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Regulations for S.A. Event.

, Regulations have been received gov- erning the South Australian Centenary Grand Prix, to be held on Saturday, De- cember 26, over a course of approxi

mately 250 miles, consisting of 32 laps of a road circuit of about 72 miles, at Victor Harbour and Port Elliot.

The circuit is bitumen for approximately two-thirds of its length, and it is hoped that the remainder, which at present presumably is macadam, will be paved In bitumen before the event. The course is over undulating country, and Includes one hairpin and two right angle corners, three bend?, and a hump-

back b'^ge.

The race will be conducted by the Sporting Car Club of South Australia, under the di- rection of the promoters, and under the gen- eral competition rules of the A.I.A.C.R. and

the A.A.A.

The rules state that the "race shall be open to all factory-built and catalogued rac- ing cars and to all factory-built and cata- logued sports cars, Irrespective of engine ca- pacity." This is rather ambiguous, for it Is not usual for a racing car to be catalogued. However, the proviso Is made that cars not coming within the above description may be accepted, provided that, in the view of the

promoters, they are properly constructed and eulpped for the purposes of racing.


The race will be run on a handicap basis with the object of giving the slower cars an equal chance with the faster ones, and these handicaps will be posted to every person nominating before acceptances are due.

A driver may nominate another man to re- lieve him at the wheel, and may, If he wishes, carry a mechanic, although apparently there Is no obligation on his part to do so. How- ever, the rules are explicit that when a mechanic is carried he should keep a watch- ful eye to the rear, and warn his driver of overtaking cars. Should a car not move over and allow a faster car to pass it will be sub- ject to penalty, and even disqualification.

The fees payable by intending competitors are £2/2/ for entry and £2/2/ for accept-


Prize money will total £415, and will be divided up as follows:-First prize, £200 and "The Advertiser" gold trophy valued at £50; second prize, £85 and trophy; third prize, £45; fourth prize, £20; fifth prize, £10; and sixth prize, £5. For the man who makes fastest time there is a special prize of £ 50 and the K.L.G. trophy.

In addition, a 50 miles handicap will be decided on December 29, and will carry prize money of £90, the total prize-money for the two races being £505.


During these two days of racing motor cycle events also will be conducted. There will be four races, the Senior Tourist Trophy (up to 500C.C), over a course of approximately 100 miles; the Junior T.T. (up to 350c.c), over approximately 75 miles; the Lightweight T.T. (up to 250C.C), also over 75 miles; and . the Sidecar T.T., over 50 miles.

The three solo events will be run on De- cember 29, but the Sidecar T.T. will precede the car Grand Prix on December 26.

Cash prizes will be awarded for these races


These events are all being promoted by Centenary Road Races, Limited, of 22 Gren fell-street, Adelaide, under the auspices of the committee conducting the S.A. Centenary,

and Intending competitors can obtain fuller J details from the address given.

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