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[To-day's Bride to Fly to Australia. - Welcome and Farewell Parties. -

Some Oversea and Country Visitors.

From Queensland.


Mrs.Dudley Persse, of Eskdale West, v'!,Di Vin Sydney with her mother, *ílr ns of Beaudesert, Queens

*, 'Ä at the Hotel Australia,

ri ' ..A hi» here for about a fortnight.

Ä tei » àcSan. of Magenta Station,

«.* c 0,,-cnsland has gone to Bowral, Ä* 1 pwm-nently make her home fDer dÄ'cr, Miss Marlon Maclean.

lossip horn London.

, . «cent letter to Mrs J. Manning, of b5ff Miss Kathleen Richardson, of J?i,7_rott! of her Intention to return to íÜh before the English winter set in. '? \S for her leaving England was 3,f,r S friend, Miss Allson Murray, ol i 4 Shad just eft England to return E ,,?,%a 'ia India and China. Miss .ÄAuai at the Berkeley Hotel füdi Horllck a few days before she wrote. Ah they had gone to Lady Ho-rHck's to see her baby daughter, Natasha, ?m Miss Richnrdson described as a very beautiful little person Sir Peter and Lady

k hue taken a five storied mansion in ,i< Place Miss Richardson was keenly in «ted in the fashion shows given by Norman

(nell Paquln and °ther famous fashion ¡as of London These shows, she said, írnore like prhate entertainments in the -i of iciy li\lsli afternoon teas and cock

nartlcs She had also been to the wed :. of Miss Betty Chubb and Captain Ian íd of the 8th Hussars, where 600 guests te present at the reception given at the

rlflr Hotel

(turning to Europe.

>lter an extended holiday spent in Sydney . ind Mrs W Greenwood are sailing by e Orion for their home in England. While Sidney they stayed at Wyldefel Gardens, is point Also leaving Wyldefel are _eur and Madame Guy Rocherolle, of -is who are returning home via New Zea


Miss Betty Brodie, who has spent a year Australia and recently stayed at Holyoak, trnorne Point, will take the express to Mel- anie to-night, where she will catch the .telo and travel to England, en route to r nome in Edinburgh, Scotland.

'orld President.

Die Countess Christine De Hemptlnne, :ld president of the International Catholic sen's League, is visiting Australia on be- llo! the league, with which 31 countries, In- ning Australia, are affiliated. Ten years > the Pope appointed the countess the gue's president, and In the last decade she ¡(ladled and is qualified to give information sting to civic, social, and religious ques niln the light of the Catholic doctrine and ¿1 welfare. The countess travelled in the rates to take part in the Adelaide centenary


Brisbane Visitors.

Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Jackson, of Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, accompanied by their daughter, Miss Felicity Jackson, are at present staying in Sydney, and have taken a flat Park Lane Mansions.


MRS. NIGEL SMITH, of Double Bay (right), who with her husband, Dr. Nigel

Smith, is staying at Menzies' Hotel, Melbourne, during the Cup festivities, and her niece, MISS AYLWIN MARSH, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Seaward Marsh, of Double Bay, photographed at Mrs. Nigel Smith's home. Miss Marsh is in the country at present, and after staying with Mrs. Robert Godsall, of

Bowral, will visit Mrs. John Osborne, of Jugiong.

Back for Christmas.

Among the relatives meeting Mr. E. J. Coote, of Bellevue Hill, when he returned from a holiday visit to the East in the Changte yes- terday, were his son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. Carlyle Taylor, of Cullin-la-ringo, Queensland, who are staying with Dr. Tay- lor's people, Mr, and Mrs. H. C. Taylor, at Bellevue Hill, and who will be going home to their property with their little son, Hugh, for Christmas. Also at the ship was Mrs. E. J. Coote, Miss Ella Coote, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy


To Marry Next Week.

