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Miss Helen Simpson in Australia. — Wedding Plans and Parties. — News

of Australians Abroad. — Collected Film Stars' Autographs.

Distinguished Writer.  

Mrs. Denis Browne, better known as Helen Simpson, the distinguished Australian writer, who has made her home in London for many years has arrived in Australia on a short visit. She will break her Journey in Mel- bourne, and stay for about a fortnight before coming to Sydney, where she will be the guest of her brother, Mr. Telford Simpson, and Mrs. Simpson, at their home at Bellevue Hill. Mrs. Browne has not brought with her her young daughter, Clemence, who is named for Cle- mence Dane, the English novelist and play- wright, with whom Mrs. Browne has collabor- ated in successful detective fiction.

To Live in Sydney.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam West, who have been living in Orange for the past 20 years, will in future make their home in Sydney, and they have taken a flat at Brendalan, Kirribilli. Mrs. West is a sister of Mrs. A. E. Hill, of The Astor, Macquarie-street, who is at pre- sent in Queensland. It was largely through the efforts of Mr. West that the famous begonia conservatory in Cook Park, Orange, was established.

In London.

Miss Kathleen Collins, the clever artist-  

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Collins, of Mosman, went abroad early in the year and is now on the staff of one of the leading art studios in London. She secured her posi- tion within a fortnight of her arrival. She has written home glowing accounts of London  

during the Coronation festivities and after the tattoo at Aldershot, and the performance of "Prince Igor" at Covent Garden particularly impressed her.

To Practise as Barrister.

Miss Jean Malor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Malor, of Darling Point, will return from a seven-weeks' holiday in Perth by the Manunda to-morrow. Miss Malor, who had a brilliant career at Sydney University, will practise as a barrister; she will be admitted when the High Court sits in August.

On Way to America.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Dickenson and their daughter, Miss Lynette Dickenson, of Mel- bourne, are at present in Sydney on their way to America. They will sail by the Mariposa to-morrow, and expect to be away about four months. Miss Dickenson is very interested In amateur theatricals, and has made many appearances with the Gregan McMahon Players in Melbourne.

Returning to England.

Mr. C. Wreford Brown, manager of the Tisltlng English Soccer team, and Mrs. Wre- ford Brown will return to England by the Comorln to-morrow. Before her marriage Mrs. Wreford Brown was secretary to Lord Plender, with a famous firm of accountants in England, and while on tour she assists her husband with any secretarial work ho needs.

To Visit Brisbane.

Mrs. Jock Slater, whose husband, Comman- der Slater, is away with the fleet on its win- ter cruise, is staying with Lieut, and Mrs. John Dewson, at Ocean-street, Woollahra. They will all leave for Brisbane at the end of Aug- ust, for show week. Lieut. Dowson has been ill, and was unable to sall with the fleet.

Country Visits.

Mrs. Selby Morton, of Goulburn, and her daughter, Miss Barbara Morton, who have just returned from a cruise to Fiji, will visit Goulburn for the coming week-end, and will return to Sydney next week. Later they will visit Mrs. W. T. Badgery, of Redbank, Scone.

Returned from Shantalla.

Mrs. Harry Osborne, who has been stay- ing for the last month at Shantalla, Yass, with Mr. John Bucknell, and her son, Mr. Leslie Osborne, has returned to her home at Double Bay. Her husband is at present stay- ing at Wongarang, Kootingal, with his elder son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Osborne, who were married at Tamworth in June. Mrs. H. J. Osborne was formerly Miss Allson Suttor, of Tamworth. Mr. John Buck nell's sister, Miss Beth Bucknell, who has been in England for the last two years, win ieturn homo via America, where she has many Wends to see, and is expected home m


Guests at Jervis Bay.

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bevan, of Bellevue Hill, will entertain a house party at their cottage at Jervis Bay this week-end. Among   their guests will be Miss Alice Nail, of Cre- morne, and Misses Sheila McDonald and Erna Hull, of Mosman, who will leave by car this morning and return home next Tuesday.

Will Remain in Paris.

