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Mr. Chauvel's Plans.


Leaders in the film industry represéntate efl of the Press and others were entertained at a luncheon at the Hotel Australia yesterday, at which Mr Charles Chauvel outlined plana for the production of an Australian historical film. Mr Chauvel has written the story and will produce the film for Expeditionary Films, Ltd Mr Stuart F Doyle joint managing director of General Theatres Corporation an- nounced at the luncheon that he would give Mr Chauvel all the support he could in the production distribution and exhibition of the

proposed picture

Mr A E Heath chah man of the companj

who presided said that the aim of the new film would be to capture the sphit of the pioneers from the period of Governor Philip until to day He considered that a market «houid ind could be developed in Australia and in Gi eat Britain for Australian films

Australian film technicians Mr Chauvel said can hold their own with any in the world Australia produced silent films foi 20 vears and was I think the first country in the world to make a six reeler Since we began making talking films there have been some huge successes Whpn Australian films are being criticised people should realise how quickly we have adapted ourselves to the new


Mr Chauvel said that his new picture would deal with the story of the colonisation of Aus

tralla as Illustrated b> the vicissitudes suffei ed bj two families There would be no need to show the broad arrow in the film

Mr Doyle said he estimated that to day £200 000 was invested in film production in Austialia In the last two years £ 100 000 had been spent on and £ 230 000 earned by Aus- tralian pictures He considered that in the next two years £400 000 would be spent on Australian film productions and that theil gross earnings would be £ 1 000 000 Aus- tralian producers could not expect to e irn much money In the United Kingdom The best oversea market he had found for Aus- tralian pictures was Germany Pearls and Savages by Mr Frank Hurley for example after falling in America and England had been sold in Geimany foi £1500 in spot


Mr H Mcintyre managing director of Uni

versal Films said that he was optimistic about the possibility of selling Australian films in England One Australian film distributed by his company had earned £10 000 in England

Sir Arthur Rickard said that a film such

as that planned by Mr Chauvel would help to demonstrate the standard of culture attained

in Australia

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