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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person to ensure their  


Birth, Marriage, Death, Bereavement, In Memoriam,

and Funeral Notices, up to 6 lines, 3/; extra lines at 6d. BIRTHS.    

ADAMS (nee Drine).—On the 6th January, at  

Nurses E. and A. Kendall's private hospital,  

Ringwood, to Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Adams, of   Warrandyte—daughter (Dulcie Margaret)  

ALLEN (nee Ida Plummer).—On the 18th January,  

1921, to Mr. (late A.I.F.) and Mrs. Harry Allen,        

of 228 Prospect Hill road, Surrey Hills—a son   (William Alexander).

ALLPRESS.—On the 13th January, at their resi-

dence, "Yilgarn," 76 Campbell road, Upper Haw-       thorn, to Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Allpress—a daughter.

ANGUS (nee Violet Jones).—On the 10th January,    

at 195 Gipps street, Abbotsford, the wife of Albert Angus—a daughter (Norma Isobel).  

BALLINTINE (nee Irene Eutrope)-On the 11th   January, at "Bethesda" private hospital, the   wife of James Ballintine, of 30 Jordan street,

Malvern—a daughter.      

BERNET (nee Kerr).—On the 10th January, at Sis-  

ter Donnell's private hospital, "Kulki," the     Grove, Moreland, the wife of F. C. Bernet—a son (Leonard Kerr).

BERRY (nee Ellie Winchcomb).—On the 9th      

January, 1921, at North road Newport to Mr. (late A.I.F.) and Mrs. L. H. Berry—a son.

Both well.

BLACK (nee Elsie Ballintine).—At the "Una" pri-        

vate hospital, Shepparton, to Mr. and. Mrs. W. J.         Black, "The Pines," Dookie—a daughter.    

BOORN (nee Madge Dyer).—On the 14th January,  

at "Okarita," private hospital, Box Hill, to Mr.   and. Mrs. A. H. Boorn, Severn street, Box Hill   Berry—a son (Albert William).

CAMERON.—On the l"th lamían at Sister Vn    

noir s i uvate 1 o pitnl Suthcrlind road *.rma

I] tie wife of liol crt 1 R Cimcron Ti ni. Hawksl urn road Hawksburn-a son

CORRELL (nee J. M. O'Brien).—On the 17th Ja-ui    

sr 1? I it ( ill mi private ho«pltal I nroa, the U al I t Correll jun Longwood-a daugh .er (Irene Mai)

CRAIG.—On the 1 th lamían to Mr and Mrs

fl I) Cn g of o7 llrombv street South .arra i laiulter (lean Divina)

DALE (nee Alma Wawn).—On the 14th January,  

at Nurse Andrew s private hospital Holmes   road, Moonee Ponds, to Mr (late A.I.F.l) and       Mrs. E. L. Dale "Wawndale", Kilmartln street Essendon - a son (stillborn)

DALE.—On the 14th January, at Nurse Andrews'

private lo«|itil Haines road Moonee Ponds lo Mr in I V. I L. Dale-a son (stillborn)

DUMBRELL.—On the 17th January, at Idling      

ton i n ile hospital Aut um to Mr and Mrs J \ I) ml roll-l «on (Both well )

FAIR.—On the 14th January, 1921, to Mr nnd Mrs        

\Hr. I C lair Murdoch street Cremorne <_ ] no - dal ghter (Constance Manon)

FRENCH (nee McKie).—On the 10th December, at    

Pen lene pnntc hospital Koo. eng rd Armi dilp to Mr and Mrs. French Essex street

Fnhnn-1 son

GINN (nee Mabel Edwards).—On the 13th January,         at N rec I eklv i pnvite boj- tal Iona

Pim roi! l-l t Vellourne to Mr and Mrs. Norman I ( inn Sheroood fctrcct Riclunond-a da c11er (Ben le Mn.)

GLANVILLE.—On the 11th January, at "Pres-          

lon 1 nnvitc ho pitil South Preston the wife ni Mr C Glanville-« dnughter (Norma Bets. )

GLENNY.—On the 15th January, at Birchip, to

n 1 Mrs II ( Clennv Commercial Bank us nlla-n son (Rcglnall Horn)

HICK.—On the 11th January, at "Cooindi private  

Irptnl the wife ol A H Hick

kein Longwarry last-a «on (Kenneth

J m_)

HOLDEN.—On the 29th December, at WynOell  

rrlv ite 1 ospital I li. dale to Mr and Mr« R n liol ¡cn-n laughter (Alice Mnv)

HOLE (nee Caldow).—On the 10th January, 1D21     at Bellari« private hospital I eelong to Mr II I Mrs. I \ Hole W Inchelsea-a son (lan

In rsl)

IRWIN (nee Ethel Carpenter).—On the 17th Janu-  

a. it Nurse C irpcnter s private hospital Lewis him roa 1 Prahran the w ife of Trcdrick I Irwin -a la ghtcr (Hazel I mill)

JAMES.—On the 8th January, at Rmslov Middle I sex 1-r.laiil the wife of Cecil Holman James 1 dale AFC)-« son (Bv cobie )

JOLLY.—On the 4th January, to Mr and Mn    

V Vi lollv Benwell Brougham place North Idehide-n son (Alfre I William Swinburne)

KELLETT.—On the 17th January, at their mu

len« Rithgir Taraville parade Roseville silnrv to Mr nu I Mrs Harold Kellett-twin bos (All doing well)

KENDALL (nee Dolly Barraclough).—On the 12th   January, 1921, at their their residence Clenasknm ' WitUetrre ronl last Malvern the wife of Mr J . I cn I ill-i daughter (Nellie hlthlecn)

KIDD.—On the 1st January, 1921, at 7 Comber-

trret r«senloii to Mr and Mrs VV H a huphtcr

LANG.—On the 4th January, at St George's Private Hospital, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. R. I.   Lang, "Cowanbrae," Mary street, Kew—a son     (Iver lngleton).  

LAWRENCE.—On the 10th November 1 OJO the      

Vin- i! Lawrence Nvnh_" _ -ht"

MARSHALL (M. Wattie).—On the 28th December, H it s «ter Cilchrlst s private hospital ' Col

t ter Mern street, Northcote to Mr an I

(r \ ! Mnrsliail "3 Cotch street South Nortl cot - a son (Edwin! lohn)

McBAIN (C. Bacon).—On the 11th lamían at St      

I 's, ear Is Private Hospitll Turner street Caul Md to Captiln anl Mr- P V McBain Liles r . 1 Knox street List Malvern-a son Wor e«t r papers pleise cop) )

McINTOSH (nee Irene Dorrity).—On the 14th Janu-      

r it, (le C tv 1-nmii. Hotel Bendigo the (coll II VIcInto h-1 <1 tucjltcr

McKECHNIE (nee Mary Hallam).—On the 8th      

Ima r t St I onm s Prlv ite Hospital Hamll

ion lo Mr ml Mrs I t Mclvcehnic Bael 11 I lake C1 irm-a ion

McMILLAN (nee Louie Morse).—On the 10th De-      

? r IO. nt Citnpcrdown to Mr and Mrs McM Han- i son ( Uennder Morse)

McPHERSON.—On the Olli December at Abbot«    

Icph pmite lo pita! Hal. ml the wife ef Itnl IV Mrllcrson Clus) Horsham-a son lllsnvi k ircil)

MIDDLETON (nee G. Gallagher).—On the 14th    

a. it Somerton Hôpital Geelong the of ile Into Mr Vi Middleton of Warrnam -a laughter ( lui e)

MITCHELL (nee Olive Albury)).—On the 4th Tanu    

nr st Nurse S gars Black street, Bnghton o Mr nnd Mr« George Mitchell-a daughter Hillls JTmees)

MOFFATT.—On the 9th Tannin it Bellana'

pn ate I o pit ii toolong to Mr nnd Mr* T 0 M tatt Mai nmg street-a son (John Nonnnn)

MORSBY (nee Ethel M. Brown).—On the 21st    

bra her 10-N) it Nethcrcourt private hos pital, Surrey Hills, the wife of Fredk. Morsby -   a daughter.

