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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person to ensure their


Birth, Marriage, Death, Bereavement, in Memoriam,

and Funeral Notices, up to 6 lines, 3/- extra lines

at 6d.


BUSBRIDGE.-On the 29th December, at 51

Wolseley parade. Kensington, to Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Busbridge- twin sons (Allan and Hugh). Premature; both died.

GRANT (nee Alice Sabeston).-(By cable.)-On

the 1st January, 1921, at Rugby, England, to Mr. (late A.I.F.) J. A. and Mrs. Grant-a daughter (Jean).  

HENDERSON (nee May Harloch).-On the 12th

January, at Matron Plummer's Lister private hospital, West Wyalong, N.S.W., to Mr and Mrs. D. McN. Henderson-a son. Both well.

LOWE (nee Annie Pryse).-On the 12th January,

1921, at Nurse Moore's private hospital, Lewis- ham road, Prahran, the wife of E. V. Lowe (late A.I.F.)-a son (Theo. James McKenzie).

NEWBURY.-On the 13th January, 1921, at

"Okarita," White Horse road, Box Hill, to Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Newbury, of Darraweit Guim-a son.

NEYLAND (Linda Pryse).-On the 23rd December,

at Sister Moore's private hospital, "Wenona," 94 Lewisham road, Prahran, to Mr. and Mrs. Niven Neyland, Derrinallum-a daughter (Joy Pringle). PEMBERTON.-On the 11th January, at Dr.

Brown's private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs F. J. Pemberton, "Glendale," Church street. Colac- a daughter (Helen. "Peggy").

PHILIP.-On the 15th December, at "Nerrina,"

Sutherland road, Annadale, the wife of W. H. Philip, "Skene," Hamilton-a daughter.

RASHLEIGH.- On the 3rd January, 1921, at Nurse

Coe's hospital, Box Hill, the wife of J. D. Rashleigh, of White Horse road, Mont Albert - a son (Norman Horace).

SANGER.-On the J5th January, at Highfield,

Toorak, the wife of John M. Sanger, Wanga- mong, Corowa-a daughter.

STEVENS.-On the 12th January, at Nurse Pask's

private hospital, Middle Brighton, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Stevens, of 60 New street, Brighton-a daughter (Joan).


GOODWIN-SPARKS-On tile 15th December, 1920,

at St James's Old Cathedral, West Melbourne, by the Rev. T. Cole, William Henry Eugene (late AIF.), elder son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Goodwin, of Toongabbie, to Amelia Marv, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sparks, of Toongabbie.   DEATHS.  

ADAMS.-On the 17th January, at his residence. 5

Brixton street, Flemington, George, builder, formerly of Parkville, father of Susan (deceased), George (deceased), Mary (deceased), and of John, Edward, Kitty, David, Maggie, and Annie (Mrs.

Sloan), aged 91 .

ANDERSON. - On the 2nd January, at his resi-

dence, Glenelg, Hay, N.S.W., David Andrew, loved husband of Jane Anderson, aged 54 years.

BOURKE.-On the I8th January, at a private hos-

pital. Eileen (Bobbie), beloved second daughter of William and Ethel Strathtord Bourke, of Alma, road. East St. Kilda, late of West Guild- ford, W.A., aged 5 years. (Private interment.)

COLLIVER.-On the 17th January, at Tatura,

James, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Colliver, aged l8 years.

CANNINGTON.-On the 16th January, 1921, at Bal-

larat, Arthur Stanley, dearly beloved husband of Marjory Annie Cuunington. of The Oaks, Mere-

dith, aged 20 years.

ELLIS.-On the I8th January, 1921, at her aunt's

residence, 70 Wolcaloy parade, Kensington, Milli- cent Helena, beloved wife of William Frank Ellis, and loved mother of Dorothy and Millicent Ellis, aged 23 years.

Safe in the arms of Jesus.

GALLOWAY.-On the 18th January, at her resi-

dence, Central Hill Farra, Rodborough, Jane, relict of the late Robert Galloway, aged 79


HJORTH.-On the 18th January, at Comaidai, Kirs-

tine Abelone, beloved daughter of Anders, and the late Annie Hjorth, aged 53 years.  

HOGAN.-On the 13th January, at Koorooman,

Leo, the beloved youngest son of James and Catherine Hogan, aged 10 years 11 months.


