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A novel feature of the 23rd annual carnival

of the Manly Life Saving Club on the Manly beach on Saturday was the installation of wireless com- munication between the officials at the turning point of the swimming races and the shore. Mem-

bers of the Manly Radio Club provided a small portable short wave transmitting set.

Mr. Goya Henry in his aeroplane with Mr. Aubrey Sara as observer also co-operated with the   Manly Club officials patrolling the beach and keep- ing a watchful eye open for sharks. He swooped low over the carnival area after returning from North Steyne and dropped a note attached to a small parachute. This note fell almost into the hands of a Manly club official who handed it to Mr. M. J. Burke, the referee. It conveyed the information that a small shark was cruising off the beach, but it did not come in close. About 20 minutes later the aeroplane dropped another note stating that a large shark had been seen close to a crowd of bathers at North Steyne. Pro- ceedings at the carnival were suspended for a few


There were 10 teams in the march past and Bronte showed a return to best form by winning again after being beaten at two previous car- nivals. The rescue and resuscitation competi- tion was won by Bondi, and less than one point separated first and third teams, the scoring of the first three teams being high.

Noel Ryan, the British Empire champion long distance swimmer, won the open surf race and both the Junior surf race and Junior belt race were won by the Manly club representative, J. Scott.

Clubs on the northern side of the harbour com- peted for the Creamer Cup. The trophy was presented for a point score in which all water events, excepting the rescue and resuscitation competition and the suif boat races, counted. Manly, gaining two first places in heats, two firsts in finals, and a second and third places in other events, won the cup. The scores were: Manly, 11 point [sic], 1; Deewhy and North Steyne, four points each; and Mona Vale, Alumni, and South Narra- been three points each.


March past and parade: Bronte, 1; North Bondi, 2; Queenscliff, 3.

Rescue and resuscitation competition: Bondi (A. Besomo patient, J. Cox beltman, H. Nightingale, B. Wilson, W. Butterfield, B. McDonald), 75.08   points, 1; North Steyne (R. Mullumby, A. Owen, A. Hill, J. McNaughton, B. Lilly, S. Paton, C. Walton), 74.51 points, 2; Coogee (J. Hannaford, J. Cannot,   A. Penfold, R. McCracken, R. Cunliffe, J. Bedford, L. Skelton), 74.18 points, 3.  

Junior surf race: J. Scott (Manly), 1; L. Walsh (Bondi), 2; L. McKay (South Narrabeen), 3; Ashur Hart (Bondi), 4; There were about 50


Junior belt race, final: J. C. Scott (Manly), 1;   K. Flook (Queenscliff), 2; N. Webster (Palm Beach),


Open surf race: Noel Ryan (Manly), 1; J. Miller

(Cronulla), 2; S. Herford (Manly), 3.  

Senior belt race: R Dickson (Mona Vale), 1; E. P. Smith (Manly), 2; T Meagher (Bondi), 3.

Senior surf boat race, final: Palm Beach (G. Morrow, B. V. Kenny, G. Wray, D. Carr, N. Hammond), 1; Bronte, 2; Cronulla B., 3.

Novice surf race: Bruce Hodgson (North Bondi),

1; W. French (Deewhy), 2; R. Mullumby (North

Steyne), 3.

Surfoplane race: F. Adler (Maroubra), 1; A.   Henley (Deewhy), 2; A. Besomo (Bondi), 3.

Beach flag relay race: North Steyne (D. Soutar, R. Geary, C. Paton, J. Carter), 1; North Narrabeen A (J. Tippett, W. Pl'on, F. Barnes, W. Barnett), 2;   Freshwater A (D. Wauchope, K. James, R. Cook,

G. Forshall), 3.

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