MOSS (nee Olga White). -On the 15th January,  

at Yutai, 19 Martin street, Elsternwick, to Mr.   and Mrs. Dudley Moss—a daughter.

PULLEN.—On the 30th December, 1920, at Trina-    

four Hospital, Moonee Ponds, to Mr. and Mrs.       Harrie Pullen—a son (Noel Treyvaud).    

RAE (nee Mabel Wolfinder).—On the 16th Janu-      

ary, at St. Aidan's private hospital, Moonee       Ponds, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Rae of Gapstead, North-east Victoria—a daughter.

RIVERSTON.—On the 29th December nt OH 1  

«one Quel I in I the wile of W Ii Shaw R icrston-a Liughter

ROBIN.—On the 17th January at Weeroona pri-  

vate hospital Bryson street Canterbury, to   Mr and Mrs. R. J. Robin - a son

ROBINSON.—On the 29th December at«!  

dence Ililicid Hopetoun ronl Malvern, the

'ile of V C II P liol inson-a son

RODDEN (nee Eileen Walsh).—On the 10th Janu  

»rr 1JU it Killearn 33 Staley «trect Bruns aick. to Mr and Mrs Chirle« Rodden-a «on (William Join) Both well

ROYLANCE.—On the 15th January, at Nurse

Dam s hospital Kew, to Mr and Mr« Stanley Ito lance of Lonewood-a 6on

RYAN (nee Chrissie Harris).—On the 2nd Janu-  

«T IM nt N irse Clifford s pnvate ho«nital, Queen street Colac to Mr and Mrs li L. «on of Irrewarra (late of Dalesford)-a a «Mer (Hi le Kithlcen)

SCOTT (nee Hitchcock).—On the 5th January, at  

kinros. Ter v street Deepdene to Mr and _ an. ii (, <=cott-a daughter (Bcttv Eileen)

SHAW (nee Mabel Ellis).—On the 17th January,  

st Ccelocg to Mr anl MM W H Shaw, of -- Tren s trove Caulfield-a son

SHEPHERD.—On the 30th December, at Sister  

Tilomas s pnvate hospital. Sale to Mr and «n VV li Sheihcrd Foster street Sale-a »n (Harold Edwin)

SHIER (Rita Hope).—On the 15th January, at   nter \nnra.a private hospital Armidale to »r und te Vi Shier, Wcstburj «trcct, Last % kilda-a daughter

SKAMP.—On the 17th January, at "Windara" pri-      

ate hospital, Toorak, the wife of Harold B.

Skamp—a daughter (still born premature).  

SPRAGUE (nee Minnie Mitchell).—On the 20th  

IJcfmbcr at Chrohani private hospital

l-tk street Northcote the wife of Lnc L. _ ."gue-a daughter

STOKES (nee Dorothy Cornelius).—On the 5th     «Hoar) at Nur. ».nleeson s private hospital to Mr and Mrs V II Stokes of Canterbury ?» (Do, al I)

SUMMERS (nee Dolly Biggs).—On the 15th Janu-    

ary, at 155 Orrong road, East St Kilda to Mr.  

and Mrs. Bert Summers - a son (Ronald Henry).

SVENSSON (nee Winifred Doward).—On the 13th     hnuar) at Bethesda Hospital Richmond to

\ and Mrs \ A Svcns-on-a son Both


TEAGUE (nee Kingswells).—On the 9th January, "»«ter Wains i mate hospital I crnlcigh

»odlie street 1 Uternvvlck to Mr anl Mrs. J» Teague 03 Vnrplj street Hstornwlck

«ictora-a son (West Australian papers please

TURNER (nee Vera Pleydell).—On the 12th    

January, at Sirius irivatc hospital VIberton to Sir and Mrs W T Turner, of Semaphore v ela le—a da igl ter (lean Alhol Scott)

TURNER (nee Helen May Smeaton). —On the 19th January, at Nurse Dahl's private hospital, Mur-   rumbeena, to Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Turner (late   A.I.F.)— a son (George Harry). (Both well.)  

WALSH (nee Clare Hall).—On the 10th January,   at "Avon," Grandview grove, Upper Hawthorn,     to Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Walsh, 39 Auburn parade,   Auburn—a son (Donald Desmond).

WILLIAMS (nee Stafford).—On the 14th January, at the Methodist Parsonage, Kyneton, to Leslie   and Winnie Williams—a son (John Stafford).

WILSON (nee Millie Stephenson).—On the 5th January, at Denvae private hospital, Mildura, to Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson, Irymple—a son (Ronald James). Both well.

WILSON (nee Muriel Diffey).—On the 11th January,   at "Stranraer," Main street, Lilydale, to Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Wilson— a daughter (Marion Norma).

WOOD (nee Johanson).—On the 10th January, at "Nethercourt," Surrey Hills, to Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Wood, of K'tvepaw ' Talbot avenue, Canterbury—a daughter (Laurice Alberta).


ABBOTT—LOWRY.—On the 23rd December, 11.0, A.wÎÏ. \rmadale bv the Rev «tó_\. 5,bott-(athcr oi ">« hridegroom), is

Ä "_ ". ri,",n mi?K%y PereTval IlJ^ey,

Brf,""^1 T ona Mr«. Abbott tlMr ,ni"Lcsl? .Connie, voungest daughter iWrera. MT K lmT¡- is VVhcatlsnd road,

Stto_7.B.LL-e0n_,hï ^^ D«="nher at ïtComir iChu^ Benalla, bv the Rev D C St VV a Ja. *_ Ann«tc«d, 'the son of the late to luv ÎÏΫT**« .' Trusunini mad Caulfield,

*??«n*. B«i_f ". ,oto âa'1 tobel "^ -_ ____l__v¿._v4.




cember, 1920, at the Malvern Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. D. Macrae Stewart, John (late A.I.F.), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Corn, of Kooyong road, Caulfield to Lessie, only daughter of the late Mr. W. E. Pickells and Mrs. Pickells of Winter street, Malvern. Pre- sent address, "Amesbury," Burke road, East  


BATCHELOR—SMITH.—On the ISth December  

10 0 at Crundiiew Northcote I j the Rev T v. 1 unson Lincoln David thirl c1 est son ol Mr J and Mrs Batchelor of Northcote to Lena Alexander youngestt daughter of the late Mr     W and Mrs Smith of Northcote (Present ad dress, Grandview )  

BRIGGS—DAVIES.—On the 7th December lWl    

at ti e Alma, road Pr<sb> terian Church St. Kilda I) the Key Ross Rolan I voung-t son ol Mrs C L. Briggs Heaton Moor Tcnnvsjn 6trcot

St Kilda to lera onlj daughter of Mr anl Mrs. T 1-vics Loll l-ojnc Lsplanadc ti


BROWN—NEWTON.—On the ISth December 11°0    

at Roseville Carngham by the Rev I Parri

Chirles Urxankr joun.rr fon ol Mr Day ii Ilrovvn Montview Chcpsto-ve to \i nie, c1 lest dans! 1er of Mr« and the late G H Newton C irn"tum (Present address Dentholme Carns

ham )

BRUNS—DAVIES.—On the -til December at Wo

lcj Chimb city bj Rev - Mccallum Lawrence Henry sceon I son of Mr and Mrs. H I Uni" Aul urn lo liolct ».da voungot daughter of Mrs M Davies ha t Melbourne and Hie late

F F Davie 1 ootserav

CARBIS-POLSON.- On the 17th November, at

Ararat, by Rev. J. J. Spalding, Mary E. (Maisie),  

eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Angus Polson, Vincent Street, Ararat, to Leslie S., only son of   Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Carbis, "Kenwyn," Raglan   street, Ballarat. Present address, Toorak avenue,


CASHAM—HOCKING.—On the ISth December HW)      

»t st Michael s Church North Carlton bv tlie Rev Charles W T Impars GorloiW third so a of Mr an I Mr«. C Ca«hanl of All ert Park to Ittic I onlv laughter of Mrs anl the late G nockine; of Salisbury crescent, North I itzroy

CHESHIRE—WORTH.—On the 20th November

19°0 at the Baptist Church Cintorbnrv bl the Rev loshui Robertson trank Walter younger son of Mr and Mrs T T Cheshire of Canter lmry to 1 era Mibe) elder daughter ot ti e lite Mr ind Mrs Alfred Worth of Middle .Park and piece of Mr and Mrs Fred Hillier of Cinter 1 n (Present address Kennealy street Surrey

Hills )

FOENANDER—MUNTZ.—On the 10th November  

I»» at Holy «ilvent Church of 1 nglani Mun d-ile ly the Rev R. I B Wlilto M \ Kr-ith (formerl> All) voungest son or Mr and Mrs I I" 1 oenander of Orwell Malvern to le-ln Florrnce oi lv daughter of Mr ind Mrs D Iivingstono Munt« of Cirwecn Cíen Iris.

