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Wórkráfc»' National« Park.;

Mr Charles Chauvel, who Is pioducins Uncivilised" lot Expcditionaiy Films, Ltd, has taken his, actors and H technicians to National Park, where they aie living in lents

lhere aie ah/ays enlcitainini inciaents when a motion picture company goes on loca- tion Two such Incidents occuired yester dJy-first, when an actor's Wig came oiT in a deep creek during the filming of a watei scene, and secondly, when the Palm Island aborigines speared two stinjarees

During the making of the aquatic scene Miss Margot Khys liad to stand in water up to her shouldeis foi two horns One of ¿he actor3 tppearing in the scene with her hid his viz brushed off and it floated In a fasl-movinç cmrent towards a waterfall Mr Victoi Fitzherbeit, who, besides playing a pait in the film is also cairylng out the woiK. oí make-up mon had to dive into the v/ntei, ietrieve tne wig and swim back to the actoi to whom it belonged He then adjusted it,

treading water the while

On the banks of^Poit Hacking Rivet the Palm Island aborigines spw two stingaiecs They returned1 to their camp for their spcais and speared' the fish For a time the slln garees swam about with the spears sticking; In them ____________

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