On November 14 the wedding of Miss Tasma Valmal Reeve, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Reeve, of Campbelltown, to Mr. Eric Edward Tegel, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Tegel, of Koorie Grange, Leppington, will take place at the Camden Methodist Church. Miss Reeve's uncle, Rev. Dr. V. C. Bell, of Strathfield, will officiate at the ceremony, and Misses Jess Reeve and Joan Walker, of Emu Plains, will be bridesmaids.

Mrs. Louis Pirenne, of Point Piper, and her small daughter, Simone, have returned from a holiday at Linkslde, Bundanoon. Mrs. Pirenne's brother, Mr. Maurice Buckley, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Buckley, of Stanmore, will marry Miss Lilac Caroline Joshua, daughter of the late Mr. John Joshua and Mrs. Joshua, of The Cottage, Mount Wil- son, at St. Philip's Church on November 9.

Farewell Party.

Gladioli, larkspur, and snapdragons from her own garden at Wollstonecraft decorated the reception-rooms for a cocktail party which Mrs. Ralph Doyle and her husband gave for Miss Isobel Ann Shead, of Lindfield, who will leave for England on November 7. Miss Shcad's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Shead, and Mrs. Doyle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh

Minchin, were present. Other guests in- cluded Mr. Newall Shead, Mr. and Mrs. Gor- don Shead, who have just returned from their honeymoon and are living at Roseville, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKlnnon, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Bell, Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Tyrell, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dwyer, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Applegate, Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Malley, Commander Charles Gifford, Mr. Keith Body, and Miss Eileen Maybury.

To Live in Sydney.

Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Mueller, who were mar- ried In Auckland recently and have spent their honeymoon touring New Zealand, arrived in Sydney by the Monterey. Mr. Mueller travelled over to Auckland to meet his bride, who was formerly Miss Marjory Poy, of Canada, and they will now make their home at Elizabeth Bay.

Lei of Orchids.

When Mrs. Alix A. Verge, daughter of Mr. W. H. Mackay, of Rcdleaf, Double Bay, re- turned by the Monterey she wore a lei of Hawaiian orchids round the neck of her smart black cloque frock. Mrs. Verge had boen for a health trip to Canada, and was eagerly looking; forward to seeing her two small sons, John and Jim, who had remained in Sydney during her absence.

To the Country.

Mrs. Roy Chisholm, of Elizabeth Bay, is leaving with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Charles Osborne to stay with them at Gunnong Jugrawah, Coolah, for a fortnight or so.

At Cremorne.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Thompson, who re- cently returned from abroad with their son and daughter, David and Helen, are making Holyoak, Cremorne Point, their headquarters until they move into a home of their own.

Honeymoon in New Zealand.

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Giblin will leave to- day by the Niagara for a honeymon In New Zealand. Before her marriage last week Mrs. Giblin was Miss Patsy Dangar, of Gostwyck,


To Welcome Daughter.  

Mrs. Stuart Osborne entertained 150 guests at her home at Point Piper at a cocktail party yesterday evening to welcome her daughter, Mrs. Ellis Fielding Jones, who returned by the Monterey on Monday. Mrs. Osborne chose a gown of black sheer with coloured sleeves, and her daughter favoured a gown of duck-egg blue crepe designed with pleated sleeves, and pinned a spray of purple or- chids to the corsage. Among the guests were Sir Claude and Lady Reading, Lady Fairfax, Mrs. Warwick Fairfax, Mr. and Mrs Wallace Arnott, Mr. and Mrs. F. Lea- royd, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Crossing, Mr. and Mrs. Cuthbert Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. James Ash- ton, junior, Miss Ann Gordon, and Messrs. John Spencer and Norman McKlnnell.

Skiers Arrive.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mitchell, the well-known skiers, have arrived in Sydney from their property on the Upper Murray, and are stay- ing at 52 Macleay-street. Mr. Mitchell's sister, Mrs. Morton Lodge, is also at the same


To Fish.

Mr. and Mrs. Hallam Sampson, who have been the guests of Lady Smith, wife of Sir Keith Smith, at Onslow Gardens, since they arrived from Ceylon, left on Tuesday for New Zealand, where they Intend to spend some months on a fishing holiday.