FORSYTH—JUDD.—On the 30th October 1930, at  

St. Andrew's Church Bombay Robert Campbell (late Engineer-Lieut R.I.M.) third son of the       late Robert C. Forsyth and Mrs. Forsyth of

Prestonlea Hamilton Victoria to Florence M., youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Judd, of Dhum House, Apollo Bunder, Bombay,  


FRITSCH—DELL.—On the 1st January at the

M_»J3 Warrr_ml>ool bv the Roi J Cnv Harry Anton cldevt son ol the late Albert Irltscli anl Mrs I Mckane of Warrnambool to Dulcie Mai el v oungest laughter of Mr \rt_ur Dell High street Maryborough

GLOVER—MORRIS.—On tie "ni Dcecnibe 1B"0  

nt Ml Pilots Ourdi St. hilda bv tile Rev

1 \\ Witon Vred, seyenth son ol Mr and Mrs Willi ii Glover Coventry Fngland to I Ifn la 1 rich-ir 1 1 ington only daughter o( the II e Mr A P Moms and Mrs Morris of St hilJ-i (I regent address Concorln 3J Lans lovrnc roi 1 I- St Kilda )

GREIG—PETER.—On the 2ith December it West    

Hawthorn Presbyterian Church lv Rev T An \nw Barber Donald Cn g \l 'I (l«>c W Battalion Alf) thirl son of Mrs. \ R. Onif Hen ligo io Stella only daughter ol Mr lames Peter 'y II in I nlrv street Ivcvv Present ad dre-s Ytlian ii" I olev street how

GROUHEIT—WALLACE.—Oi the "In! October      

1IV0 at the Independent Chun» Collins street by the Rev O II Nash I n cut Um s onlv son of Mr anl Mrs O Pro ibclt North Williams town to Mice Margaret onlv ihi-htcr of the late Mr and Mrs R Wallace of Sale

HADDOW-THOMAS. -On the 27th November, 1920,  

at the Methodist Church, Flemington, by the     Rev. Bradbury, Andrew A. Haddow, eldest son         of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Haddow, of "Nyah,"      

Canterbury road, Surrey Hills, to Gladys Vera,   youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas, of "Cambria," Wellington street, Flemington.

HAWKINS—BOLDNER.—On the fth Novcmler

1820 at St lohn i roonk I v the Rev \ I/ivv Allan el 1er son of Mr an I Mrs P I Hawkins

Herman lie Monaro road Kooyong to hilt), younger daughter of tie late \ Boldncr and Mrs. Bol Iner Caroline street. South ")arra

HIDDLESTONE - MORRIS. - On the 11th December

at Methodist Church, Albert Park, byu the Rev.         Woodfull, Lionel, third son of Mr. and Mrs.   R. Hiddlestone, of Box Hill, late Albert Park,     to Myrtle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Morris,   of Bridport street, Albert Park.

HOLLOWAY—ARTHUR.—On the 4th December,    

IJ_i at Toon! M Ihodist Church bv Ile Rev C In inc; Bei son George eldest *on of Mr nn I Mrs Ceo Hclloyvav Malvern lo Mabel \

eldest daughter of Mr and the late Mrs. R.

Arthur, Hawksburn.

JOHNSTON-VERCOE -On the 23rd December, at  

Yarra Street Methodist Church Geelong by the   Rev J. Snell, Sydney Leigh youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs Kerr Johnston of Melbourne  

to Lila, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.T.     Vercoe, Western Beach, Geelong.  

MEIKLEJOHN—FAWCETT.—On the 23rd Octo-          

1 cr al St Andrew s Kirk Ilallant bj Rev R Thompson of Snie-itoii Robert Ccorjrc elder son of J Meiklejohn >sq (late of Numurkah) to I ilv sceon I hug] ter of Mr an 1 Mra C 1 lyycclt of Towlett Hill Present ad lrcss Downside Wagga Wagga New South Wales


render at St George s Ire. by tor! in Churcl

1-nst St hllh hj R0 Tlos. Gh-tf Hive todie (late Clh 1 leid v.mb \ I I ) third son of Mr V, T Mitchell of Wolmic-i to Kathleen M itlan I eldest lonchter of Mr \\ lairwcather of St John street Windsor

MOORE - PEDROTTI. -On the 2nd December, 1920  

at "Emoh-ruo," Donald by the Rev. J. G. Scarfe,   Alfred Edwin, fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. E. S.     Moore, "Oakhampton," Donald, to Elizabeth     Kathleen, eldest daughter of Mrs. Catherine and     the late Angelo Pedrotti, of Smeaton. Present      

address, Donald.      

MUIR—MORISEY.—On the Mth ^ovcmlK^ at St  

1 lui s North ntrrov lUtlio jounKC t daushtor ff Mrs M Morlsej s- yfclfe-ui street Nrrth 1 Itrroj to Cantlln David Monta-uc Mir MC

OIIIIRC t son if Mrs W Muir late t( Ilalljiat. (1 re cut ntdress 21 Mckillop street Ceelone; )

MURRAY -TUCKER -On the 30th December at  

the residence of the bride's parents by the Rev    

D Gibbs, David P (AIF) third son of the   late George Murray of Clunes to Ella J   (A I F ) eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs W   Tucker Winnaleah Tasmania

NOSKE -BARKER -On the 18th November, at the  

Presbyterian Church, Horsham, by the Rev         Thomas Gray, Edwin, elder son of Mr. and Mrs.         T. J. Noske of "Mitra" Hawthorn to Lily   Helen eldest daughter of Mr A Barker of

"Clunie," Natimuk. At home Bar lui 1   Hopetoun Street Elsternvvick, Thursday and Fri-   day January 27 and 28.

OSBORNE—BRYAN.—On the 2°nd December at      

> welldon South Methodist Church lj the Rev

James \ Gault Alfrel Wejmouth tiler son of the late Rev J V and Mrs Osborne to I ileen Margaret younger daughter of Mr and the lite Mrs. \ Bryan

PFACOCK—McFARLAND.—[Silver Wedding.]—On          

the 2'nd Januarj ISOIt at ti o residence of tlie In lo s i-irents, lj tho Rev 'ys s Rolland Robtrt eldest son of ti e late Vi m I caoock of Westbury street sj Kilda to Tojee second diiiRhtcr of the late lames Mt-FarL-nid of Hill

ide High street Windsor (I resent address Monaro Wellington street, St Kilda.)

PENNYCUICK—HOUGHTON.—On the 29th Decem-    

ber at Presbyterian Church Collins street, by Rev. W Leggatt, James Pennycuick, youngest   son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Pennycuick, Yinnar, to     Myra B. Houghton, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Houghton, Geelong.

