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Mr. Claude Kingston, who Is concert manager for Messrs. J. and N. Tait, hos wrtten from Wellington, New Zealand, lo announce the opening of the Don Cossacks' season. "Their .lind» rd," he says, "appeals to me as being 30 per cent, above that of the previous Cossack choir. In fscl. 1 think the choral work Is the beat, 1 have ever heard. So It rather looks as if the tour is assured of outstanding sucoe_ses. The opening proved to be a. record one for this type of entertainment-so much so that the choir will m__e at least 40 appearances in New "evi land before proceeding to Australia, where it. will appear in Brisbane prior to opening in Sydney on or about September 2. The conductor. N. KostrukofT, Is quite a bl<j personality." Notices In the Wellington news- paper- support Mr. Kingston's praise.

Actually, the Don Cossacks are not likelv lo open here on Thur.'dsy, September Ü: for that is the date the Broadcasting Commission has ret down for Arthur Rubinstein', flrot «ippear ance in Sydney. Contrary to previous custom, the Commission will introduce tho pianist at an orchestral concert, and allow him to give his solo recitals later. Georg Schnee- voigt will conduct. It is cmphr.sised that this coucert on September 3 lies outside the Com- mission's subscription series. The >.st of the year's subscription events was to have been conducted by Professor Bern« rd Heins« on September 9; but, amid p. general orchestral re- shuffle. thPt recital has been postponed until Tuesday, October ia.

Rubinstein will give 20 conneri.s In Australia. Already this Tear h» has made comprehcnolvf. tours of Italy, Germany. North Africa, and South America. This speed of movement Is made pos-sible by the fact that the pianist travels everywhere by oh-. Even so, he is allowing himaelf only » two days' pa,u.<- at his Paris home before he leí ves for Australia. When he leaves this country al. the end of October, he will go on to Java, China, Japan, nnd Canada. Paris will not see him again until next May.


Mi Richard White is optimistic »bout his rheatiical icntuie in Newtown He tonslders thol-wlth a cast of piofessional actors a weekly change of bill »nd piices onlv »bom half those charged In ihe cinemas he has evetv chante of di »wing a latge public the Bat which opens this afternoon -will be succeeded next batuidtvy by 1 he Killel -that Is Nightstick,

undei n. new I Itle-and then In suocpsstve weeLs bv Whit« Catgo arid the StieeLs of London

! Mi Geoige Kensington is producing Die I Bal and the cast compile« Messis Mon u ¡eft" Mccallum Cecil Perry James Btadlev Richard Devereaux Csi lton Stuart Owie "Wen ban and Michael Kingsley Misses Katie lowers Nan Tayloi and Ros« McCaithy Mi

Stuart is the sole relic of the comoanv which oiiginally piesented Ihe Bat at the Ct li ellon llieatie Otheis in thateailv pioductlon weie Mr Ma. ne Lynton Mi Kenneth Biamplon Miss Kmnia Temple and Miss Vlsle Paik&s Mt

limes Bi adlcy who will appeal to dav is ; .on of tile »ell-known actoi Mr Funk. Bisdley

In The Killel theie will be voilons add!

M ins lo the lostet of playpia Mi Mmshall Oiosby is one Aoothei JvJKs June Me&gan is a young acli ess whose «ork attracted the »t

tention of J C Wtllismson rcpiescntatives when she appealed in Aren t We AIP le

cently at Mosman Mi Ralph Green and Miss Karen Gieyson aie the leraainlnp newcomers


When the musical play Ovet She Goes finishes Its îun in Melbourne It will be trans fenpd to Adelaide opening tlicic on Saluidov Sr-ptembet i Sydnev win SPP ii pjactly three WPUS latei el the lheatre Royal

vlcinwhll? pieparations aie poing foiwaid foi the iiclbouiiip pipmieie of

The r C Williamson management announces that lb* long erst of thal sumptuous plav will include Messis Gaston Mpivsle Aifhui Cloike Dou»l_,s Heia-ld Bf-il Matthews Don Nicol Svdnev wheel*) and Clifford Cowlev Miss "Vvonne Banvatd and Mi«« 1 »dev Crane Miss Bpnwid used to be « populji ilguip on the lot-»I sr-ciie bul she lu* not »ppemed hcie undei Ihe Williamson auspices foi ionie vrais past Hie letotds suggest In fact thal HIP pie tee otc8«ton of her lair«! SU((P*S wos flo«f Mette in ulllch übe plated IhP pail of Lady lune Latelv violoiia and votions secnons of Ne»; South Walr-s have wltiipospd hn cum» hack- in the touilng While Hoit.»


