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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against Imposition, notices of

Births Marriages, «nd Deaths must be authcntl

caird bj «omc respectable person to ensure their


Birth, Marriage Death, Bcreav ctnent. In MemorUm,

and Funeral Notices, up to 6 lines, 3/, «tra. lines



ALLEN.—On the 10th lamían it Mia Mia. private  

hfcpitit Smith street Thurtiburv to Hi.MIii Mr? R I Allen Bangor 0 Raleigh streit Hi nibnrj-a son (Robert l)aiid)

CHIVERS.—On the 4th tamar}, at Sister Budia

nan«, private hospital Manslovvo Alphington, to Mr and Mr« Alf Olivers, Teniplcstowc-a

MITCHELL (nee Ellie Clark).—On the 14th

Januar) 1021 at Okanta Bos Hill the wife of II s Mitchell 2S Zetland road, Mont Albert a daughter (Sheila Marion)

RUTLIDGE.—On the 11th Ianuary, at Vim\  

House l)i eeii i road M hilda, the wife of Major 1 r Rutledge-a son

SPAIN.—On the llth lamiarj, at Sister A tuiea r s  

private hospital sutherland road Armadale to Mr and Mm II I t- Spain-a daughter (sUll born)_"^^_____


JEANES—ALLAN.—[Golden Wedding].—On the 12th      

Ianuary ls'l it Christ Church Lancefield hy the Rev li 1- «cotl George Fngland Jean*, eilest ron of Mr (.eorge Jeans of SaliBbun, Fn»land to lean eldest daughter of Mr J Allan of Ronnel (Present address, ' hilisburv, 114 Tooronga road F ist Mähern )_


ADAMS.-On the 17th January, at his residence

George, dearly beloved husband of Sarah, of 5 Brixton street, Flemington; loved father of Sadie   (Mrs. Stone); aged 91 years. (Private funeral )

Hamilton papers please copy

Safe home at last

ANDERSON.—On tin l"th Ianuary at ' Stanton  

3 Wellington streu Middle «rishton William Anderdon forraerl} of 1«? Hinders lane, Mel

bourne son of the late Andre.» and Annie Ander son, aged ob veurs

BAILEY.—On the 16th January, at the residence    

of her son Mr John lames Bailey 3 The Avenue Windsor ,Jane dearly beloved wife of the late Thomas Bailey. of Ballarat, aged 83 years

At rest

DOVE.—On the 16th lamían, at a private hospital  

Richmond Helen «ido» of the late Philipe H 11 Hove and loving mother of May and Lily Heathcote aged TI year

Thy «ill be done

DOWNES.—On the lïth January, 19-U at 14

Cameron slreet Itichmon I, llcphritiah Downe», dear!} beloved mother of Rose (Mrs halter) II Do»nes (Western Australia) lillian (»K Dal nell), aged S5 sears. (Private interment.)

FARR.—On the loth Tanuarv, 1921, at the Chil

druis hospital Willum Stanley, dearlv loved baby non of lies and Lena, farr, 10 Hotham

street. Moon« I omis aged 1 )car

Safe in the anns of Jesus

HOGARTH.—On the l.Ui lanuar} at Portland, the  

infant son of Mr and Mrs AA Hogarth, llentv,

aged 4 months

KIRKPATRICK.—On the 17th January, at Close  

bum Glenelg «milli Australia, Lurline, Moved sister of Maud Kirkpatrick

KNOX -On the I tth Ianuary, at Benalla, FuBtace

Alexander (Lute) Hurd lonre son of Mr and Mrs James Knox of Bcnalh, and loving fiance if Thelma M Loftus of IA ¡lliamstown

MACKINNON.—On the 15th Ianuary, at Drumfin,  

High street Northcote, Win Mackinnon native of Sconser, Isle of Sk}<, Scotland beloved lim band of Margaret, in I luv Ire lather of lohn ti »nd Mar} Alacn. late of II Al Customs Kel bourne a colonist of 07 \eurs (Interred pn vately Boroondara Cemetery, hr , 17th January,

J«f21 )

MERRIFIELD.—On the 17lh lanuarv, 1921, at 111  

Ormond nnd Flwood lohn William (lack) dcarlv beloved son of Fihlh and tie late Fdword George Memllel1 loved brother of lileen (Mr.. A. U Jone») an I r mil late of the HMAS. Australia aged °1 }cars

At rest.