PRICE—MOORE.—On the 1st Vovcnber 1020 at    

St. Mirv i Church Brecon Wales Dlvil 1 ivingstotie el lest son of Mr an I Mrs I Ince of Brecon Wales to trances y oui gest daughter of Mrs r Moore Canterburj "\ letona

ROBERTSON—DAVIDSON.—On the 1 til hoi em        

1er HW», nt St lames s Oil Catlclral West Mell oiirne by Hie Rev T ( ole Robert y onion elder son of the late Mr -ind Mrs I \ Robert son of Waterloo Cup Hotel Moonee Ponda, to Dcborvh Hollins dangl ter of Mr and Mrs 11 st lohn I>ivi_on Perth, Western Australia

ROBINSON—PERCY.—On the ISth December 19.0    

at Presbyterian C11 u W liltjiustovvn by the Hey 1 Ilrovvn William Ccqr_e younger son of Mr an 1 Mr» L. Roi inson of W flliainstovrn to I*yv cn 1er second el le t ilaughter of Mr *ind Mrs V W lercr of North Williamstown Ire sent a 1 lrcss St Mino ¿Northcote avenue Cnnterlirj

SHERER—CAMPBELL.—On the 2Sth Dcccml er  

1920 at ( brut Church Brunswick bv the Rev

Birlcy sharpe Horace Thai cr Shear (late \IO) «on of Mr n I Mrs II C s| Wer Last Prahran to Jessie Florence c1 lest daughter of Mr awl Mrs A Cympliell Lygon street Last

Bninsw ick

SIMPSON—URIE.—On the 1th December 10-0 at  

the Church of Christ Swanson street Mci

bourne bv Mr "W B Blakemore B A Hcnrj Norman sceon I son of Mr and Mrs r (. Simison of flemington to Cnce llirlie y o ingest daughter of the late William Urie ai I Mrs Urie of I lemington Present addrCbS 50 l_ng street 1 rince s Hill

SOUTAR—SCHULZE.—On the 6th November, at        

St Matthew s Church of Tnglan ! 1 rihrnn 1 v Rev 1 C Stons lol n th rd von of Mr and Mrs I Soutar of Malvern to Stella Mav vomgc5t daughter of Hie late 1* G an 1 V T Scl ulie of W ernbee

STAYNER—POWELL.—On the 0th December 19"0              

at Cb ltenham bv Vnimclist S 11 Mulgo Ceo Slav i er of Ileiuniont Moonul in to Marj w low of the lnt- I- T Powdl of Slcppirton 1 res it 11 !rc-< Iles III out Moor 11 in

SWEETING—WILLIAMS.—On the 2"n I December  

19>0 at the res lenci of the br le s turent« I v the Rev W C Tippett Roi ml Rivers y o mgest son of Mr an I Mr It Si ecting Church street

Mai Ion to Rill y \ inlet Mon elder InughtLr of Mr and Mrs fi Williams 'Sunlea ' Walmer

THOMPSON—HAND.—On the 20th October, 1920

at the Methodist Church, Mount Dandenong by     the Rev E. J. Little, Ernest David, youngest son of Mr D Thompson of Davey avenue, Oak-           leigh to Muriel Victoria, third daughter of Mr   and Mrs W Hand of "Mountain Grange"     Mount Dandenong North.  

TOMKINS-KNAPP -On the 13th January at    

Gardenvale East Presbyterian Church by the       Rev. A. McNeilage, Athelstane Bickford of "Old

Packaparoo" Collarenbri, N.S.W. youngest son           of Mrs. Tomkins, Brighton and the late William   Tomkins of Northcote, to Nina Miriam, second daughter of Mr and Mrs. M.H. Knapp, of  

"Shenleigh," Helen street, Northcote.  

WARE—ROBINSON.—On the th Januarj 19*1      

nt the Malvern Presbjtenan Church I y the Rev D Macrae Stewart M \ lohn ^ott only son of I C W are 1 alla y Poora and the late- Mrs Ware to le-s-le Grace yo ingcRt diuglitcr of the i late Simiifl Hcbirion DD anl Mrs llobi ison I Mulderg . Alma road C-iulneli!

WARREN—HAYSOM.—On theVStli December    

1920 at Wesley Church Melbourne by the Rev

sil O Secomb of Warracknabeal William Howard, eldest son of Mr and Mrs D Warren of ' Atheiue, Napier street iootscraj to Sácenle only daughter of Mr nnd Mrs. Il E.

aysom of RuatuIKcrescent, North ri-roy


WIDDOP-RUSSELL-(Silver Wedding.)-On the  

22nd January, 1896, at St Matthew's Church, Newlyn, Victoria, by the Rev. E. J. Davies, assisted by Mr. G. A. King, Frederick Albert Ernest Widdop, second son of Mr Henry Wid- dop, J.P., of Talbot, Victoria, to Emma Jane       Russell, second daughter of Mrs. Harriett Rus- sell, of Newlvn,Victoria. Present address,   Newlyn, No 8 Devonshire Square, Hobart.

WILSON—REDDAN.—On 19th January, 1931    

at the Sacred Heart Church, Kew the. Rev J

Manley, Willliam St. Hubert (ANZAC 8TH LH,   the second Son of Mr Wilson and the late Mrs   Wilson Chateau Tahbilk, Tabilk to Mary Loretta younger daughter of Mr and Mrs D J Reddan,  

'Larundel ' Studley Park road, Kew.

WORTHINGTON—MOYLE.—On the 20th October,   1920, at St Paul's Church of England, Moon- ambel, by the Rec. C J .T. Martin, Angus Arbor, son of Mrs and the late Mr James Worthington, of Warrenmang, to Irene Jean, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs W T Moyle,

Commercial Hotel, Moonambel.  

WUSTERMANN-BATTY -On the 15th December,

at Brunswick Baptist Church, by the Rev. D.J   Graham,assisted by the Rev J Worboys, Louis   only son of the late Mr and Mrs. Louis Wuster -    mann, late of Richmond, to Gertrude Hilda, youngest daughter of the late Mr James Gurney Batty of Austin street,Brunswick_    


ACKARY. -On the 10'h Jaivuirj at "-litres ville,"

21 Munster avenue, last (unllicld Emily Min beloved wife cf 1 G \ckurv, und lovell mother of II ! Ackary, 02 High strict, Northcote (Private, interred at Brighton )

ADAMS.-On the 17th January, at 5 Brixton Street,

Flemington, George, builder (formerly of Park ville), father of Susan, Mrs Tunney (deceased),   George (deceased), Mary (deceased), also of John, Kitty (Mrs McFadgen), Edward, Annie   (Mrs Sloan), Maggie, and David, aged 91. A

colonist of 70 years (Hamilton papers please


ARNOLD -On the 20th lanunrv, 10_1, nt 'Virile,

l18 Rlvemtal- road, llnvvthorn, Sarah, relict of David Arnold, 'Roseville,' Watgarandall, aged

65 yeais.

