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A Striking Play.

"In Theatre Street," which the Sydney Players' Club presented at the St. James's Hall" last night, proved a courageous and unusual, as well as a highly interesting, pro- duction. The play, written by H. R. Lenor mand and translated by Ashley Dukes, is really an elegy on the modern decadence of the, legitimate theatre and an appeal to the public to save the theatre from Itself, as well as from' the overwhelming competition of mechanical entertainments. But, along with serious and even poetic elements, there is provided a great deal of fun.

The play Introduces a manager who Is will- ing to sell his playhouse over the actors" heads and who allows a film company to subsidise a play-run for its own purposes; a "ham" actor; a comedian who Is late for rehearsal, and alters "lines;" a leading lady, who demands that the play be cul to her measure; and so on. All this was played with skill and in- telligence by John Appleton's team, in spite of the frequent "forcign-ness" of the text. A scene in which a. board of film executives dissects the hapless poet's manuscript wa3 a triumph of satire.

The cast was large and the playing so well Integrated that it would be unfair to name one actor rather than another. "In Theatre Street" is essentially a group-gesture of love for the universal theatre, and unanimity among the players is as appropriate as that with which the author Invests the characters.

"In Theatre Street" will be repeated on October J9 and 26._

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