MERRIFIELD.—On the Pth Januarr, 1921 at 111

Ormond roll Unod lohn W illlam ( lack) the dearlv lovrd grai dn.n ol the late George Mern field anl the lite \\ 1) Ochiltree

MERRIFIELD.—On the rtlv Ianuary, 1921, at 111  

Ormond rou' Elvvont lohn Milliam (lack) dcarlv loved brother and brother in la* of hiletn ?nd A I lone* of 9» Hctcher Btreet, Essendon, »get! 21 }ear«

bo lo\ed so mourned

MILLER.—On the l"th lanuarv, Alaurice Edward  

dearlv beloved h island if Ilcanor Miller, Hvrtle Hill he«, aged « vear.

OLDFIELD.—Ou the 15ih tanuarv 1921 at Shang

hal China of | ne mioma, Am}, dearly lovell wife of I rank Oldfktl of Raino« Glenview avenue Malvern ii 1 lovel mother of Fred and Ii} (Mrs. J A. McPonal 1)

RENSHAW.—On the 17lh Ianuary in»i at Alfred  

IIospllAl, I* ne, dearly loved second eldest son ot William and Dais) Rcnshaw of ma I mon street W lndsor and lo-it g brother of Glade s, Me, Leslie and Thelma aj.ed 14 }ears

Patient sufferer at rest,

SCARFE.—On the 17th lamían, 1921 at the    

Melbourne Hospital (after a short illness), Arnold Hackett the tirari} beloved eldest son of Louis Mortimer and I iitli Gertni le Scarfe, 50 Hcidel

berg road Fairfield beloved brother of Tedd'e and Ala} aged II venn»

* Loi ed an 1 mourned ha nil *

KING.—On the 10th January, at Maffra Rndcni k  

Thomas.ooungefit child of J 11 and A laing of double pneumonia, aged 13 months

TRANGMAR.—On the 14th January, at Irvinebank,  

Queensland, Herbert Allan, eldest son of the late   Charles Trangmar, Portland, and Annie Trang-

mar, Malvern. R.I.P.    

WHEAR.—On the 17th Januar} at his resilience,

Douglas parade M illtamstouu To<oph lleno, tbe loved husband of Vannv Miiear and loving father of Harr}, Beatrice 1-unicc and the late I^eonard ageil 63 } cars and G months

With Christ which is far better

WILSON.—On the 14th January, at High Street,  

Yea, Harriet Annie, dearly loved infant daugh- ter of Ernest and May, aged 7 months.

IN MEMORIAM. On Active Serrlce.

LAWRENCE.—Loving and sacred to the memory

of our dear frlen 1 Corporal tred lji«TtnCL «ho died in France Januar} 16 1019 of tiroocluul pneumonía, loving fiance of Winnie

Sunshine passes shadows tall

Hut love anl remembrance outlast all, -(Winnie and lamil} Käst Maliern)

lAAUtFNCr -V tribute of remembrance to our

dearlv beluved cousin Corporal Fred K \V Law renee, «ho died in France on 18th Januarv,


In thought fond memories linger vet Of one «c never «-111 lorget

So sad!} miBttd

-(Inserted by cousins Jim and hlsic and Baby Raj ba)cc)

DALTON -In loving memora of Fdward \ Dalton

hB b and L II St (late Dental Hospital Mci bourne) «ho died at Stawell on tile 18th Inn uar}, 1919, aged 20 5 can and li montes R 1 I»

Fond!} remembered

-(Inserted by his loving parents )

DAI TON -In sid and lov ing memorv of mi dar

ling nephc«, Fdward Aalentlnc Dalton «ho died

on tlic ISth Januars 1919

So dear!} loved and deeplv mourned

-(Inserted br his lov int. aunt M Moran )

GRFLN -In loving meniorv of nu dear husband

and father «ho died on lanuarv 17 1920 al<n our dear son and brother Jacl, «ho died on lanuarv 11 1919 (Inserted 1} loving wife and mother an I sister', Albert Park.)

lIF\TrR -In loving memorv of our dear father,

who passe 1 avva} at "0 Collett street Kensing ton on tile Ibtll January 1921) also our dejr mother who passed awu} on ISth august, 1920 And through the glcnni thoee angel faces «mile

Alhich we have loved long since an I lost awhile -(Inserted bv their sorrowing fumit}, 70 Collett strtet, Kensington )

ELI IITT -In loving memory of mv dear mother

«ho departed this life at South larra on the 16th Januar} 1919

loivav brings bael sad memories

Of a loved one cone lo rest.