Pence, perfect pcice

BENBOW.-On the ISth Iminn, at Williamstown  

Hospital (biiddcnl), after opention), Mervyn S , ilearlv beloved voungest son of Mr nnd liri. W Benbow, 00 Wilkins Hreet, Newport

BERRY -On the 6th January, 1921, at her resi-  

dence, Carapooee. Johanna relict of the late G. W. Berry and beloved mother of Mrs.   McCrorey and Mrs. Tempest (Trafalgar), G. W. Berry (Mildura) J. A. Berry (Colac), T. and   J. M. Berry (Carapooee), Mrs. J. J .Brown (War burton), and Mrs J. H. Boehm (Bendigo)

At rest

COOPER.-On the 20th January at 50 Collins

street Melbourne Harriet the dearly loved wiio of RA Cooper, loving mother of Mrs Mc???ang,   Dr R A Cooper, Mrs Monty Bruce

DOBSON -On tlie 21st January, at Heidelberg,

Stanislaus ( ordon beloved second «on of M A and the late John Dolison (late All, 2nd D A C ) loving brother ol 1-dwanl, Eileen, John, Frances, and Ihomas, 65 Moolee street, Ascot


DOBSON. -On the 21st Tanuary, Stanislaus Gordon

(Anrae) beloved nephew of I Dobson, 341 Lons

dale street

DOVE. -On the ?'Oth Janmry, at a pnvate hospital,  

Erin street Richmond, Helen, widow of the lite Philippe II II Dose, and loving mother of May and Lily, "Heathcote," age 71 (Privately in tcrrcd, St Klldi Ccmelcr) )

"Thy will be done "

FRAYNE.--On the 10th January, 1921, Sylvia Maud,

the only beloved daughter of the late Walter John and tdith Maude .riync, of St. Kilda, loving sister of Victor nnd Lcoianl grand diughtcr J. W Armstrong, lite Prahran, and niece Mrs. Graham, 7o North street, Ascot vale (Interred pnvatcly, Brighton Cemetery,

January 20, 102) )

HANLEY.-On the 20th January, T921, at her resi  

demo, 103 ]"lizabcth street, Richmond Man îliilow of the Lite Midnel Hanley, and lovinj mother of I/lwaril, Nellie, John, Kate (Mi . Rvan) Thoims Richard and the late Cifisii (Mrs Cruickshank), aged 75 years ho (lowers,

by special request

Rcqulescat in pace

HARFORD-On the 21st January, Alfred, loved

husband of Sophie Harford, 21 Athol street, Prahran for many year, with Bland Holt Com pany late of Castletown, Isle of Man Private


HATCH -On the 20th Tanuary 1 rank Oldhim, the

dearly beloved infant son of Mudge and I Yank D Hatch, Surrey Hills Interred 21st inst

HOWE. -On the 21st Tinuiry 1121 (suddenly), at  

?printe hospital Williamstown llunnih Maud

(Nmce), the beloved wife of W li llowc, of Pier street, Altona

At rrat

ISING. -On the 15th Janunrv 1021 at Sinter Mac

Gillivmy s private hospinl, Maffra, Rodcnck Thom-is darling youngest BH ol I II and Annie tans loved brother of Bertha, Howlit!, Mivls nnd George grandson of Mr and Sirs lohn Ldls (hvabrim), aged 15 months

JOYNT.—On the 19th January, at 37 Darling street,    

South Yarra, J. Kelly Joynt, aged 74 years. (Privately interred.)  

MAYNARD. - On the 20th Tammy, nt the Mel

lwunie Hospital Hannah 1 thel the deorlv lovell elde«t i_ui.rt_r of Richard Hume and lean Maynard of Queen« pande, North li|7roy, Inv Ing si6ter of Charles, 1 red, Ted, Jnnct (Mrs Morris), Jcfsic, and Hume Pnvatcly interred

At rest

McCAW -On the 10th 1 inuarv, 1921, at Park Min

sioUB Park street, ^outh lim, Agnes, relict of the late Ilioiii is Matthew Mt-Cavv, and eldest daughter of tho late AIo\ander and Margaret Milr (Privately interred )

MILLER. -On the 17th Tanuiry, Mmrico I ilwnnl,    

de irlv beloved husbind of I lcanor Miller, "Myrtle Hill, Norminby rond, Kew, aged 50 years.

MOORE. -On the 15t)i Tannin, at Leeds «treet,

Footscray, Maria Ann, dauGhter of the late Michiel and Ann Moore, of Essendon, aged 0.1 \inrs the lifelong fneml of Mr and Mrs P lyons and lorn, of 07 lincoln road, l_sci)don


MORRIS -On the 15th Tanuary Wl, pissed pcace   1 fullv avviv, Mirv Vim, nlict of the Inte lohn

Morris Dil I mon street, W inilsor, nt,ed 81 ) eira and li months (Privately interred Boroondara Cemetery, 17th 1

I overs reunited

NICOL-On the ISth Janmry, 1021, nt her resi

dence KInloss 30 Vphrasii street, Newtown, Geilong Vincln eldest diughtir of the lite, lililíes Nicol (fonncrlv of London Bank, Geelong)

(Interred privately Uistcni Cemetery, Geelong,

on 20th January 1921 )

O'BRIEN. -On the 16th Tinnary nt Redcliffs,    

Mildura (suddenly), William Aloysius (Billy), lite Al!, dearly beloved brother of Miy (Mrs Robertson), Boroiui nnd loving uncle of 3(aisic, Len, Tom, Nance, Trink, ind Margaret

Iteqilicscat in pice

O'BRIEN. -On the lblli lanmiri, it Redcliff«, Mil  

dun, Willhm Aloysius (Will) late VI! , the dearly loved friend of Dollie and Sadie Hughes, SI 1 Smith street, I itrroy

OLDFIELD. -On the 15th January at Shanghai,      

China of pneumonia, Amy, loved wife of Frank Oldfield and daughter of the late D. and G. Down, Penshurst, and much loved "Nanti" of Francie, Eric, and Neville Winston.

PARK. -At his residence, 253 Union road, Moonee  

Ponds, William, husband of the late Jeanie Park,     and darling daddy of Marjorie, eldest son of       James and the late Margaret (Scotland), loving brother of Stephen, Lil (Mrs. Knight), Harry,   May (Mrs. Purves), Violet, and Jim. (Private


One of the best.

SUTHERLAND.-On the 14th Januirj, at Uor

sham Vlcxinder lames, ex Vlarmit Ofllcer Al!, dearly beloved husbarnl of Hilda Mit chell nnd eldest son of Alexander and WHletta Sutherland, Macpherson street, Nhill

Dceplj mourned

THWAITES - On the leith Jinuarv, at his resi

dence, Whirl street, Queenscliff, lohn, beloved husband of Mary \ (deceased), beloved father of John, Richard (deceased), Mrs Hurford Alfred, Mm lade- Mrs Galuraith, William I, Mrs Junes, James Mrs 1 ¡Up Uriel, Mra. Robson A colonist of _l y eirs

' Safe home "

TOYNE.-On the 21st Tinu in at Terang, George  

Basil William, deurly beloved inlant son of George and E Toyne, aged 5. months

VINCENT.-On the JHt January, at pnvllc bos  

plul William leslie, «nu of William A md I II i M V incent, of Primrose street, Moonee Ponds, aged 8 days. Private interment

Safe m tile anns of Jesus

WARD. - On the 14th January, at "Wyuna,"

Buckley (suddenly), Emily Charlotte, dearly be-   loved wife of John Ward, and loving mother of Daniel, Mrs. Bold, John, Mrs. Stuchbery, Mrs. A.

Nash, Thomas, Mrs. Garrington, Mrs. Day, Myrtle, Ruby, Dorothy, Beatrice, aged 60 years.  

Sleep on, dear mother.

WHITE.- On the Ulli Deecnibcr, at "Crowlinds

1 stile ' Goroke of typhoid fever, Daisy ilny, tlie cherished younger ihughter of Reuben and Catherine White beloved elster of Kathleen (Mrs. Ansaldi) and Ham, aged 30 years

Where the wicked eeisc from troubling,

And the wcai-v are at rest


ANDERSON -A tllbute to the memory of my dear  

little mate, Enid, called home suddenly.

Ever remembered.     -(Inserted by Jean, Newlyn)

ANTON-N tribute to the memory r_f my deir

friend, llarrv, who departed tina life 23rd

January, 1_ 10

sodly miffed bv all who knew him

-(Iinserted bv his friend, I Cronin, Wind or)

BALI 1NGA1 L -In sad and loving memory of Divid

Billlngall dcarlv lovell husband and father, who passed away on 23rd January 1011, at


At rest

-(Inserted by C I B , It II , A B , M a)

BIN MIT-In lnvin,- memory ol my dear mother,

who died it Drysdale oil lanuary 22 1017

This ihv recalls _id memones ol a lovell one


-(Inserted hv her loving daughter Elva)

BLL1CO -In loving nicnion of 1 rank \ ¡ctor, who

pursed avviv at Rillway place Hcmington, on lanuarv 22, 1J-0 (Inserted by lils loving father, mother, brother, mid sisters )

CRAWIORD- In loving memorv of our dear

mother who died 2Jtd Jinuarv, 1017, uko our dear father, who died list July, 191a

-(Inserted by their loving family, Kate, Cis. Linn, Louie, Will, and Jim)

DO) LE-In loving memory of my deir wife and

mother, who departed this life ut 1 ssendon on the 2Srd Janunrv 1920 (Inserted by her lov ing husband und children, M. J Doyle, ¿1 Market

street, Essendon.)

