei

30 11J4

Iltls day brln-s poignant mernot les Of you so nea, and deal i>ertcd by hi» wife May

CUMMINS-In evet loving memory of out dear


CUNNINGHAM-In memory of William Gun nliithom vho p.sscd away October 31 1936

Not forpotten

t, J Cooke and Bio Edgar

CURRi -In loving memory of my dear daughtei and mu .stn Violet who departed this llf" Octo

bei 31 193J

Not just to rinv but every d"v In i-llenre we remember

Inserted bv her lovlni, i-lher brolhtra anti



CURRY-In remcinbiance of oui sister Violet passed away Octobei 31 11J1 Remembeied by

Rose and Alice

CURTIS-A tribute ol love lo the memory of 1115 den daughtei and oin beloved slstci Elsie Maud who passed away Octrbei 26 1931 Inncited by hei soi ron ina mothci sisters and brothers

DrNT-In fond and loving memorv of Thomas Dent who passed away October 10 19.5 Inserted by lils loving wife and childi en

TARRELL-In loving memory of m» wife and our mother who went to rest Octobei 31 1932

Quick and sudden «as the call

Kel sudden end surprised us all Only 1I10SL ti»it love can tell

.he pain ol the patting wllhout siylnp farewrl) In.sei tee! by hei Invine) husband sons and daughter and grandchildren

HEATHERSTON-In lovlnjj meinorv of mv dear father Charles Henry »ho passed away OctnLpi 28 1036 also dear mothci Emily Tutic 0 1936 darling sister Doris Evelyn Apill 27 1933

God s greotcst slit-Remembrance

Inserted bv loving daughtei and sister Ethel


PEENFY -In loving memory of mv dear hu«,

band and mv father James who depaited this life

Octobei 30 1938

Loved and rcmcmbeicri

Inserted by lils loving wife and daughlrt Nora

FORLAND.—In loving memory of my dear   daughter, Thelma Madline Forland, who passed away October 30, 1936. We who loved you never forget. Inserted by her loving mother and bothers, and sisters-in-law.    

FOULKES-In lo»In1, memory «I oin dear wife and mothci Edn3 Foiilkcs who passed »wey Oc tober 30 1934 Till we meet again Inserted bj her loving husband and children

FRASER -In loving memory of our dear mother Annie who ppsscd away Octobei 31 1032 also oui dear father lohn who passed away Novcmbei 23 10Í8

God alone know 1 how we miss you both dear As it dawns another year

Inserted by their loving children Oeitrude Violet Charles and grandchildren

GA1BNS-Reginald Alwavs loving memoiles Inserted by his loving wife and daughtei

GAIRNS-In lovlnr memory of oui deailv loved son and brother Reginald Robeit who died at Mel

bourne Octobei 10 1014 Sadly missed by lils parents sisters and brolher

GILKES -In loving memory of mother died Oc tobcr Jl 10J3 1 oved and remembered always by her childi cn

HARDING-In loving mr ory of my deai hus band and out loving fathci 'ames Alexander who passed away October Jl ! Inserted by his loving wife and daughtei* ta and Iris

HARTER -In loving memory of our deal brother In law James William who departed this life October JO 1927 Nevci forgotten Inserted bv Mi and Mrs H Decry

HENDERSON.-In loving memorv of our door little daughter and slstei Beryl Lsabel who died October 31 1922 Inserted by her evei loving parents slstei and brothers Muriel Hodson and John Ambulance Buildings Coogee

HILDER-In loving memorv of our beloved 1

and mother Flirabeth Hilder who departed this life October 27 1933 9arllv missed by her lovlnl, hus band David and daughter Mai garet

HOSFORD.—In loving memory of our dear father     Joseph Hosford who passed away October 30,1928   Alone with memories that but sharpen pain,and  

these sweet days shall shine back in the


Like dreams of summer downs in nights of rain.  

Inserted by his children Frank and Irene.  

IKIN.—In loving memorv of my dear wife and nui molhei Cicely who departed this life Odo bei 30 19!B In Gods keeping Inserted by net lovlne; hu«,bond Belt son victor and daughtei


P"ETT-In lo» Ink memorv of m» dear sister who passed away Oclobpi 30 Hie sweetest of memories Is »11 1 have left

KOL-S-In loving memorv of ucarest vic who passed «way Octobei 30 1035

rrakraut memoiies will linger for ever

Of the wonderful years we spent together Inserted by lils evei lovlnj friend Ilma

T ANGHAM -Treasured memories of our dearest mother Isabella who passed away Octobei 11 1934 also our deai fathci AVIillam May 8 1934 and brother Sid May 25 1918 (died of waurn. In Fiance) and slstei Rene January 10 1929

lo live In the hearts of those we love Is

not to die

Firr iclnembered bv llielr loved ones

LANGHAM-In loving memory of my orar mollicr who passed away Octobei 30 1928 Never forgotten ty her daughter Zena

LAWLER. –In loving memory of our son, brother, and grandson, who departed October 31, 1936, aged 2 years 10 months. Inserted by his loving mother, father, sister, nanna and Poppie.

LEWIS. –In lovlns memory of our dear husband and fathci William who passed away October 30


A silent thought brings many a tear Foi one we miss and loved so deai

Inserted by his loving »vite Em and son Will LEWIS-In loilng memory of our dear brothei Wllllom who pa-sed away October 30 1936


Inserted by his loving brothel slstei and niece

Joe Jess Ethel

McCASKIE-In loving memory of my rieor wife and our mothei Lucy who passed away Octobci 30 1933 Inserted by her loving husband and


MCGILL-In lovlne. memory of my dear wife and our mother. Cordelia who departed this life October 31 1934 Inserted by her husband and children Robèil George Clarrie and lamllles

MONTEITH-In loving mcmoiv of our dear mother who departed this life Octobei 28 193_

Your memory still fresh with tis dear mothei

Inserted bv hei lovlnu son daughter In law Dim

and Tcss

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«ee pa sr« 1 .)


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