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MR. S. F. DOYLE, i

? i

Resignation Tendered.



Mr. Stuart F. Doyle announced yesterday that he had tendered his resignation from the position of manag- ing director of Greater Union Theatres, Ltd., and the group of 25 associated companies in the various States, . in- cluding Cinesound Productions, Ltd., British Empire Films, Ltd., and Asso- ciated Distributors. Ltd., to take effect from June 30.

Mr. Doyle said that, at the request ol the board, he had deferred his resignation from Union Theatres Investments Ltd.. Haymarket Theatres, Ltd., Birch Carroll and Coyle, Ltd (Queensland), and one or two othrr similai companies so as not to cause inconvenience

Before resuming active executive duties again, Mr. Doyle Intends to take an extended holiday on his yacht, Miramar.

In a statement, explaining his action. Mr Doyle said:

"I have consistently advocated a policy, with which certain of my co-directors dis- agree. As our views appear to be irreconcil- able there was no course open to me but to resign, and I have placed my resignation from the entire group jf companies in the hands, 01 the board. 1 sincerely trust that the course of action which the board determines will bring prosperity to the shareholders, and I have assured my co-directors of my sincere desire to tender to them any advice or assist- ance that may be within my power.

"I intend to continue my association with the motion picture industry, both in Austra- lia and in England. I have accepted the position of managing director of London Theatre Centre, Ltd.. which Is building two modern cinemas in Regent-street, London, similar to the state, Sydney, which will be known as the Regent and the Rex, and which will open in February next year. 1 have booked my passage to leave for England in September to supervise this construction, and to develop certain plans for the production of British pictures for world distribution. I Intend to develop a production unit in Eng- land for the purpose. I have under offer one of the new studios at Elstree, and the new London theatres will be used for the premiere of each production. My agents have secured several stories which I believe will make very satisfactory pictures.

"I intend to introduce more ot the American tempo into British pictures. I have long conceived the plan for an Empire-wide cir- cuit for the presentation of British pictures and with the foundation I have laid in Eng- land, I believe this plan is within sight ol accomplishment."

Mr. Doyle said that he would continue his association with broadcasting, and would thor- oughly organise the newly-fori"ed Common- wealth Broadcasting Company network before he went abroad. He is chairman of directors of this company.

Mr. Doyle said that he had accepted the position of chairman and managing director of the recently-formed company, Airplane Construction Development Pty., Ltd. This company controlled the agency for and the construction licence of Airspeed Envoys, Dutch Fokker. and English Douglas 'planes It was Intended to develop a factory In Sydney for the manufacture of these 'planes as soon as sufficient encouragement was given


Mr. Doyle has been a pioneer in the Aus- tralian film producing industry He was the producer, with Mr. K. Hall in association as director, of "Thoroughbred," "Orphan of the Wilderness," "It Isn't Done." and "Tall Timbers" for Cinesound Productions, Ltd. He was responsible for the creation of many modern theatres in Australia, including

the State Theatre, Sydney.

He organised the national broadcasting system 'or the Commonwealth Government, which subsequently became the Australian Broadcasting Commission. He recently estab- lished the Commonwealth Broadcasting net-

work of 16 commercial stations.

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