ELLt.RV -lu loving memory of Robert Sydney

well beloved und only eon of Ada and the late Sydney Lllery, nephew of the kite Profes or lllcry, Ohseivatory House aged 10 year«

What grind iineitrthlv beauty

On lus loved face that day,

So ncir in its white splendour,

And yet so lar uwoy

FORBLS - In fond and loving memory of my deir

wife Lih, who passed away at lea on January

rune cannot heal my aching heart,

Or from my memory tear

Tho face the form, 1 lovu so well,

It dwells for ever here

'lis sail but true, we wonder why

The best are the flrat that are called on to die -(Inserted by her loving hushand VV J

Forbes )

IORBLS- In ever loving memory of our dear

Lilv, died Janunrv 22, 1020

Von ure not forgotten. Lily, dear.

Or eur will you be, ' As long as life and memory last

Uc foiullv think of theo

-(Inserted bv her loving mother, father, «later«

? mid brother« "Fernbank," Murrindindi, Yea.) I GRAHAM-In sad and loving memory of our dear

mother, who passed away at Bunyip on Januar»

23, 1020 (luacrted by her loving ïunlly.)


GRAHAM-In loving memory of our dearly be-

loved mother anil grandmother Selina Jane, who departed this life on 23n! Januarj 1920 (Inserted by It. and Ü Walsh and family

HAMILTON - In loving memory of our dear

mother, Elizabeth, who passed away at "Clover   Hill," Lardner, 2nd January 1914, also our dear father, John James on 10th January 1918

Sweet is the memory left behind  

Of a loving father and mother so true and kind -( Inserted by their loving daughter and son in law, B and L Pratt, Albert road Warragul)   HAItV, h\ -In sweet remembrance of mj darling

mother who pa_s_d aw ty on tho ¿3rd Januarj,


Bcqulencat in pice

-(Inserted bj ber j oungest daughter, Margaret ) LFChlP-r-In fond mcinorv of my dear wife and

our loving mother, Hin Nicol who died at Hi, pontea, Januan 21 J020 ([nscrted bj ber lovin/r husband and familv )

McGH VTJI -In loving mrmory of our dear mother,

who pissed away on 22nd lamiary, 1910, nlso our dear father, who pj_,_.d away ou ûth Jim.,

1012 U 1 P

Gone, but wot forgotten

Heit, dearest mother thy toil in o'er, Thv lovinp- han Is shall toil no more

No more thej gentle eves shall weep, lient, darling mother gctitlv sleep

Thou are not forgotten deirest parents,

Or vilt thou evir be

As long ii«? lift and memorj last

flc will remember tbet

-fln«s?rted bv their lovinir familv and grand children 2-S Puscocvale raid, Yssendoii - In lovintr memory of our beloved

mother, Annie 1 , who departid this lift, on

Januiry 14, 1919

Though ub_cnt from amongst us

You are alvnva m ou- thought-. And wo who dcirlv lovel vou

Still heciiU feel our lo_s

-(Inserted bv I-rod nnd Irene Mcintosh)

I'UKS- In loving meirorj of my deir husband,

William (Vippir) who passed away suddenly

linuirv 22, 1920

flu end was budden tia shotk severe, We little thought hi« death so near To Ood alone hit pains were 1 nown

He lovell bim best and took him home Onlj those that have lost nr< able to toll

The pim tint i« felt it not sa vim? hirpwcll -(Inserted bv his loving wife M Peekft.)

PI RM MVA N - In lovmg memorv of our deir

mother, win pT_cd nwaj at \uburn grove, Auburn on lanuirv 22 1910 (Inserted by her lovintr ion and «Iiughter in law )

rniLMIS- In aflea unite memorv of lohn Tlcicö

Phillips who pived nwaj, after a short illntbs nt Wnngiratd Hospital, 22nd fanuarv, 10_O aged 10 jeir« loving husband of Man, uni fitber of Him, Fminle, Willie, Annie, Ian and Pat

POWHl -In sad b it treoMir.d memorj of Gilbert

the verj deurlv love«! ind devoted husband of hate and durbiur anl devoted fal^r of Hlecii, Borothj and Gilbert, ind deir frî**d of Uosa, who passed uw iv 22ml Iinmrv, 1920 II I P

All through the div darling one,

Wc think of jou,

And in the ni-hl whtn dies the light,

We dream of \ou

Still living, still loving, -till ours

SIMS-In loving memorj of mj dear wife, Marion

J , and devoted mother who piM-ul nwi> Bud denly at Geelong, on the 2_n I Iinuarv 1920

Love and remémbrame live for evrr

-(Inserted by her loving husband and diugh


STlUA-tT-In sad and lovmg memorv of our

dear daughter, Cou , aceidcntallj 1 ilkd Boort, 22nd Tanuarj, 1010

I*o\cd In all

-(Inserted bv her loving f llhtr and mother, "Mathron, * JO Berwick Btrect, Brighton)

ST I WAI-T -In lov In? memon of our dear sister.

Con, accidentally killed. Boort, January 22,


Sweet memories ever linger

-(Inserted hy her loving sisters, Phill and lil , "Mithron, ' CO Berwick street, Brighton ) STr WABT -In lovinr memory of our dear friend

Con, who died at Boort on 22nd Januarj, 101P (remit of accident)

Loved by nil

-(Inserted by J and W. Gcmml, Brighton )

STr WAHT -In loving Memory of Constance I-milv

(Connie), who died January 22, 2918, as result

of accident at Boort.

Time may pass and bring its changes,

treuil with everv pissing venr

1 But her place will e er he sacred

In the hearts that held her deir

-(Inserted bj Jim anti fcusie O Donne,] J

STIttLLNG -In loving memorj of mj deir lins

bind and our father John Doughs Stirling, who parsed awn\ at lochee Portsea on the 23rd Tanuary, 1920 (Inserted by his wife and

children )

TONKIN -A tribute of love to our darling mother,

Cithcrinc Maxwell Tonkin who departed this life January 20 1920 at "llilMeigb," Moonee Ponds late "Glencairn, ' Uumnvong

Blessed ire the pure m heart, thej shall we


-(Inserted bv her devoted daughters Queen (Mrs W J Pike, Moonee Ponds), Lisie (Mrs W M James, Mumj*villc)

y ILLAKI -In loving memory of mj deir husband,

Iillippo, who pns.sed aw îy Tinuiry 23 191

With tears and gritf we »saw jou sinking,

With sad and nclung hearts

The trial was hard hut we li not complain,

But trust in God to meet agun

Coil saw when his footstep faltered,

His heart grow f »nt and weik

So He folded His anns around lum,

And he peacefnllv went to Bleep I have lost my soul's companion,

\ life linked with mj own,

And dnj and night I miss htm more

As I walk through life ilone

Coil is good, He gives me strength

lo heir mv heavj cross

Ile is the only one vvho knows

Tlie loneliness or m\ loss

-(Inserted bj his loving wife, lYanresco Villanl, of ' Salerno," Hill btrect, Kewmaiket )

VlILA^l-In lovmg memorj of mj dear father,

Mllippo who parted on 2_nd Tanuarj, 19*5

_*o-diy brings bick sad memories

Of one wc loved so di ir

And thc^c who think of A oil to daj, dear dad,

Are those who loved jou here

Sleep on, dear Dad

-(Inserted hy hw lovmg FOO and daughter in liw, Albert and Annie \ lllani, and grandáons

till ind Gordon )

TINT-In afTectioniite remembrance of my father,

William lames \mc of Montrose street, Surrej Hills who pir«ed away on Jil uarj 20, 1020 (Inserted by A I, V )

WILSON.—In loving memory of my dear husband,

Godfrey Burdett, who passed away 22nd January, 1919 at Coonara, private hospital, St. Kilda road,


My darling husband, no one can tell

The depth of pain we feel

But God who took you from our side,

And He alone can heal.