Miss Alice Danciger, of Mosman, was plan- ning to return at the end of the year from Paris, where she has been studying art for the past two years, but has now received a splendid commission for several pictures and will remain abroad. She recently spent a

holiday in Brittany.  

Country Holiday.

Lady Jordan returned to town early in the week after having spent a few days as the Best of Mr. and Mrs. Pudsey Dawson, at Mullet Creek Faim, near Dapto.

N.Z. Holiday Planned.

Miss Alice Sullivan, of Wagga, is in town and at her suite at the Hotel Australia she is entertaining many of her Sydney friends at luncheon parties and bridge. Miss Sullivan recently returned from a trip to the East. alter which she accompanied Mrs. Matt Sawyer to Broken Hill. Later in the year Miss Sullivan and her sister, Miss Forbie Sullivan, will leave for a trip to New Zealand. when they will be accompanied by Mrs. Tivey, wife of Dr. Eric Tivey, of Mosman, and her daaughter, Miss Beverley Tivey.

Touring Abroad.

Miss Betty Marr, of Gordon, who has been abroad for several months, has been touring the Continent, and was present at the musical Festtval at Salzberg with Miss Joan Hammond, of Sydney. Miss Marr will return to England shortly, and will then spend three weeks in scotland as the guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs. J. Thomson, of Aberdeen. Later in the year Miss Marr intends to travel by a Dutch liner to Sourabaya, where she will spend a few weeks with friends, and will then join the Nieuw Holland for her homeward voyage to Australia.

At Bowral.

Mrs. George Watt, of Rose Bay, and Mrs. Hector Forsayth, of Vaucluse, have chosen Bowral for their winter holiday, and are stay- ing at Craigieburn. Mr. and Mrs, Tom Ritchie. of Vaucluse, are also at Bowral.

Wedding Plans Announced.

Miss Val Mackenzie, of Kirribilli, who has

returned from Melbourne, where she has

been visiting her fiance's parents, Mr. Mr and Mrs. Alfred Bright, at Cliveden Man- sion, has decided on August 9 for her wed- ing. Her fiance. Mr. David Bright, will  

come to Sydney as soon as he has recovered from a recent operation for appendicitis, and his mother and father, if he is well will arrive later. The wedding will  

take place at St. Philip's Church, Church Hill, and will be followed by a reception at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron. Miss Eileen Cronin will be the only bridesmaid, and Mr. Bright's brother, Mr. Reginald Bright, will be best man. A younger bro- ther, Mr. Cedric Bright, will also be present at the wedding. After her wedding. Miss Mackenzie will make her home in Melbourne.

Aboriginal Walking Stick.

Miss Beatrice Tange, the well-known pianist, brought back a curious walking stick carved from wood in the design of a snake with a kangaroo's head, from Tarcoola, on the trans- continental railway, for her father, Mr. H. Leslie Tange, with whom she is now living at Guyong, Double Bay. Miss Tange has Just returned from a 13 weeks' tour of the Commonwealth, under engagement to the Aus- tralian Broadcasting Commission, during which she gave 30 broadcasts, and was soloist on the programme with Georg Schneevoigt, in Perth.

New Zealand Visitor.

Mrs. Hugo Freeth, of Christchurch, New Zealand, is on a visit to Sydney, and is stay- ing with Mr. Freeth's cousin, Mrs. L. D Foster, of Kurraba-road, Neutral Bay.

Baby Daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Meagher, of Coota- mundra, are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter. Mrs. Meagher before her marriage was Miss Joan Watt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Watt, of Strathfield.

Returning from England.

Miss Margaret Weigall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Weigall, of Darling Point, who is at present in England, will probably leave for Australia early next month.

Singer's Arrival.

Miss Stella Power has arrived in Sydney and is the guest of Mrs. E. Scougall, at Potts

Point. Miss Power will sing "Dove Sono" from "The Marriage of Figaro," at the Sym- phony Concert to be conducted by Georg Schneevolght, at the Town Hall to-night, and it is interesting to remember that this operatic aria was taught to Miss Power by the late   Dame Nellie Melba during the former's visits to Coqmber Cottage, the diva's home, near    


Returned Home.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bruxner, of Darling Point, have been spending a short holiday at Lema, and returned home on Tuesday.