Awl those that think of her to day I

lsw Mr and Mrs Walter Kelk t )

PATERSON -In fond and loving remembrance of

my dear friend Ho} ulm passed to a higher life on the 18th Januarv 1B°0

We shall sleep, but not for ever,

There «ill le a glorious dawn

We shall meet to part no never,

On the Resurrection morn

Some ilav I hope to meet rou,

{ ...... . ... I '

And never part ci,ain

i/ived in life, konouicd in death, treasured ;


-(Beatrice V Moase)

H£Eb -In loving meniorv of our dear mother, wiio

passed awa} at Melton on January 17, 1911

hadli missed

-(Inserted bv her lov nig chtl tren ) »

yKRLE\ -In loving nicmorj ol our dear motltei,

who passed awav at ' Boniiur taman l8. 192U

Immaculate heart of Man

. pravers for her extol.

0 sacred heart of Jesu*

llave inercv on her soul -(Inserted b} her famil} )


EVANS-Mr DAVID LA .NS and Fiunily desire

to ejp"» "leir sincere TRASKS to their man} kind relatives an 1 friends for letters, cards telegrams, floral Inbutea and personal c xprcsnons of symuathv in their recent sad bcreasement Will all please accept this intimation of our dceptat çratitu le ^ cndis 130 Koornang road. Carnegie

JOHNSTON-Mr* P A (ANMF) "JOHNSTON M and famil} desire to TO ASK all relations and mends tor their expressions of sympath} in their «n bereavement I irrt Avenue, Fiat Kew


fA NDFRSOK - lhe Fnends of the late WILLIAM Ä AVDKRSON ara respectful!} informed that

Jil remain« will be interred in the St Kilda Oenje

Ï r-?«""'"?-"."> '"itireu in eue DI miaa uene

Ï ter/ The funeral will leave Stanton," 3 WelUrer. I K?L.'Vrret' Mi'lole llnShton, THIS DAY (Tuesday. 3 Mth ins» ) at 2 pm , arriving at cemeterj eat«

ssfcti p m v


CÜNMNGTOl» -The Friends of the Ute Mr

VRTHUIt STA M h\ CIASINOTON of She oaks Mendith are respectfully informel (hit hi» rcnuins «ill lie interred In the Lctobrllfce Cometen fo-morron (\lednesda\ lotli inst), an-miiR it ti e Cemeter> at p m

I V IHHNK» uni SON Funeral Director«, 14 Arrnslronc; «trett. Ballarat, 1 hone "1

MFRRIFIPLD -The rnends nf the late T0I1N

«II I UM (Jack) MmlUFlrLD (formerly on irtlic scmce und late of Hit II M.A S. Australia)

ire rtspectfullj informed that his remains witt he interred in the Brenton Cemetery The Funeral mil leave 111 Ormoni road Inwood, THIS DU (TuLstlav, the 1Mb intf.), at 4 p ra

A A SLEIGHT, Funeral Directors 'Phone 410

MILLER -The Friends of the late Mr MAURICE  

EDWARD MILLER are respectfully Invited     to follow his remains to the place of interment,  

Boroondara Cemetery

The funeral will leave his residence Myrtle Hill Normanby road Kew, To-morrow morning (Wednesday) 19th inst ) at 11 o clock.  

JOHN DALEY, Embalmer and Undertaker, La trobe and Spring streets, Melbourne Telephone 827.  

?\TF\U\HAM-The Friends of Mr 1DWUID T -i-> ti r Vi r N II \M arc respectfully int ¡ted to foi

lou the remains of his I eloved wire to the plate of interment the Su Kilda Cemetcrr

The funeral will lean lils residence Jener T Richardson street Mi Idle I"irk, THUS MOltMNO (Tucfdur 1Mb Tamur)) at 11 o clock

I01IN Al USO\ linera! Director, Dundas place, Albert Parity Telephone "OS _ EENSHVW-The 1 rienda oí Mr ml Mrs.

WILLUM BFMilHVi nn. respectful!} in formel that the remains of their dearly lot ed second eldest son Lnc will be interred m Melbourne Cepera] Ccmeten

The funeral will lene 3oA Union street Wi.

nor THIS DU (TuesdaJ the 18th inst.), at 3 30


SCARFb ind Mrs. H)ITII ( 1 RTRUD1 SC\IU b are rcsprrtiullr invited to follow the

nair*» of their late dearh bcloied son \rnoli Hackett Scirfe to the place of interment, in Col nix Cemeten

The funeral will leave Air Scarfe s residence \o t/> Heilelberir road cr \ict>ni street l^irfiel 1

THIS. DA\ (Tuesdaj ISth inst ) at 2 30 o clock

\X7iIF VR.-The Friends of the late Mr 70SFPH >' Ifl-Mtl WHFVIt ire respectfullj informed Hut his remains will le interred in the St hilda General Cemetery at 3.30 p m

Tlie Funeral córtese will leaic his residence corner Douglas parade and Steicilore street Wit

llanintowii To morrow (\\ ednesdjj Jamnry 19,

1021) at 2 0 clock