O, saddest days that I have known  

When we were torn apart,

The day I turned towards life alone  

With torn and bleeding heart.

For all the years of sweet content,      

The years we spent with thee;  

Oh, let our grief with praise be bent

To Him who gave to me.

—(Inserted by his loving wife, M. Wilson, Dro-


WILSON.—In loving memory of father, Godfrey    

Burdett Wilson, died in Melbourne on January

22, 1919.

A beautiful memory left behind

Of a loving father so good and kind;

We have lost, but heaven has gained, One of the best the world contained.

—(Inserted by Ben, Doris, and Ralph Wilson.)  

WILSON.—In fond memory of our father, who was    

called home on the 22nd January, 1919.

So sadly loved, so sadly missed.

Over the river a face I see,

Fair as the morning, looking for me.  

Free from his sorrow, grief and despair,   Waiting and watching patiently there.

—(Inserted by Ruby and Sam Wilson, Dromana.)   WILSON.—In fond memory of our beloved father,        

Godfrey Burdett Wilson, of Dromana, who died at Melbourne on the 22nd January, 1919.

A beautiful memory left behind,

Of a loving father so true and kind;

We have lost but heaven has gained

One of the best the world contained.  

—(Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-   law, Henry and Nellie; dearly loved grandpa of Godfrey, Jack, Henry, and Sam.)

WILSON.—In loving memory of our dear brother-  

in-law, Godfrey Burdett, who passed away on  

the 22nd January, 1919.

In thought fond memories linger yet,   Of one we never will forget.

—(In inserted by B. and S. J. Stenniken.)  

WILSON.—In fond and loving memory of our dear  

brother-in-law, G. B. Wilson.    

Two years have passed our hearts still sore, As time goes on we miss you more.  

—(Inserted by Ralph and Rachel Patterson.)    

WILSON.—In fond and loving memory of our  

dearly loved son and brother, William Wilson,   who departed this life at "Roseneath," Lance-        

field, January 22, 1903.  

Sadly missed, and deeply mourned.  

WRATHALL.—In sad and loving memory of Frank

Wrathall who passed away on January 23 1917,

at Ellinbank, Gippsland.  

I think of happy days gone by, When we were all together;

A shadow o'er my life is cast   Of the dear one gone to rest. A faithful father,

One who always thought of others;

His name was good his friendship sound, Loved and respected by all.


—(Inserted by his old mate, Philip J. Jamie-




uni rimilv cle»;re to return THANKS for the numerous i_hgruiiih letters tards and personal \«*it8 reeeived since tie death of their beloved Mavis It is almost im_o«illc to aiihvvir i crson atlj anl trust nil will accept this intimation Special thmU ire due to Mr HiurU-on who so l.indlj and untirinjjj lifted our lute 1 cloved girl on to the verandah ami Into thcjhouee__daih

J~~0_T\NSSON - Mr nul Mrs I CUKItll SMHTt

and lamllv desire to HUNK their in mj kind fiicnds and relit Ive« for telegrams ktteia card", floral tribute« nil txrsonal e\prer_l na ot BJ m pathj received during thur leeent 111 bereave lient cspeeiallj ti «it hit, Mr 1 H Scarlett und FtitT for dndnr s shown throughout Ivlndlj aecept lids intimation of our deepest gratitude New ti Dean_.tieeJ: MoonecPon bj_ |

L~l \\l\ - Mr and Mrs IIIOAMS LI \}l\

1-amilj desire to express their siucere Til _\KS to their mam kind relatives and friend« for letters cards, telcgnms, tioral tributes and per s nul e-pre^fûiis of svmpathv in their recent sad bereavement Tara, Wattonga street Penshurst  

MeCHOHAN -The 1 umilj of the late Mrs

MVHGAIIIT McCnOHVN return their situe-e 1HVNKS to rehtnes and all Kin 1 fríen Is for tele prams letters cards nnd per_inal expressions: of ajmpathj m their rectnt Fal bireavemcnt " ' tia Bruiiswtek street North Pjtrroj_

TITI. J P II .MOND, Mr and Mrs

iVXwillTI and lauilj dearie to TilWK their manj kind friends for telegram« letters cards

beautiful iloral tributes und personal expressions of svmpathv m their recent _ad leicavement atoo grateful thanks to those who gave their loving assistance especial h thanking tile Kcv IE Keith Mnckaj, who travelled so far to comfort the l>c reaved Kooreh, 42 Stevedor. street Nortli Williamstown


relatives and friends for letters carl«, telegrams, visits and expressions uf sympathy in their reecnt sad bereavement, especially thanking Mrs Foot. Sir He wilson, and Mr Garson for their great

kinünc-s Will all kind friends accept, -_. it is im I possible to answer personally. U West strebt,



TIP* S. A Bl NW LI_ and his Daughter, also lU-Mre \M\ HU/OMCH, drtlro to c\pr M tlielr

ameer« JIIANKS to their relntncs onl friends for the kind letter» cards, Ulceran. 6 and floral In butes also for the many personal expressions of _.>m[ nth} for them in their sod, nnd to UT lames ). idle, of JUlaeluva, for his un rcmitttinfj attention _ ___ MH S SIA1_H-I_A\D and"Mr» S\1>LL11 and

1 nmllie* de»tri. to tender HIL r einctrc Til _Nhs tu their inanj friends for flor ii tribute* telegrams letter, carls anl pcrsniiil txprrsnons of sympathy in thtir recent sad hcr_a\eme!t also the dod on» anl iii.if.e- of thL Queen \ jctoru llospilil for their untiring attention and ..indues. Itoec J_Kw J^ehastopol slrcpt^Caulfitld ____ TI P1 J J M\TTIIfc,WS and Family desire to tx 1U. pru. thtir siiKirt T11ÀNKS to -.11 rrfuthni ami fnon Is for letter, canis, telegrams anl floral tributes tho p n,oniiI expression, of sunj ithj m their recuit «J 1 1 creavemout, especially thinking Drs Thorn ind Kennett and Nur&e _ndcr_on, of Ouj en Okt streit Ouvcn __ ___ _

MR GA\M it anl lamlh m h toTIIWK their

kin I fricn It. an 1 rtl .tivc» for all lottern cirds ti h Krams ml i ersoiul ex] retsions ol sjmpalh} In their recent M1 bereavement, also thankitg Ur Hart for 1 it i ntinng attention W ill all je rql tins intmnti n of our deepe t gratitud./ "0 Undport slrcit Uhcrt Park, AJcIbournc_ .fTp* M.wm, Mr HUmiSON, nnd _ imil> i-'X d.sre to tei 1er their sincere THWkS to ti tir ininj lind Inends for floral tributes tele gums htttn- tards and pireoml cxprc-sion. ot s>nipith> in thtir recent sad brrea.emtnt Will nil fntn t, aicoi t ilm intimation." _ _

MHS I) MeCLUtl and MmUy desire to [TUNK

Heir min. kin I Iriends und rtl llura for their SMiipathtti of coudoiente JU 1 personal \i nfi m tlitir nteut sad bereavement, particular.} J-j" II 1 lad son for his unremitting- care anl attention MP_H._ Tas. Andrew and Co foi their mun;, acts of kind new, uni the literary staff of