Touring Abroad.

Miss Helen Hughes, daughter of the Federal Minister for Health (Mr. William Hughes) and Dame Mary Hughes, writes of the happy time she is having during her holiday abroad. She has visited Germany twice and recently has been the guest of Lady Hartington and Mrs. Neville Chamberlain at their homes in London. Miss Hughes is now visiting Scot- land, where she is the guest of Lady Novar, of Raith, Kircaldy. She will probably leave England in time to reach home about the end of September, but had not made definite plans when she last wrote to her mother.

Wedding in September.

Miss Jean McDowell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McDowell, of Chatswood, has chosen September 29, as the date of her wed- ding with Mr. George Pratten, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Pratten, of Pymble. The ceremony, which will be an evening one. will be celebrated at St. James' Church, and her bridesmaids will be Misses Olga Fry, Jean Quentin, Gwen Pratten, and Cath. Neill.

Lived in Kokopo.

Mrs. K. C. McMullen, whose husband is Assistant District Officer at Kokopo, New Guinea, had a much enlarged household dur- ing the volcanic eruption at Rabaul. A num- ber of officials were quartered at her home but she was thankful to have missed the excitement or the actual eruption. With her husband and three children. Lois Ann, Frank, and Kenneth, who is only five weeks old she arrived here yesterday by the Nankin and will stay with Mrs. L. M. Kirkwood, at


Flat in Town.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Black, of Taroo. Poka- taroo, are in town and aro staying at the Australia. The chief object of their visit is to find a flat, as they intend to live in Sydney. When their daughter, Mrs. Geoffrey Bucknell, returns to her home, Newstead, at Inverell, after the Grafton races, they will visit her for a week before returning to


News from England.

Mrs D'Arcy Gale, who was formerly Miss Ena Cantor, of Darling Point, will leave Eng- land by the Oronsay on August 28 and spend a holiday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Cantor, before travelling to Bermuda to Join her husband, Lieutenant Gale, of H M S Fitz- roy. Lieutenant and Mrs Gale are at present in the Shetland Island, wheie Mrs. Gale has returned after spending a holiday with Miss Kitty Crowley, of Lindfield, and Mr. Leslie Stuart, of Goolgumbla, Jerilderie, as the guests of the latter's father, at Dallyhlvlstock, County Antram, Northern Ireland. Miss Crowley will return with Mrs. Gale by the Oronsay.

Flying to Tumbalong.

Miss Jean Kennedy, of Aston Gardens, Belle- vue Hill, will leave on Monday to spend a holi- day with Mrs John Fraser, of Deltrolt, Tumbalong. She has decided to make the trip by aeroplane, and is hoping for fine weather.

Trip to Singapore.

Miss Nancy Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs J. L Brown, of Bellevue Hill, is look- ing forward to a trip to Singapore with her grandmother, Mrs. R. Brown, formerly of Brisbane. They will sail on September 8.

Home in Omaha.

Sydney friends of Mrs. John Kennebeck, whose husband died here at the beginning of the year, will be interested to know that she is now staying with her late husband's mother In Omaha, Nebraska. Her children, Margaret Francis and John Joseph ("Jo-Jo") are with


Adventurous Holiday.

Miss Ruth Gunn, who last year, with Matron Wendham, motored from Maitland to Dar- win, . likes adventurous holidays. She re- cently set out by car from Maitland and con- tinued her journey through Broken Hill to Oodnadatta, going thence to Alice Springs and back to Adelaide. Her companion on the trip was a favourite dog. In the centre of Australia Miss Gunn visited a woman whose husband is often away for weeks at a time droving, and she is left with only the companionship of her

five children. It was a strange coincidence to meet in Central Australia this woman, who had been a tennis player at Roseville, Miss Gunn's suburb in Sydney.

Film Stars' Autographs.