JACOBS.-On the 17th January, at his residence,

No. 3 Markell street, North Brighton, John Edwin, the beloved husband of Louisa Jacobs, loved father of John, Norman and Virginnia, and loved brother of William, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. McBeath, and Mrs Batters.

After dreadful suffering-Rest. Nothing in my hand I Bring, Simply to Thy cross I cling.  

JOHNSTON.-On the 18th January, at the Child-

ren's Hospital, Oliver David, the beloved son of Frank and Agnca Johnston, of 23 Alphington street, Alphington, aged 6 jears.

"Requiescat in Pace."  

KELLY.-On the 16th January, 1921, at his late   residence, 40 Wright street, Bendigo, Francis  

Williamm, dearly beloved husband oí Elsie Kelly,   aged 73 years. Late of Richmond and South


KERR.-On the 14th December, at Nurse Ahearn's

private hospital, Dandenong, after a brief ill- ness, Michael, dearly beloved husband of Mar- garet, and loving father of Edward, Jack, Mag- gie, Norman, Frances, and Willie; loved daughter of Winifred, aged 62 years. (Interred at Tun- gamah, 15th December 1921.)

Rest in peace.

KIRKHAM.-On the 17th January, at Bacchus

Marsh (of whooping-cough), Esther Annie, dearly beloved infant daughter of William and Olive


Not dead, but fast asleep.

LAWLIS.-On the 14th January, 1921, at Caulfield Military Hospital, Francis Joseph (Frank),   youngest son of the late Stephen and Mrs. M. J.  

Lawlis, of Sydney, late of Cooma.

LEE. -On 17th January, at Bendigo Hospital,

George Valentine, dearly beloved husband of Ethel May, beloved father ot Wilton and Bel- ton, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Lee,  

sen., beloved son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Button, aged 31 years.

McKELLAR (by cable).-On the 10th January,

1921, in England, Jane Lyon (Jean), eldest daughter of Ihe late Duncan McKellar, of "Kirkella," Stawell, and "Tooronga," Upper


McKEOWN.-On the 8th January (suddenly), at

Boralma, Herbert Frank (Bert), beloved son of Robert and Marina McKeown, and brother of Alex, (deceased), Bob, and Bessie, aged 28


Deeply regretted.  

PHILIP.-On the 18th January, at "Blairgour," 93

Harold Street, Middle Park, Keith John, the dearly loved twin son of Henry and Irene Philip,   aged 8 months.

Our little bud in Heaven.  

RING.-On the 16th January, at Heathcote, John,   the only son of John and Minnie Ring, and bro-   ther of Nora and Lily. R.I.P.  

SEARLE.-On the 16th January, Alice Amelia,  

daughter of the late Henry Searle, of Port Fairy North, sister to Miss Jessie Searle and Mrs. E. Friend (Hamilton), and Mr. W. Searle (Strachan, Tasmania), aged 63 years. (Interred at the Port  

Fairy Cemetery.)

SOUMPROU-On the 17th January, 1921, at the  

residence of her parents, No. 89 Raglan street, South Melbourne, Marcelle Pearl, the darling little infant daughter of Louis and Myrtle Soumprou, aged 7 and a half months.

Our darling little one in Heaven.  

TERRY.-On the 18th January, at a prívate hos- pital Melbourne, Edward Terry, of "Millah-   gong," Oaklands, New South Wales, beloved hus-   band of Ellen Terry, and father of Peggy, Joyce,  

and Donald, aged 52 years.

TODD.-On the 16th January, at Mt. Martha,  

Thomas Tweedy Todd, aged 87, late of Fermoy Flat, Connewarra, beloved husband of Elizabeth T. Todd, and son of Dr. Tweedy John Todd,   M.B.C.B., Shipley House, London, honorary phy-   sician to Her Majesty Oueen Victoria.    

VEAL.-On the 11th January, 1921, at Brown Hill,   Kalgoorlie, W.A., Levinia Margaret Veal, born     St. Just, Cornwall, and relict of the late John  

Veal, who predeceased her 36 years ago at St.   Just, Cornwall, England; mother of John, James, Thomas (deceased), Gertrude (Mrs. Hilliards),  

Grace (Mrs. Thomas, deceased), Benjamin (de- ceased). Margaret, and Ellen (Mrs. S. Trense),   aged 90 years and 6 months. Three of her   grandchildren were members of the A.I.F., and   some of them won distinctions in the great   war, to her great joy ,and pride.  