The Mj,i« ' Rcr.Uo. Jan. 21

MKS MAIETH and I amtly desire to tender

their silicon 1*11 .Mvfa to thor mm. kind fi lends foi- floral tributes telegram*. lettera card3, aid personil c_.prt_s.ion. of fjmpauiy in their rt

tent Kid bereueniciit also tho d-ctora and nurFC. frr their untinui, attention, and Itcv I raser Will ali friends accept this intimation_ MHS M\M1N inUnmil> desire to tender their

-inter? Til .Mvi) to theil many kind friends for floral t rihut en telegram*.1 letters cards and personal exprès.iona cf s\mpalh. in ti eir recent sad bereavement 23 Tennyson utrect, Moonee

1 owls

MRS \\ 1' bl MOR and Family desire to ,

pr_s* their heartfelt HUNKS lo their maii> frunds end neighbours for letters, cards telegrams and personal ejepre flinns of lympathy in their re etnt ¿id bereavement 84*-Hanmer street, WH

1 urn-town

MRS C ( hM-.IlT and tamil, exjress sin

cere TIMMvS to their many friends for the telegnm« lctttrs cards, __c ,, conveying expressions tí s.inpntliy in their deep porrow, nnd are grateful to Dr Thwaites and Sister Kiasick for their constant attention __ '_ MRS H \ SWINDON and~FnmiI> desire to

THVNÏv their man> friends for numerous ex ri aliens of H.rnpathy cards, letters telegrams, 11 flora] tributes during their recent bereavement Vi Carrington road Box Hill _.

El LD- Mrs I III ED and Fnmily wish to sin

ccreb ni \Mv kind friends for letters cirls tc!e-rnm.. mid floral tributes alo pen-onal expressions of s> ni pa thy, in their re< i nt sad be rea.ement opecuH. thanking Si'tor Mt ker» find ftiff at Militar* Wurt!. Austin Hospital Re\

Roi mson (Oiiphin), and Ite. Warren for thtir kind and^inmmUinerjiltcntion __ ____ ._ ROW I - Mr A T KOW K (husl and) nnd Air

anl Mr* r H THOMAS (parent*) al-o 1 rothers and sisters cf IIUI5Y wish to JUI-NK tlieir many fnen Is for thb numerous letters, cards

U cuircHsiot _ of s.mpathv in their recent _ _ 3 Will friends kfndh accept this intima tion of their pntitude a& it Is Ímpo»_5Íble to reply pei_omlI}_to_jll? __ _ _ SMITH- Mr and Mr«! C I) SMITH in fFomih

desire n ni\NK their kind relatives nnd friends for letters cardr, telegrams floral tributes nnd personal exj rossions of sympithj during their recent sal lereavement. In the loss of their darling infant *on George also thanking Dr A W Jlrethcrton fur his attention 21 I!.land etreet, South ^ arra_ S MIHI- The Inmií> of the late Mrs AME

SMI Iii of k inguroo Grounds desire to re turn sincere Til \MvS to their kind friends for their Utters cml* tclegnms, floral tributes- and per sonn! expressions of F . mpathj in their recent sad I erpi\cn.cnt also thanking Dr Anderdon_ TIH _">iml\ nnd Suter (Mrs V" lohansen) of

the late Mr I I.OWDFV desire to HI \NK all relations anl friends for letters cards and telegrams, floral till dee and personal p\prcHSions of   .jmpath. in their retent sad bereavement nl_o Dr ^_ his \er^ kind attention_ rnili tamil, of the late THOMAS I HIS desire | X to Under their hintere TU VMvS to their many kind tren Is for telegrams letters mil pcrbonU expressions of B¡ ii|».itliv in their recent bereave mont ___ ^_ THOMPCON -Hie Iamily of fJie late Mrs M X'

THOM ISON belo* ed widow of the Jatc Thonns T mm. Pon wish to ten 1er their heartfelt _II\NKS to thtir man. friends for their vtry kind p-pre-rfdons if mnl|iithy, ttlegrams letters eirds an 1 .ihits recei\e<l dunnee their recent sad bereave nient repceinllv thanking Dr Callander for his untlnng rire ind attention lo their late dear r M' A- W Ml ali f te i1« li'nd'j act*, «. lui« ml HW tion of our deepest gntitn ic, as it is impossible to irwwcr nil i-cnonnll> 15 Mater street GolUng woml __ ___ J _X-_ WniTFD\"\V~mie TïeTnt.vpfl of the late Mr

I! Mil T UIÎITI DAW desire to return THANKS to their many friends for kind letters telegrams, floral tributes, and other e\pre_jlons of sv-ïipi.h. during their recent sad bereavement 21 Gnuie, st ret t freston __ _ VX7ïïlT\fV-Mr and Miss \MIITNF". and Mr* VV fARQUHUt ile^ir' to expreß their THANKS for oil letters telegnms, and other expressions of sjmpaihv c'lirmg their recent tad bereavement. Nor

miub) street last Gtclojiff


, . ¡ ,

COOPER.-The Friends 'of Mr. RICHARD AUS-

TIN COOPER (deiitlsl) ¡ire respectfully In formell thal tile remain* of tils dearly loved wife, Harriet, will lie interred in tlie Roroondarn Ceme-

tery-, Kew.

The funeral «ill leave 60 Collins street, Mel- bourne, TlllS DAY (Saturdiy, 22nd inst.), at 8.80

filBSON.-L.O.L,, No. £¡7, YARRAVILLE.-Mern VJO bera of the above Order are requested to folloyv the remains of their late Brother, W. II. (HIïSON, to the place of interment, the Koo-cniy

Cemetery. -

The funeral will leave his residence, 45 Victoria street, West,Footscray, Tills DAY (Saturday), at

2.80 p.m.'

By order.

_ --ARD. Secretary. OIUYSON.-Friends of Hie late Mr. AnTHUTl

GRAYSON are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the Coburg Cemetery..

The funeral is appointed to leave his residence, "Wndelcv," Ilasilnss street, Northcote, THIS DAY. (Saturday, 22nd January), at 2 o'clock.

I1KNUY .J. U. LEWIS, Undertaker, Head office, Fitzroy. Tel. Central 1100.

HANLEY.-The rriends of the late Mrs. MARY

HANLEY are respectfully invited to follo'v her remains to tile place of interment, the Buroon* dan Cemetery, Kew.

The funeral «III leave her residence, 103 Eliza- beth street, Richmond, Till!« DAY (Saturday, 22nd January 1021). nt 3.30 o'clock p.m.

JOHN ALLISON, Embalmer and rimerai Director, 04 Victoria street, Richmond North. 0.' 1003.

HAZELTON.-The Friends of the lote WILLIAM

STYLES HAZELTON are respectfully in. formed that his remains yvill lie interred In the Brighton Cemetery.

The fimenil will leave 234 Ch-ipol street. Prahran, opposite Colosseum, THIS DAY (Saturday, 22nd

inst), at 3 p.m.

A. J. UAYBOIÎLD, Undertaker, Malvern and 1'i-ilira». Tel. Win. 17 and U1427._ HOWE.-Tlie Friends of.Mr.~WAI.TER n. HOWE

are respectfully inyiteii to follow the remains of his dearly hrloved yvifc. Hannah Maud (Nance), to the place of interment, the Williamstown Cenie

terv.. ,

The* funeral will leave his résidence, Pier street. Altona, THIS r-linday) AFTI.H-0ON, 22nd Jnnu .in, 1021, at .1 o'clock p.m.

JOHN" AL1JSON, Knibalmcr and Funeral Director, head olfice, 01 Victoria street, Richmond North.


Invited to follow

his remains to the place of interment, the Boroon-

dara Cemetery, Keyv.

The funeral IB appointed to moye from his resi- dence, "lluncnla,-1 a« Spencer street, St.'Kilda, nilS DAY (Saturday, 22ud January), at li a.m.,

W. n. APPS and SONS, Undertakers, High street St. Kildi. Tels. 71 and 70 Win.