Misa Margaret Kemp-Bruce, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Kemp-Bruce, of Lindfield, who went abroad in February, has been having a thoroughly enjoyable time in England. She attended the Derby and the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, and, later, with Mrs. J. D. Hemphill, of Wahroonga, visited Maiden- head and went sailing for nearly two hours. She has been staying with her father's uncle, Mr, William Whitson, Laird of Isla Park and Mid Hall, in Perthshire, which has been In her family since 1400. At the Theatrical Gar- den Party in London, she collected the auto- graphs of several film stars for her younger sister, Miss Nancy Kemp-Bruce, whose collection now includes the signatures of Charles Laughton, Leslie Banks, Elsa Lan chester, Conrad Veidt, and John Glelgud. Miss Margaret Kemp-Bruce left London at the beginning of July for a tour of the Conti- nent, and she expects to return home in time for Christmas,

In Town.

Mrs. James Gordon, of Werriwa, Bungen- dore, is staying with her sister-in-law, Miss Fan Gordon, at Fairlight Court, Edgecliff.

Maitland Polo Carnival.

Among Sydney visitors who will be present at the Maitland polo carnival, which begins to-day, are Misses Joan and Joy McDermott, of Vaucluse, who will stay with Miss Mary O'Brien. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Riddle, of Kia Ora, Scone, will see the play, and then come to Sydney for a short visit.

Birthday Party.

Mrs. A. B, Marcus, who, with her husband, has taken a flat at Birtley Towers during their stay in Sydney, celebrated her birthday with a visit to Koala Park. Also In the party were her husband and her sister, Miss Edith Miller, Mrs. L. S. Snider, Mr. G. B. Dean, and Mr. Alfred Coleman. They all returned to Mrs. Marcus's flat, where she prepared a dinner of southern fried chicken and American ice cream. Mr. Marcus gave his wife an Australian opal to be inserted in her diamond bracelet wristlet watch.

Visiting North Coast.

Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Grant, of Randwick, are visiting the north coast, and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Grant, of


To Stay with Mother.

Mrs. Grant Giblin, of Gulargambone, will arrive in Sydney early next week, and will stay with her mother, Mrs. Hubert Gordon, at Fairlight, Edgecliff.

Oversea News.

Sydney people in Paris, when the last air mail left, were Mr. and Mrs. E J. Watt, Dr. and Mrs. Nigel Smith, Mrs. Arthur Mills, and her sister, Miss Nina Garvan.

Mise Eileen Bell, of Coochin Coochin, Queensland, has been staying with Lord and Lady Forteviot, at Dupplin Castle, Perth. Lord and Lady Forteviot visited Sydney two years


To England Again.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cook, son and daugh- ter-in-law of Sir Joseph and Lady Cook, of Bellevue Hill, will leave by the Jervis Bay on Tuesday, returning to England to make a permanent home at Bradford. Since they left England they have lived for several years in China, and then came to Australia to make their home In Bathurst. For the last iew weeks they have lived at Manly, and are now staying with Sir Joseph and Lady Cook. Mrs. Cook has been visiting Bathurst to say fare- well to her friends, and returned yesterday In time for a small dinner party, given by Mr. and 'Mrs, E. K. Ipkendanz at their home at Woollahra, and followed by a bridge party at which were Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Bruton, Mr. and Mrs. Hartley Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Buckingham, the Deputy Consul-Gene Tal for Greece (Mr. F. Economus) and Mrs. Economus, Mr. and Mrs. Athol Calder, Mrs. J. B. Watson, Mrs. A. .Barrington, Mr. Basil Hallam, and Miss Maria Lucas, of Melbourne, Who is a passenger in the Mariposa on holi- day to Honolulu. Mrs. Ipkendanz's brother in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Hartley Cook, will give a late afternoon party for Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cook at Ralnaud's cafe, on Sat- urday, and have invited about 40 guests. An- other sister, Mrs. Ashley Buckingham, is en- tertaining in their honour at her home in Kambala-road, Bellevue Hill, on Monday.

Motoring Home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Elliott, who have been visitin-î Orange for several weeks as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fox Martin at their home, Tokolau, are motoring home to Cremorne this


Melbourne Wedding.

