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EVERY year members of the Red Cross Head-

quarters Younger Set present a musical show. This year the entertainment takes the form of a revue, "A Whirl of Girls," and will be staged at the Australian National Theatre to-night. Walter Kingsley, Rene Dixon, Gwen Cowling, Arthur Fellowes, and Nanette Humphrey Bishop are members of the cast, which will be supported by the Younger Set Ballet. Mr. Humphrey Bishop is producing. Ballets are by Miss Alite Parkes.

» * »

WHEN Andre Charlot visited Hollywood recently

he was the guest, of honour at a party at which other guests were players who, at one time or another in their careers, appeared under his brilliant direction. These included Ronald Col man, Eddie Cantor, Sophie Tucker, Binnie Barnes, Pat Patterson, Herbert Mundln, Wendy Barrie, and

Heather Thatcher.

o » .

DESPITE the fact that Mary Boland specialises

In the portrayal of dumb, fluttery matrons, such as she enacts In "Danger-Love at Work," she Is one of Hollywood's most brilliant conversa- tionalists out of make-up.

Al LEEN BRITTON is the only woman with a part in "Day Must Break," which Planet Productions, by arrangement with J. C. Williamsons, will present at the Theatre Royal for a season of matinees

commencing on November 23.

NOEL COWARD, In his autobiography, snys

that "Cavalcade" was merely Intended to por- tray the vicissitudes of an English family. The broader national aspect into which the stage and screen play developed wai never in his mind. "Cavalcade" is being revived nt present at the Savoy, with "The Gay Divorcee," another bright success of other years.

» * »

AT the Hollywood preview of her latest picture,

"Stella Dallas," Barbara Stanwyck was badly shaken when mobbed by the crowd of autograph seeker_ outside the Uieali e. The police mistook Miss Stanwyck for one of the crowd and pushed her deeper into their midst, and even her escort, Robert Taylor, was powerless to force his way through to

hei rescue.

* * ?

SUMNER LOCKE-ELLIOTT, of the Independent

Theatre, has written his first three-act play, which is entitled "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon." It is a gay comedy of a vague society woman who meets an old admirer after twenty years, and who introduces him into her home with astonishing results. The play will be pre- sented at the Independent Theatre's rooms, in Kin_- Street, on October 30.

. * *

IDA LUPINO, charming ingenue, who has re-

cently completed the feminine lead in R.K.O. Radio's "Fight for Your Lady," opposite John Boles, is the composer of four popular songs to be sung in a London musical comedy next season.

« * *

HIS work in "There Goes the Groom" com-

pleted, Burgess Meredith, in company with his actress-wife, Margaret Perry, is spending a vacation on their farm in Nyack, New York. Mr. Meredith, a New York stage-celebrity, recently made his film debut in "Winterset."

» * »

A BOX six feet long, filled to its brim with

flowers, was delivered on the set of "Hitting a New High" to Lily Pons, the petite opera coloratura starring in the RJK.O. production. The mammoth floral gift included roses, lilies, gar- denias, lilies of the valley, and was sprinkled throughout with beautiful orchids. Having been entertained with a farewell party given by Miss Pons, Grace Moore sent this "Thank you" token before leaving for a holiday in Canada.

WHEN Louise Hovick goes Into "Ali Baba Goes

to Town" as the Sultana, she will be wear- ing more Jewels than Queen Elizabeth did at the Coronation-only hers will be paste. Twentieth Century-Fox is spending nearly £2000 for one of the most expensive collections of paste replicas ever gathered for a picture, and Miss Hovick will be covered from head to foot with man made diamonds, sapphires, rubies, pearls, and other


* * »

DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, Jun., has announced

that he will make no more pictures in Eng- land this year. He is now taking up picture assignments in Hollywood. When asked about the future of Criterion Films, the production com- pany of which he shares the controlling interest, he said he neither knows nor cares what its future will be.

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