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Film Almost Completed.

The screen version of "The Hayseeds," which Mr. Beaumont Smith is producing at the Rush cutter Bay studios, will be completed within a few days. Only three scenes remain to be photographed, and these must necessarily be done by to-morrow week, because on that day the three principal actors-Mr. Cecil Kella way, Mr. John Moore, and Miss Shirley Dale go to Melbourne with the "Music in the Air"


In all, the preparation of " tile Hayseeds" will have occupied only about seven weeks, as compared with the seven months during which "The Squatter's Daughter" has been under way, "The Hayseeds" will be ready for public re- lease in about a month, though whether It appears in a city theatre the moment It Is finished naturally depends on the disposition of film programmes at the time. The Lyceum Theatre will house it. The current attraction there, "Peg o' My Heart," will be succeeded by Mary Pickford's film, "Secrets," and "The Hay- seeds" will probably follow.

To-morrow afternoon, the most Important scene in "The Hayseeds" will be photographed In the open air at Pymble. This is a "hikinft" episode. The entire chorus of "Music in the Air" will be transported to Pymble, and, led by Mr. John Moore, will sing P. Morton-Chapnle's musical number, "Tramp to Happiness." Mr. Morton-Chappie has provided music and verse for episodes In the Clnesound production, "The Squatter's Daughter," besides writing the two songs In "The Hayseeds"-"Tramp to Happi-

ness" and "I've Answered Your Call of Love."

A ballet has also been employed for "The Hayseeds." An Interesting feature of Its ap- pearance on the screen will be the use of scenes photographed from above, so that the dancers appear In striking floral patterns, as the ballets do in such American productions as "42nd Street" and "The Kid from Spain,"

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