Mi Heiold mi Fnglish actoi Is non on hL sevemh visit to Auutralia HIB eailiPi ap ppara.icps In Sydncv include Die nail of i Porkfe Giabble in Rond HOUNP and a lole

I in, 1 hp Dubstiy Mi Matthews an eiccm

plfhed danepi added much to the enl't talnnvnl In fill Delling 8P ide* anana ing the Russian Bellet infcilude In Bala

lalla 1 h.dee SlHvinskv will dance a loading lole lhp othei two piincipals In the bullet will be Mr lan Kowskey and Miss Cornella Loddcit»-Miss I oddPis beinf s Melbourne RIII

who won some success heie in s tecent tevivol

of Wait yes fiom Vienna I


Di IM pot Bainton has chosen a F i euch! piogiamme foi the ouhe-srial i edi al which | lie is to conduct el the Conseivatoiium next | Wednesday At lea-t that Is what a ciiculai | Aduatlv rlip most Impoitanl woilv In the lis! is 1 chatkowskys Piano Con ceilo In B Flat Minoi with Mi Inidor Good mau os lololsi

Next Tuesday members of the Players Club    

will stage J B Priestley s play "Bees on the Boat Deck" The setting is the deck of an   of ocean-going steamer which owing to the     depression has been run ashore and abandoned in the mourh of a river. Under the cloak of light comedy the author is said to have indulged in mild allegory. The ship is Eng- land and the various strange people who appear on her decks stand for diverse forces   and movements in the modern state. There arie fori instance a scientist with a passion   for explosions, a young Communist, a rascally   company director and a captain of the British Fascisti. Mr Leonard Wright is producing

and Mr John Appleton has designed the  


Since lefuinlnç horn Duiope Miss liene Vera Young hss giien no dence i «eitel out

side hei privóle I beatie Ihm legiellable ..tsl» of -(fairs will be lemedled on Sep tembei II for Miss Doris Fitton has inviied Miss Young to piesenr, a series of dances at Ihe Consei vatoi lum as a soil of cuitoin îalser foi Candida' Miss Fitton lepoits th.l Pi ¡de and Preiudice was a triumph at the bos-off-ie last monrh Al the .econd peí

ioimanc. the management toot in £1J0 as compaied w11 h a pievious îecoid of £75 when the Savoy 1 beatie was the scene of opetétions Moreovei «bout a bundled people had lo be turned away So in oidei to comply with an obvious demïnd the members of the Inde- pendent Thestie will piesent Pride and PieUidtce again on Monday Seplembei 20 Foi the diamatic festival at the 150th anni veisary celebtations nest veai Miss Fitton has a plan to slate Much Ado About Nothing with hei.tlf as 8eatiiee


When Geoig Schueevo.i conducted the Penh Symphony Oi elie iii a one of the soloists ivas a young i-opiano Miss tains Sydney

Smith Schneevoigt was impie--j,ed bv the voice and style and he waimly lecommended the sinter to Madame i-otie lehmann lehmann in hei tuin was so delighted that urie offered to give Mi-s Sydney-Smith t dnily lesson free of chaige If the people of Peirh would t>end then talented fellow-cltben lo Vienna Uley he ve don« --o W11 hin s. fesv days f 500 had

been subscribed and enothsi £500 Is in i sKjiit


The death occuued In California lecentiy of I Bf-ssle Doyle »ho ?» »s foimerly famous a? on Austialian violinist Boin in the Huntei

|RÍIPI di trici the voung playei was some

thing of en infant prodlgv She vsas only lu vear« old when she t eut abioBd and jettled down to studv In J-cipsic One of bei fellow students their- was Mi finest Truman the formel city ot fan ist At 19 Bessie Doyle etn i barked on hei conceit careel Foi some

[ yeirs she touted with Madame Ad"1 Ciorsley

Latei ,ne went to America and changed hei niofP'sional riarrip io nieen Mitchell OMooie Tn 18114 -he had main»ri L R Nbilhev. He diod foin years ago She leave« a HUÎICI Mrs . Hnrj Grogan, of lidcombe

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