Safe in the arms of Jesus.  

WHELAN.-On the 17th January, 1921, at the resi-   dence of her parents, No. 9 Westley avenue,   Gardenvale, Vera Estelle, the dearly beloved only   daughter of Martin and Fanny Whelan, aged 23   years. (New Zealand papers please copy,)   May her soul rest in peace.  

IN MEMORIAM.   On Active Service.  

Í BUI10ESS.-la loving memory of mv dear husband,

j. Sergeant D. J. burgess, who died at tej on i ¡ January IP, 1017. i i Ever lemembcred. '[ | -(Inserted by his luving wife, M. E. Burgess,' | 615 Mount Aluai'der load, Essendon.)

MAYMAN.-A tribute to the memory ot my    

brother, Company Sergeant-major W.F.J. May-       man, who was killed in action January 19, 1918   also father, who died at Yea, December 10, 1918     (Inserted by M.J.M., "Bethesda," Richmond.)  

MAYMAN-A tribute to the memory of No. 335,   R.S.M. W.F.J. "Bill" Mayman, 10th Battalion   A.I.F., killed in action at Hollebeke, 19th   January, 1918    

' Remembered.     (Inserted by B. Draffin.)  

BARKER.-1.11 loi¿n,í ""»""ty of my dear daugh   | ter and sister^ fNtljn, who passed awaj on loth

I ianuary, 1020, at Gippsland Hospital, Sale. ! í " . J"""«, but not forgotten. I Î -CÍK"0'. bi' ller !°>¡ng mother, sisters, and

i Mothers.)

I E'ffi,V"«-.íw i"Ä,mcmorj' ot our u<!" son and

1 J5£Z' ^ivia"1,Ja",.'s' wll° Vasxd "«">? lfcrli

§ icKÄL i *? drar "".I10«. ,"o»"t William

I K' u rS?. 3Vmty, 1W3; also dear brother, '

| John, died Sth June, looo. ,' , ] 5 ' « - U,e?rl}' '"ï"1' ""»y missed.

I T,n7.(tas£rtc<i b/ >T",cr. brothers, and sisters.)

BROADBENT.-In loving memory of roy dear hus

. mH.oiî. r«",r««tlon from the dead, at Raleigh , , '«i»jti Essendon, January lo, 1017. ¡

Thoü-shalt call, am! 1 »ill answer theo."

.-^flnwtcd-by M, Broadbent) J°b ^ lä"

oeiÄI'-'l ^>oiuiteV«mem%ice ot our 1

Mir father, u*o fell «sleep »t^üranatha. t ««leigh «trpct, Essendon, « on' loth JomitryTiSS? s' ? ??'? Ay«!«»» the TOurrection. . ' r

-Chuikd tor fl;, and F,f Bttêabmti i i«e<f^r-v' fc :;.-. ? ,\ , 'iv


CAIRNS-In loving memory of my dear husband

and our dor father, A H Calms »ho left us to be with Christ, after much suffering, on the

19th Januarv, WO

Willi tears and grief we saw you sinking,

With Ead and aching hearts,

The trial «as hard, hut »eil not complain,

lint trust in God to meet airain

God san when his footstep filtered,

lim iieart crow faint *ind weak.

So Ile folded His arms around him,

\nd hi peacefully went to sleep I havi lost mi soul s companion,

\ life linked with mi own

And dai and night I miss him more

As J walk through life alone

God is goori He gives nie strength

To bear mj hcavv cross.

He is the onlv one who knows

Tlio loneliness, or mv loss

-(Inserted li) his loving wife, E Cairns, and adopted son, r red, Lynfield, L) ndhurst )

DAVENHILL.-In loving remembrance or our dear  

son, Uirold, who passed away to a higher IIÍL,

Januarj 19, 1930

\cs, he's gone, but sweetly sleeps

Where none need anxious vigil keep

His craft Ins reached the heavenlj shore, "VUiere sid ness cannot waste him more, Safe folded on his bal ¡our s breast, He passed into ctcrnil rest

-(1 rom 1 ither and Mother, 93 Edward Btrect,

Brunswick )

