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Other Parties Held Last Night

_ i

There were more than 1200 dancers at the Palais Royal last night when the Tall Timbers Ball took place in aid of the Children's Hospital. Many other dances weie held in the city, including small private parties for well-known girls.

Surrounded by tall, white-stemmed Rum trees with leafy branches spread- ing at the tops, the ballroom at the Palais Royal resembled a moonlit glade for the "Tall Timbers" Ball.

An excited murmur and bustle through the room announced the arrival of Mr. Lloyd Hughes, the Hollywood film star, who is in Sydney to play the lead in Clnesound's next production, "Lovers and Luggers." Mrs. Hughes accompanied her husband, and she was an attractive figure in a gown of soft pink chiffon. The gown was moulded to the hips, where it fell into a. full gored hemline, ind was finished with an unusual square collar of blue taffeta checked in gold and tied in a large bow on one shoulder.

They were received by Mr. Stuart F. Doyle (president of the committee) and Mrs. Doyle, who wore an ermine cape over her frock of powder blue lice, and their daughter, Miss Marie Louise Doyle, wearing a moulded frock of lees-of-wlne velvet with a mink cape.


In the official party were Dr. R. B. Wade and Mrs. Wade, ivho added a gold satin coat to her frock of blue floral chiffon; Mr. Justice Maxwell and Mrs. Maxwell, wearing a sable cape with her gown of lake blue blistered crepe; Professor Har

old Dew and Mrs. Dew, who fastened a large amber brooch at the neckline of her trained gown of blue and purple shot satin; Captain O. F. Carter and Mrs. Carter, wear- ing a black cloque frock and a gold coronet In her hair; Mrs. Donald Junor, of Fiji; and

Mi-. Clarence Moss

A miniature scene of a country homestead surrounded by gum trees decorated the table where Mr. and Mrs. Ken G. Hall entertained a large party. Mrs, Hall's gown was of rose pink satin designed with a kilted skirt, and she added a white fox cape.


Later in the evening Mr. Hall and Mr. George Cross conducted a talent search, when the competitors were divided into sections for blondos, brunettes, comedy, character, and Juvenile leads.

Noticed among the dancers were Mrs. George Cross, who wore gold accessories with her tunic frock of black satin and lace; Mr. J. Evans and Mrs. Evans, with a halo of feathers to match her gown of lily-of-the-valley gTecn crepe; Mr. Frank Harvey and Mrs. Harvey,

adding a grey squirrel cape to her powder blue crepe frock; Mr. George Heath and Mrs. Heath, who chose an attractive frock of navy blue spotted net mounted over taffeta; and Dr. M. J. Plomley and Mrs. Plomley, whose black moire gown was worn with green


Among the Cinesound personalities present were Miss Shirley Anne Richards, Miss Elaine HamiU, Mr. Jimmie Raglan, who was accom- panied by his wife, and Mr. Joe Valli, who was with Mrs. Valli.


Miss Evelyn Bowker and Miss Betty Winn made their debut at a dance given for them by their parents at the New South Wales Lawn Tennis Club.

Miss Bowker, who is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C. V. Bowker, of Bellevue Hill, wore a gown of white stiffened lace mounted over taffeta and falling into a full skirt from the pointed waistline. A full-skirted gown of white triple ninon with a shirred bodice was the choice of Miss Winn, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Coupland Winn, of Vaucluse.

Mrs. Bowker wore a tailored frock of black with a short velvet coat to match, and Mrs. Winn's gown of midnight blue floral chiffon was covered by a redingote of midnight blue


Large baskets of poinsettias decorated the ballroom where, among the dancers, were Misses Helen Bowker, Nanette Williams, Helen Davidson, Rosemary Budge, Shirley Poynter, Barbara Glasson (Warrumbungle), Sheila Bell (Goulburn), Well wyn Giles, Jean Mackay, Ruth Julius, Pamela Roberts, Mollie West- garth, Marcia Minnett, Jean Mackay Sim, Thea Gilchrist, Roslyn Bowman, Betty Prltchett, Jocelyn Josephson, Amber Jacobs, Honor McLelsh, Heather MacLeod, Helen Paton, Robin Eakin, Fairlie .Anderson, June Williams, Pat Docker, Joy Minnett, Olivia Fiaschi, and Joan Coghlan.


About 150 telegrams were delivered at 10 p.m. at the Contango Club's annual ball, held at the Blaxland Galleries. The telegrams were In Stock Exchange terms and jargon, and at least one was delivered to each party of guests.

Mr. E. G. Blackmore, chairman of the Stock Exchange, entertained the officiai guests, who included Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Degenhardt the latter wearing a gown of black tulip romaine which had a godet of knife-pleated eau-de-nll romaine In the skirt; Mr. Frank E. Tilley, and Mrs. Tilley, who wore a frock of black flat crepe and added a mink cape; Mr. W. K. Garnsey, and Mrs. Garnsey, who pinned a spray of coral-pink flowers to the corsage of her gown of black spotted net over taffeta; Mr. V. A. Brownhill, and Mrs. Brownhill, who wore black velvet, and added Arctic fox furs.


Mr. A. V. Graham, chairman of the Con- tango Club, assisted by Mrs. Graham, whose frock of cardinal-red flat crepe had a match ina; coat, entertained a party of guests, in- cluding Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Timmins, the latter wearing a gown of gold and white floral brocade satin with a tailored jacket of gold windswept satin; and Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Cade, the latter wearing a frock of midnight blue gold-spotted net over taffeta and a I tailored jacket of gold brocade.

A party of guests was entprtained by the honorary secretary of the ball committee, Mr. Ernest Hlnchcllfle, and Mrs. Hlnchcliffe, who wore a long coat of blue and white floral satin with her gown of harebell-blue satin.

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