Country Visitors.

Mrs. Rex Middleton, of Goulburn, came to Sydney to meet her mother, Mrs. A. Humphreys, of Brisbane. Mrs. Humphreys will spend the summer in Sydney, and is making Sprlngileld House, Darlinghurst, her head- quarters with Mrs. Middleton.

Miss Beatrice Lee, of Leeholme, Bathurst, Is spending a short holiday In Sydney, and Is staying at the Hotel Australia.

Harpist in Sydney.

An Interesting visitor to Sydney Is Mme. Helolse Scotia, of New Zealand, who plays the harp as an accompaniment to Hebridean songs she sings. She is staying at Wyldefel Gardens, Potts Point, for a few weeks. Also at Wyldefel Is Miss Dorothy Forster, of Abing- don, Armidale, who has come down to do some summer shopping.


of Colonel and Mrs. E. T. Watchorn, of Hobart, who is spending a holiday in Sydney, and is at present tlie guest of Lady Snowden at Rushcutter Bay.


of Orange, N.S.W., whose marriage to Mr. Colin Kelman, eldest son of the late Mr. Percy Kelman and Mrs. Kelman, of Moree., will be celebrated at St. James1 Church, Spanish-place, London, to-day. Miss McKillop and her fiance are both well-known Austra- lian aviators, and immediately after the wedding nvill leave by 'plane for Aus- tralia. The bride's mother. Mrs, Mc- Killop, intends to remain m England

. for some time longer. ,

Party To-day.

Mrs. Gordon Welsh, of Rose Bay-avenue, Rose Bay, will give a cocktail party to-day to welcome home her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brunton, who have been abroad for several months, and returned to Australia by the Orion.

In Hospital.

Mrs. J. Y. Black, of Wathagar, Moree, is staying at the Hotel Australia. Mr. Black, who Is president of the Moree Picnic Race Club, Is at present In Lister Hospital, suffering with a btoken leg.

Home Again.

Miss Carlotta Doyle, of Woollahra, is home again after spending a month in Brisbane and Southport. In Brisbane Miss Doyle stayed with Miss Eeatrlce Marlay, of Clay-


Hollywood Visitor.

Mrs. Boyd Irwin, of Hollywood, who li staying with her sister, Mrs. Park Pope, of Darling Point, is returning home by the Mon- terey on November 11. When Mrs. Irwin visited the Women's Pioneer Club she met again. Mrs. L. Kemmis, of Killara, who was a school friend and whom she had not seen for 17 years.

Wotan News at Sea.

Wotan's winning of the Melbourne Cup caused no less a sensation at sea on Tuesday than it did on the course at Flemington, and the passengers on board the Changte, which arrived yesterday, gathered around loud- speakers and listened to the fate of their money on the race. The ship's doctor and the purser drew the outsider in sweeps, Miss June Massina said. Miss Masslna, who has been on a three and a. half months' tour of the East with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. L, Masslna, who have just bought a property, Pin*» Hill, at Deniliquin, drew Silver Standard lr> the sweep; her interests centre around horses at the moment, for in Melbourne she will buy herself a new mount. Arriving yes- terday, she wore a smart talloied suit of hand-woven natural linen, with pleated pockets, and a blouse of nigger spotted silk drawn into a high frill at the throat, and pinned with two ivory birds in flight. She and her parents left by express for Melbourne laft night.

Staying at Queanbeyan. ,

Miss Joan Meagher, of Double Bay, who re- cently returned from England, Is at present the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Albert Lane, of Queanbeyan.

Returning from Hospital. ' ,

Mrs. Cecil Matthews, of Wollstonecraft, who, had been ill in hospital for the past few weeks, will return to her home next week. Unfortu- nately, In her absence her daughter, Miss Sheilah Matthews, was unlucky enough to In- jure herself by falling while playing with her dog. and Is now Incapacitated, too. , ,

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