DA\ 1 MI1IX -To the treasured memory of our

dear brother, Harold, who passed away January 19, 1920

Some rare sweet hours we had,

!. rom life s I con striving spared, Me grieve, jet »c are glad

Remembering «hat we shared

-(Inserted b\ Fred , Sutanne, and Constance )

DMI MULL- \ tnbutc"to the memory of our

much lfvcd fn>nd and pal Harold, »ho departed this lite, 19th Januarj, 1920

From memory s page we'll never blot Three little »ords ' 1 orgct me not "

-(Imcrtcd bj Ted, Jack, Norman, Jim, ano

C1 uidc)

I OMSG tilt) -In loving memorj of our pal,

Charlie, »ho died on the 19th of Jann-irj, 1917

-(Inserted In Chas Angwin, Bob Nathan, and

Les. Avarmbrun )

GLENN.- In loving memory of my dear wife,

Violet, who passed away January 19, 1920; the loving mother of Violet Mavis.    

Just when her life was brightest, Just when her hopes were best,

God called her, and she answered, Now in God's home she rests.  

-(Inserted by her loving husband and little

daughter Violet Mavis.)    

GLENN (nee Nelson)-In loving memory of our

dearly beloved daughter, Violet, who passed   away on the 19th January, 1920.

To some we loved the loveliest and the best, That time and Fate of all their vintage prest, Have drunk their cup a round or two before,   And one by one crept silently to rest.  

-(Inserted bv her loving parents, G. and E. Nelson, brothers Harold and Ray, also her dar- ling babe.)  

GLENN (nee Nelson).-In loving memory of our

dear sister Violet, who departed this life 19th   January, 1920.  

Nothing but memory as we journey on,

Longing for a smile and a face that is gone,     None knows the depth of our regret,

We all remember her when others forget.

-(Inserted In her loving sisters, Vera (Mrs. Druce), Pearl (Mrs. Storey), Thelma (Mrs. Ray), brother Dudley, sister-in-law, and brothers-in-       law.)  

GLENN (nee Nelson).-In loving memory of my

dear sister, Violet, vvho was called home January

19, 1920.    

Dear to my memory, sweet to my heart, My love for my sister will never depart,

I know that my days, be they many or few,

Will be days, dear Vi, full of memory for you,  

But while you are sleeping my love is still nigh,   If any one does miss you dear Vi, it is I.  

-(Inserted by her loving sister and brother-in-   law, Lill and Alf. Wall, Highton.)

HAIÎIIIS-In loving nuinorj of our dear mother,

Itaihll Harris, »ho diparted this life on tile 19th day of January 1909, at Leonie," \rnlstrong stieet, Mildil Firk

Maj her di dr soul rest m peace -(Inserted bj hir loving iamilj )

KNAPP-In loving ineniorj of our dear son anil

brother, Charlu, who died at Hawthorn on Uth Januarj, 19*-0

Mi watched beside vour beds'de Charlie,

Ne witched vou night and daj,

Y\e nvu>ul j ou with our teniiirest care,

But LOU]! not mall j ou stav

-(Inserted bj his lovng parents, sisters, and brothers )

TKLùCOTT -In loving memorj of mj dear hus

band and fattier, who passed away on 19th Januarv, 1J-U

I ver remembireii

-(Inserted bj his loving wife am] familj )

\\ 1 LCII -In lovin" minion of mj dnr l/»sband,

and our loviiu, iitlur YliHiatn Ilcnrj. who di parted tins lia J muan u, 1019, result of acii dut rirntree evilly (late \iitorlim lîailwajs)

lo dav brings bael sad

\nd those who think of jon to daj, dear dad,

Are thole who loved j ou herí

Sleep on dill Had

- (Inserted hy his sorrowing wife, 1 llzabcth, and fniuilv- tlice, Jean, lunnj, Millie, Blanihi, Hin] üouj.lis, and Horothj )


Bl ! I -Mrs DI I L and family »i»h to sincerely

.HUNK their kind friends for letters and cards, ind telegrams, and lierai tributes, and per sonal expressions of sjmpatliv during their recent tal bciiaviiniiit_No 1 Muskell st, N Brighton