Miss Sheila Bellalr, of Melbourne, will be married at the Presbyterian Church, Toorak, to Mr. Robert Bailey, on August 12. Her bridesmaids will be Miss Beth Anderson and Miss Maroa Molesworth, and Miss Janet Landale if she returns from England in time. Miss Bellair is a sister of Mrs. Edmund Kurtz, who with her husband recently returned to Melbourne after spending ten months in


To Visit Parents.

Miss Ruth Conti has been studying dramatic art and singing in London for the past five years at the Italia Conti School of Dramatic

Art, and will arrive by the Wanganella on July 27 to visit her parents, .?Mr. and'Mrs. A. A. Conti, of Roseville. She is now a member of the staff of that famous school os a teacher of dramatic art and elocution. Miss Conti will return to London in time for the Christmas production of the fairy play, "Where the Rainbow Ends," and will continue her singing studies. -

Party for Daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Harris, of Double Bay, will give a party next Tuesday in honour of their daughter, Miss Goldie Harris. Miss Harrli, who will celebrate her nineteenth birthday, will entertain her friends at the

Pickwick Club.

From Inverell.

Mr and Mis H Manning, of Inverell, are in town They aie the guests of Mr. Man- ning's mother, Mrs. C. J. Manning, of Hun teis' Hill, and will return to their home c Sunday. c

To Visit Australia.

Mrs J. G:' V. Ball, of Surrey, England, who. with her husband and family, formerly lived in Sydney, will visit Australia towards the end of the year to see her son, Mr. Maurice Ball, who is at present living in Melbourne

On Their Way Home.

Mrs. Laidley Dowling and her daughter, Miss Pamela Laidley Dowling, embarked on the Queen Mary in the first week of July on the first stage of their journey home to Sydney, via America.

Farewell Party.

Major and Mrs. S. M. Menzies, of "The Downs," Glen Innes, were entertained at a farewell cocktail party and dinner at the Royal Hotel. The hostesses were Mesdames D. W. Abbott, J. L. Vivers, H. R. St. Clair Hughes, Robertson-Cuninghame, J. Brown, C. A. Sinclair, A. J. Corfe, C. Henderson, Ian Macintyre, L. H. D. McRae, S. Miller, E. D. Ogilvie, J. M. Ogilvie, Misses H. McGregor and P. Ross.

Goodwill Flight.

Miss Joyce Rouse and Miss Dot Goddard will be among the women flying to Grenfell next week-end for the air pageant. Five machines from the Royal Aeio Club will take part in this goodwill flight.


Mrs. Archie Button, of Lindfield, has just returned from a holiday in Melbourne, where she was the guest of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bainbridge, of Toorak. Mrs. Button is now planning a visit to Canberra, where she will motor later in the month.  


STOGDALE. Miss Joan Sayers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Sayers, of Vaucluse, will be married at St. Mark's Church, Darling Point, on August 10, to Mr. Leslie Vincent, of Wombeena Station, Naracoorte, South Australia, son of the late Mr. T. Vincent and of Mrs. Vincent, of Sydney. Her sister,

Miss Judith Sayers, and Miss Stogdale, will be her bridesmaids. '

—Dorothy Welding.

MRS. H. W. HAWKESWOOD, of Woollahra, and her children, HELEN and

CELIA. Mrs. Hawkeswood will leave on August 6- with her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Francis Bligh, of Woollahra, for a .holiday, in New Caledonia. .

MtSS HELEN PETHERBRIDGE, only daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W.   Pethebridge, of Petersham, who announced her engagement early this year to Mr. Willis Haenke, only son of Mr. an-d Mrs. M. W. Haenke, of Ipswich, Queensland, will be married in October at All Saint's Church, Petersham. Miss Molly Douglass, of Epping, will be her bridesmaid, and Miss Petherbridge's future home will be in Brisbane. Miss Petherbridge has studied commercial art, and is the chairman of the students of the

Industrial Arts Society.

MRS. H. P. GUNNER, of London, who

is the guest of Mrs. Watson Munro at her home at Woollahra. Mrs. Gunner and Mrs. Munro have been spending a short holiday in Canberra, and they

returned to town on Tuesday.

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