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"Play-back" Method Used.


The "play-back" method of filming a musical scene was used at a Sydney film studio yesteiday, when Mi Ken G Hall directed an opciatic episode in "The Bioken Melody " It was the largest Indooi scene evei filmed in Austialia

Nearest the tnmeia sat lows of speetatms In evening dress Beyond them was the oichestra and the stage The setting by Mi Eric Thompson and Mr J A Kcnion would have done ciedlt to any opera house In centre stage a flight of stone steps swept upward to the hoiizon of a .star-filled sky On elthci side lose a sei les of houses, with balconies in the Trench style Grouped on the lowei steps was a ciowd of men in gally roloured shirts As the scene piogiessed, dozens of gills in lovely folk costumes crowded in from the wings Miss Diana Du Cane, appealing at the top in wedding auay, came slowly down the steps towards Mr Llonello Cecil, whu waited below to leceive hei


Everyone in the set appeared to be sing- ing feivently Mr Hamilton Webbei, at the (Onductois lostiiun, waved his baton ovei the players, who appeared to be putting their hearts Into the score which had been com- posed by Mi Alfred Hill

One says "appealed," because actually the singcis and the oichestra made piactlcally no sound All the music came fiom ampliflei, behind the cameras It had been iccoided by the slngeis befoiehand with the help of the Broadcasting Commission's oichestia and Mi

Ulchaid McClelland's choli the people whom yesterdny's audience saw on the stage had been chosen for theil looks It did not mattet whcthei they had any voices at all

¬°blmllaily, the membets of the oichestra weie all "dummy ' playeis All tiley had to do was hold then violins and oboes in the correct positions and go thiough the movements


This style of film-making Is known as the "play-back" method It is used In Hollywood nowadays foi all Important musical recoid Ings It enables the diiector to solve the musical pioblems separately, und then con- centrate on questions of acting and setting One icgictted that yesteiday s scene at the Cineoound l-llm Studio was not being photo- graphed In coloui, foi the assembled hues on the stage mide a captivating pictoiial effect Hie scale of the cnteipitse can be judged from the figures involved Over (1000 feet ol material had teen used foi the scaf- folding beneath the set, the total height of the cons! ruction was J4 feet and the light- ing amounted to half a million candle


Mi Hills music proved to be paitlculaily channing It possessed the "body" and hai monic richness of seilous opera, yet displayed a continual flow of graceful melody

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