LAWLIS-Mrs LAWLIS desires to THANK the

doctor , staff, and patients of Naval Ward, especially thanking Mrs C Graham Sutton and Miss Slater for their untiring attention, also Chap lain Hudson, officers and staff of H.M.A.S Cercbus     MAGNER Mrs. J. MAGNER and Family desire

to exprcss- their sincere THANKS to their many kind relatives and friends for letters, cards     telegrams, ", and visits, expressions of Sympathy in their recent sad bereavement Will all friends ac cept this intimation of our eepest gratitude? 103     King Street, Melbourne. MRS. O'LOUGHLIN and Family desire to sin

cerely THANK their many relations and friends for letters, cards, telegrams, and personal expres sions of sympathy in their sad bereavement, especitally thanking "King," undertaker, for great   kindness and attention. Will all kind friends ac    

cept as impossible to answer all personally. Walwa, Elsternwick.           rpill fainilj of the late Mrs t IIOLDFN desire J- to tender their sincere Til \NlvS to their min) kind friends for kind expressions of BJ nipathy in piiMinnl visits tilcgro.ii s letters, and cards during their riccnt tad benavitncnt of a lovin; motinr, ispeiiallv thanking tin Rev latin Ijncll and Ur Kidd for their kind and unremitting attmtion Pine Hill, Strongvvavs


I GILLIS.-The lnends of Mr WILLIAM 1IUNK

?* LLL1S are nspectfullj invited to follow the rcmaius of lus beloved wife, Millicent Iklcna, to th-> place ol interment, the rawkner Cemetery

Ihe luneral »ill leave her aunt's rcsidincc, 7( Wolsele) paradi, Keusington, lo-morrovv (Thura dav), at 2 o clock

JOSFPH ALLISOV, Undertaker, Errol Btreet, North Melbourne (tel 751 Central), Moonee Ponils (tel 251 Ascot), and Svduey road, North Bruns- wick (tel S39 Brunswick)

JACOBS. -Friends of the late Mr. JOHN EDWIN  

JACOBS are informed that his remains will be interred in the Brighton Cemetery.

The Funeral will move from his residence, No. 3 Maskell street, North Brighton, TO-DAY (Wed-   nesday, January 19), at 3.30 p.m.  

B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD., Motor Funeral Ser- vice, Toorak road, South Yarra; and at Oakleigh.

JOHNSTON - Hie I neilds of Mr ind Mrs

HUNK JOHNSTON ure resneetfullj invited to follow the remains of their beloved son, Olive David, to the plici of interment, the Warringal

Cemeterv, Heidelberg

The 1 uncial will leave their residente, 21 Alph ington street, Alphington, To-morrOw (lliursdav) -mimooii (20th Januarj 1921), at,) 10 p ni pune tuitlj

JullV AILISON, I inhaliner and I unenl Dlrcc >r Head Dillie-91 \ letona streit, Itiehmond North leis Central 1003 and 20..3, 11 wiik 692

WJIU Mt-The Ilrethcni of tifo Hobble Burns t i Lodge, No S.S \ C , and the craft m general, are invited to attend the funeral of our late brother, «or Bro VvIlLAlt, I'M

The funcril »ill k-ive his late residence at 2pm 1111b D li, reaching St Kilda Leuietirj

at J 20


_ J H _\\aipA \M,_P M ,_Sicretary

YV/TI-VIL-Y ictorian Master Unde-takers Asso > » nation-Hie Members of the above associa tion arc respectful!) invited to follow the remains of their late respected member, Mr JOSEPH III NR\ « 111 Mi, to Uio place of intcrmiut, tile

St Kilda Cemeterv

I The 1 mural »ill leave Ins residence, Douglas

parade and Stevedore street, AUlllamstonn, THIS lm (Mcdnesdav, 1-iiiunrj 19), at 2 o dock, arriv nip at the ceincierv about 1 JO p m

\ I HOLUSttORin, President _II lU'SNLI L, Secretary

\-l'llll \N -Tlii lnends of Mr "àîri^MÎs" .' M til UN mil LAN arc respectfully invited to follow Hie runalns of their darlin« only daughter, \ ira 1-stille, to Hie lirifcllton Cemetery

I "lin funeral is nppoliitid to leave thnr residence

No 9 Westlrv avenue, Gardenvale THIS D1Y (\\edneslaj, tin 19th Januaiv), at 3 o'clock n m

CllVS P FIHL\Y, 48 Jllyth street, and 331 Svdnej load Brunswick (all iiiburba funeral Diieetor) 'Phone Brunswick 440