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Randolph Lycett represented Victoria against New South Wales and South Australia before he enlisted with the A IF In February 1919 together with S N Doust R W Heath G L Patterson R V Thomas P O Hará Wood and A B Jones he rcprescntcü Australia In several tournaments commencing with the covered eourt championships at Queens Club London Norman E Brookes Joined at a latei date Lycett played only in the doubles and mixed doubles In the former he paired with Rod Heath In the third round Lycett and Heath met S N Doust and A B Jones and defeated them In straight sets They defeated Pat O Hará Wood (Victoria) and G C T Watt (England) very easily In the semi final and H Portlack and W A Ingram in the final 0 2 6 0 6 0 In the challenge round Lycett and Heath beat P M Dav"on and T M Mavrogor dato 6475 46 64

Lycett paired with Mis* Elizabeth Ryan (California) In the mixed doubles They won their way to the final round in which they met and defeated P M Davson and Mrs Lam b"rt Chambers but they were beaten very easily In the challenge round by E Gwynne Evans

and Miss E D Holman

Lycett played for the AIF against Surrey at Surbiton in May and in this match the AIF did not lose a rubber He then appeared in the Surrey championships and paired with Rod Heath once again Thej reached the final round losing to G L Patterson and R V

Thomas 6 4 C 2

Lycett played In the inter Allied tournament promoted by the American army authorities In Paris which commenced on May 26 The competitors were America Australia France Servia Rumania Canada and Czechoslovakia Lycett making his first appearance In singles defeated Josef Kozeluh (Czechoslovakia) In five sets on the first day In the second round however he was beaten by Breck (USA) He and OHara Wood won the doubles beat

lng W Washburn and D Mathey (USA) He represented Australia in the teams matches which was won by Australia It was contested on Davis: Cup lines

Lycett s next appearance was at Wimbledon He paired with Rod Heath and they won their way to the final In which they were beaten by Pat OHara Wood and R V Thomas Lycett who paired with Miss Elizabeth Ryan won the mixed doubles championship

He returned to England where he resided until his death Lycett a second wife was Miss Joan Austin a sister of H W Austin

Lycett was recognised as a great doubles player and also as a wonderful mixed doubles player Overhead he was excellent he volleyed splendidly and his gTound shots were very sound He was noted for his return of service His lack of winners stopped him from excelling In singles Lycett was very popular with his Australian contemporaries

Lycett played for England against Spain in 1921 and the same year he represented the British Isles against Italy in the Davis Cup He also represented England against Holland and Denmark He again represented Britain In the Davis Cup matches In 1922

Lycett had a fine record His major per- formances were as follows -

All England Doubles Championship 1921 with M Woosnam 1922 with J O Anderson and 1923 with L A Godfree All England Mixed Doubles Championship 1919 1921 and 1921 ,vlth MLss E Ryan Australian Double^ Championship 1905 (the inaugural year) with T Thatchcll and 1911 with R W Heath Vic- torian Doubles Championship 1905 with T Thatchell and 1911 with R W Heath Vic torlan Mixed Doubles Championship 1911 and 1913 with Miss L Gjton and 1919 with Mrs Bertram Ford Autumn Doubles Champion ship 1911 with Ashley Campbell and 1914 with R W Heath Covered Court Championship Doubles 1919 with R W Heath and 1920 with H Gobert Mixed Doubles with Miss h Ryan

in 1919 and 1920

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