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Three officials of the Gaumont-British Pic- ture Corporation, Ltd., London, arrived in Sydney yesterday, to take charge of the pro- duction by National Productions, Ltd., of the film "The Flying Doctor," at the Pagewood studios. They were Mr. Miles Mander, who will direct the film; Captain J. O. C. Orton, scenario writer; and Mr. T. D. Connochle, unit


At an informal reception tendered to them by National Productions, Ltd., at the Hotel Australia, the visitors expressed confidence that the film would be a great success and would materially assist In placing the Aus- tralian film Industry on a sound footing over-


"If, in the face of all the kindnesses that have been shown U3 since we arrived in Aus- tralia, and with the facilities at our disposal, we cannot produce a decent film, I for one will hang my head in shame," said Mr.


Mr. Mander said that Australia had beau- tiful natural backgrounds and a lovely cli- mate, and these advantages, combined with the fact that Sydney was only 17 days' travel from Hollywood, the centre of world film pro- duction, should assist it to win a big place in the film-producing world. England, he added, had made enormous strides in the last two or three years, because producers there were embracing the international aspect in their films. The natural prejudice against import- ing foreign players had to be overcome in Australia as well as in England. Two from Hollywood would be engaged for "The Flying Doctor," which would be the first picture made in Australia for which an oversea market had been guaranteed before its production.

Mr. Mander visited Sydney 26 years ago, when he was a sheep farmer in New Zealand, and spent four months touring the country. Since entering the film Industry, 15 years ago, he has directed productions in studios through- out Europe. He has just completed nine months' work at Hollywood.

Captain Orton, who has come to Sydney to write the scenario of "The Flying Doctor," said he thought the subject a very happy and in- spiring one, and the film should be a great success. He intended to leave shortly for Clon- curry, to gain the atmosphere of the aerial medical service, and would spend about 10 weeks studying it and writing the scenario.

Stories suitable for films must contain some big theme, with a good and novel situation or plot. Rambling stories were no use.

Mr. Connochle has had wide experience dur- ing his six years In film production. He was associated with the Mount Everest flight, which was filmed, and later visited the Khyber Pass for the flin.' ig of "Soldiers Three," and Rhodesia and the Transvaal for the filming of "The Life of Cecil Rhodes."

At the reception, the visitors were wel- comed by Sir Samuel Wälder and Sir James


Mr. S. Crick, Australian managing director of the Fox Film Corporation (Australasia), Ltd., said his company would distribute "The Flying Doctor."

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