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Company Going "On


Mr. Ken Hall, who Is directing the new film, "Thoroughbred," for Clnesound Productions, Ltd., Is compelled to keep up an intensive pressure of activity, for Miss Helen Twelve- trees, the leading actress, is remaining in Aus- tralia for only a few weeks; and the camera work must be finished by the time she leaves. Yesterday Mr. Hall photographed 'the last of a series of interiors at the Waverley studios. To-morrow evening, he will leave, with a company of 55 persons, for Singleton. Scenes will be taken there on Mr, R. R. Dangar's stud farm, Baroona. From Singleton, the company will go on to Scone, where Mr. P. Miller's stud farm, Kia-Ora, will provide back- grounds.


The Prime Minister yesterday paid a visit to the Cinesound studio, and watched some work being done on the production of "Thoroughbred."

Mr. Lyons made a short newsreel for Cine sound in company with Miss Helen Twelve- trees. He welcomed Miss Twelvetrees to Aus- tralia, and expressed the hope that her visit to the Commonwealth would be a happy one personally, and that she would carry back lo the United States a good report of the people here. He hoped also that she would make a fine picture for Australia to show the world.

Miss Twelvetrees, responding, said that the warm hearts of the Australian peopie had al- ready made her visit a happy one, and that she was doing her utmost to make a picture of which the Australian people would be proud.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by two of his daughters, and by the Hon. T. G. Murray, M.L.C. Mr. Stuart F. Doyle and other directors of Clnesound showed them over the premises.


While Mr. Ken Hall is going on with the making of "Thoroughbred," the Cinesound management is preparing a second produc-

tion unit, which will be in charge of Captain j

Frank Hurley. Mr. Stuart F. Doyle announced yesterday that this unit would begin opera-j

Mons early in the new year.

Captain Hurley will make a series of feature-length films dealing with character- istic aspects of Australian scenes. His lovely photography has for some time been a valuable element in the Cinesound produc- tions. "The Squatter's Daughter" provided a notable example. The present plan is that stories shall he written specially In order to give him scope in this respect; and, at the same time, to weave definite dramatic action round various phases of rural and Industrial life. The film from which Mr. Doyle took the idea was Robert Flaherty's memorable production, "Man of Aran." But Captain Hurley's films will have a good deal more plot than that picture; and professional actors are to be engaged. The series will be launched by a story which Mr. Kenneth Wilkinson has written, dealing with koala bears. For the following productions, Mr. Doyle envisages such subjects as wheat growing, sheep-raising, gold-mining, cattle droving, and various secondary industries.

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